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.Net Developer

Vienna, VA, 22180
September 05, 2008

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Megha Gowder

****, *********** ****, #*** ******: ***********@*****.**.**

Vienna, VA: 22180 Cell No: 703-***-****


 I have 5+ years of experience in programming in the field of System Programming, Web development and Database technologies; Object oriented programming, System Analysis and Design.

 Extensively worked on using latest technologies like Microsoft.Net Framework, ASP. Net, VB.Net, C#, VB 6.0, VBScript, XML, COM, COM+, IIS 5.0, and T-SQL, SQL Server 2000, C++ and C.

 Strong hands on experience with MS-Visual Studio.NET/6.0 and MS-Office.

 MS-Front Page, MS Power Point, MS-Visio2002/2000.

 Good working knowledge of ADO.NET, ODBC and ActiveX technologies.

 Excellent analytical and programming abilities in using technology to create elegant, flexible and maintainable solutions for complex development problems.


Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication

Bapuji Institute of Engineering Technology, Davangere, INDIA


Languages: C#, VB.NET, C, Visual Basic 6, VBA, C++ and


Web tools: ASP.NET, ASP, XML Web Services, HTML, XML, Java script, and

VB scripts.

Operating Systems: Unix, Linux, DOS, Windows 9.x, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000

And Windows XP 2000

Others: ADO.Net, ADO, IIS 5.0 Administration, and Windows Administration.

Database: SQL Server 2000, DTS, Microsoft Access 2000.

Software package: MS Project, Visio 2003


 Exmplar Inc, VA Apr 2007 – Till Date

Web Developer

Environment: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, XML, XSLT, XSD, XML Web services, SOAP.

Project #1:

Seed List Manager: This application is used to add seed emails (company internal test emails) that reflects the data associated with live data and generate sample emails for testing purposes before Campaign is released for live emails.

Responsibilities: Developed Code using C# and Used user controls for selection of seed list based on the type of Campaigns (drop down list). And validation controls to enforce checks for seeding the Campaigns with correct Seed list. Used ASP.Net Masterpages to create a consistent layout for the pages in the application.

Project #2:

Staples Email-Registartion: Logic to capture emails and other information when customers sign up for new campaigns.

Responsibilities: Impletemented data collection tag at various emails registration sections of the website to capture the Staples’ new email registrations in real time. C# code was used to capture required fields (email, source, hash etc). Implemented checksum md5-hash algorithm to prevent possible abuse of the service. Extended the code to capture IP address and incorrect checksums will be stored in an exceptions table with incorrect hash code and the IP address.

Project #3:

Email Web Application:

Opt out Web page: This page serves the Opt Out web interface for the client. The eStatus is passed (status_id/email_id). The client graphics are displayed, as a list of opt out reasons. If the customer opts out, the customers table is updated with the opt out date/time and campaign segment id.

Capturing Click – Product links are tracked on the email template by encapsulating the link within a passthru page. Implemented a page that inserts a click information into the products clicks table and redirects the customer to the product URL.

Responsibilities: Developed a web service component that acts as data collection agent. Used ADO.Net to make connection with database for retrieving data into dataset, updating and inserting data. Used T-SQL for stored procedures. Implemented code to process tags patterns for different HTMLTemplates.


Environment: SQL Server 2000/2005, VB scripts, Crystal Reports.


• Performed List Import duties.

• Participated in redesign of Exmplar’s legacy List Import data processing; propose and develop solutions for increased automation and improved efficiency.

• Managed data feeds from our clients to populate our hosted database

• Managed data exports from our system back to our clients’ CRM systems

• Ongoing application and database design/development work to further expand and improve our data import and export services

• Built procedures to automate the various data upload processes.

• Interacted with campaign teams to meet client needs

• Assisted in troubleshooting and resolution of data processing issues

• DTS and SQL Server Integration Services development

• Worked onTroubleshooting/investigating data & process issues

 Cluster Systems, VA Nov 2006 – Apr 2007

Client: InPhonic Inc., VA


Environment: ASP.NET, C#, ADO.NET, XML, XSLT, XSD, XML Web services, SOAP.

CingularCSI Contract Extension Order Processing: Logic for checking contract extension possibility for the Order if the Order is already a customer of CingularCSI.

Resposibilities: Developed a web service customer component that retrieves Orders placed by customers and checks for Port eligibility. The phone numbers are sent to carrier by using XML with SOAP as transfer protocol to send XML. XSD was used to validate the XML before sending the XML to carrier and XSLT is used to transform InPhonic XML to Carrier format. The response from carrier gives the result whether number is eligible to port. Then, Order is checked to see if current customer to process the Order as Contract extension or as new Order. Used T-SQL for all stored procedure to retrieve Orders from database and used ADO.Net datasets to process them.

Verizon family share 2+ line orders: Logic for adding family share plan to the existing Verizon Service. The family plan orders are assigned to have same Rateplan and billed as single line Service.

Responsibilities: Developed code to perform share plan for family with 2 or more lines. Used T-SQL for all stored procedures and triggers. Orders retrieved from database to dataset was converted to XML document. XML Serialization was used for creating the XML to send to Verizon for Credit check for the Order. The XML response from Carrier was deserialized for verification purpose to check the result for further processing like Assigning Inventory and Activation.

Tmobile Screen scrape Login fix: Srceen Scraper was used for processing Orders. The changes made from Carrier side on Screen Scraper led to login issues. Logic was added to meet changes made from Carrier.

Responsibilities: The Screen scraper process retrieves orders from Inphonic program which inturn retrieve orders from database using ADO.Net dataset to process the Orders. The login page changed from one page to another from carrier side. Fix was made to reference new page for login using Web Browser Controls to pass reference of one page to next on the click of button event. The event handler triggered the method to create a object for new page and pass the reference for login.

AOP Root Cause Analysis: Data analysis to find the system flaws to reduce manual intervention to process Orders. The analysis is ground plan for upgrading existing system.

Responsibilities: Debuged the C# application Code. Reported the system errors and reasoning for the fallout of Orders to manual bucket and solution to fix the fallout of Orders from automated processing to manual processing. Used T-SQL for writing stored procedures to get numbers for Orders falling out of automated process at different stage of Order process. The analysis was done to different Carriers with different business logic. Used Visio 2003 to create flow chart for system objects.

 Eselen Web Soft Technology Ltd Bangalore, INDIA Aug 2004 – June 2006


Environment: MS Visual Studio .Net, VB.Net, C#, ASP.Net, XML Web services, XML, IIS 5.0, ADO.Net, COM, COM+, Windows XP 2000 Professional, SQL Server 2000 and MS Visual safe, DTS, IBM DB2.


External Data Interface: An external data interface component was created using Microsoft.Net architecture to fetch data from heterogeneous Data systems to feed to Backend workflow Applications for processing the customer related information for BSNL Telecomm receivables process.

Responsibilities: A data interface schema was created using the XML Serialization process to feed the workflow system in BSNL Collections process using VB.Net. Stored procedures were created in MS-SQL Server, and DB2 Stored procedure call was created to invoke mainframe system for BSNL customer billing data. VB.Net reflection classes were used to invoke different data gathering classes.

Generic FTP Process: A Generic FTP Process was created to transfer the files from BSNL Collections process to different Interfacing partners within BSNL departments for reporting.

Responsibilities: The work schedule component was created using C# Component with the standard FTP classes from the MS.Net class library, which includes the methods for standard FTP such as GetFilesList, setBinary, DownloadFile, login connection and createDatasocket. A typed Data set was used for creating the report from the SQL tables using the ADO.Net data access components. VB.Net reflection was used to load the different file creating class library components for the purposes of FTP.

 Cranes Software Intl Company, Bangalore, INDIA June 2003 – Aug 2004


Environment: C, C++, DSP, MATLAB.


Speech Compression Using LPC on TMS320C6711: Compression techniques were used to reduce number of samples in a voice input from microphone. The compressed samples are stored or transmitted using small bandwidth compared to standard Pulse code modulated signal. The samples are decompressed as and when required and played on earphone or speakers.


• Worked on Code Composer Studio, a simulator which is the assembler of the code written in C++ into DSP machine language.

• DSP kit was interfaced with the computer and the sound input device like microphone and output device like earphone or speakers.

• Quality checking for decompressed sound was done.

• Measures were taken to improve the sound quality by altering the C++ code written.

Display System for Advertisements using Microprocessor (8085): Moving message display system for advertisement purpose was built with LED board, 8085 Microprocessor kit and timer interfacing integrated chips.


• LED display unit was created with time control board to synchronize the moving period of the characters.

• Program code in 8085 microprocessor assembly language was stored in the kit memory. The code was written to take the character which was also coded using 8085 to display and timing control software to synchronize with the hardware built.

• Interfacing the project hardware board with the 8085 kit was studied and successfully achieved to display the moving characters on LED board.

 Cybermatic Info Ltd., Bangalore , India April 2003 – June 2003


Online Shopping System: The site was designed for online shopping where the users of the system can buy various categories with option to modify/clear their shopping cart at any time

Environment: ASP, VB, COM, ATL, MTS, MSMQ, MS SQL 2000, HTML, DHTML, XML, Java Script, MS Project 4.1


• Designed and coded ASP pages related to user interactions with COM component for Online Inventory Module.

• Created COM Components like Business and Data-Access Components using ATL 3.0, Visual Basic.

• Used Outlook Express for communication and Java Script for client side validations.

• Wrote triggers and stored procedures.

 Micro Land Ltd, Bangalore, India May 2002 – April 2003


Implemented 3-tier architecture with browser for user interactions through HTML, ASP Pages, Web server where the application is launched, and the database for maintaining user or advertisement information in the form of table.

Environment: VB, COM, ASP, VB, MTS, HTML, VB Script, MS-SQL Server, Visual InterDev.


• Designed the HTML, ASP Pages and used VB Script for validations

• Created COM object using VB for business Logic

• Database triggers were written to impose the business rule

• Managed COM objects using MTS (Microsoft Transaction Server)

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