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Project Manager Quality Assurance

Kingston, Washington, 98346, United States
November 01, 2011

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Tammy Youngblood

P.O. Box ****

Kingston, WA ****6

(360) ***-****


**** ****

BA Environmental Studies/Major Environmental Policy Business Certificate/Entrepreneur

Western Washington University/Huxley College Tacoma Community College

Bellingham, WA Tacoma, WA

2000 1986

AAS Associates of Arts and Sciences Welding Certificate/Welder Combination

Tacoma Community College Electric Boat Quonset Pt. Facility

Tacoma, WA Quonset, RI




• Understanding of ESA, CZMA, EIA, NEPA, SEPA, Land Use Laws, Salmon Recovery Act, US Environmental Polices, Growth Management Act, Shoreline Management Act, and WA State Environmental Regulations

• Understanding of environmental laws Fed/State: Title V, CAA, CWA, CERCLA, RCRA, SARA, SWDA, WAC and various standard regulations for shipyard industries

• Understanding of OSHA 1910/1915/300, NAVOSH, JHA, ISO 9000’s QMS, ISO 14000’s EMS and various standard regulations for shipyard industries

• Understanding of Mil-Stds 22/248/271/***/****/1689/2035/2191, NAVSEA Std. Items, Critical Coatings (Preservation) and various standard regulations for quality workmanship as well as sub-safe qualified

• Experience working with land owners, volunteers, federal, state, tribal, and local agency officials to plan and implement appropriate environmental/natural resource projects

• Experience working with subcontractors, NAVSEA government officials, navy personnel, and Shipyard personnel regulators

• Knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools involved in the marine repair and construction

• Knowledge of business and management principles involved in strategic planning, resource allocation, human resources modeling, leadership technique, production methods, and coordination of people and resources

• Knowledge of materials, production processes, quality control, costs, and other techniques for maximizing the effective product to the customer

• Knowledge of relevant policies, procedures, and strategies to promote effective local, state or shipyard security operations for the protection of the people, the project and the environment

• Knowledge of principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction

• Integrity, Attention to Detail, Analytical Thinking, Adaptability/Flexibility, Dependability, Cooperation, Initiative, Self Control, Persistence, Stress Tolerance and Leadership skills

• Active Listening, Coordination, Critical Thinking, Complex Problems Solving, Judgment and Decision Making, Systems Analysis, Systems Evaluation, Speaking, Time Management, Management of Personnel Resources, Reading Comprehension, Judgment and Decision Making, Writing, and Monitoring skills

• Proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and familiar with Microsoft Project


International Marine and Industrial Applicators, LLC (IMIA)


Work Test Coordinator (WTC) USS Nimitz Aircraft Carrier

• Develop and document the Test Inspection Plan, check point call outs, developed required reports and OQE documentation and appendices as needed

• Coordinate and scheduled the activities of the project with subcontractors and the contractor

• Coordinate and communicate testing-related activities across the project team

• Act as a primary point of contact for all QC matters relating to the project

• Develop a deep understanding of the QC project specific requirements and advise the Project Manager accordingly

• Provide input for development of project product specifications and standards for items to be procured or subcontracted

• Review subcontractor and supplier procedures and documents including inspection and test plans and production schedules; monitor QC performance of same

• Maintain and process all project related documents for audit

• Check preparations and inspect work in accordance with inspection and test plan

• Process audit/review of as-built data from installation projects or sub-contract fabricators upon completion

Puglia Engineering, Inc.


Project Manager SSGN Pennsylvania Submarine

• Ensured the development and maintenance of the work integration plan for the project

• Served as point of contact between subcontracted organizations, and the customer

• Worked with Document Specialist, NACE III technicians, QA technicians and QA Manager to develop and document the Test Inspection Plan, check point call outs, develops required reports and OQE documentation and appendices as needed

• Read specifications, such as blueprints, to determine requirements and to the planned procedures

• Supervise, coordinate, and scheduled the activities of the project with subcontractor and the contractor

QA Manager SSGN Pennsylvania/Seawolf Submarines

• Monitored performance of quality control systems to ensure effectiveness and efficiency and analyzed quality control test results and provide feedback and interpretation to production management or staff

• Created and implement policies and procedures for inspection and testing criteria

• Directs efforts of the Navy Programs Quality Assurance staff to ensure compliance with Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) Standard Items, ISO 9000 Quality Management System Requirements, customer requests and contractual obligations.

• Establishes and maintains positive communications with Government agencies to insure QMS meets Government requirements and expectations.

• Perform internal quality audits by conducting operational reviews of ISO 9000 based Quality Management System to Facilitate the resolution of corrective and preventive action items within Quality Management System and Conducts assessments and evaluations of supplier performance and compliance with regard to QA.



Todd Pacific Shipyard-Navy Programs

2007-2008 Quality/Environmental, Safety & Health (QESH) Manager Navy Programs

Quality Assurance USS Lincoln/Stennis Aircraft Carriers

• Managed the quality assurance system to ensure; that the company conforms to all specifications and requirements.

• Refined the Quality System to ensure compliance with ISO 9000’s while simultaneously improving efficiency and developed and internal and external audit system that uses corrective and preventive actions constructively to improve product reliability and reduce cycle time.

• Championed the use: of metrics and data in identifying problems and charting progress.

Environmental, Safety & Health USS Lincoln/Stennis Aircraft Carriers

• Pro-active in implementing and supporting ESH Programs: including all regulatory compliance programs (i.e. WISHA, L&I, EPA, Dept. of Ecology, OSHA, NAVOSH, NEOSH, government agencies, etc.) and following the ESH Management System

• Worked closely with facility and subcontractor Environmental Managers to ensure environmental programs are effectively implemented and environmental programs are maintained with continuous interpretation and compliance planning for current and emerging safety regulatory requirements at all levels affecting the assigned facilities including federal, state, city, etc

• Correlated and assisted in facility leadership: by working with regulators to develop solutions to ESH issues and in planning for changes in physical facilities to meet ESH requirements

Logistics of QESH USS Lincoln/Stennis Aircraft Carriers

• Knowledge of Operations to critically evaluate and perform in-depth analysis and conducted reviews of data from multiple sources to research problem areas and make conclusions

• Developed problem statements and root cause upon criteria of goals and associated value for process improvement initiatives for project requirements using historical data, site visits, and policy/procedure and process descriptions

• Lead and/or participated in the implementation including communication, training, related documentation, and monitoring to ensure QESH success

General Dynamics-Electric Boat Division West

2004-2006 QA Quality Assessment Steel Trades Auditor/Assessor SSGN Ohio/Michigan Submarines

• Audit and Assess Steel Trades and installation trades (i.e., piping, machinists, welders, ship-fitters, etc.)

• Report results of assessments to area management in a real timely fashion and sight and document various rip-outs and insulation of piping and hydro of piping

Safety Advisors SSGN Ohio/Michigan Submarines

• Responsibilities to include identifying and correcting hazardous workplace conditions to implement safe work procedures

• Ensure that all personnel are taking the necessary action to comply with all applicable state and federal occupational safety and health (OSHA) rules and regulations up to and including the use of proper personal protective equipment with frequent (i.e. daily) tours of industrial areas

1st Class Maintenance Technician (Welder) SSGN Ohio/Michigan Submarines

• Maintain 0% rejection rate that complies with all techniques and specifications for each specific job assignment

• Contributed to team effort through ongoing interaction/troubleshooting with trade workers

Port Gamble S’Klallam Tribe Natural Resources Department

2003 Shellfish Monitor/Surveyor:

• Monitored shellfisheries of type, size, and amount of clams

• Surveyed clam beds of type, size, amount, and area survey of conditions surrounding the beds

Fisheries Monitor/Surveyor:

• Monitored/Surveyed fisheries type, size, hatchery or wild, and amount

• Conduct spawning surveys recording species, number, and mark sampling of anadromous fish

Stream Team of Kitsap County, Department of Community Development

2001-2002 Stream Team Specialist Assistant (WWU Intern):

• Stream Habitat Assessments: General stream survey to identify for a structural restoration, such as good quality habitat, chronic habitat degradation, connectivity to habitat, process based restoration, and large wooded debris (LWD).

• Water Quality Monitoring: Project coordinated with a variety of other stream-temperature and stream habitat studies by agencies and organizations throughout Puget Sound, and the data is used both to identify the conditions that cause high stream temperatures and to evaluate the significance of high temperatures in comparison to other potential stresses on aquatic habitat.

• Aquatic Benthic Macro-Invertebrate Biological Monitoring: Aquatic bugs and physical data are gathered from streams to be analyzed.

• Salmon Surveys (thesis): A study of the collection of aquatic, benthic, terrestrial, spawning and finfish identification data to successfully assess a need for environmental restoration.

• Stream Riparian Restoration: Assisted with identifying, designing and implementing riparian re-vegetation projects pertaining to erosion control, non-native/invasive species control, and an enhancement of in-stream physical, chemical, and biological streams.

Western Washington University (Environmental Studies)

2000-2002 Student Classes Majoring in Environmental Policy & Planning:

• Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA): Group project of the Lower Port Hadlock, WA new boat building school; objectively build a balance between growth, economic development, and protection of natural resources and the environment. Show how the transfer and expansion of the boat school will stimulate the local economy, enhances the natural surroundings, and restores the waterfront identity that was once some important to Port Hadlock, WA.

• Sustainable Community Design: Planning Project for Port Blakely, Kitsap Lake, WA: Objectively propose for alternatives of low impact and conservation design development, principles of low impact standards that may be considered and included in the planning of project, and to raise issues of concern within the proposed project of severe impacts that may occur within the natural environment.

• Ecosystem Restoration: Gorst Creek Restoration Project: A case study for the restoration of Gorst Creek, Gorst, WA and how it relates to salmon spawning and rearing. Identifying of Gorst Creek and the make-up to give reasoning for the restoration of Gorst Creek from a concrete channel to a natural meander.

• Landscape Ecology: Puget Sound Naval Shipyard Time Line and Growth: What role has the shipyard played in the past of Bremerton, WA? What phases of growth occurred in the shipyard and how did this translate to forces or influences on the growth and development? What phases of natural habitat/resources that has occurred and how this will predict the future natural habitat/resources?

Atlas Foundry & Machine Co.

1998-1999 Production Welder Various Castings for multiple companies

• Maintained o% rejection rate on all assigned jobs

• Complied with all qualification for each specific job assignment

Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

1995-1997 Marine Fisheries Habitat Biologist Assistant (CCRI Intern):

• A case study of juvenile finfish habitat, which consisted of finfish identification and the gathering of physical data collection (i.e. temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, flow measurements and water transparency).

General Dynamics-Electric Boat Division Quonset Point Facility

1986-1994 Structural Welder/Ship-fitter/Instructor/Foreman Production of Submarines

• Assumed increasing responsibilities and received promotions throughout employment in a team effort through ongoing interaction/troubleshooting with trade workers, engineers, and warehouse personnel to expedite production

• Supervised a crew of 20 through completion of projects and coordinated and facilitated group/individual instruction in basic and advanced welding techniques

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