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computer SC,Infromatics Practices, Programming

Doha, Doha, Qatar
December 05, 2017

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Personal Profile

Graduate in Masters of Computer Applications (M.C.A), and Bachelors of Computer Applications (B.C.A). Have 8-years of experience in teaching grades 9, 10,11, grade 12 and B.ED students in ICT, Computer Science, Informatics and Practices, Multimedia and Web technology etc.

Passionate about Programming, Creating apps, Websites and learning new languages coming in the market. Love to be a facilitator, and train the people to include ICT in education with strong technical, communication and interpersonal skills. Work Experience (7 + years)

1. PGT Informatics and Practices,Multimedia and Web Technology in Shantiniketan Indian School Doha Qatar from 9- May-2011 till date.(6 years 4 months)

Main duties performed:

Teaching grade 11 and 12

Training staff and Students.

IT-Coordinator: Maintaining School website, students e-learning portal, Teachers e-training portal (uploading different ICT courses for the staff and take online assessments.)

In-charge HOD (one year (2012))

2. Lecturer Computer Science in Alamdar College of Education Sopore Kashmir (1 year).

Main duties performed: Teaching B.ED students.


2007 – 2010 : M.C.A Islamic Univercity of Science And Technology Awantipora Kashmir

2004 – 2006 : B.C.A Govt. Degree College, Baramulla. Kashmir 2002- 2003 : 11th, 12th Govt. Girls Hr. Secondary School, Sopore, Kashmir

Workshops and Training Sessions Conducted

Training School Staff:

Conducting workshops and training sessions for teachers (both IT staff and non IT staff) twice a year, and giving training on digital inclusion in classrooms using modern tech tools, Office tools, BLOG Making and online web resources for non IT staff,and for IT staff as subject enrichment program teaching programming languages like Alice, Python, C++,JAVA NETBEANS, Greenfoot, Blue-J, PHP, Java NetBeans, Java Script,VB. Script, ASP, .NET etc..

Training Students:

Conducting Workshops for students in ROBOT Assembling and Programming. Responcibilities and Contributions

Teaching Different Programming Languages and other areas: Teaching grades 9,10,11, 12 Computer Science, Informatics Practices, Multimedia And web technology, ICT, Robotics programming and assembling, Greenfoot, Alice, Java Net beans, MySQL,C++,Visual Basic. Networking, Access, Microsoft Office, Open Office, Blog Making, PHP, Java Script, ASP,VB Script. Presentations using PowToon, Prezi, Emaze etc., and other online applications.

Softwares developed:

i. Created an app for the school that helps teachers to send their messages to the IT department, if they face any technical problems while accessing the digital content in classrooms or any other. Guiding students to create projects on Creating Interactive web applications and also create other software applications.

ii. Developed softwares to implement multidisciplinary concepts in different subjects:

Developed and designed a web application (Electronic voting system in India) and a desktop application (electronic voting system in UK) using PHP, JAVASCRIPT, CSS, HTML,DHTML,and gave to students to practice it for understanding the social science topics. Conducted a mock election in our school in which all the students participated by using these softwares, thereby making them to understand the election process in a better way thus practicing multidisciplinary.

iii. Developed a Software for automatic Progress Report Generation: Created School software to store marks of subjects and generate progress reports automatically.

iv. Developed Resource Management System, a software that can manage resources (Equipment and Human Resource) in any organisation globally using .NET Technology in ASP.NET and C# as front end and SQL SERVER 2005 as backend.

v. Developed Software Food Corporation Of India (FCI) using Visual Basic (Front-End), and MySQL(Back-end).

Staff Training: Acting as a Resource person and handle training sessions and workshops for the teachers every year twice in the school, and train them to include and use the modern tech tools, web apps, office applications, operating systems, School management software (erp), EDpuzzle,Quizlet, Math games,Photoshop,Blog Making etc. and also give them training to access teachers training portal and students e-learning protal to bring technology in class rooms for effective teaching learning process.

Develop and Maintain Teachers E-Learning Portal: Creating and maintaining E-learning Portal for teachers training, and uploading different ICT modules for the school staff to train them and also upload quiz and assessments regarding the modules uploaded and give them feedback.

Administration and Monitoring: Create accounts for the staff and assign usernames and passwords for the authorized teachers to access the teachers training portal, Access the Haseen e-portal and Assign different roles to different staff members to access the digital content.

Develop and Maintain Students E-learning Portal: Add digital content (study material, model papers, quiz, worksheets etc.) to the school e -learning portal for the students which they can access any time anywhere.

ICT Coordinator: Coordinate all ICT related activities inside and outside the school as ICT Coordinator.

Academic Achievements

Attended three days international workshop Based on Topic “Exploring ICT In Education” in North Atlantic College Doha Qatar.

Attended three days international workshop for Creating Java Programs with Alice and Greenfoot provided by Oracle Academy in cooperation with ictQATAR based at Egypt in Doha Qatar.

Attended WASLA-Integenerational Learning Program Conducted by ict QATAR in Doha Qatar on 25-10-2015.

Attended HASEEN-Cyber Safety Learning Program Workshop conducted by ict Qatar in Doha Qatar on 2-11-2015 and also in 2017.

Attend the Workshops based on ROBOT Programming and assembling every year in North Atlantic college Doha Qatar.

Attended 3 days International workshop for teachers on "Strengthening Teaching Competence in CBSE-I Curriculum" along CBSE Board Members headed by Chairman, CBSE Shri. Vineet Joshi IAS, at Birla Public School, Doha, Qatar.

Two Months Dot Net Technology Training in HCL Noida (including VB.Net, C-Sharp & under the project Resource Management System

Have undergone ITES (Information Technology Enabled Services Course Certificate) Course from Doeacc Society and secured first position..

Attended "Education Conference 2013- Makeover” conducted from 27th June – 2nd July 2013 at Shantiniketan Indian School Campus,Doha Qatar.

Attended "Education Conference 2014- Makeover " for 2 days for professional development at Shantiniketan Indian School Campus,Doha Qatar.

Attended "Education Conference 2015- Makeover " for 2 days for professional development at Shantiniketan Indian School Campus,Doha Qatar.

Attended 4 "Education Conference 2016, 2017- Makeover” In Shantiniketan Indian School Doha Qatar for 2-3 days

Attend the Workshops based on ROBOT Programming and assembling every year in North Atlantic College Doha Qatar.


Seminar on Camouflaging and De-camouflaging speaker: o Prof P Nagabushan (HOD), Department of Studies in Computer Science, University of Mysore .

Seminar on An integrated finite element and finite volume code to solve thermo hydro mechanical problems in porous media speaker: o Dr. Shekhar Gosavi and Sarang Gosavi, USA

o Prof M N Hooda (Dir.), BVICAM, New Delhi.

Seminar on Pattern Recognition and Image Processing speaker: o Prof P Nagabushan (HOD), Department of Studies in Computer Science, University of Mysore.

Three day workshop on the topic Networking Design Considerations and Implementations



Working knowledge of DOT NET Platform, with proficiency in

Strong hold on C, C++,C#, JAVA, Java Net beans IDE,Blue-J, Java Script,VB. Script, ASP,ASP.NET, PHP, MySQL, MySQL Server, Ms-Access, Oracle, Visual basic, Scratch, Greenfoot, Alice, HTML,CSS,XML,DTD...etc

Excellent in Web Designing and softwares Development (Web apps, Desktop apps) using any language

Knowledge of different Operating Systems like Windows XP, Window vista,7,8,10,LINUX,Unix

General Pc Assembling, Advance Troubleshooting of Windows(XP, Vista,7,8,10), Maintenance, Installation and Optimization

Working knowledge of Multimedia tools from Adobe PHOTOSHOP, Macromedia Flash and Corel Draw, Magic Morph audio and video editing applications.

Familiar with advance tools like Disk Management tools, Backup tools, Recovery tools

Familiar with AMD & Intel platforms. As well as ATi & Nvidia GPU's. Interpersonal:

Positive attitude

Leadership qualities.

Self confidence

Ability to accept constructive feedback




Hard worker


Honest & Friendly


Managing Stress

Languages Known:

English :Read, Write, Speak fluently

Arabic : Read and Write fluently, Speak Little

Urdu : Read, Write, Speak fluently

Hindi: Read, Write, Speak fluently

Kashmiri: Read, Write, Speak fluently

Hobbies and Interests

Programming, creating softwares, websites and learning new Multimedia Tools


Listening to Soft Music


1. Mr Mohd Ismail, Ex –Principal Shantiniketan Indian School Doha Qatar. Email:

2. Mr Saleem, HOD Science,Shantiniketan Indian School,Doha,Qatar, Email:

3. Mr. Tanveer Mehdi,HOD Physical Education Dept,Shantiniketan Indian School,Doha Qatar.


4. Abdul Mateen,Lecturar Alamdar College Of education Sopore Kashmir, Email:

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