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Sales Accounts Payable

Denver, Colorado, United States
August 29, 2017

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Kimberly Martel


Career Objective: To obtain a position in the accounting or finance field, with a variety of responsibilities and possible future advancement

Professional Experience

Intertech Plastics, Inc. – Denver, CO.

March 1995 to June 2015 –Assistant Controller

Excellent interpersonal and communications skills, built solid relationships with all customers and vendors

Research and presentation skills, on a quarterly basis I would present the profit sharing numbers to all employees – actual vs. budget

Manage Accounts Receivable for two companies, Invoicing and Collections

A.Intertech Plastics - $500k a week

B.Intertech Medical- $ 100k a week

On a daily basis I would reconcile each bank account, worked directly with CEO and Controller. Created a spreadsheet showing the beginning balance and then would have to budget vendor payments and payroll

Prepare General Journal entries, including monthly and quarterly accruals, amortizing insurance payments, bad debt, inventory write offs, yearly audits expenses

Reconcile long term debt and interest calculations, Intertech had 16 long term debt accounts that I would budget for and calculate the interest and expense monthly.

Audit daily inventory transactions. Intertech ran their business 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. All inventory was tracked through a scanner, I would insure that quantities matched with the bill of material. Receiving and production reporting as well.

Auditing and reconciling General Ledger Accounts at Month End, I analyzed each expense and would compare to our budget and communicate this to management and provide suggestions to how we can improve.

Accounts Payable Supervisor, I managed one person, trained her and was able to share all my special techniques of how to input payables in a timely manner. One a weekly basis I would do a check run ranging from $50K to $450K depending on the needs in order to run the manufacturing plant.

Depreciation and Fixed Asset Calculation, Intertech had over $13 Million in assets, I would determine the life of the asset and then amortize the expense for the life of the asset.

Sales and Use Tax Calculations (MFG. Exemption Expert), I have been through 7 sales tax audits and saved the company over $300k due to the enterprise zone credit that I researched and trained.

Submit yearly Property Tax forms

ISO9001 Certified Auditor, this certification allows me to audit all processes that are specified with in the Bill of Material, check the cycle times and run hours. I was able to save the company over $10k due to these audits.

Solid participation in and execution of successful audits and related accounting functions in a timely manner, rapid delivery of accurate reports and financial statements

Report Inventory Accuracy & On Time Delivery, material is money and when you have idol material you must communicate this to the materials and sales dept. to have a plan of how the material can be moved. Anything over 90 days was considered a risk therefore, I came up with an agreement plan for any new customer that came aboard they would be responsible for the cost of the inventory and would be billed back.

EDI submission and ASI Compliance

Customer credit analysis, this played a very important role. I designed a customer credit check list that had requirements in order to grant the customer credit.

Margin Analysis, I worked with the IT dept. to develop a daily report that would show the actual margin prior to production. This enabled me to work with the engineering and sales dept. to act quickly if the margin was to low.

Submit P&L statements daily, I would review these numbers compared to budget and communicate with management if I there was a huge difference.

Balance sheet reconciliation, I created a spreadsheet in order to track these expenses and compare them to the system to insure accuracy.

Calculate the monthly Borrowing Base for the bank, this was a mandatory report showing all assets, liabilities and revenues.

Time clock review and payroll submission for 100 employees with Oasis Outsourcing. I was able to assist in a $125k savings a year by researching different PEO’s. I also went through all the training and was able to catch on within 2 weeks of training of how to submit and review payroll numbers.

Prepare payroll journal entry (26 pay periods)

Accrue monthly wages and salaries

In Process Project Management for In-Process Tooling. This was the bread winner for Intertech. We would outsource all our tooling to China, I had to track all revenues and expenses, and through this process I implemented at least a 10% markup on all tooling projects.

Milgard Manufacturing-Denver, CO.

August 2015 – Current-Accounts Payable and Payroll

Review and process payroll bi-weekly for 189 employees

Process and code Accounts Payable invoices for three locations

Analyze and track sales order backlog reports for management

Analyze and report all credit memos posted monthly for management

Assist with month end close

Education: Office Specialist Degree – Community College of Denver 1993-1995

Front Range Community College 2006

Accounting Principles I and II

Software Skills:

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Word

Fourth Shift

Pro Series


Power Point

Internet Explorer

SPS Commerce


Oasis Outsourcing

Type 70 Words Per Minute

Type 120 Numbers Per Minute on the 10-Key


People Soft


Client Zone


Special Attributes:

Mentor for the HiTech High School Business Administration Goodwill Program since 2008, one day a week for the entire school year I would meet with a group of students to help mentor them in their future educational plans. This was a wonderful program and took pride in this event. Knowing you can make a difference in students future is very rewarding.

Volunteer for the Habitat for Humanity since 2006

Organized and raised over $180k for

United Way, promoting our annual Golf Tournament since 2001. Planning and networking with our vendors and customers to help raise funds for organizations within our community.

Steering Committee Chair for the Denver Public Schools since 2009. Each year over 3000 students would attend the 8th Grade Career Fair to help assist with their focus on their career path. I was able to help with the planning of this event. We have raised over $12k for the students school supplies.

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