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Wayne, Pennsylvania, United States
August 28, 2017

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Kishor Thakur


Phone: 484-***-**** (Mobile)



Three full cycle SAP Project implementations

Programmer/Analyst with over 22 years SAP ABAP/4 MM, PP, SD, FI, PM experience with SAP

R/3 2.2E, 4.6, 6.2 and ECC 6.

Working as Senior Technical Consultant(ABAP/4) on Smartforms, Workflow, Classical and

Interactive Reports, User Exits, Dialog Programming, Interfaces, BDC (Batch Data Communication ), LSMW (Legacy System Migration Workbench), ABAP/4 Development Workbench, Data Dictionary, BAPI, BADI, SAP Job Scheduling, ABAP/4 Query, RFC, ABAP Debugging,SAP Enhancements, Performance Tuning, and Cross-applications such as ALE/IDOC

Extensively worked on ALV (ABAP List Viewer) has extensive knowledge in SAP R/3 MM, SD modules implementation.

Experienced in SAP Net weaver XI/PI, Web Dynpro. Excellent knowledge of XI Components such as System Landscape Directory (SLD), Integration Repository, Integration Directory, Integration Server, etc.

Possesses excellent analytical, programming and communication skills.

Strong commitment, dedication and efficient problem solving skills.


SAP XI 3.0 Certified (Jan 2007)


NAVSUP, Mechanicsburg PA.

August 2017 – Present.

Working on SAP ECC Upgrade project.

March 2015 – April 2017.

Resolved various issues in Department of Navy Industrial Budget Information System.

All WFM hours were derived from KSB1 transaction instead of reading directly from database tables.

Replaced hardcoded values CIP functional values by using CPP set values.

Defense Civilian Payroll System.

Added two new fields to this interface.

Resolved issues with PS report which provides listing of labor records that failed in process of transfer to PS.

Resolved issues with Costing Sheet display program.

Designed and developed Tool to find Transport Dependency while moving objects from one landscape to another landscape.( When objects are moved from development to Quality system).

This tool is very helpful when working on large projects where multiple teams are working.

VWR International, LLC,

VWR is a global laboratory supply and distribution company.

July 2014 – Feb. 2015

Developed a transaction to handle discontinued material and related transactions like PO and

Sales Orders.

Developed reports to

Resolved various issues related to PO Confirmation and ASN.

Modified BW extractor to populate BW cube with Sales order data.

Program to set delivery complete flag on PO item.

DLA SCR Capacity System Change Request Project Sr, Technical Consultant

Jan 2014 – May 2014.

This project is about modification to existing object. Required detailed study of the object

functionality. Understanding the new requirement and accordingly change the object.

Modified ALV report related to Records management.

Resolved issue regarding half Yearly depreciation for Asset Management.

Update Sales Order Table with customer reply flag.(Read receipt coming from customer after sending delivery/shipment email).

DLA FDTPI First Destination Transportation Initiative Project Sr, Technical Consultant

May 2013- Dec 2013.

Modified the Product Master view screen (Web Dynpro object).

Created 3 custom tables to maintain material change data related to FDTPI

Did Technical Specs review, Code Review & Unit test of objects developed by team members.

DLA EMALL Credit Card Billing Project Sr, Technical Consultant Sept 2012- Present.

Designed and developed custom IDOC to send Credit card details to validate the charged amount.

Designed and developed custom IDOC to receive & process validated Credit Card details.

Modified program to post advance against Sales order using F-29 Tcode, receiving payment against

Billing document using F-28 Tcode and refund against clearing document using F-53 Tcode.

Modified program to update custom table with manual billing information.

Designed and developed interface to download billing document information.

Designed and developed to delete custom table Credit Card records where SAP standard table is

archived and does not exist.

Modified enhancement to change billing document custom fields.

DLA Energy Project Sr, Technical Consultant Apr 2012- Aug 2012

Designed and developed vendor invoice.

DLA Real Estate Project. Sr, Technical Consultant Mar 2011- Mar 2012


Design and developed Reports (ALV), BAdi and Workflow.

Develop a transaction to update Deficiency Ranking using ALV functionality.

Create Draft Purchase Requisition with default values using Tcode CJ20N.

Send SAP inbox and Outlook email using Workflow (Object: BUS2105).

Workflow BUS2054 for sending emails after Project Status is set to technically complete.

Developed Shop paper output (smartforms).

Modified Project Summary output (smartforms).

CDC Software Sr. Technical Consultant July 2010 – Feb 2011


Technical Lead for implementing XPS projects.

XPS is a built in SOA (SAP) package for Small Parcel Shipments and Less Than Truckload (LTL) Shipments and Manual shipments which are to be shipped through different carries like UPS, DHL, and FedEx etc.

Development is done in OOPS.

As a technical lead developed BAdi’s, Reports, Smartforms, Interfaces for XPS package.

International Paper Design Team member March 2007 – March 2010


Following objects were developed for SD/MM/FICO modules.

Co-ordinate with functional people to understand the requirement.

Design and create the Technical specifications. Co-ordinate with technical team to explain and get the object developed as per plan.

Designing transaction for Replenishment TO creation using batch process (WM).

(Developed using Object oriented programming)

Designing RFC transaction for Replenishment TO completion (WM).

(Developed using Object oriented programming)

Worked on multi origin shipment processing.

This process enables user to create a shipment with 2 origins, which is not possible with SAP functionality.

Developed Smart Form for “Handling Unit” output.

This output can be printed on printer or can be send as an email attachment to partner or can be send as an IDOC.Output contains details information of container (HU) and Customer information Delivery and sales order information.

ALV report for Shipment Plan.

This report gives details information of shipments i.e. Shipment number, Transport planning point,

Shipping type, Route, Shipping condition, Planned and actual shipment start and end dates.

Delivery number and quantity, Customer details etc.

ALV report for delivery not billed

IDoc to send ASN for multi-origin shipments.


The functionality achieved: Send the quantity picked against STO to a remote system using IDOC.

PGI Optimization: This process of post goods issuing (PGI) the deliveries on a shipment in a delayed manner instead of PGIing immediately when the shipment gate-exit transaction comes in.This way the IDOC is processed immediately while the delivery PGI is done in batch process in background and IDOC queue is avoided...

Program to download characteristics values of material.(MM)

User Exits


Include modified to change partner for stage when a stage has special processing indicator as

'RR11'. Change special processing Indicator as 'RR11' at header level and also remove the shipment

Cost relevant flag.


Rule 11 requires that each carrier be paid independently for their portion of the move.


Forecast date & time for 2nd origin.

Pearson TC, NJ Pearson Nov 2006 – Feb 2007

Worked on SAP version upgrade from 3.1I to ECC 6.0.

Modified Purchase Order and Picking list Sap scripts to suite clients requirements.

Created SAP ABAP WebDynpro Application with editable ALV to change user rules.

Pratt & Whitney, CT Sept 2005 – Oct 2006

SAP Version 6.2, SAP XI 3.0

Member of XI Development team for RFID project

Delivery execution and Delivery conformation interfaces.

Unique Identification verification with Department Of Defense interface.

Production support for XI interface for HR.

Solving day to day issues and changes required after version upgrade if any.

ABAP Team Lead for Union Billing Project

Prepare technical Plan for Project implementation.

ALV report of Union officials and their Supervisors.

Created Info set to store Union Official list with position.

Created different Z tables to store Union related data and time spent on union activities.

Written interfaces to update Z tables from HR database.

ALV report to give end user detail information of amount that can be billed to union for the

Time spent for union activities by Union members/ union officials.

GE Infrastructure, PA May 2005 – August 2005

SAP Version 4.6C

ABAP Lead for SABRIX Project Implementation.

Prepare technical Plan for project implementation.

Identify and develop ABAP requirements after discussing with functional people.

Developed following program for the Successful Implementation of the project.

MM Module

Mass Update program to change Jurisdiction code on all Customer and Vendor master data.

Mass Update program to change jurisdiction code on all open purchase orders at line item level.

FI/CO Module

Update Jurisdiction code for all WBS Elements, Cost Center and Internal Order addresses.

Program to Change Customer Tax Classification.

Program to Change Pricing Procedure in open contract, this program will get SABRIX taxes on Open Contract.

Program to extract tax data in required format for a given period for filing taxes.

Modified LB_BIL_INVOICE (Invoice Smart form) and LE_SHP_DELNOTE (Delivery Note Smart forms) to suit clients’ requirement.

User Exit

FYTX0002 was modified to suit SABRIX requirements.

This user exit is used to send additional data to external Tax system by changing

Field values provided in SAP structure TAX_ALLOWD_FIELDS




GE ERC, KS Nov 2004 - April 2005

SAP Version 4.6B and 4.7

Worked as Onsite Coordinator for Technical design and development

Involved in enhancing standard Transactions using BDT (Business Data Toolkit) This toolkit provided with IS (Insurance) allows to add a field or section or new screen to standard Transaction for Creating, changing or display of Businesspartner, Insurance Object and Contract Account.

Analyzing and reviewing the functional requirements of the client and preparing the technical design for offshore team to complete the development.

Involved in the technical design and development of customized transactions and reports.

Involved in implementation of the interfaces strategy using the ETL layer (INFORMATICA) for current and future requirements

Involved in design of GL Documents simulation and Postings through BAPI from the ETL Layer (FI/CO).

Coca Cola, GA April 2004 – Oct 2004

BW Version 3.1C and SAP Version 4.6

Worked as BW Consultant

BW Production Support

Involved in monitoring & resolving issues in day-to-day data load to BW system.

Pearson TC, NJ April 2003 - March 2004

SAP Version 4.6C

Worked as ABAP Consultant

Developed ALV reports for MM master data reporting (4.6C) (MM).

Developed Interface to download FI –AR data for BW upload (FI/CO).

Worked on enhancement to AM (Asset management) report (AM).

Monitored production processing (batch processing) and instructing operation to take necessary action incase of failure. Finding out the cause of failure and fixing the problem.

Responsible for changes to user exit for VA02 transaction (SD).

Steel Case, MI June 2001 - March 2003

SAP Version 4.6

Worked as Project Leader for Offshore Development

Responsible for coordinating with onsite coordinator, Delegation of Work STVG interaction, QA interaction, TSS Interaction, Issue Tracking, Logging of Changes

Involved in Time Recording, Status Reporting, PM Interaction and team member interaction.

Helped developers to resolve issues.

Modified SAP standard Transaction ‘VLSP’ to suit client’s requirement.

Added three columns to the standard List i.e. Sales Order Number, Sale Order Item and Total for Delivery.

Added one pushbutton to existing PF-STATUS for popup display in which there is a popup display list of sales order of that particular list are displayed and according to selected sales order number or item number the user can split the delivery.

Created table maintenance transaction for customer created table.

Modified reports to enhance performance.

Hitachi Semiconductor (America) Inc., CA Feb 2001 - May 2001

SAP Version 4.5

Worked as SAP Consultant and ABAP Programmer

SD/MM Modules

Worked on enhancement of backorder processing

Created custom tables to store material data and ATP on and off flag.

Developed programs to upload data into custom tables.

Developed interface to download material master data from SAP and upload to SQL server.

Developed programs to maintain entries in custom table (Table maintenance program for Z table).

Involved in BDC to change open sales orders for a material for which ATP flag is changed in custom table. (This program changes sales order at schedule line level and re-schedules the delivery using availability check functionality of SAP).

Managed retroactive mass update of material info records (This program gives business planning a means of updating many information records at once. It also updates the FAC Price. FAC prices using this program. The user has the flexibility to select per certain date, vendor, and material combinations).

Swatch Group US, NJ March 2000- Jan 2001

SAP Version 4.0

Worked as SAP Technical Consultant

FI/CO Module

Developed interfaces for E-Commerce project.

MM Module

Developed interfaces to upload Material master periodically using LSMW.

SD Module

Developed interface to create sales order automatically.

Offshore Support and development from Intelligroup Asia

SD/MM Modules

Solved day to day problems

Developed new layout sets for Advance Shipping Notification

Developed inbound interface for third party warehouse inventory management.

FI/CO Module

Modified Customer balance statement for FI module (Report)

Intelligroup Inc., NJ (In house) December 1999

Worked as SAP Technical Consultant

Developed function module to calculate allowance per month as per new salary structure.

Modified existing program to incorporate new salary structure.

Kikomo Ltd., NJ April 1999 – Nov 1999

Worked as SAP Technical Consultant SAP (AFS Industrial Solution)

Developed layout set for order confirmation and Invoice with BOM printing.

Developed BDC programs to upload Customer SKU, Allowances and Customer hierarchy.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company, NJ Jan 1999-March 1999

SAP Version 3.1I

Worked as SAP Technical Consultant Supply Chain Management (I2) Interfaces.

Created auxiliary tables for storing supply chain data.

Developed programs to upload supply chain data into auxiliary tables.

Developed programs to download data from SAP to UNIX server.

Sharp Electronics, NJ Nov 1998 - Dec 1998

SAP Version 3.1I

Worked as SAP Technical Consultant

Worked on Interface and SAP Script development project.

Developed outbound interfaces for sales that extract SAP data into a UNIX file formatted as per the client's requirement.

Developed layout set for serial number invoice.

Changed the purchase order layout set.

Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories, PA Sept 1998 - Oct 1998

SAP Version 3.1I

Worked as SAP Technical Consultant For MM module

Interacted with FI/CO team following reports

Worked on interface and report development project.

Developed the zero inventory interfaces for ROH and ZSTR material items which processes

The posting of goods issue for month end inventory balances of ROH and ZSTR items.

Extracted SAP finished stock inventory summary by material, plant and inventory stock type

for uploading data into the legacy system.

Developed comparison of SAP inventory with legacy system inventory report.

New Zealand Defense Force, NZ Sept 1996 - Sept 1998

SAP Version 3.0D

Worked as SAP Technical Consultant

SAP Scripts


Created layout sets for stickers.

Created layout sets for Inventory Management.

Changed PO layout sets as per user requirements.


Changed remittance advice layout set as per user requirement.

Programmed upload budget data from Excel spread sheet

Programmed download budget data and actual data for a given period from SAP in Excel spreadsheet format

Downloaded FI report (where users could not download due to the volume of the report output) to UNIX files. These reports were required for archiving purposes.

Involved in programming upload payroll data

Blocked Invoice Report that lists all blocked vendor invoices.

Managed report that lists Fl document Line Items by Cost Center and Account Special Purpose Code.


Converted legacy Material Master and purchasing data using the Direct Input method.

Involved in client and plant level material, storage location and batches, cycle counting indicator for PI, purchase orders and requisitions.


Wrote BDC programs for uploading asset master, asset transactions upload from UNIX file, and revaluation of assets

Involved in programming schedule sets of MRP processes depending on the status (finished or aborted) of earlier MRP process.

Siemens Ltd., India (In-house) Oct 1994 - Sept 1996

SAP Upgrade Version 2.2B - 2.2E

Worked as System Administrator

Worked on administration and day-to-day maintenance of SAP R/3, HP-UX and Informix.

Received training in Basis Administration, ABAP Report Development, SAP Script, HP-UX Operating System, Creating Authorizations and Creating User Profiles as per authorizations given by business consultants.

Distributed SAP work process dynamically to achieve optimum performance.

Read and analyzed the system logs and took corrective actions.

Involved in HP-UX system administration involved managing logical volumes.

Managed Informix-six database administration that involved disk space management and periodic monitoring with the help of utilities provided by SAP R/3 and Informix systems.

Performed database archiving on daily basis using Informix backup utility and restoring the database when required.

Developed Reports for the FI, MM and WM modules.

Performance Tuning

Assigned work processes including daytime and nighttime management (during the day

dialog processes were required and at night BTC and Update processes were required).

Involved with memory management, database management and system profiles.


Siemens Ltd., India July 1985 – Sept 1994

Worked as System Administrator from September 1989 - September 1994

Worked on MX500 (Siemens) having SINIX operating system and PRODSTAR package loaded on it. Carried out System Administration encompassing the following functions user login creation, profile creation, disk space management, spool administration, and archiving and restoring databases

Worked as System Operator from July 1985 - September 1989

Worked on Burroughs B1900 having its own operating system developed in COBOL for MM, Fl, WM, and AM.


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering (Government Polytechnic, Pune)

Additional Technical Skills Includes:

Hardware: Burroughs, MX500, HP9000

Databases: Informix, Oracle

Languages: ABAP

Legal status: US Citizen.

Address 24 Cabot Court,

Chesterbrook, PA 19087

Ph: 610-***-**** (Res.)

484-***-**** (Cell)


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