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Biomedical Engineer

New York, New York, United States
June 05, 2017

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Russell A. Hammad

Biomedical Engineer

Queens, NY



**** :Graduated from high school as a top ten student in the district.

**** : B.S. in Electrical and Biomedical Engineering from Jordan Un. Of Science & Technology; one of the best universities in that region.

2013:Graduate level classes in Engineering at NYIT towards MS degree.

2014:Network+ Training.


Sept.,2016 – May,2017:

Biomedical Supervisor, MSF Medical Israel

Supervised the medical equipment service team during the daily operation of the company such as installation of medical equipment and also refurbishing of imaging equipment.

Jan.,2016 – Augest,2016:

Equipment Engineer, Barrister Global Services NJ,NY

Tested,upgraded and installed ATM machines,Copiers,Printers Bill counting machines, computer networks and software packages installation and upgrades for small and medium size networks for banks.

Sept.,2015– Dec.,2015:

Biomedical Engineer, Philips Healthcare Valhallah,N.Y.

Installed, maintained and repaired medical,laboratory and imaging equipment used at several hospitals in the Westchester county area, in addition to reporting equipment failures to the FDA and receiving recall letters from equipment manufacturers.

July,2015 – Oct.,2015:

Electromechanical Engineer, Parsons Engineering NY, NY

Inspected electrical, intrusion,fire, backup power and lighting systems at NYC schools,and submitted status reports to school construction authority .A preliminary estimate of the dedicated school funding was part of my reporting.

July,2014 - June,2015:

Medical Systems Eng., Red Cross Hospitals Jordan

The administration,upgrade, and maintenance of the PACS,RIS,LIS,Laboratory and radiology equipment for several hospitals in the country.

Jan.,2014 – June,2014:

Biomedical Lead Engineer, Soma Technologies Hartford, CT

Upgrade troubleshooting and maintenance of laboratory and medical diagnostic equipment,in addition to other electromechanical devices that the company refurbished.

June,2013- Dec.,2013:

Biomedical Service Engineer,Johnson&Johnson NY,NJ

Install, repair, market, maintain,train, and upgrade the Carto 3 heart mapping,navigation and ablation system and its connectivity to the hospital PACS server. Marketed several company products and service plans

May,2011 –May,2013:contract

Laboratory Equipment Engineer,Armed Forces Medical Examiner Rockville,MD

Responsible for the management of installation,repair,maintenance and upgrade of medical,imaging, life science and laboratory equipment .Often worked to (To component Level).Also troubleshooting connectivity problems of the medical equipment to the building’s network.

May,2010 – May,2011:

Biomedical Service Engineer, Georgetown University Hospital Washington, DC.

The repair, maintenance and installation, planning and staff training of medical,imaging,laser and laboratory equipment, also the equipment planning for the hospital projects .

Also responsible for troubleshooting the connectivity of the medical equipment to the IT system,EMR,PACS. Coordinated with equipment manufacturers and the FDA regarding equipment recalls and hazards incidents.

Nov.,2008 – May,2010:contract

Biomedical Engineer,GDIT Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

Responsible for the installation, repair and maintenance (To component Level)of Radiology, Medical and Laboratory equipment at different hospitals. Promoted and marketed several service products to the clients representatives. Coordinated with equipment manufacturers and the FDA regarding equipment recalls and hazards incidents.

with equipment manufacturers and the FDA regarding equipment recalls and hazards incidents.

May,06– Nov.,2008:

Clinical Engineer,GE Healthcare Red Bank, New Jersey

Responsible for troubleshooting, repair,maintenance and marketing of medical, imaging,laser and laboratory equipment used at several hospitals .Service contracts marketing and details negotiation with client reps.


Biomedical Service Engineer,Philips Jerusalem,Israel

Supervised the repair and maintenance of a variety of complex medical equipment and electromechanical systems .Lead a team of several engineers through several installation projects such as the Kuwaiti Hospital Project. Tender and service contract terms submittal,equipment specifying.

May,2003 – May,2004:

Equipment Manufacturing Engineer, Siemens Diagnostics Delaware

I tested and upgraded laboratory diagnostic equipment hardware modules such as main control, Pneumatic modules and power supply boards for the Vista Chemistry Immunoassays Analyzer. Also tested C and Lab-view codes for R&D.

Oct.,2002– March,2003:

Medical Equipment Engineer, Phoenixville Hospital Phoenixville, PA

The installation,repair maintenance and calibration of medical equipment used at the hospital, and training clinical staff on the proper use and operation of medical equipment.


Test Engineer, Comtek-Filtronic Salisbury,MD

Tested,repaired and upgrade printed circuit boards used for building telecommunications and RF equipment such as transceivers and power amplifiers.

July,1998– Sept.,2001:

Maintenance Engineer, Three brothers Inc. Maryland

Installed,repaired and upgraded electrical and mechanical equipment used by the company clients such hotels and restaurants. Such systems included electrical panel boards and HVAC.


Biomedical Engineer,Lemix Lab. & Medical Israel

Worked as a field service/sales engineer, for several medical devices that LEMIX was an authorized distributor for such as,patient monitors(HP), Infant Incubators(Air Shields), in addition I trained the clinical staff on the proper use and operation of medical equipment.


1- A three-months training class at the Royal Scientific Society/Jordan;the class was intended to qualify engineers to become biomedical service engineers.1997

2- A one-month training course at Al-Quds University/Jerusalem; the course mainly focused on the maintenance procedures and equipment marketing of medical equipment .1998

3- A 2-month training class in the field of Radiology equipment service and installation taught by a GE imaging engineer,and held at Rafidia Hospital. 1999

4- Participated in the installation of many medical devices including CT,MRI & Cath-Lab equipment,which also included technical training by the manufacturer engineers such as Siemens,Philips, Picker and GE engineers at several hospitals in Palestine.

5- Online training class in the field of medical equipment from GE Healthcare. 2008

6-A training class at the Covidian training facility-California, it covered the PB 840 ventilator service. 2009

7- An internal in-service training by Jack Atkins (BMET IV) at GUH, it covered Laser equipment PM and repair .2010

8-A Project Management training class at Virginia-Tech.,USA. 2011

9-A training class by Philips healthcare-online,it covered PACS and DICOM. 2011

10-Online ultrasound training class from Philips.2013

11- A 3-week training class on the Mini-Cat CT machine by Xoran-Technologies,

Ann-Arbor, Michigan.2012

12- A 3 –day training class that covered the Carto 3 ablation system by



1-Biomedical equipment advanced service .

2-Thorough knowledge of complex medical system specifications and functionality,

3- Possess proven leadership and/or project management skills .

4-System software and hardware troubleshooting and testing .

5-Network troubleshooting and installation specially in healthcare facilities.

6-Participated in several training workshops as an instructor on the proper use and operation of complex care medical equipment for critical care and OR nurses and doctors.

7- Commissioning,tender preparation and specification analyses for a wide variety of medical equipment.

8- Work approval and supervision of medical equipment installation projects.

9- PC and printer repair, network installation and troubleshooting.

10- Soldering(surf.-mount)electronics components, electronic medical equipment design schematic analysis.

11-Familiar with JCAHO,ISO9001,NFPA,and OSHA requirements.

12-Medical and technological products sales and specifications.

Familiar with the following test equipment:

Digital Millimeter(Fluke)

Signal Generator(hp)



Network Analyzer.

Nellcor Patient Simulator

Equipment Safety Analyzer(Bio-tek)

Defibrillator Tester(Bio-tek)

Infusion Pump Tester(Biotek)

ECG patient simulator

Pneumatic Tester.

Electro surgery Analyzer(Bio-Tek)

Protocol Analyzer(Fluke)….

Air flow meter


I have excellent Knowledge in the following:

DMLSS,Fortran, C,Linux, Four-River,SolidWorks,AutoCad,Labview,Windows XP,7/8,Network +,Word,Excel,Power Point,SQL.


Furnished upon request.

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