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Project Manager Sql Server

Colorado Springs, Colorado, 80908, United States
June 01, 2010

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Cindy C. Simpson

Database Designer/Architect/Administrator


719-***-**** cell

Professional Summary:

. More than 15 years management experience. Also offers technical

management experience over database and data warehousing areas.

. Offers 8 years SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, R2 beta, 7 years of MySQL

experience, 15+ years in DB2 V6,7,8,9, 5 years in Oracle 8,9,10,11

series, 3 years in PostgreSQL, 1 year with MongoDB.

. Served as President/CEO for a data services corporation for over 10

years. Started as Lead DBA and promoted to Manager, Vice-President

and then unanimously voted by the board to take the CEO position.

. Applications DBA Solutions Support for enterprise software support in

SAP, Oracle and Peoplesoft.

. Strong design skills; very knowledgeable in Data Warehousing and

Service Oriented Architectures.

. More than 20 years experience with Data modeling (corporate,

enterprise, and data warehousing), design, BI support/design, data

mart, ETL/Data mining/Data mapping, implementations, integrations,

optimization and support.

. Excellent multi-tasking skills; strong understanding of start-up

demands and risks; good skills in both agile and waterfall


. Experienced with optimization, mirroring, replication, and log


Skill Set Summary:


Provided leadership and support for most database systems and platforms.

Provided leadership over network and infrastructure decisions. Managed



Linux, HP-UX, AIX, Solaris, Z/OS, Windows


Banking, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Telecommunications, Oil & Gas,

Consumer Goods, Health, Insurance, Retail, Food Services, Saas,

Startups, BioTech, Startups


UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO, Colorado Springs, CO, Physics

UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, Oxford, MS, Computer Science and Electrical


Professional Experience:

6/2009 - Present

Colorado Open Source Technologies, Boulder, CO

Solutions Architect / Infrastructure Manager

Role: Leading the team to set up the infrastructure and site based

entirely on open source technologies for a start-up company providing open

source alternative solutions. Sales Engineer to clients regarding open

source solutions available; especially targeted toward startups and charity


. Development of Business Plan and strategy for new startup based on

services and support for open source technology.

. Leading the team (which includes a Web Developer, Graphics Artist,

Network Engineer / DBA) to set up the infrastructure and site based

entirely on open source technologies.

. Support client MySQL/PostgreSQL databases. Implemented replication.

Responsible for performance and tuning of system parameter values and


. Support client SQL Server 2008 providing performance and tuning and

Ruby on Rails applications support; transactional replication support.

. Replication implementation solution for SQL Server 2008 to create

reporting instance.

. Mirroring implementation solution DR solution for SQL Server 2008 that

required as close to real time sync as possible across the Wan.

. Responsible for infrastructure architecture, database, software, and

web platforms all based on open source technology such as MySQL,

RubyonRails, Nagios, Apache, and Linux.

8/2009 - 3/2010

The Magellan Network, Denver, CO

Data Architect

Role: Lead the direction and strategy for data design and mass data use

for BI models for a start-up providing restaurant point of sales interface

products and BI information collected from POS logs.

. Entirely responsible for data modeling architecture for new product

development that was data driven

. Managed 2 models - one for product and one for BI dashboard data

warehousing need. Implemented Data Warehouse with MongoDB and data

marts into MySQL. Used star and snowflake schemas.

. Infrastructure decisions for using MongoDB and MySQL and

interconnection to take advantage of the speed of a document oriented

stored with the power and advantages of a RDBMS as MySQL.

. Developed stored procedures, triggers for development

. Developed migration scripts for Ruby on Rails active model.

. Provided direction on mass data storage and management - (Petabytes).

. Created Data Marts to provide metrics and analytic data to dashboard

. Responsible for predictive model and data mining strategy and design

for use in analytics including aggregation formulas.

. Mapping of data across products and correlations within Data Warehouse

to create 2 models based on SOA and BI requirements.

. Design of databases and creation of migrations for Ror active record


. Use of Tableau to identify metrics in data for graphical display.

. Evaluation of document oriented databases and tests to determine best

suited. Set direction with MongoDB. Installed and setup collections,

queries for interface to dev team.

. Data Model and design for large volume data (petabytes) social

networking, analytics, metrics for predictive marketing.

. Created scripts to export data from Mongodb and load to MySQL

utilizing the load parameters capability to massage and format data on

the input stream.

. Conversion of SQL Server platform to MySQL/Mongo.

. Modeling requirements from XML. Mapping XML to JSON. XML/JSON

representation of data.

12/2007 - 6/2008

Absolute Performance, Boulder, CO

Technical Manager (Employee)

Role: Database Administration & Support for a start-up company providing

services to multi clients including MySQL on Linux, Oracle on

Solaris/Linux, Informix on Aix, SQL Server on Windows, PostgreSQL on Linux

and DB2 on Linux/Aix).

. Provided technical leadership, assignments, strategy, procedures

documentation, and standards for data team.

. Responsible for managing, hiring, task assignments for a team of DBAs.

. Gather data requirements and provided data model to application

architect. Implemented designed tables.

. Provided SQL scripts for reporting needs, DTS/SSIS ETL jobs, Cubes as

required for clients.

. Export/import of data across multiple database platforms as required.

. Development of Perl and bash shell scripts to implement log shipping

across a production and disaster recovery site for Informix DR site

and maintenance on PostgreSQL, DB2, and MySQL platforms on Linux and


. Provide production database support for a host of clients supporting

DB2 on AIX, DB2 on Linux, Informix on AIX, Informix on Linux, Oracle

on Solaris, SQL Server on Windows, Oracle on Linux, MySQL on Linux,

PostgresSQL on Linux

. Heavy optimization support - sql review and tuning; system performance


. SQL Server replication, mirroring support. Oracle RAC support. DB2

udb HADR support.

. DB Support included backup/recovery, patching, performance/tuning,

migrations, ongoing maintenance and production support.

8/2007 - 12/2007

Amgen/Comsys, Boulder, CO

Oracle/SQL Server/SAP DBA

Role: Database Administration & Support for SAP, Oracle, Sql Server

. SQL Server installs and upgrades, backups, recoveries, replication

support, scripts, documentation.

. SAP module installation support

. Oracle production support, backup, recoveries.



This is a company that provided data services and products specializing in

large data solutions such as data warehousing, data mining, reporting and

data analysis. This was a start-up that grew into a multi-million dollar

business and eventually was sold.

Executive Manager (Director to President/CEO)

Role: Executive management providing strategic direction and corporate

objectives. Tools included MS Project, Access, Word, Excel, Goldmine, ACT,

Powerpoint, Visio.

. Managed many projects to list all but a few include development of a

corporate model of IDMC business and services; design and installation

of a secured internet based network system on Novell, Windows, and

Linux platforms; Design and development of a Survey system for a

Gaming client utilizing MS ACCESS and Windows platform; Conversion of

systems for Y2K for Mainframe applications. Responsibility included

management of project budget, task assignment, facilitate requirements

gathering, develop schedules, develop detailed project plans, and

manage the project's budget. Responsible for ensuring successful

implementation of these projects on time and within budget.

. Strong Architecture experience in Application/Data arena. Used a

variety of tools for Dataflow diagramming and Entity Relationship

Diagramming. Implemented normalization practices and central

Corporate Data practices. Involved in platform architecture,

Application design, and data design decisions.

. Manage budget for multi-million dollar corporation and set strategic

direction for Information Technology that aligned with Corporate


. Stepped in as Acting President of the corporation after decease of

President's wife. The company's growth was in the double digits and

was name a Top 100 Woman owned Business for the 5 subsequent years. I

was named to the position of President/CEO by the Board of Directors

the following year. I was also honored with Business Woman of the

Year in that timeframe due to the corporate recognition.

Project Manager/Leadership

Role: Data Modeling/Analyst/Project Management

. Project Manager for several high visibility projects which included

IMS migration to new version, DB2 migration to new version, Corporate

Based Model and Maintenance, Network infrastructure design to name a


. Modeling lead for project to map PeopleSoft data for DB2 interface


. Lead Data Modeler for Software Team developing Client/Server PC based

software development environment and software integration systems.

. Manage professional staff of contract and development employees for

modeling projects which included budget and financial management as

well as procurement and vendor contracts management.

. Lead a team to setup a Linux based Email system. Developed scripts

using VI editor. Helped to establish standards.

. Project Manager for Team that developed Software for Office

Management, Applicant Management, Financial Management, and Customer

Contracts Management. Also key member of the design and development

teams due to resource issues.

. Project Manager for a team of network engineer/administrators to

determine design and equipment needed for Novell network system which

attached to a Unix based website server with firewall in between.

This included providing approval of all routers, cabling, internet

connections and directions for system administration standards.

DBA Manager

Role: DBA & Management

Environment: IMS, DB2, Data Propagator, Platinum Tools, File-Aid, Forrest &

Trees Data Warehousing product, SilverRun Data modeling tools, MySQL,

Linux, SQL Server, Windows, Peoplesoft, Oracle, Oracle Financials, SAP HR.

. Responsible for the assignment and management of tasks to a group of

programmers, DBAs, Production support and scheduling personnel.

. Responsible for project reporting including man-hours, budget,


. Created a mirror system resolution for Batch processing and Read only

Trouble Reporting system.

. Advisory role for Batch to BMP conversion.

. Responsible for developing and assigning IMS/DB2 tasks in relation to

Year 2000 Project.

. Responsible for tracking of man hours in relation to budgeted hours.

. Led team that was responsible for tagging active/retired modules for

post Y2K cleanup.

. Member on a Data Warehousing project to map, explain, move and test

data using tools such as Data Replicator, Data Propagator, File-Aid,

SQL statements.

. Responsible for infrastructure architecture and concept based on open

source technology to cut costs.

. Completed hundreds of data models from logical to physical and

implementations of those models.



DBA/Data Modeler

. Performed information modeling, dataflow diagrams, and object oriented

designs for COD (Cash on Delivery product), Airbill Tracking Project,

CERPS (Problem Tracking System), Freight Tracking System,

International Business Model, and a Corporate Software Development

Model. Most of these were phased implementations which included

converting VSAM files to databases as the phases were developed so

multiple systems could access the data.

. Performed DASD space estimation and placement.

. Provided support to programming staff through call pattern

walkthroughs, code reviews and PSB generations.

. Provided conversion interface code to development staff.

. Developed CLists and Execs for DBA staff.

. Utilized tools such as Cadre's Teamwork Structured Analysis and

Information Modeling,

. Developed and implemented software and procedures for monitoring IMS


. Installed software systems into production systems.

. Researched and resolved system level problems.

. Provided tools and aid for system backup and recovery.

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