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Agent Appointments

New York, New York, United States
May 31, 2017

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Call Center Proposal

We do out bound calling to set appointment for investors, each agent makes about 300 calls per day, given an example 5 agent will make about 7,500 call on a five-day work week, which will include calling on Saturday and Sunday. The hour of calling will be 12 pm to 8 pm.

Appointments are done on a 24 to 48-hour basis, and confirmed the day of the appointment about two hours’ prior, to the investor or agent going to the appointment. All appointments will be put on a calendar that the agent or the investor has access to.

Each agent will have their own calendar where we will prioritize each appointment. The investor will have a separate calendar, where it will show all appointments of all his agents, so he can keep up to date and make changes if needed.

Leads can be supplied by the investor, or we can supply them at a low cost of $0.15 cents per lead. We can also find phone numbers for leads, all we need is the name and an address.


We can supply 20 to 100 agents, but the following is an example of 5 agents to start with.

12 per hour, per agent so 5 agents on a 5-day week $2,400per week. The first week is due before starting alongside the cost for the leads if you are purchasing them from us.

12,000 leads 15 cent per leads $1,800 which these leads should last for two to three months since we call each lead about 4 times before we make it a dead lead.

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