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SAS Programmer

Manchester, CT, 06042
September 26, 2008

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Priya Kesari


* years of programming experience in SAS (Base, Macros, SQL and Data Steps) in Unix and Windows environments in Healthcare Research and Pharmaceutical domains

•Proficient expertise in data analysis, mining, and modeling, including data segmentation, predictive behavior analysis, cohort and case-control studies

•Excellent knowledge of SAS functional tools with SAS/ACCESS, SAS/MACROS, SAS/CONNECT, SAS/GRAPH and SAS/STAT


•Experience in extracting and merging data from flat files, Excel spreadsheets and external RDBMS tables using LIBNAME, MERGE, SET and SQL PASSTHRU facility

•Experience in database creation and management including data checking and cleaning

•Proficient in developing analysis datasets in Clinical Trials Domain

•Experience in Clinical Trials programming, Clinical Data Analysis, Validating, Testing and Documentation of SAS Clinical Applications.

•Experience in preparation of SAS Datasets, Tables, Listings, Graphs, Reports and Summaries according to the requirements of the Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP)

•Strong ability to adapt and learn new technologies and new business lines rapidly

•Extremely organized and capable of multi-tasking and essential time management

•Effective team player with strong communication & interpersonal skills


Statistical Packages: SAS V8, STATA9, R, SPSS


SAS Procedures: Print, Report, Contents, Means, Univariate, ANOVA, Correlation, Regression, SQL, Tabulate, Freq, Sort, Summary, Format, Import, Export, Transpose, Compare, Life Test, Gplot

Languages: C, C++, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML

Databases: MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle

Development Tools: MS Office 97/2000/2003Pro Suite, MATLAB,

Web Technologies: HTML, Dreamweaver

Operating Systems: Windows 95/98/2000/NT, XP, Vista, DOS, UNIX


B.S. Engineering

M.S. Engineering (Bioengineering)


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD Nov 05 - Present

Research Specialist, Pulmonary Division, Dept. of Medicine

Involved in a high-throughput screening project for discovery of novel biomarkers in acute lung injury studies. Provided all the analytical and technical support for this study. Also, performed statistical data analysis on genetic data obtained from PCR studies.


•Responsible for all programming tasks, data problems and analytical issues for the acute lung injury studies.

•Created new datasets from raw data files using Import Techniques and modified existing datasets using Set, Merge, Sort, Update, and conditional statements.

•Created summary tables, listed outputs, and graphs and generated ad-hoc reports.

•Analyzed data using various statistical procedures like Means, TTEST, REGRESSION, ANOVA, and Chi-Square Test.

•Generated key analysis datasets from specifications with complex data manipulation.

•Created reports in RTF, PDF and EXCEL formats using ODS.

•Worked with presentation and reporting procedures including FORMAT, REPORT, PRINT, SORT, etc.

•Developed and implemented data collection quality assurance procedures to ensure validity and reliability of the study results.

•Communicated project status, problems, deliverables, suggestions for statistically valid data collection and management to the Research Fellows and Principal Investigator.

•Provided analytical support to the research group for presentations, posters, grant applications and manuscripts/publications.

Research Data Analyst, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

SAS programmer in the clinical research group investigating the efficacy of the treatment depending upon the type of pulmonary hypertension. Worked as a team in pooling the clinical data for demographic information, adverse events summaries and listings and validating the reports generated in compliance with the Statistical Analysis Plan.


•Responsible to write, modify, validate and implement SAS programs according to Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP).

•Provided analytical support to the statisticians in the production of Clinical Study Reports and verify the final reports against the generated reports.

•Extracted clinical data from the database using BASE SAS, Macros, SAS/ACCESS, and wrote SQL queries using PROC SQL procedures and created SAS datasets and views.

•Generated EXCEL tables for non-coded Adverse Event Terms, Concomitant Medications, and Medical History Terms.

•Created edit check programs to find discrepancies in raw datasets provided by Data Management Group.

•Created and modified SAS dataset by using PROC TRANSPOSE, MERGE, UPDATE and PROC SQL.

•Performed various statistical data analysis on both continuous and categorical data using PROC FREQ, PROC UNIVARIATE, PROC MEANS, PROC ANOVA, PROC GLM, PROC REG and PROC LIFETEST.

•Developed routine SAS Macros to create tables, listings and graphs for inclusion in Clinical Study Reports and maintained the existing ones.

•Generated customized reports using SAS macro facility, PROC SUMMARY, PROC SQL and DATA _NULL_ techniques.

•Performed QC/QA activities in SAS programming and outputs generated to comply with the SAP and data integrity.

•Documented the programming steps for better understanding by team members.

•Solved data problems through CRF review and discussions with data management group, statisticians and medical writers.

Environment: SAS/BASE, SAS/SQL, SAS/GRAPH, SAS/ACCESS, SAS/STAT, SAS/MACRO, STATA, SQL Server, Windows, MS Office tools.

Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN Dec 04 – Nov 05

Statistical Analyst

Eli Lilly and Company is a leading, innovation-driven corporation committed to developing new drugs and treatment methods. The project involved working in a Biostatistics team to provide SAS programming support to clinical study group for company’s phase II and III clinical trial projects on patients with Diabetes.


•Created ISS (Integrated Summary of Safety) Analysis Datasets and Reports (TLF - Tables, Listings and Figures) for inhaled insulin for Type I and Type II Diabetes.

•Provide analytic support to statisticians in the production of Clinical Study Reports.

•Responsible to write, modify, validate and implement SAS programs according to Statistical Analysis Plan (SAP).

•Produce efficacy and safety summary results with tables, listings, and graphs for company’s clinical trials, performing quality control of other programmers work and debug complex programming code.

•Written SAS macros for Data Consistency check, Data integration for an ISS study, and backup of SAS datasets.

•Conversion of Existing Raw data into CDISC standards and review CRFs (Case Report Form) to ensure consistency with protocol and adequacy in collecting data to meet objectives defined in protocol.

•Produced accurate, precise tables and graphs for Clinical Study Reports by conducting, documenting and reporting computer validation inspections in compliance with 21 Code of Federal Regulations (21CFR) Part 11, FDA and other regulatory compliance.

•Created SAS Customized Reports using the Data _Null_ technique for FDA evaluations.

Environment: SAS 8.2 (SAS/Base, SAS/Graph, SAS/Stat, and Macros), SQL, Oracle, MS Access, MS Office Tools and Windows.

Eros Pharmaceuticals Limited, Bangalore, India Aug 01 – Dec 02

SAS Clinical programmer

Eros Pharmaceuticals Ltd manufactures antibiotics, analgesics, anti-asthmatic, nutritional supplements, gastro-intestinal drugs and psychiatric products and sedatives. The sole aim of the project was customer retention. This was done by analyzing and organizing customer policy data and generating reports on lapsed policies. This, in turn, generated the customer base worth targeting for retention campaigns.


•Created and modified SAS dataset by using PROC TRANSPOSE, MERGE, UPDATE and PROC SQL.

•Generated customized reports using SAS macro facility, PROC SUMMARY, PROC SQL and DATA _NULL_ techniques.

•Worked on existing macros for data validation, by checking data distribution and comparing to standard data.

•Performed analysis procedures like regression using PROC GLM and PROC REG.

•Analyzed various tables using data manipulation techniques like merging, appending, concatenating and sorting.

•Used LENGTH, INFORMAT to format variables and FORMAT, SPLIT to output data.

•Used LIBNAME and SQL PASSTHRU facility to read data from other sources.


Base SAS 8, SAS/Stat, PL/SQL, Windows, MS Excel, Macros, UNIX, Oracle.

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