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Engineer Project Manager

Glen Oaks, NY, 11004
August 07, 2012

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**-** ***** ******, **** Oaks, NY **004


PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY CCNA, Network +,Security +, Project +, A+, MCSE

• Individual with 12 years experience in Network Engineering, resolved tickets dealing with Network issues and other areas of expertise such as Applications Support/ Implementation, LAN/WAN/Wireless and Telecom issues.

• High level of success dealing with Projects undertaken as a Lead Engineer including Network projects such as Domain Migration, Exchange Migration from 2003 to 2007 and also Wireless Implementation projects for the Dept of Education, GE-Medical and Hospital/Health care Industry.

• Server Builds, APC power connection, Rack and Blade Enclosures and Cabling.

• Site to Site VPN implementations. Network Security facilitation using Cisco PIX and ASA Firewalls. Trouble ticket Level 3 Support for Networking issues and quick resolution. Configuration of Network devices such as routers, switches and firewalls; Preshare key.

• Nortel and Cisco Switches, Routers and ASA firewalls/Checkpoint and Juniper Routers and VPN devices SA

• F5 Load Balancers, Riverbed Steelhead Optimizer; WAN acceleration. Rewrite TCP packet info to eliminate NAT

• Application Support for Healthcare and Retail Industry and Interface Bridging on HL 7 level including migration of Server based Applications.

• Project Management working as either a Lead Engineer or Project Manager enabling timely completion of Implementation and Upgrade projects Network based.

• Vendor/ Support and Purchasing requirements for IT related projects; Desktop Procurements, Services such as Offsite Backup retention and repair of systems integral to running of a business; Alarm Systems, temperature regulation and Security systems.

• Facilitation of Conferencing needs; Teleconferencing, bridging and A/V support.

• Prioritization of projects to meet goals and deadlines.


I3Global Inventiv Health Care

11/11/2011 to Present (6 month contract with possible extension)

RTSA Network Transition Cisco Engineer UHG/ I3Global Consultant

• Process firewall rule changes and Nat requests for UHG related Network Vendors/i3global related

• Troubleshoot connection issues dealing with ports/nats/ circuits/VPN IPSEC

• Crypto Maps/ IPsec session info/ configure and troubleshoot vpn

• Firewall Security issues/ utilizing Wireshark/ connection resets/ malformed packets/DOS

• Upgrade of IOS on F5, Juniper, Aventail and Cisco Routers, ASA and Switches

• Implementation of Network Devices; Rack, Stack and configure

• General Routing Protocol testing EiGRP, OSPF, BGP for implementations and Static routes

• Swap boards, Line cards etc, install WAE’s

• Devices Cisco 6506, 6509, 3745 routers, 5520 Cisco ASA, Juniper SA 2500, Aventail 2500, F5 3600 maintenance

• Create Change Management Documentation

• F5 Load Balancer: Upgrade IOS, Virtual server, SNAT, Pools and Irules, Failover, sync

• Check point, Cisco ASA VPNs cross vendor.

• Monitor SNMP, What’s UP Gold

• Http, Https, telnet SSH, Console, Putty

• ACL, Route Maps, Nat, Network Objects

Carco Group Inc

7/2011 to 10/2011

Network Engineer (Contract)

• Monitor MPLS Network and VPNs/ Network Security/Syslogs/ IPS/Firewalls

• HSRP setup / Two circuits/T1/ 2 xT1 Multipoint

• Site to Site ipsec VPN; Preshare key IKE, ISAKMP

• VLANS, STP,DTP, Access Ports and Core, DHCP, NAT

• IOS upgrades, TFTP config

• Policy based Routing, Route-Maps,Static Routes

• 802.1x and IAS setup, certificate based CA, Port Security

• BGP, EIGRP, Route distribution

• VLSM, CIDR, Subnets, Static Routes

• Cisco VPN 860, Cisco 4510, Cisco 6500, 2800 series router/5505 ASA VPN

• Three remote sites interconnected

Sayers Tech/HCAHealthcareIT

4/1/2011 to 6//13/2011

Field Network Engineer (contract) CCNA/CCNP level work 100% Travel US Midwest(Contract)

• Assessment and Remediation of Hospital Networks/LAN/WAN/ Project Management./Team Effort

• Post and Pre Assessment and testing/Vizio/Excel; templates/

• Stackwise power and to stack 3750 switches to form a single virtual switch

• Work with Riverbed Steelhead Optimizer and F5 load balancers for hosted apps

• Riverbed works in conjunction with Cisco HSRP to utilize a second WAN circuit to load balance and optimize.

• Counter measures in place for post implementation problems at Hospital

• Juniper Routers, VPNs ipsec SA 2000

• Upgrade IOS, Install Line cards in 6509, upgrade WAN components

• Convert configuration/ download configs/ Sh commands capture/IOS/Cat

• HSRP, VTP, DTP, Spanning tree, VLANs,, 801.1Q, QOS, SNMP traps

• Visio diagrams of racks and network, create,edit and update/Solar Winds

• Upgrade Circuits, install Wics/T1 and ATM Frame/MPLS Multilink

• Quote equipment for remediation/Switches/routers and accessories/Insight Vendor for Cisco

• Install and upgrade switches/routers/Modules/SFP/ rack and stack

• Fiber /cabling, Cat 6/Mutimode/SingleMode/Fiber Cassette

• Cat 3500, 3750, 6509, 2800 series routers, ASA, Sonic Wall

Delta Computer Group

Server Infrastructure(contract)

10/2010 to 2/2011

• Prepare and image Servers for the New York Blood Center

• Prepare Servers for Healthcare applications

• Inventory Computers and Printers

• Facilitate move

Computer Sciences Corporation/ The Fountain Group

7/2010 to 10/2010

Network Engineer(Contract)

• Install Firewall, Routers and Switches/ASA/Cisco/Juniper/Cyclades/F5 Load Balancers/Nokia

• Install line cards, Supervisory Modules/ 6509/Catalyst/ 7,000, Cisco 12,000

• Connect Webserver to Load Balancer and verify load sharing/WAN acceleration

• Connect Fiber and RJ 45 Cables trunks and Access layer

• Inventory Stock and Accessories

• Vendor communication with Financial Institutions /verify services

• Label cables for each patch/ verify

• Ensure project completion by time set/ in sync with the project manager

• Loopback tests for Fiber Trunks thru CIena Trunks using Tbird and Xinia, Fiber Torch for tracing signal to MPOE closets

North General Hospital

10/2009 to 01/2010 (Contract Stand in for Network Engineer)

Network Engineer/Analyst

• Coordinated Level 3 Support regarding Applications Servers and Networking systems.

• Designed and implemented network to include new servers and switches.

• Design of Network Infrastructure to include new Servers/Routers and Cabling.

• WAN/LAN components /Vendor Communication/Purchasing and Pricing.

• Projects undertaken: Installation and configuration of Mcafee Epolicy Server to manage virus and malware protection and successful deployment to 650 workstations including deployment of custom policies to protect the Network. Server Build and rack mounting/elevating the server and connection to switches.

• Logicare Application Upgrade: Installation of Business Intelligence Software and upgrade of Clients to latest Logicare System. Logicare is a Medical Records and Management solution used in Hospital.

• Care Bridge project: A project to upgrade a PIX firewall to the latest Cisco ASA for use with a dedicated circuit used by McKesson, a primary application vendor. Tasks involved the migration of configuration in the PIX to be used on the ASA device and to test the circuit. Installation of ASA and related Cabling

• Wireless Implementation Project: Facilitate the implementation of Wireless Access points and related Infrastructure for the hospital ED department. This will enable the use of VOIP phones, Laptops and dedicated Wireless devices. This was in conjunction with the Vital Networks Vendor. Mounting of Wireless Switch and Patch Panel connection

• Switches Deployment: The redeployment of Nortel and Cisco Switches to busier parts of the hospitals to facilitate the Network load. Baystock Nortel Switches and Cisco 3750 switches were used. Mounting and connection to Patch panel and configuration. Updating and creating new diagrams to include changes and new deployments, this included changes as well addition and design of new infrastructure.

Wireless Channels, Inc. Woodbury, NY

1/2007 to 8/2009

Network Engineer/Administrator

• Participated in the build of Data Center containing 50+ servers and 15+ networks.

• Network Administration and Project Management

• Designed and implemented network to include new servers and switches.

• Day to day running and Management of the Network devices such as HP Blade Servers, Cisco Routers, Switches and ASA Firewall Devices. Monitoring using What’s Up Gold. DNS, AD, DHCP, VPNs site to site. Telephone systems VOIP.

• Involved in setting up and designing communications with ASA devices on firewall, DMZ, inside and outside.

• Email Exchange 2007 Admin and Maintenance in conjunction with the Black Berry Enterprise Server to ensure that email was up and running 24/7.

• Disaster Recovery Documentation.

• Offsite Backup Retention coordination with Iron Mountain, Veritas backup.

• Utilized Microsoft Word, Excel and Visio for network documentation.

• Deployment of VMWare Workstations and maintenance of Citrix Metaframe environment.

• Citrix load balancing and redundancy using software

• Server Build, Patch panels, mounting of Switches and Routers and related Cabling and APC Backup power.

Projects undertaken:

• Installed Patch Panel from one patch panel from one part of Data Center to another using RJ 45 copper/fiber and install of VGA switches.

• Mounting of Server and Switches procured from a closed business and installing them in our Data Center including Dell Poweredge Servers and HP Network Switches and configuring them to join our Network. Cable Management and installment in Enclosure/Rack Mounting, APC power connections. Configuring Servers and connection to main switches and firewalls.

• Inventory control and patching of Windows Workstations and Servers.

• Assisting Consultants in migration of two domains to one organization and one email system. Our company use to procure other companies and we had two companies, one in New York and one in Colorado. We used tools such as Google and ADMT Windows tools to facilitate this.

• Converted a Cisco PIX firewall to Cisco ASA. Required to make sure that all our network applications could access remote sites. At times we had to configure the Cisco ASA device to facilitate Video Conferencing. Legacy system support was an important factor. ASA was a new Cisco device replacing the old PIX device. Configuration had to be migrated to the ASA using tools like OCC. Mounting ASA device and related cabling to switches.

• Support for Offsite retailers. Manage and set up Networks at retail stores that used Point of Sales Applications that communicated through the web to a Data Warehouse where business Intelligence could be carried out as well as Inventory control and Sales.

• The setup of VPNs, for these stores for remote access, and support. One of our stores was in Philadelphia. Build of Store Networking closet and patch panel.

• Initial implementation of Track-It Helpdesk software for use by the company and it involved installing a number of databases. Other task involved making it available on the web and setting policies concerning SLA’s by which tickets had to be resolved within a given time frame. SQL Database implementation for Track-It.

Sunrise Medical Labs, Hauppauge, NY

6/2/2005 to 10/24/2006

Network/ Field Engineer (90%Travel)

• Set up Interface bridges with Doctors billing systems using Interface bridges to communicate and receive blood work results. VPN and dial up lines were used for communication. The protocol HL7 was used as a standard and HIPAA was observed.

• Setup Network connectivity and secure connection through firewalls Pix and Software, VPN

• Project: I had to communicate Interface details to Vendors to produce interfaces that would work with Sundata, our proprietary system.

Boston Road Medical Associates Bronx, NY

11/2003 to 6/2005

Network Install and Support (Contract)

• Installed Network based on Windows 2003. Installed Custom applications and made sure that they could function. Set up of Sonic wall firewalls, VPNs and dialup remote access.

• Veritas was used for Backup. The staff was trained and the proposed Network Admin was also introduced to this network. Support was also provided.

• Server Build, Network Enclosure including Firewalls and Switches and Backup Power as well as related RJ 45 cabling

Darwin Partners, Wakefield MA

11/2002 to 4/2003

Network Installation Specialist (Contract)


• Project: Installation of Proprietary GE-Medical Network Patient-Net that monitored a Patient’s EKG wirelessly and this involved the installment of Access points, Desktops and Servers. I was chosen on the premise of my CCNP certification.

• We also had to certify and test the whole implementation and hand over to hospital once GE-Medical approved the install. I use to fly to a different hospital every two weeks from Mobile Alabama to Roseburg Oregon working in teams of 2- 10 people per site. It was a satisfactory service for the duration of the contract, then Patient-Net had to be upgraded to a different product.



Degree in Network Management and Design

3rd Year in Degree, Graduate next year


Achieved CCNA and CCNP certification


Diploma in Network Engineering and Data Communications

Graduated with a 4.0 GPA


Advanced General National training in Electronics/ Engineering - Providing necessary level training to become a Tech (IEEE level) 2 yr College. Equivalent AS Degree.

Graduated with Merit



• Network Engineer /Network Design/LAN/WAN/VPN IPSEC

• Network Administration Win2k3, Exchange 2007 email

• BBerry Server, Telecom and Voice Mail M5, Audix, Lucent

• DataCenter Tech/Operations 24/7 response

• Cisco/Nortel/ Juniper products/Router/VPN/Firewall

• Protocols UDP, TCP/IP, IPX/SPX, Apple Talk, RIP, OSPF, EIGRP, BGP

• Router Redundancy HSRP, VRRP, GLBP

• Network Security PIX/ASA, Syslog, IPS and IDS

• ACL config. TACAS, RADIUS, AAA Config, Admin SSH/NAT, 802.1x Port Sec

• HP Blades/Nortel Switches

• Disaster Recovery documentation/procedure/testing/ climate control

• Conservation of IP Address Space; VLSM and CIDR

• Network Monitoring SNMP/ What’s Up Gold, CNA GUI, Cabling/Punch down and Assembly of Rack, Cat 5/6 RJ

• 45/Fiber/Copper LC, SC Multimode and Single Mode 10 G and 1 G Saps

• Loopback tests using IXIA and Third test devices

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