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Mr, Pizana

Dallas, TX, 75232
September 03, 2008

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Jose Ruben Pizana

**** ******* **** **. ***. *** Dallas, TX 75252


Cell Phone: (956) 592‐4709


University of North Texas, Denton, TX, B.A., Criminal Justice (December 2006). Coursework

includes: Criminology, Human Behavior, Policing, Crime Scene Reconstruction, Criminal Law

and Procedure, Criminal Investigating. Criminalistics Certificate Coursework includes: areas of

firearms/tool mark identification, footwear/tire tread identification, bloodstain pattern analysis,

latent prints, trace evidence (hairs, fibers, glass, paint, soil, etc.), firearms/toolmarks, footwear

/tire tread evidence, controlled substances/and arson investigation.

Honors: Kappa Sigma-House Management (Spring 2003), Community Service Chair (Fall

2004), Fundraiser Chair (Fall 2004), Secretary 2005-2006

Licenses and Skills: Licensed Private Investigator in TX, NY, CA & FL. Proficient in Spanish.

Computer Skills include; Sony Vegas Editing, Word, Excel, & Power Point, and Microsoft



Hawkins, Parnell & Thackston, LLP (May 2008-Present) Office Assistance: Provide record

management system for pleading, discovery, and petitions of legal documents on active and non suited

court cases. Offer administrative support, trial preparation, close files, and conduct research on Lexis


First Advantage Investigation (September 2007-May 2008): Private Investigator: Duties:

Independently conduct video surveillance and investigations with minimal supervision. Address

emergencies/problems with equipment/weather and provide comprehensive daily reports

outlining details critical to the investigation. Analysis of information and details gathered,

records research, and witness interviews

Neiman Marcus (April 2007-August 2007):Loss Prevention: Duties: Conducting CCT camera

scans. Working with Loss Prevention Team members to make effective internal & external

apprehensions as well as conducting Internal Audit to reduce storewide loss. Safeguarding store

assets, preventing destruction of store property, and maintaining on going files on suspected loss

prevention threats. Coordinating with local law enforcement to ensure the effective prosecution

of offenders and reduce future store loss.

Wood, Thacker & Weatherly Law Firm (January 2005-April 2007):Office Administrator:

Duties: Supervise daily processes within the office and externally, at legal proceedings. Manage office

support staff, including but not limited to, training, scheduling, task assignment, and discipline.

Responsible for overseeing operation and maintenance of information systems, office equipment, and

physical files. Ensure that the office runs efficiently and securely at all levels and that sensitive materials

are adequately safeguarded. Perform investigative work for the firm including research and surveillance.

Research, recommend and purchase supplies, equipment, and software.

Cameron County Adult Probation (Summer 02 & Summer 03): Clerk: Handling financial

restitution payments & assisting probation officers with Pre-Sentencing-Investigation Reports.

Observing the workings of the criminal court system; meet and interact with court-related

personnel. Researching resources to meet offender needs. Administrative duties as necessitated

by client contact.

Congressional Office of Solomon P. Ortiz (Summer 2001): Intern: Duties: Assisting staff with

administrative, press, and correspondence duties.

Activities: Taekwondo Red Belt with Black Stripe.

Sherry Shipman


Dan Steppick


September 2, 2008

RE: Letter of Reference for Ruben Pizana

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is written to recommend Ruben Pizana to you for a position in your office.

Ruben has worked with me at another law firm as a runner, computer technician and office

manager. Ruben is a hard worker, and is a person of absolute honesty, integrity and


I first met Ruben while he attended The University of North Texas and worked part-time

in the law office. Even with his heavy school schedule, he always gave full attention to his work

and was mature and reliable. He later became a full-time employ of the law firm and was

excellent at performing his own work as well as supervising the work of other employees. His

energy for whatever he sets out to do has been most impressive to me. I do hope you will take

the opportunity to meet him and visit with him about his application for a position with your


If I can offer any other information to you about Ruben and his qualifications, feel free to

contact me. You will not regret taking time to talk to him and giving him a chance to work for


With kindest regards,

Sherry L. Shipman

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