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Daylor E. Thompson

Springville, Utah, 84663, United States
July 03, 2008

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Daylor E. Thompson

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Springville, UT 84663-2078 Email: ********@*******.***


Employment Database Application and Interface Developer for Theradoc

Experience July 2006 to March 2008

· Created a 95-page document that I used for training new employees.

· Learned Programming in PL/SQL in Oracle 9i and 10g databases.

· Became proficient with both the SQL Developer, and the Toad Editors.

· Responsible for making changes to our PL/SQL code based upon client requests, and implementing them into the production environments after testing was complete.

· Did set up of new client’s interfaces. Did importing and exporting of Oracle tables for clients in all over the continental United States.

· Expanded my knowledge of HL7 to include ADT, Pharmacy and Radiology results.

· Regularly used Cisco VPN connections to support our client’s servers.

· Participated in weekly conference calls with clients and with our outside business partners.

Programmer/Analyst for Associated Regional and University Pathologists

July 1994 to March 1999 and February 2000 to April 2006

· Started programming on a Windows NT based CAI TDM system in March of 1997. Two years ago, I helped complete the migration all of our production NT engine interfaces to our IBM AIX Sybase Impact 4.1 Interface engine. I have been continually working on each new version of Impact as Sybase has released them.

· Worked on converting our 4.1 SFM’s and Aims to our 5.4 Impact engine. All of my new engine development is being done with Impact 5.4

· We have TCP/IP VPN connections to hundreds of clients all of over the United States.

· Proficient in using several variations of Unix, including ksh scripting.

· Expert in the Impact development tools such as ODL, tran-IDE and msg-IDE.

· Have written several kinds of AIMs including FTP, Serial, and TCP/IP.

· Very familiar with ASTM 88-94 and HL7 2.1-2.5 by working with them on a daily basis for many years. I was also trained on HL7 3.0 by at an HL7 conference I was sent to by ARUP.

· Very experienced at translating from proprietary formats to HL7 and back again. I invented the system architecture that we now use extensively for many of our Lab instruments. I have written several interfaces to send orders to, and receive results from our lab instruments, and other non-HL7 interfaces.

· Responsible for programming of foreign system interfaces to our clients. This means receiving electronic orders from, and sending electronic results back to many hundreds of our clients, with several different kinds of laboratory computer systems. These laboratory systems include ALS, Antrim Cerner, Citation, HBOC, MediTech, PathLab III, SMS, and Mysis (Sunquest), and General Electric (GGG).

· Very skilled in working with many programs in the Cerner classic systems. I have 10 years of experience interfacing health care information in and out of Cerner classic systems. I am also familiar with the Cerner Millennium architecture.

· Have always been a resource for helping our support staff with problems that are to difficult for them to handle by themselves. This includes wearing a cell phone for around the clock support for the most complicated issues.

· Gained skills programming in C by writing several programs to do modem communications. Learned configuring of modems and controlling the modems' serial communications to DEC LAT ports.

· Worked extensively on our HP (Compaq) Alpha clustered mainframes. Supported a bank of over 80 MultiTech modems that are running on DS9000 servers using DEC LAT. Learned to program in VAX CCL, which is a derivative of SQL, written by Cerner corp.

· Have written extensive amounts of documentation on the software that I have written, and for other software used within our company. I have taught classes on running Foreign Systems Interfaces.

ctg Healthcare Solutions

March 1999 to February 2000

· Worked as a consultant at South Bend Medical Foundation and Stonybrook Hospital

· Worked on an HP-UX K400 Unix server running Neon TDM.

· Implemented and supported several Foreign System Interfaces on the Neon Engine.

· Was promoted to Lead CAI Consultant over the rest of the ctg consultants working there.

Adjunct Faculty for Salt Lake Community College

September 1996 to May 2002

· Worked part time as an instructor in Computer Science, Business Information Technology and Computer Information Systems.

· Became proficient with the whole Microsoft Office Suite, and most of the Corel Suite.

· Taught classes using the internet including some HTML programming.

MIS Department Supervisor for Compeq International Corp

September 1990 to July 1994

· Managed a VAX 4000-300. Gained a lot of on the job experience with DECNET, connecting to our parent company's VAX, and with LAT software going to devices within the building. Wired, configured, and supported remote printers off of 2 of our 5 of DC200 servers.

· Received 1 month of full time VAX training in Taiwan by our parent company, in October, 1990. Learned the VMS operating system (DCL commands), Datatrieve, FMS. Also strengthened my previous knowledge of Digital's version of COBOL.

· Was in charge of all VAX hardware support in the company. Installed connections for 30 new VT-320 VAX terminals using servers on a Digital thick wire ethernet. Connected 40 PCs to our VAX, through the Novell Network, to that same DEC Ethernet.

· Designed the entire Novell system from scratch. Did all vendor and product evaluations for all purchased PC/Novell software and hardware, as well as some purchased VAX software and hardware. These software’s include TSI EDI to receive purchase orders from our customers electronically, as well as cc:Mail to send and receive Internet E-Mail messages.

· Became familiar with Microsoft windows 3.1. Learned Windows versions of Word Perfect, Lotus 123, WinTerm for VAX, RF Flow, and Perform Pro. Directed creation and standardization of all forms and flowcharts written with RF Flow and Perform Pro.

· Researched, programmed, and implemented our company's direct deposit payroll system in Clipper 5.01. Trained our PC programmer on Clipper 5.01, and established company programming standards for all work he does. Frequently gave help on technical questions

PC Systems Analyst/Programmer for Rocky Mountain Bank Note (Harland)

April 1990 to August 1990

· Perfected telecommunication skills using Carbon Copy, Cross Talk, and the Silverware Library using Hayes compatible modems.

· Became proficient with R&R Relational Report Writer for Clipper

· In charge of hardware maintenance (computers, printers, and Alloy networks)

Programmer for Alta Health Strategies (First Health)

January 1987 to March 1990

· Perfected my COBOL skills to an advanced level on a Unisys mainframe.

· Learned how to update and inquire with ERGO. like DEC Datatrieve)

· Learned all of the major calls from COBOL into the Unisys DMSII database.

· Learned to write my own WFL's (Work Flow Language) for controlling the batch execution of my COBOL programs. (WFL is similar to DEC's DCL ).

· Supported over 300 Customers by phone and mail for a health care software (PC Cobra).

· Gained extensive knowledge of the Clipper compiler. Used company library routines extensively, as well as writing some library routines of my own.

Mainframe Programmer for Northwest Pipeline

April 1986 to September 1986

· Became familiar with the Amdahl 5880 (compatible with an IBM 3083 mainframe computer) that uses the MVS/XA Operating System. Learned many TSO commands, both in on-line and in batch modes. Improved the COBOL skills I acquired at BYU. Also became proficient in the use of JCL for running and maintaining many different types of jobs.

PC Computer Specialist for First Security Bank of Utah

April 1985 to April 1986

· Became very proficient in creating and automating reports for the use of top management using macros in the spreadsheet Lotus 123.

Education Salt Lake Community College

January 1990 to March 1990

· Received an A- in Advanced COBOL class on DEC VAX, and IBM AS/400.

May 2002 to August 2002

· Received an A in the Unix operating system class using BSD. I took both of these classes while being employed as a programmer full time.

Brigham Young University

January 1983 to December 1986

· Degree: Bachelor of Science in Information Management. This is a major within the College of Business, which emphasizes business applications of PC computer programs, Accounting, Economics, and General Business.

· Learned COBOL on a NAS 9000 mainframe (an IBM 4380 compatible).

Rick's College

September 1980 to April 1981

Experiences Voluntary Representative

June 1981 to December 1982

· Served 18 months in the Rapid City, South Dakota Region. Acquired leadership training.

Eagle Scout Rank

March 1980

· Gained practical experience in goal setting.

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