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Software Engineer Project

January 02, 2018

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Curriculum Vitae

G. Indumathi,

No: *, *th cross Street, Dead End,

Lakshmi Sagar Layout,

Mahadevpura Post, Mobile : +91-897*******

Bangalore – 560 048. Email :


Seeking a challenging environment where my knowledge can be shared and enriched. Ability and willingness to learn and upgrade the latest developments in the emerging technologies.

Personal Skills:

Excellent Interpersonal and Communication Skills, Self-Confidence & desire to learn new concepts, Strong belief in human potential, Flexibility, Good grasping power.

Academic Profile :

Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication at Jerusalem College of Engineering, Chennai, Tamilnadu, affiliated to Madras University with 75% in May 2004.

Diploma in Computer Technology at Srinivasa Subaraya Govt. Polytechnic, Puttur, Tamilnadu, affiliated to State Board of Technical Education with 90% in May 2001.

H.S.C at St. Joseph’s Girls Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, through State Board with 82% in May 1998.

S.S.L.C at Town Higher Secondary School, Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu, through State Board with 80% in May 1996.

Professional Experience:

Working as a Technical Lead, US Tech Solutions from July 2016.

Worked as Sr.Software Engineer, ABB Global Industries & Services Ltd, (Research & development) Bangalore from Aug 2011 to May 2016.

Worked as Software Developer, (under ESA Firmware and R&D Dept, Italy) in ESA Software and Automation Private Ltd, Bangalore from Oct 2010 to July 2011.

Worked as Software Engineer in Precious Microtech Private Ltd, Chennai, from Nov 2008 to March 2010.

Worked as Software Engineer in RAD Softech Private Ltd, Secunderabad, from April 2008 to Oct 2008.

Worked as Project Associate in IIT Madras from July 2004 to Jan 2006.

Additional Credentials:

Completed training in CMS Certified Network Specialist (CCNS) which includes PC Engineering, N+, CCNA, MCSE, RHEL 5.0 in Feb, 2008 through CMS Info Systems Pvt Ltd.

Technical Expertise:

Languages : C, C++, Win 32, VC++, Embedded C++, ATL/COM, VB 6.0, C#, ADO.NET, HTML, XML TCP/IP, Verilog,

Platform/Operating System : RHEL 5.0, Win 10, Win 8, Win 7, Win 2003, 2008, 2012

Server, Win CE 5.0

Scripting : VBScript, Powershell, MSBuild

Database : SQL, Oracle 8.0, Access

Networking : Linux and Windows

Tools : Application Verifier, Windbg

Design Tools : MS Visio, StarUML

Configuration Tools : CM Manger, TFS 2010/2012, InstallSheild 2012 & LE, TFA 2012

Role & Responsibilities

Responsible for Planning, Managing and Delivering Software Releases, reporting to higher management, as well as development of Specification for business-critical projects.

Designed and Implemented Software since development of architecture (3 layers - end-user software, middle-ware & business logic), planning, tasks management, resource management and programming.

Optimized Software applications for speed and latency.

Migrated Windows XP based Legacy software applications to Win 7 and Win 8.1

Ported existing source code from Visual Studio 6.0 to Visual Studio 2012.

Cross functional experience (Quality /Development/Configuration)

Developed Proof of Concept.

Customer support level3.

Configuration Manager, Documentation management.

Project Profile:

Title : Millennium

Organization : Cerner Healthcare Solutions ltd (Cerner U.S)

Platform : VC++, MFC, COM, Win7, Windbg

VS2013 & VS2015.[ Agile, Scrum]

Synopsis :

Millennium product is Cerner’s electronic medical record (EMR/EHR) for U.S Defense. This tool maintains the patient complete health information such as medication, diseases, allergies and lab reports, etc. For Millennium product, there is a lot of GDI object usage which consumes more memory, that causes the memory leak and poor performance.

• Developed GDIObjectCache library to minimize GDI objects creation which improves application performance and avoid memory leaks.

• Working on to stabilize Millennium 64bit product migration which has a lot of crashes and hangs during 64bit migration with help of recorded video, system log and dump file. Based on that, will do analysis with windbg and suggest fix/code change to solution teams.

Title : Safegaurd Migration Tool

Organization : Oil & Gas Process (ABB UK) in ABB GISL.

Platform : C#, .NET 4.0, ADO.NET, Access, Win8.1, Win7

Configuration Manager, VS2012 & VS2010.[ Agile, Scrum]

Synopsis :

This tool migrates from Advant Master Program Language (AMPL) in AC400M controller to AC800M Hi Controller. AAX and BAX source files are written by AMPL language in AC400M which contains PC elements, DB elements and UDB elements. Our Migration tool, Parse and Trace those files with help of XML config file and dump all the data into the MSAccess Database. From DB get all the Causes and Effects and Generate the Cause & Effect Sheet in MSExcel. This generated one has to compare with Safety Requirement Specification sheet and generate difference report. After approval, this will give as input to Code Generator Block. This block is connected through CBM to AC800M HI Controller.

Developed proof of concepts

Lead the Software development team tasked with Designing and Developing Modules component for safeguard migration tool.

Designed and Developed all the middleware components and business logic, using C# and ADO.NET. While the front end screens were done using Winforms.

Documentation management using ECM

Filed a Invention Disclosure for this product

Title : REUSE System Extension, Norway

Organization : Oil & Gas Process (ABB Norway) in ABB GISL.

Platform : VC++, MFC, ATL/COM, VBScript, OPC, Win8.1, Win7, WinXP &

Configuration Manager, Windows 8, VS2008, VS2012. [V-Model]

Synopsis :

Group Display Status Priority Based (GDS PB) System Extension is used to read the available alarms from the 800xA DCS System and it will group the alarms as per the priority and count of the alarms by priority wise through GDS PB System Extension. So that plant operator can easily understand and take necessary action to control the plant. GDS PB has two aspects to get the alarm status. (i.e.) “GDS Config aspect” and “GDS Status aspect”. Apart from these aspects we have one more “GDS Init aspect” which is used to initialize the properties of alarm. Hence the GDS status aspect could display the alarms and count as per priority.

Developing new feature using VC++, MFC, COM

Migrated VS2008 to VS 2012

L3 support

Configuration Management and Build Automation using Poweshell, VBScript, C# script and MSBuild Script

Documentation management using ECM

Product Management

Lead the team

One of my Idea has been published in ABB magazine on June’2016

Title : Aspect Studio

Organization : ABB GISL.

Platform : C#.NET, VB.NET, COM, Installshield, Win7

Project Duration : 1 yr

Synopsis :

The Aspect Studio is designed to support all the steps needed to create a distributable software product, that is, it helps the user to set up the required development environment to create Visual Source Safe 8.0 databases and Team Foundation Server, to create templates for Aspect Systems, to fetch baselines from Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server, and mainly used to create package for all ABB Products like Installshield. The Aspect Studio can be used both by software developers and product managers.

Migrated a module from VB.NET to C#.NET

L3 support

Title : Polymath RT 2.x

Organization : ESA Software & Automation Pvt. Ltd.

Platform : VC++, MFC, Embedded C++, WinCE 5.0, ModBus, TCP/IP, COM,

VS2005, Win XP

Project Duration : 10 months

Synopsis :

Polymath is used to create embedded applications which will run on HMI devices such as ARMV4I touch panel, X86 and NT platform. By using this we can design embedded applications which can be downloaded to the HMI devices. The application can be downloaded to the device by using eithernet or serial communication. Once the application is downloaded we can operate it from the panel (HMI Device). It is quite similar to a SCADA System. The panel is connected to controllers like PLCs for controlling and monitoring the data from it. We can create new pages, Popup Pages, tags, alarms, Images, Recipe Types, scripts, Trends etc…

Independently handled this project

Developed new features

Bug fixing

Title : GemDeMarc

Organization : Precious Microtech Private Ltd.

Platform : C++, Win32, VS2005, Win XP

Project Duration : 1.5 yrs

Synopsis :

In general stones/Diamonds will be segregated manually. To overcome this we developed this Application. Here stones will be placed over a conveyor. Above the conveyor Digital Camera is placed for capturing the stone image. From the captured stone image, size, color and type of the stone will be identified. Conveyor is driven by two stepper motors. Stone collection is handled by another stepper motor. Stepper motors are driven by parallel port.

Designed and developed core business logic

Title : Precious Galleria

Organization : Precious Microtech Private Ltd.

Platform : C++, Win32, VS2005, Win XP

Project Duration : 1.5 yrs

Synopsis :

This application is used to merge the customer images with various jewelry like stud, necklace, and bangles. It has several number of jewel designs hence the customer can choose one of them from this gallery. So it is easy to select different kind of designs.

Designed and developed the business logic

Bug fixing

Title : WinEx Master 6.0

Organization : RAD Softech Private Ltd.

Platform : C++, VC++ (Win32), VS2005, Win XP

Project Duration : 7 months

Synopsis :

WinEx Master is an Advanced, Integrated Excavation and Cut & Fill takeoff program. It combines the digitizer and on screen capabilities and into single, seamless platform. It will also allow import of DXF data directly into your job while you have it visible in the background. This program is intended for professional earthwork estimators, general contractors and excavation and site development contractors. The product makes many of the earth work related takeoff tasks easy, simple, fast and accurate.

Developed new features

Bug fixing

Title : SOFTakeoff

Organization : RAD Softech Private Ltd.

Platform : C++, VC++ (Win32), Win XP

Project Duration : 7 months

Synopsis :

It represents the cutting edge technology in takeoff software for the construction industry. Given the increasing use of blueprint in electronic format, It allows you to perform quantity takeoff on screen, using your mouse and monitor instead of digitizer and paper prints. User will be working with an electronic or “SOFT” copy of a building plan as the basics of their takeoff. In addition to this it allows the user to create and run custom formulas for more detailed computations and complex 3-dimentional takeoffs for roots, floors, ceiling grids and other specialty components.

Developed new features

Bug fixing

Title : FEM-CAD

Organization : IIT MADRDAS

Operating System : Windows XP

Platform : C, C++

Project Duration : 6 months

Synopsis :

This Application can be used for interpreting various results obtained from Finite element analysis to 2DGraphical Format. It includes Plotting Mesh, Deformed mesh, Summary File generation, Mobilized strain contour Data, Displacement Variation along a line, etc. Input values are read from Binary files and output will be 2DImages, Graphs, and file format.

Developed new features

Bug fixing

Title : SLOPE

Organization : IIT Madras

Operating System : Windows XP

Platform : C, C++

Project Duration : 6 months

Synopsis :

Slope stability analysis using Bishop’s modified method. Inputs are Length of the Slope, height, and Soil properties. Output is in the form of Graph and results of the calculations are stored in the File Format.

Developed new features

Bug fixing

Title : Online Quotation for Computer Configurations, parts etc.

Organization : IIT Madras

Operating System : Perl, Linux

Project Duration : 6 months

Synopsis :

Designed a website for online quotation to quote all the computer configurations, Printers, UPS, Notebook computers, etc., than finalized by coordinator & maintain the finalized list on this website. For this we used SQL, Perl, and PHP Languages.

Developed new features

Bug fixing

Personal Profile:

Date of Birth : 27 November 1981

Gender : Female

Nationality : Indian

Languages Known : English, Tamil

Place: Bangalore

Date: G. Indumathi

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