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SAP BW Developer

Iselin, New Jersey, 08830, United States
75000 per Year
April 29, 2008

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· Over 6 years of total professional experience, including 5+ years of SAP BI/BW.

· Expert in working with various versions of SAP and BW, the latest being ECC 6.0 and BI 7.0 respectively. The various modules include SD, MM, PP, FI/CO, and APO.

· Involved in 1 full lifecycles of BI/BW implementations and involved in all levels of BI/BW implementation such as Data Modeling, Extraction and Reporting.

· Strong background and experience in dimensional and relational data modeling: star schemas, extended star schemas, normalization, denormalization, physical database design, relational models, key performance indicators (KPI) and other OLAP considerations.

· Worked extensively with SAP BI/BW Modeling components like Infocubes, DSO, Info Objects, PSA, Data source, Info source, and Transformation rules.

· Comprehensive knowledge of Data Warehousing Workbench. Expertise in BI Content services consisting of Business rules, Metadata, Reference data, Extractor programs for SAP systems, Process chains, Roles and other data objects.

· Proficient in SAP and Non-SAP data extractions including BI/BW Content extraction, Data source enhancements for generic data extractions, logistics cockpit configuration and customization, CO-PA , user exits, customized delta built up for the data sources and master data extraction from SAP and flat files.

· Expert in working with loading, scheduling, monitoring.

· Good Command on Hierarchies, BI Authorizations, BI Statistics, Archiving, Process chains, Event chains and Open hub.

· Expert in Report Generation. Worked extensively in BEx Analyzer in building Queries and saving in Workbooks and created custom Queries using Conditions, Exceptions, Filters, Calculated Key figures, Variables & Structures and created aggregates for frequently used queries and RRI Jump queries, also worked with Web Application Designer and trained end users.

· Worked with BEx Web, BEx Query designer, BEx Analyzer and BEx Broadcaster.

· Worked with BI Accelerator to improve the read performance of BI Queries on Infocubes.

· Worked on various data sources of APO to extract the data from LCA to BW.

· Complete understanding of ASAP implementation methodology and good understanding of the full lifecycle of the implementation, right from the feasibility study to go-live to support activity & post go live maintenance.

· Knowledge of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence concepts, design principles and software architecture.

· Extensive knowledge on Table Controls, Data Dictionary, BDC, BADIs, Reports, Transactions, Function Modules and SAP scripts in ABAP/4 programming language.

· Self-motivated, excellent communication skills, and good team player.

· Handled multiple projects paying attention to details, Good problem solving skill along with leadership and analytical skills.


Bachelors in Science, India.

Advance Diploma in Software Engineering, India.


SAP BI 7.0, SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.7C, 4.5B, 4.0B, LO-Cockpit, Web Application Designer (WAD), Queries, Reporting Agent, Workbooks, BEx-Analyzer, and BEx-Browser, Microsoft Office, HTML, Windows 2000/NT/98//XP, Oracle, PL/SQL, MS Project.


Deutsche Bank Jul 2006 - Current

SAP BI Developer

Deutsche Bank is backed by a global network spanning over 75 countries; it is a leading provider of financial services to agencies, corporations, governments, private individuals and institutions in the Americas.

GGLCAR i.e. Group General Ledger Controlling, Analysis, and Reporting is the system which is used to consolidate the data of US region and to report the Head Quarter in Germany.


Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt

· Participated in the end user discussions to get a thorough understanding of the front end reporting requirements.

· Performed black box and white box testing.

· Involved in scrum meeting in order to resolve the Production issues.

· Played a Vital role in finalization of SLA.

· Worked with the BI Accelerator to improve the read performance of BEx queries on Infocubes.

· Extensively Involved in implementation of GAAP- Switch Process for NY branch.

· Extensively Involved in Standardization of ETL process of NY Branch.

· Used BEx Report designer to create Formatted, Print-Optimized reports.

· Used BEx Web Analyzer to create Ad-hoc Queries and views on various data providers.

· Developed different queries based on calendar day week, month and year in order to obtain any combination of reports from the info cubes.

· Used Information Broadcaster to precalculate and distribute reports to end users and also used to distribute templates created with WAD to end users.

· Provided end user support for system and process issues as they arise in the course of day-to-day business.

Deutsche Bank, New York

· Participated in the end user discussions to get a thorough understanding of the front end reporting requirements.

· Gathered data from the functional specs to implement custom made InfoCubes to cater their requirements.

· Worked extensively with Data Warehousing Work Bench (DWB).

· Worked with BI content and customized as per the company’s requirements.

· Created Info Objects, Infocubes, Data Store Objects, DataSources and transferred data from Data sources to Data Providers by Data Transfer Process to load transaction data into Info Cubes using Transformation rules.

· Used ABAP code in writing routines for transformation rules, whenever there was a need to enhance the requirements.

· Setup the Process chains for data flow control.

· Created Aggregates and Multi Cubes for performance and efficient utilization of data.

· Used Near-Line storage and Archiving for data aging.

· Repartitioned Info providers for Performance optimization.

· Performed Delta Upload Management with OLTP extraction.

· Troubleshot problems and determines solutions. Implement fixes and small enhancements. Answers SAP BW questions forwarded by users.

· Monitored and optimized performance of information queries and reports.


SAP BI Netweaver2004s, SAP ECC6.0, ABAP/4, SAP BEx Web, BEx Analyzer, BEx Query designer, BEx Broadcaster, OLTP, Oracle 10i/9i,Windows 2003.

Syngenta, Wilmington, DE Nov 2004 - Jul 2006

SAP BW Consultant

Syngenta is a world-leading agribusiness committed to sustainable agriculture through innovative research and technology. The company is a leader in crop protection, and ranks third in the high-value commercial seeds market.

The agricultural market is highly seasonal and competitive with the potential for large changes in market demand. Syngenta built a consensus and collaborative sales and operations planning (S&OP) process to meet the needs of their business units, which not only spanned different products and regions, but foreign subsidiaries as well.


· Extensively involved in setting up of procedures for extracting data from SAP R/3 using Generic Extraction and Customizing LO Cockpit by using enhancements and writing User-Exit programs as per requirements.

· Installed Business Content Sales Overview Cube (0SD_C03) and designed and activated Customer (0SD_C01) cubes to meet user needs. The transaction data is loaded from different sourcesystems using the DataSources 2LIS_11_VAHDR (SalesOrder), 2LIS_12_VCITM (Delivery), and 2LIS_13_VDITM (Billing Document).

· Created Export Data Source for planning area for the purpose of APO/BW Ad hoc reporting.

· Created several ODS objects for data staging. Configured data sources in R/3 by using LO Cockpit (LBWE). Scheduled and Implemented delta mechanism for periodic loads.

· Designed and developed process chains (RSPC) for master data and transaction data loads with the help of Info Packages.

· Resolved the trouble tickets raised by end user, communicating with Business Integrator for resolving the issues and to get approvals for change requests.

· Analyzed the info cubes and maintained the aggregates to improve the reporting performance for BEx reporting.

· Built formula variables and also processing variables using replacement path and customers exit.

· Created numerous BEx Reports and Info Set Queries on the developed Info Cubes, ODS Objects.

· Created, Scheduled and monitored Info Packages and creating process chains to load data from R/3 and flat files, perform aggregate rollups, index maintenance, master data and ODS data activation.

· Improved and optimized query performance by Info cube maintenance involving aggregate, rollups, Compression/collapse, partitioning the info cubes.

· Checked the inconsistencies and repaired using the Transaction code RSRV & also monitored the Query performance by using Transaction code RSRT.

· Scheduled timely deletion of data from PSA to improve the performance.

· Created queries/reports using BEx Analyzer with filters, free characteristics, restricted key figures and calculated key figures.


SAP BW 3.5, R/3 4.7C, SD, BEx, WAD, Windows 2003.

International Paper, Stamford, CT Jul 2003 - Nov 2004

SAP BW Consultant

International paper Find opportunities to innovate in your industry and create a success story for your business. As the global leader in paper, packaging and wood products, International Paper can partner with you to create solutions in any industry, anywhere we're needed.

SAP-BW was implemented to access the data uniformly having tight coupling with R/3. System was leveraged for future DSS development.


· Responsible for data modeling of the Sales and Distribution Module, and Master data (Customer and Material Master), for the SAP Business Information Warehouse (BW)

Participated in the end user discussions to get a through understanding of the front end reporting requirements.

· Gathered data by consulting with the functional specs and decided to implement custom made InfoCubes to cater their requirements.

· Worked extensively with Administrative Work Bench (AWB).

· Worked with Business content and customized as per the company’s requirements

Sourced data from several disparate data sources including mainframe and legacy data systems, transformed data and loaded data into data targets using ETL tools. Cleansing the extracted data using Excel.

· Customized the InfoCubes (Basic Cube, MultiCube), Info Source and InfoObjects.

· Sound knowledge in extending the Business Content based on requirements

Implemented data extraction and data staging using both LO Cockpit and enhanced the structures using user exits to support the business needs.

· Tailored transfer structures, communication structures and update rules based on the requirements and scheduled the Info-packages for data loads.

· Uploaded Data using flat files and SAP R/3 source systems extractors

Using Reporting agent functionalities, created batch printing to decrease the load on the server at runtime.

· Detailed reporting and published several web reports and queries using BEx analyzer

Used ODS data for detailed reporting purposes.

· Worked on Reporting, used BEx Analyzer for normal Query Definition and Info Set query for reporting.

· Generated numerous drill-down reports for end users using BEx Analyzer for SD, MM, and FI modules.


SAP BW 3.5, SAP R/3 4.6c, FI/CO, SD, MM, PP, SAP BEx Analyzer and Explorer, BEx Browser, Web Application Designer, OLTP, FI, CO, SD, Oracle 10i/9i, Windows 2000.

Vishay Siliconix, Santa Clara, CA Jun 2002 – Jun 2003

SAP BW Consultant

Vishay, through its Siliconix subsidiary, leads the industry in the development of power semiconductor products that improve the efficiency of power management circuitry in end products while reducing space requirements.


· Involved in the full cycle of development and implementation of SAP BW.

· Involved in the star schema design with multiple dimensions and fact tables.

· Involved with the BASIS team in setting up connectivity between SAP BW and R/3 systems for data extraction.

· Monthly & Weekly extractions are scheduled using Info Packages on Sunday nights & End of month by using after jobs & after events.

· Set up transfer rules, wrote transfer routines, wrote update start routines, and updated routines.

· Set up statistics/aggregates rebuild and event-chains to notify end-user of report availability.

· Created ODS structures, Info-Cubes, custom Queries, etc.

· Take the requirements from Finance, Procurements Process Owners and fine tune with End Users.

· Involved in creation of Data Sources, Info Sources, & PSA for Data extraction, transformation and loading from SAP R/3 system to SAP BW.

· Installed and activated necessary Business Content.

· Extensively used ABAP code in writing user exists, transfers rules and update rules.

· Customized the Generic and CO-PA extractor.

· Scheduled data loads into BW from R/3. Data load scheduling involved initial data loads and delta data loads. Monitored data loads into SAP BW.

· Generated reports using BEx Analyzer and Web Application Designer.

· Developed reports using BEx Analyzer and BEx Query Designer. Used Restricted Key Figures & calculated key figures for filtering and formula as per the requirement of query.

· Involved in upgrading the BW version from 2.0 to 3.0B and in the process checked the add-on upgrade requirements and new component requirements for BW 3.X.

· Extensive work done on process chains as well as performance enhancing aggregate tables and system settings and parameters to speed up loading as well as reading of data.


SAP R/3 4.6C, SAP BW 3.0B, BEx Analyzer/Browser, MM, SD.

Fujitsu, San Jose, CA Sep 2001- Jun 2002

SAP ABAP/4 Consultant

Fujitsu is a leading provider of customer focused information technology and communication solutions for global marketplace.


· Interacted with End Users, Business Process Owners and SAP R/3 functional consultants for finalization of functional specifications and report formats.

· Developed customized ABAP reports for FI, SD and MM. All reports featured drilldowns for record details. Added ALV functionality to existing reports for further flexibility.

· Performed Customer Aging Balance with Invoice Detail.

· Converted Vendor Master Data from flat file.

· Uploaded Plant/Basic Material Master data.

· Provided Support and involved in user training.


SAP R/3 4.6C, ABAP/4, SD, MM, FI.

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