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Project Manager Management

Oceanside, CA, 92057
August 06, 2012

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Extensive experience of SAP R/3 HCM project work (6 full-cycle implementations) in roles as team lead, lead configurator and consultant architect for the HCM modules PA/PD, Org Mgmt, Talent/Performance Management/Appraisals, LMS/Enterprise Learning Solution/Training & Events, Benefits, Compensation, Skills/Qualifications, Payroll, interfaces/conversions, and Recruitment.

Wide range of experience in developing and delivering project implementations including project preparation, requirements gathering and analysis, business blueprint, realization/configuration, go-live, post-production support and end-user documentation and training under multiple deadlines.

Strong client interaction skills and ability to analyze client needs, experience working on small fast pace project teams, ability to work under pressure and adhere to deadlines, excellent communication skills, strong business experience, outstanding end-user interaction, ability to work independently with minimal supervision.

Exceptional skills using office tools: PowerPoint, Project Manager, Visio, Excel, Word

Professional Experience

Takeda Pharmaceutical 08/22/2011 – 03/23/2012

HCM Lead Consultant

• Responsible for life cycle of IT Change Requests for HCM including HR OM/PA, Payroll, Compensation and LSO. Monitoring progress through development, testing, validation with the Change Advisory Board.

• Responsible for overseeing in-house and offshore configuration and ABAP changes.

• Responsible for creating all templates for Business Design and Functional Design documents.

• Responsible for overseeing and creating all Functional Design documents for system changes.

• Develop project plans and schedules.

• Oversee Change Management by using methodology for assessing all the key areas of the people side of an implementation and surfacing risks, identified the best change management roadmap for each project, and worked with the project manager to link the change management project plan milestones to the overall implementation project plan.

The Industrial Company (TIC) 01/20/2011 – 6/17/2011

HCM Team Lead

• Team lead responsible for 3 employees

• Implementation of Onboarding solution for electronic I-9 and E-Verify processing with results fed to PA module.

• Access to KMS vendor via SAP portal

• Complete I-9 documentation on-line in KMS system

• KMS vendor provides delivered integration with DHS for E-Verify.

• Automate collection of authorization for drug testing and background checks

• Electronic I-9 processing

• Automated tracking and evidence of compliance

• Responsible for configuration of OM/PA module.

Southern California Edison International 10/18/2010 – 12/30/2010

40,000 employees

HCM Consultant

• Time Management : Designed an enhancement program which provides an 80 hour default for full-time, regular employees for payroll processing when timekeeping is incomplete or not approved. This enhancement updates CATS timesheet with default hours for regular (normal time) hours at the end of the each pay period.

• Designed a solution to track the number of times an employee uses a company vehicle and calculate the imputed income on a monthly basis for employees who have at-home garaged company vehicles.

• Analyze work order tracking for travel data and cost distribution to reduce accounting journal entries required to move dollars from a cost center to the correct account work order.

AMO-Abbott Medical Optics (pharmaceutical) 02/16/2010 – 10/15/2010

72,000 employees

HCM Consultant

• Responsible for implementation of SAP HR module upgrade from Release 4.7 to ECC 6.0 including PA/PD, Organization Mgmt, Benefits, Attendance, and PU12 interfaces to Payroll for employees in 24 countries (go-live Sept 2010).

• Lead responsible for all HCM support including configuration, blueprinting, prototype, training, and testing.

Southern California Edison International 8/11/2009 – 11/30/2009

40,000 employees

HCM Consultant

• Time Management : ESS/MSS Designed and implemented a new input screen (UI) using Flex for Time Approvals and Time Entry.

• Designed Wage Type Reports that pull detail data related to Retro Other.

Goodyear Corporation, Akron, OH 1/4/2009 - 4/24/2009

69,000 employees

Lead SAP HR Consultant

• Performance Management: Exit Interview and performance appraisal analysis/configuration

• Responsible for configuration of OM/PA module Release ECC 6.0. for 2 countries

• Configuration of HR PA and OM modules including development of organizational structure (jobs, positions, organizational units) and job/pay grade structures for United States and Canada including Union structures.

• Setup Payroll Wage Types for Basic Pay and Additional payments.

• Set up Shift Management configuration.

• Potential Hire analysis and configuration. Multiple Actions on the same day analysis.

• Developed SOW, processes and procedures templates

• Managed conversion data from legacy system to SAP. Responsible for interface mapping.

• Lead RICEF responsibilities

• LMS: Learning Solution Blueprint and Prototype

Elan Corporation, San Francisco, CA (pharmaceutical) 4/03/2006 to 12/19/2008

2,500 employees

Lead SAP HCM Consultant

Lead Responsibilities:

• Responsible for planning and executing all project deliverables associated with the HR Project Plan. Design and oversee implementation of new business processes for 4 countries (Ireland, USA, UK, and Netherlands).

• Ensure compliance with SOX procedures. Including change control processes are adhered to and paperwork is completed correctly for review of the ITMS team.

• Lead SAP HCM configuration team and ensure plan objectives and risk mitigation initiatives are met in a timely manner and responsible for interviewing project members.

• Weekly status reports to management. Develop conversion strategy, test plans, test cycles, test scripts for each country implementation, integration with other systems.

• Provide and oversee required training in each country.

HCM Functional Configuration:

• Enterprise Learning Solution (LSO):

Build a blended training approach through traditional classroom trainings and Web-based training courses. Assign resources (rooms, equipment, training materials, etc.) and instructors to course types. Course schedules, course programs, integrated collaboration room (portal team calendars, team discussions, document sharing). Online Testing. Learner feedback, rates of depreciation attached to qualifications/certifications. Workflow approvals for course booking and cancellations. Automatic correspondence through email.

• Talent/Performance Management: Implementation of Appraisal system to track performance appraisals and compensation calculations. Workflow for notifications and approvals. Appraisals Templates, Security Roles for different users/Authorizations, employee and manager reviews, setting corporate goals and individual objectives, Form Design, Integration with Compensation for salary adjustments, Reporting.

• Succession Management: Identify and track high-potential employees and implement development plans to ensure that they are prepared to assume future leadership roles. Identify specific key positions and target specific employees as potential successors.

• Analyze installed configuration (Release 4.7) and determined areas for improvement/consistency in PA/PD, OM, Benefits, Compensation, Performance Management, Payroll Interfaces for 4 countries, and Reporting.

• Personnel Administration: Standardized HR Actions, Wage Types, Infotypes and improved configuration of HR Actions for all countries, Fast Data Entry for new hires and separations. Worked with ABAPer to develop ESS interface for employee input into SAP.

• Organizational Management: Re-constructed all Jobs/Job Descriptions/Job Pricing storage. Standardized job, positions and salary structure for US and Ireland. Re-constructed Organizational Hierarchy (PPOME) from a location based structure to a ‘Reports To’ structure. Analyzed current use of Qualifications module and updated configuration as required for 3 countries.

• Payroll and Compensation: Implement new salary/pay structures, salary survey results, tracking of increase percents/amounts, created wage types and models, and performance tracking. Design layout for Payroll interface from SAP to outsourced Payroll vendors for all countries.

• Time Management: Configure Work Schedule Rules and salary structures for shift and part-time employees.

• Benefits: Configuration of Benefit Health and Insurance Plans with Enrollment and Confirmation form updates, Flexible Spending Accounts, Savings Plans, provider Interfaces, set up Benefit Wage Types for integration between Benefits and payroll.

• Reporting: Created special HR Area Menu (Report Tree) for all customized reports standardized reports by country, created new Employee Profile and Sox Audit Reports.

• Implement new system requirements to deliver SAP standard EEO-1 and VETS100 reporting.

• Analyzed requirements to purchase a new ATS Recruitment System. Developed interface for data to be transferred from legacy system.

Pacific Coast Companies, Sacramento, CA 11/15/05 to 03/17/06

4,000 employees

Lead SAP HR Consultant

• Implementation of HR PD Appraisal system to track annual performance appraisals and Compensation Increase amounts/percents for corporate employees. Responsible for implementation of all phases from blueprint analysis to go-live, testing, documentation and training.

• Additional batch logic added for appraisals record to recognize employees’ Next Review Date on Infotype 0019 (Monitoring of Tasks).

• Creation of special proficiency scales for 1 -5 ratings and Attendance/Safety.

• Creation of a new function module to ignore zero ratings in the overall appraisal averages.

• Compensation module wage types for adjustments and increase planning periods.

• Workflow notifications were programmed to obtain approval from upper management with additional notifications to the Vice President(s) and Company President for salary amounts greater than $80,000. Also, included reminder notifications for overdue appraisals and rejection notices.

• Compensation increases systematically updated the employees’ Basic Pay Record

• Managed conversion data from legacy system to SAP

AMO Corporation, Santa Ana, California 10/20/04 to 11/15/05

3,500 employees

Lead SAP HR Consultant

• Responsible for implementation of SAP HR module upgrade from Release 4.5B to Release 4.7 including PA/PD, Organization Mgmt, Benefits, Attendance, Gross Payroll interface to Pro-Business for approximately 3,500 employees in 24 countries (go-live April 2005).

• Implementations included all project phases from project preparation, planning and design, business blueprint, documentation of company requirements, definition of business processes and organizational structure, system test plans, unit and Q&A testing, configuration, conversion/interface programs, setup of ad-hoc query reporting, security authorizations, end user documentation and training materials, to the live system, go-live support.

• Responsible for the integration and conversion of a purchased company acquisition from current ABRA and ADP Payroll systems of approx. 350 employees into current SAP HR environment (go-live August 1, 2005).

• Implemented salary ranges by specific demographic areas, compensation wage type

adjustments, salary surveys, long-term incentive plans.

• Standardized HR Actions for Country (24 countries).

EDS Corporation, Plano, Texas 11/27/00 to 05/11/04

2,300 employees

SAP HR Consultant Architect

• Responsible for new SAP implementation from blueprinting, configuration, to go-live of the SAP HR module for PA, Org Mgmt, Benefits, and outsourcing Payroll using release 4.6C and the ASAP methodology for approximately 75,000 employees using a global template for 23 countries.

• Analyze change management requirements and streamlined processes

• Work with ABAP team to develop system solutions/workarounds for non-standard SAP requirements (enhancements).

• Responsible for system conversion, interface and integration requirements.

• Develop technical design documents, system programs, and configuration.


• Configuration of USA enterprise structure using a global template.

• Personnel Administration: setup enterprise structure, all HR infotypes and Actions.

• Organization Management: Org Units, Cost Centers, Job Codes and Positions. Assignment of reporting structures, tasks to jobs, chiefs, and position holders/vacancies, maintaining relationships and evaluation paths. Set up OM object types, relationships, infotype objects, and evaluation paths.

• Basic Pay set up on IT0008 including default of Pay Scale fields for different Compensation Pay Scale areas and factors, wage types for hourly, salaried, monthly type pays and bonuses. Company specific compensation rules for salary ranges and default of Pay Scale Types/Areas on Infotype 0008 (basic pay).

• Benefits: Set up Benefit module for Health/Dental Plans by zip code, Life plans, LTD, STD, PAI, 401K and Stock Plans, Flex Credits, flexible spending accounts, health and dependent care spending accounts, adjustment reasons for qualifying events, credit plans, COBRA processing, surviving spouses and ex-spouses of deceased retirees, annual enrollment requirements, retirement and pension plans, utilized coverage and eligibility user exits, calculated highly compensation indicators based on previous year salary

• Payroll: Set up structure, wage types, payroll areas, control records.

• Features and Dynamic actions, Infotype Screen Modifications, Fast Data Entry

• Setup SAP EEOC Reporting.

• Coding dynamic actions, features, screen enhancements, employee notifications and workflow processes.

• Responsible for Interface and Conversion programs and testing.

• Responsible for configuration documentation, end-user documentation, develop training plans and core department user training.

Callaway Golf, Carlsbad, CA 6/1/98 to 09/13/00

2,900 employees

Lead HR Configurator-SAP

• Responsible for configuration of the SAP HR module for release 4.0B, project timeline, as-is and to-be documentation, unit/integration testing, and go-live methodology.

• Develop corporate hierarchy, structure for personnel area/sub-area, employee group and sub-group to match organizational needs, HR actions, setup or Organizational Management of jobs, positions, org units, and EEO Reporting.

• Extensive experience with coding dynamic actions and features and customized screen modifications for infotypes.

• Time Management: set up work/period schedules in SAP and time clock data for automatic feed to an external time system (Kronos).

• Compensation: Pay scale structures for hourly manufacturing with differentials by shift, pay scales, wage type models, and payroll calendars.

• Payroll: Established necessary payroll and tax information for feed to Pro Business payroll system. Callaway was a SAP beta site for the Pro Business interface.

• Benefit plans: configuration of medical, dental, vision, basic and voluntary life, grandfathered life, LTD, STD, 401K, spending account for dependent care, and stock option plans; health plan eligibility by state and zip code; and interface reporting to outside benefit carriers. Also, utilized the coverage and eligibility user exits for Benefits.

• Recruitment: Setup recruitment module including integration with Master Data for tracking applicant data.

• Training and Events Module: Tracking courses, equipment, instructors, classrooms, and materials needed for each event. Tracking attendances, cancellations, bookings, pre-bookings, and appraisals, resource/schedule planning, and prerequisite courses.

• Qualifications and requirements, profiles by job, position, person.

• Reporting: Thorough knowledge of ABAP Query Reporting Tool. Set up of functional areas and attaching reports a customized report tree.

• Training: Developed and instructed customized SAP HR training materials for all HR modules and created and delivered desktop procedures for end users.

Prior SAP experience available upon request

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