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Quality Assurance Customer Service

Woodbridge, Virginia, 22116, United States
March 17, 2011

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P .O. Box ****, Merrifield, VA ****6-3193

Telephone: 703-***-****

Mobile: 703-***-****


Objective:CoreCompe-tenciesWork HistoryEducation, Awards, Works and Cita-tionsLanguage Profi-ciency A challenging and responsible Technical Writing/Technical Training position with a progressive company that can benefit from a European educated and trained self-starter, results-driven achiever and independent thinker with nearly three decades of progressive experience. Willing to consider an international position. Ø Citizenship: US CitizenØ Security Clearances: DoD & DoJ – Secret; DHS – Public Trust; Ø Network engineer (NetWare® 2.2, 3.1x and 6.1x – installation, support, maintenance and up-grades; Server management, security and data integrity;Ø Microsoft Windows – installation, administration, user support, troubleshooting;Ø Significant background in software testing and logging;Ø IDE, ISA, EISA, PCI and SCSI architecture; Laser, ink-jet and dot matrix printers troubleshooting and maintenance; Various brands workstations (x86); Scanning equipment; server architectures (Compaq, ALR, Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.), routers, switches, hubs, gateways;Ø Office products support and maintenance: MS-Office, Corel® Office, Lotus SmartSuite®Ø International software localization and multilingual support for Windows Ø Total management and administration of Windows-based serversØ Information Assurance and Network Security (firewalls, intrusion detection, antivirus/denial of service attacks, backup and recovery)Ø Network protocols: TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, SNMP, SMTP, FTP, HTTP, etc.Ø Workflow software, business process re-engineering tools: Analyst®, Microsoft Project, Work-Logik®, etc.; Document management solutions: PC-DOCS®, ZyIMAGE® Ø Superb customer service, communications and people skills, acquired, honed and perfected as a result of providing in-person technical support to various government and corporate clients, as well as telephonic support in life-and-death situations to limited-English proficiency speakers in three languages. Handles a large volume of inbound phone calls in Russian, Bulgarian and Eng-lish from a variety of US private and government (federal, state, local) clients and UK government clients (Home Office, police, Job Centres, etc.). Ø Contract Negotiation and Administration; Independent Verification and Validation;Ø Training and Support Management;Ø Strong interpersonal, analytical and communications skills. Ø Business and Technological Innovation, Project Management and Business Process Re-engineering; Patent and Trademarks Research; Document Imaging/Management;Ø Significant work on government RFQs and RFPs both as a team lead, individual contributor and in a team, resulting in several award-winning proposals.Ø American Council for the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) – Certified Language Profi-ciency Tester 2008Yspherione (Information Analyst/Sr. technical writer) July 2008 – June 2009Ø Analyzed various business processes and documented findings using advanced features of Mi-crosoft Office 2007 (including Visio) in comprehensive Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for the Commodities Futures and Trading Commission (CFTC). Ø Created interactive, hyperlinked documents for internal use and maintained an extensive SharePoint Intranet site as a central repository of all pertinent Call Center documents. Ø Performed Independent Information Systems Security Verification and Validation for 37 Major FAA Systems, assuring compliance with all applicable NIST 800 Series Special Publications and FIPS guidelines.Ø Provided Risk Assessments and Vulnerability Analyses of existing systems, by comparing the existing set of C/DRP’s, ISSP’s, POAM’s and other applicable Sensitive Security documents with the matrix of NIST/FIPS guidelines and controls.Ø Developed, established and implemented a set of uniformed naming, stylistic and layout con-ventions across the document spectrum.Ø Collaborated in the drafting, editing and final publishing of a variety of deliverables.Ø Performed final review and assessment of deliverables for consistency and adherence to estab-lished quality assurance criteria. Ø Developed and implemented Quality Assurance criteria for consistency, uniformity and docu-ment integrity, resulting in significant labor savings and providing deliverables ahead of sche-dule. FedexKinkos Customer Relations Specialist (part time) 2006 – 2010Ø Proof-reads, edits and corrects customers’ documents prior to final production, thus saving the company thousands of dollars in operating expensesØ Serves as an ad hoc public relations person, often diffusing tense and stressful situationsØ Designed, implemented and deployed various policies, procedures and rules resulting in in-creased productivity, decreased turnaround time for customers’ projects, as well as recycling and waste reduction procedures with an overall annual savings figure exceeding $75000.Various Companies August 2001 – 2005Loan Processor. Processed residential loans using the industry standard Point© software (Ca-lyx). Developed several time saving Point© templates for quick and efficient Good-Faith Esti-mates, based on different loan scenarios (purchase, refinance, FHA and conventional) for differ-ent sets of title companies and lenders. Processes and tracks conventional, FHA and VA loans. As-signed FHA numbers utilizing the FHA connection. Ordered and interpreted: credit reports, SSN/Name verification (FraudGuard©), flood certification, appraisals, title work (ICL, binder, HUD-1, tax info), and verifications of insurance coverage, employment and mortgage/rent. Re-trieved credit reports online and automatically populates liabilities in the loan applications. Per-formed automatic loan underwriting using several industry standard underwriting tools (Desktop Originator, Desktop Underwriter, Loan Prospector, etc.). Maintained computers, fax machines and printers in the office. Developed and implemented several timesaving office applications for more efficient loan processing and records keeping, using Microsoft Office.Technical Writer: 2001 – ongoingØ Freelance technical writer for a variety of hi-tech companies: guidebooks, statements of work, manuals, presentations and briefings. Some of the results include:o Reviewing, proof reading and final layout of several user manuals for entry-level personnel for Oracle based order-tracking systems. o Participation in the development, review and deployment of an Interactive Voice Recogni-tion systems for commercial clients throughout North America and designed various level guidebooks, standard operations procedures.o Writing a step-by-step user manual for a Web-based application providing interactive training for driving tests and published the manuals in several languages.o Editing and publishing in several languages technical manuals for airborne pollutants re-moval systems for UK and European clients.o Took an active part in several award-winning proposals (RFQs and RFPs), both as a team lead as well as a part of team of experts.Ø Created, edited, proof-read and published a variety of guidebooks, user manuals, statements of work, manuals, presentations and briefings for high-level management, as well as for technical and non-technical personnel. Some published research articles can be found on the Web at ( and: - tac-5-2) and contributing author (under a penname) of ‘Stay-ing Sane When You’re Buying or Selling Your Home’, P.Brodowsky and E.Fazio (editors), Feb 2007, Da Capo Press, ISBN: 0-7382-1058-7)Adjunct Instructor:Ø Stratford University (Woodbridge, VA) 2007- 2009Ø Everest (formerly Parks) College (Arlington and McLean, VA) 2001 – 2006Ø Northern Virginia Community College (Manassas, VA) Ø ACT College (Manassas, VA) Duties including but not limited to: Developed curricula and taught courses in: Medical Insur-ance, Coding and Billing, Medical Terminology, Medical and General Office Procedures, Strate-gies for Success and Physics to a variety of economically and linguistically challenged adult stu-dents. Developed training materials, orientation and policy handbooks, specifically: a variety of culturally sensitive testing materials, Standard Operating Procedures for new students, man-agement briefings and marketing materials.Senior Network Engineer:Ø WMATA (Washington, DC) 1994–2004Ø CASDE (Alexandria, VA)Duties including but not limited to: Administered user rights, allocated system resources, set and maintained dedicated networks in a Windows 2000/XP/2003 environment. Maintained security policies, server management and administration, software and security patches and updates. Developed, wrote and edited user manuals, guidebooks, briefing notes, presentations and various reference documentation for a different internal and external customers from var-ied backgrounds and information needs. Interacted with software developers and participated in document, process and code inspections. Identified, documented and followed up on soft-ware issues. Interacted with research to perform data collections and created test reports for Research orientated functions. Participated in document, process and code inspections. Served as an ad hoc liaison between the developer and user community, by translating user requests, into actionable development requirements, and developing training manuals, guidebooks and operations manuals. Interviewed subject matter experts for a variety of marketing and business development activities. Responded to RFQs and RFPs and participated in several award-winning proposals, both as a team lead as well as a part of team of experts.Junior Network Administrator: Ø ENTER Corp. (McLean, VA) 1991- 1994 Duties including but not limited to: Performed general maintenance of IT software and hard-ware, administered user rights, allocated system resources, set and maintained dedicated net-works in a heterogeneous Novell/DOS environment. Performed routine backups, user training and support. Developed and published several user manuals for training on new and proprie-tary software and hardware, general company policies and various types of training materials for internal and external customers with different backgrounds and information needs. Wrote and edited operational, instructional, maintenance and test procedures for various No-vell/DOS-based legacy applications. Documented company policies as regards the use of com-puter and telecommunications equipment and trained new employees on to the proper use of such equipment.Senior Expert Systems Researcher:Ø Microsystems Institute (Bulgaria) 1986 – 1990Duties including but not limited to: Participated in the R&D of new computer architectures and software methodology. Provided multilingual research support to VIP stakeholders at various project stages with reports on Western research, confidential product briefings, patent and trademark research. Edited and co-authored the Institute’s monthly scientific bulletin as well as several volumes of research papers, published at a variety of international conferences and symposia. Served as an ad hoc English language proofreader, editor and publisher for all of the official Institute’s publications, delivered at major international symposia and conferences. Technical Information Manager: Ø MachPROJECT (Bulgaria) 1980 – 1986Duties including but not limited to: Provided multilingual research support to VIP stakeholders at various project stages with reports on Western research, confidential product briefings, pat-ent and trademark research. Edited and published a quarterly report on the various projects undertaken by the company, as well as a variety of ad hoc reports for internal and external VIP customers. Multilingual translator and interpreter:Ø Various companies and D/B/A PrimeConsult, Inc. 1978 – OngoingDuties including but not limited to: editing, proof reading, layout and translating of a variety of technical documents ranging from user manuals, to patent and trademark research, to market-ing and policy documents.Miscellaneous:Ø Extensive travel throughout the US, Mexico, Europe (Spain, France, Bulgaria) and the Far East (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand) with a truly international experience and outlook. Ø CNE, Computer Learning Center, Alexandria, GPA 3.86: 1996Ø MS, Applied Physics, Sofia University, Bulgaria, (evaluated and confirmed by the World Educa-tion Services, Inc., New York, Ref. # 608215/me), summa cum laude, 1981Ø International Biographical Centre, Cambridge, England - International Diploma of Honour “Out-standing Contribution in the Field of Scientific Research and Integrity” 2000Ø American Biographical Institute – International Diploma of Honor - “For significant contribu-tions to Global Society Through the Field of Network Engineering” and a Commemorative Plaque for “Integrity and Courage in Adverse Situations”, 2000; Honorary Appointment to the Research Board of Advisors, 2000; Universal Award of Accomplishment 2001Ø US Copyright Office, Library of Congress - Commemorative Plaque for Enhancements to the Rus-sian Support Module of WordPerfect® 5.1 (DOS), 1995Ø Author of close to two dozen publications in leading Bulgarian national and international scien-tific journals on science and technology 1976 - 1993Ø English – Level 4+ out of 5 on the DLI’s OPI/ILR proficiency scaleØ Bulgarian – native – Level 5 on the DLI’s OPI/ILR proficiency scaleØ Russian - excellent oral and written – Level 3+ on the DLI’s OPI/ILR proficiency scaleØ Macedonian – written.

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