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Plant Engineer

Carson, California, United States
August 30, 2017

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**** ********* **, ********, ** - *0778

435-***-**** (M)

Immigration Status – EAD/Approved I-140 (EB-1, E11)


Eight (plus) years energy industry and R&D experience that includes pellet plant operation, gas analysis for gasification, torrefaction, pyrolysis etc. Engineering contribution – applications and research for energy industry.

Under extended R&D: worked on several patentable projects that included extrusion, thermal treatment, pellet plant process improvement and process patenting (1 patent pending).

Expertise in biomass gasification, energy generation, hydro-carbon treatment and quantification, and biomass pre-treatment.

Core Competencies

Biomass Thermal Conversion Technologies (Generation of SYNthetic FUELS, gasification, torrefaction, oxidation and pyrolysis.

PFD, P&IDs – Process Control

Instrumentation and control application and analysis

Partner with other engineering, business development and stevedoring departments.

Optimization of manufacturing process for saving costs and continuous operations.

Materials Handling – wet chips, dry feed, Steam exploded, pellets (milled & cooled)

Manager vendor contract and relationship.

Vendor technology analysis – Emission Control Technologies

Budgeting – CAPX and OPEX.

Mass and Energy Balance (MEB)

CAD modeling (AutoCAD, SolidWorks

Production Plant Process Improvement – PDI, HGI, CV, water resistance.

Technical Guidance – testing of wood for quality standardization

Safety team advisor

Research & Development: Thermal treatment of biomass using twin screw extrusion (Patent filed)

R&D – pilot scale to industrial scale plant

Operations – pellet mills, steam explosion reactors, down draft gasification system, torrefaction-reactors, cuber, syngas engines.

Manage projects, testing, execution and result analysis

Process improvement & Quality control

Gas Chromatography TCD GC, Online GC, O2 sensors, Sick Analyzer, gas energy analysis, gas compression, flare, clean-up


Master of Science: Biological and Agricultural Engineering:

Louisiana State University (2011).

-Thesis: Assessing the Suitability of Different Feedstock for Biomass Gasification.

Bachelor of Science: Electrical Engineering:

Rajiv Gandhi Technical University (2006).


-Paper under review –Biomass gasification and physical analysis of plant biomass and agricultural waste products in Louisiana.

-Provisional Patent - Biodegradable Thermoplastic Moulding and Extrusion Compounds Made from Biomass (U.S. Provisional Application Ser. No 62/150,160)

-Citation - Pilot-Scale Gasification of Woody Biomass and Production of Liquid Transportation Fuel (wood and fiber science).

-Operations – Operations Management –

oAmerican Biocarbon LLC– Pilot facility scale up to production facility

oZilkha Biomass Energy – Pilot facility scale up and modifications of bench scale model for testing.

oProcess Flow Diagrams and Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams.

-R&D – Research lab co-ordination and management.

oAmerican Bio-carbon, Zilkha Biomass Energy - Conducted research and ran tests on raw material and products. Co-ordinated with universities and laboratories for advanced testing and commercial permits.

oUSDA – Research Engineer – Conducted lab experiments and operated lab scale biomass gasifier @ Kisatchie National Forest.

oGas analysis – gas chromatography, gas composition analysis for calorific value of gas.

oPellet quality improvement – use of additives, binders etc. and their effect on calorific value, ash and PDI


Sr. Process Engineer

American Biocarbon LLC. Feb 2016 - Present


-Technical expertise on subject matter – Thermal treatment of raw material to meaningful fuel stream.

-Operational experience - Plant organization and shift/plant worker management.

-Define Roles and Responsibilities to staff engineers, operational shift/plant employees, contractors, vendors etc.

-Lead plant operations conference – Update on tests conducted, results (Plant lab and out-sourced lab), future testing and outsourced tests results comparisons with internal tests.

-Applied a major technology turn-around - Process improvement in 3 major areas for operational excellence.

-Documentation development – P&IDs and PFDs for plant layout and process development.

-SOPs for process improvement and knowledge distribution for vendors and plant operations among plant workers.

-Setting-up and conducting sampling/analysis at the lab for testing of raw bagasse – Ash furnaces, Bomb Calorimeter, Moisture, balance scales, pellet hardness tests, PDI etc.

-Mass and energy balance in unit operations and full scale plant for feed rate quantification, mass and energy yields, etc,

-Co-ordinate with geo/topographical surveying agencies to conduct site topography for laying foundation and load distribution for constructing towers, laying skid mounted reactors, burners and dryers.

-Work closely with internal stakeholders, external vendors and contractors, engineering and other cross functional teams to effectively and efficiently plan and execute build plans to achieve the overall business objectives

-Equipment selection based on process definition and improving the quality of plant processes – Data Acquisition, analysis, testing etc.

-Production requirement guideline development – Production proposal based on customer response, request – product modification for improved response at customer end ex. Calorific value, PDI, bulk density etc.

-Engineered – selection and bidding of plant equipment based on requirements, quotes etc.

-Torrefaction – Rotary drum torrefaction system – Gas analysis (Sick, Yokogawa), quality of feed produced, temperature control, flow control etc.

-Assistance in plant electrical set-up and commissioning. Vendor selection, set-up for controls system, I/O controllers, new device set-up, feedback control, production qualitative analysis reporting etc.

-Equipment selection – Conveying - screws, belts pneumatic etc, bins – live, bottom, closed tops, insulated, hazard (fire) proof, Vessels – pressurized, O2 proof/sealed, temperature controlled. Burner selection – Raw material dryer burner.

-Supervising engineers (2) for driving project to success and achieving operational goal.

Electrical Set-up

-Complete I/O and one-line set-up diagrams for the 20K biomass thermal treatment pellet plant.

-Sizing of junction/breaker boxes for current distribution to MCCs.

-Process Optimization – Sizing of major components for scaling and continuous operations such as breaker panels, I/O cards (Ex. 1769 – OF4CI, IQ32, OF8C etc.) and cabinets, MCC panels, VFDs, contact cabinets etc.

-Process data acquisition, record development and evaluation of process data for feasibility, risk and operations.

-Completed instrumentation set-up – thermocouples (K-type), Pressure transmitters (DPT), plug detectors, slow speed switches etc, flow meters (natural gas)


-Contracting with various laboratories for standardized and specialized testing required by the customers.

-Research data synthesis and compilation to spec-sheets for operational and scale-up strategies.

-Evaluation of biomass energy upgrade with thermal treatment profile.

-Initiated/Established testing program with Universities for conducting research under a research grant.

oGas chromatography, gas clean-up, gas energy evaluation, production rates, SYNGAS utilization for burner fuel.

oFeedstock analysis – pre/post thermal treatment, specialty chemical extraction upon customer request.

oCompositional analysis of fuel gas for O2 requirement for the process burner.

oThermal and compositional analysis of flue gas for reinjection in process burners.

-Raw material assessment for improved product quality – special focus on product quality improvement without impacting production rate, throughput or cost of implementation at plant end.

-Raw materials comparison with thermally treated material for lignocellulosic analysis – quantification of lignin, hemi-cellulose, cellulose and extractives for determining drying, thermal treatment etc

-Setting up plant lab – Pellet Durability Index tester, Pellet Hardness tester, Bomb Calorimetry (calorific value)

-Training new graduate for operating bomb calorimeter, ash analysis, pellet hardness tester, moisture – following ASTM standards.

Process Engineer

Zilkha Biomass Energy: Oct. 2014 – January 2016


-Pellet Plant start-up: Assessment and Performance of Mechanical and Electrical setup - Commissioning for plant start-up: team member for a 275000 MT/Year.

-Lead Mass Balance & Energy Balance trails across production and pilot plant.

-Pellet Quality analysis/control – PDI testing, HGI, CV (bomb calorimetry setup and experimentation), water absorption test.

-Evaluated, designed and engineered – Retention silo for consistent feed to pellet mills.

-Supervision of vendors, contractors and plant shift employee for construction, deployment and operations, respectively.

-Daily stand-up: Specific area revision for electrical and mechanical contractors.

-Equipment testing: Singling out and troubleshooting each process equipment for verification

-Assessment of CAPX: $225 MM and OPEX: $100 MM (annually, predicted) for Greenfield plant set-up.

-Equipment Selection: Valves, Cyclone, level indicators, Pressure Indicators, vessels etc.

-Development of P&IDs and PFDs for process improvement in plant structure and processing.

-Equipment capacity test such as feeding systems: hoppers, belt conveyors, screw conveyors, cyclone etc.

-Stevedoring operations for final product at Mobile. Including – unloading (clam shell) pellet screening and loading.

-Vendor selection based on plan of operation for emission control in thermally treated pellet plant.

-SOP/SOW documentation and setup for work process improvement and introduction of new steps in work force.

-Troubleshooting on pellet mill (both electrical and mechanical) – Example power consumption, die bore ratio, roller spacing, steam conditioning etc.

-Application of PID controllers for automation of process – feed control, moisture analysis, dryer burner control and NG supply etc.

-Constant contact: Relationship management between the mechanical development team and raw material service providers all over the southern region.

-Risk Management: Assessment of potential risks involved during the processing period of raw material.

-Acceptance criteria standardization practice for produced fuel qualification.

Electrical Set-up and Organization

-Automation assistance for SCADA system (Citect, RS Logix 5000 and operations on Control Logix 1756 (I/O), Power Flex 40, 700, 750.

-Assistance in set-up of I/O and single-line from main to transformers through junction boxes (quick disconnects) through VFDs, MCCs etc.

-Application of NFPA, NEC, etc. codes for plant electrical support – installation of breakers, contracts and quick disconnects.

-Design and control of feedback control loop (PID) for process automated control system.

-Arc Flash study, verification and set-up – NFPA 70E (2012 – 2015), NEC.

-Vendor code and set-up survey and analysis for plant equipment instrumentation and control.

-Process analysis using historian – Tagging equipment, terminating connections to PLC and storage media setup etc.

-PLC support and programming – online, offline programming and project configuration.


-Lead lab organization, Good laboratory practice, safety and organized experimental setup.

-New technology Research and Development: Process Design for thermal conversion of biomass in a twin-screw extruder (Pending Patent).

-Improvement over current process for production of hybrid pellets for fuels.

-Strategic laboratory organization for efficient and quick testing – Test progress/failure decision science.

-Mass Balance across the plant: Prediction of mass loss in a thermal reactor (model vs. actual).

-Feed quality testing from vendors – lignocellulose material quantification – Lignin, Cellulose and Hemi-cellulose.

-Chemical analysis of wood– hot water solubility for extractives, alkali solubility, lignin extraction and quantification of hemi-cellulose and cellulose for multiple projects (including extrusion)

-SOP for testing different standards with available lab equipment adhering to standards.

-Application of different standards - ASTM, ISO TAPPI, OSHA.

-Modeling of thermochemistry of wood for improvement of pellet quality.

-Reduction of emissions from production of thermally treated wood pellets.

-Effective methodology application for raw material handling in wood-yard and warehouse

-Documentation: Inventory management and data analysis.

Research Engineer

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), SRS Apr. 2010 – July 2012

-USDA Forest Services: The project (Wood to Energy) facilitates the production of 25 KWH of electricity.

-Research Associate for Federal Government – Wood to Energy project – Operation of pilot scale gasification system.

-Successful fuel production and characterization from bio-based agricultural products.

-Mass and Energy balance calculation for gasification reactor modeling and feed pre-treatment.

-Analysis and set-up of feedback control (PID) for automated gasification medium (air) flow rate.

-Simulation on Autodesk and LabVIEW for understanding various scenarios and interpreting gasification process, process improvement and thermodynamic analysis.

-Designing filling stations for unloading and loading dry biomass from dry kilns.

-Analysis of effects of torrefaction, volatilization of gases pre-gasification stages for improving the gasification process.

-Analyzed feed for pre-treatment and production of volatile gas for energy synthesis prediction.

-Conducted chemical analysis of biomass and wood feedstock for extractives quantification.

-Performed chromatography and other tests of producer-gas and feedstock using ASTM, TAPPI, OSHA etc.

o4 years’ experience in handling gas chromatographs (GC), Roto-vaps, titration, proximate analysis (CHNS/O), Process simulation for SYNGAS generation, analytical balances, vacuum pumps, high temperature ovens, and pH meters

-Energy to Cost Efficiency: Evaluation of energy to cost efficiency for biomass gasification project.

-Operations on biomass gasification unit: Applied analytical analysis for feedstock modification for dry feed for gasifier

oFeed rate, flow – rate and aftermath of energy produced using tested feedstock.

-Quantification of energy production and validation via engine analysis, load demand for specific energy production unit.

-Assisted in developing new vendor relationship for support and uninterrupted research opportunities in the energy generation field.

-Participated, implemented and suggested safety process for plant performance and safe work environment.

Platforms and Equipment: Solid Works, AutoCAD, Autodesk Inventor, Excel, SEM, GC MS, ICP-AES and NI LabVIEW™ (simulation software), GC – MS (feed Constituents), Gas chromatography analysis for Biomass Gasification system.

Research Assistant

LSU AgCenter – Louisiana State University: Jan. 2009 – May 2011

-Design (3-D modeling and mass balance calculations) and construction of a pilot biomass gasification unit.

-Gas Chromatography and analysis of composition of SYNGAS using TCD GC.

-Production of wood pellets for gasification using corn stover, southern yellow pine etc.

-Experimented gasification using wood pellets and waste glycerol from waste oil treatment facility followed w/ Gas Chromatography.

-Setup of data acquisition system (USB-1208FS) Thermocouples, O2 sensors, pressure transducers, flow meters (gas flow analysis).

-Mass balance equation calculation for thermo-dynamical stability of gasification reactor.

-Application of PFDs and P&IDs for gas flow measurement and analysis.

-Post-gasification gas treatment and quantification of tars and particulates present in exiting gas.

-Catalytic treatment for gas cleaning and mechanical removal of ash.

-Testing and comparing new and different feedstock in a down-draft biomass gasification unit.

-Ultimate and Proximate Analysis of feedstock

Platforms and Equipment: Solid Works, Autodesk Inventor, Excel, SEM, DASYLab® and NI LabVIEW™, GC-MS.

Research Assistant

Center for Advanced Microstructure Design (CAMD - LSU): May 2008 – Aug. 2008

-Microstructure designing for CAD/CAM using AutoCAD for fabrication.

-Ni and Au Electro-plating.

Platform: AutoCAD, SEM

Teaching Assistant

Utah State University: Aug. 2007 – Dec. 2007

-Teaching Assistant (CAD software) at Utah State University, Mechanical Engineering Dep. for UGS V 19 and V 20 (UGS NX 4) in a solid modeling class.

-SAE Mini Baja steering assembly team. Design and testing for Rack & Pinion

-Creating class tests and student evaluation.

-Discussion on various solid modeling techniques and different designs.

Platform: UGS NX 4

Manufacturing Engineer (Intern)

Global Auto Tech Ltd., India: Feb. 2007 – Jul. 2007

-Design of Squeeze and vacuum die cast components using Uni-graphics NX 4.0 for CAM

-Experience in CNC programing on FANUC controls

-Product Design and Development (Product Life-Cycle)

Platform: SolidWorks, AutoCAD, PRO/E, Uni-Graphics (Solid Edge), Excel.

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