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Robin's Resume

Raleigh, NC, 27604
September 29, 2008

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• Senior Police Officer offering 16 years of dedicated law enforcement experience

• Highly disciplined and trained to meet the intensity of a crisis through tactful approaches, conflict management, mediation of disputes, facilitation of problems, and conscientious performance of duties.

• Strong negotiation, networking, investigative, and administrative skills.

• Familiar with the court system, judicial processes, and application of state, local and federal laws.

• Ability to listen effectively, respond appropriately and interact at various social levels and across diverse cultures.

• Ability to exercise sound, independent judgment in emergency situations while maintaining a calm, take charge demeanor.


• Certified training in crime prevention, firearms, defensive driving, defensive tactics, minority sensitivity, OSHA Blood borne Pathogens, CPR, and DCI.

• DARE Certified Law Enforcement Officer.

• Proficient in use of Kops Mobile.


• B.S. Physical Education, North Carolina Wesleyan College, Rocky Mount, NC, 1988

• Certificate in Law Enforcement, Raleigh Police Academy, 1993


Senior Police Officer, Raleigh Police Department, Raleigh, North Carolina

1992 - Present

• Responsible for protection of life and property by responding to 911 Emergency Call for police service.

• Follow criminal and traffic investigations through to completion by gathering evidence, researching, issuing and serving warrants, interviewing witnesses, and testifying as an expert court witness.

• Interpret, clarify, and enforce city codes and all state laws.

• Patrol assigned areas, apprehend and arrest suspects, enforce traffic laws, issue citations, conduct searches, observe suspicious activities, and mediate disputes.

• Work extensively with the general public as well as agencies in surrounding areas, human services personnel, judicial officers, and other municipalities. Accountable for supervision of other officers as needed.

Dare Instructor, Raleigh Police Department, Raleigh, North Carolina


• Conduct an educational program with an emphasis on helping students recognize and resist the many direct and subtle pressures influencing them to experiment with alcohol, tobacco marijuana, inhalants, and gang activity.

• Teach preventive strategies focusing on development of social competencies, communication skills, self-esteem, empathy, decision making, conflict resolutions, sense of purpose and independence, and positive alternative activities to drug abuse and other destructive behaviors.

• Provide students with educational materials and answer sophisticated questions often posed by students about drugs and crime.

Specialist IV, United States Army

1987 – 1992 Honorable Discharge

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