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Design/ CAE/ Product Engineer

August 27, 2012

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Ranganadhan Voona

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Peoria IL 61614 USA


Phone: 573-***-****


To obtain a full time position in the capacity of a Design / Analysis / Product / Application /

CFD / CAE Engineer and constantly strive to advance my knowledge and experience towards realizing my employer’s goals


* Design, Modeling, and Analysis - CAD, CAE - CFD & FEA

* Structures - Finite Element Analysis,Structural Dynamics

* Computational Fluid Dynamics, Applied Aerodynamics, Flow Control, Boundary layer flow


Missouri University of Science and Technology, Rolla, June '12

M.S. in Mechanical Engineering

GPA: 3.75 / 4.0


Finite Element Analysis

Intermediate Thermo-Fluid Mechanics

Computational Fluid Dynamics

Applied Computational Methods

Viscous Fluid Flow

Probabilistic Engineering Design

Partial Differential Equations

Design and Analysis of Experiments

Aeronautical Society of India, New Delhi,Dec '08

B.E. in Aeronautical Engineering GPA: 3.5/4.0



Associate Design / Component Application Engineer

Feb ’12 – May ‘12

* Design and development of cooling components supporting machine New Product Introduction (NPI) programs using ProE, Cool1.

* Collaboration with cooling analysts to define and specify the appropriate heat exchanger parameters with respect to machine package constraints and utilization of basic supplier core sizes for maximizing commonality.

* Coordinating all supplier related activities including: creating technical specifications, design FMEAs, DVP&Rs, validation test and analysis activities.

* Conducting component design reviews, NPI design reviews, procurement of prove design hardware, NPI issue resolution, cost reduction, and support of APQP activities.

Missouri University of Science & Technology Rolla,MO

Graduate Research Assistant Jan'10 - Dec'11

FEA, Structural Dynamics, Heat Transfer, and Modeling Exploratory Project, Aug '10 - Dec'11

* Structural analysis of frames, bars, and beams including curved beams

* FEA analysis of pressure vessels for deformation and von-Mises stresses

* Wind turbine blade, Aircraft wing and fuselage structural analysis using FEM

* Analysis of Thermal stresses and Heat transfer in cylinders, bars, and plates

* Vibration analysis of beams and frames

Enhancing the Aerodynamic Performance of Stepped Airfoils, Sep'10 - Dec'11

* Conducted experimental and numerical studies on a new group of airfoils with backward facing steps called the Kline-Fogleman airfoils to enhance the aerodynamic characteristics associated with those airfoils

* Investigated the Kline-Fogleman airfoil designs for their flow characteristics using GAMBIT for pre-processing; FLUENT and Tecplot for computations and post processing; Conducted wind tunnel tests for experimental investigation

* Demonstrated that the use of jets is very effective in enhancing the aerodynamic performance of stepped airfoils

* Piloted a Case Study on Pioneer, a UAV in operation with the U.S. Air force by applying the results obtained through my graduate research

* Generated a step activation schedule for the basic flight envelope of the UAV Pioneer based on the aerodynamic performance of the modified airfoil configurations studied

Optimization for Aero-Acoustic Analysis, Spring '11

* Worked on optimizing the impedance of an aero-acoustic treatment used on turbo-fan engines to match up with the corresponding experimental pressure data

CFD analysis of a clean vehicle for EcoCar :The NeXt Challenge, a three-year collegiate advanced vehicle technology engineering competition established by the United States Department of Energy (DOE) and General Motors (GM), Missouri S & T, Spring '10 (Short-Term Project)

* Conducted numerical simulations to analyze the flow characteristics and forces with an object to improve the vehicle aerodynamics by modifying the body contours

National Aerospace Laboratories, Bangalore, India

Project Assistant, May '08- May '09

Experimental Investigation of Flow over a Delta Wing with Different Flap Geometries

* Investigated the aerodynamic characteristics like Pitch-Up and Vortex break- down at low, subsonic and transonic speeds based on wind tunnel experiments

* Performed experimental-data analysis using MATLAB and Microsoft Excel

* Explored the concept of Vortex break-down and its effect on the lift and drag characteristics of a delta wing based on the existing delta wing theories

Design of a Mounting System for Aero-elastic Testing of model aircraft

* Conducted preliminary studies to establish a model mounting system for dynamic testing involving flutter, dynamic stability and gust responses

Radio Controlled Plane Modeling Experience, senior Design Project, Chennai, India, 2007

* Built a propeller-driven working model airplane and conducted the aerodynamic, structural and propulsion performance analyses using ANSYS, SolidWorks, and MATLAB

Teaching Experience (thus far)

* Gained four years of experience by handling teaching assignments

* Graduate Teaching Assistant for Mechanical Instrumentation, an Under-graduate lab class during my graduate study at Missouri S & T

* My experience includes teaching students from grade 2 to grade 12, the subjects of Mathematics, Science, English, History, Physics & Chemistry



MATLAB FLUENT CFX Pro/E HVC SISweb Data Analysis using SAS Design-Expert Excel Minitab SolidWorks NX AutoCAD ANSYS TecPlot GAMBIT ICEM CFD

Office /OS Tools:

Microsoft Office, Mathcad

Windows 2000 / XP /Vista / W7

Red Hat Linux


C & C++, HTML


* Tata Endowment Scholarship for Studies Abroad, India, Fall 2009

* Graduate Teaching Assistantship, Missouri S&T, Fall 2010

* Departmental Fellowship, MAE Department, Missouri S&T, Fall 2011

* Special International Recognition for Photography awarded by Laurence Bradshaw, Professor of Art, Univ. of Nebraska and Curator of Photography and Art Exhibitions on the website

* Medal of Achievement in Singing at the International Idol Competition during the Celebration of Nations, the biggest annual cultural festival at Rolla, Missouri, Fall 2011

*Graduate Member, Aeronautical Society of India

*Student Member, AIAA;ASHRAE


* Organizer, Energy Awareness Committee, Council of Graduate Students, and EcoMiners, MST

* Volunteering: Blood Drive; GREEN Activities; RecycleMania; Career Fair

* Member, Advanced Aero Vehicle Group, Missouri S&T

* Member, International Students Club; India Association, Missouri S&T

* Member, Advanced Aero Vehicle Group, Missouri S&T

* Member, International Students Club; India Association, Missouri S&T

* Interests: Photography; Music and Singing, Composing tunes, DJ-ing at events; Writing - poetry, essays, and short movie scripts; Collecting articles

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