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Technical Lead(DBA)

Louisville, KY, 40229
August 27, 2012

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Sahil Marwaha


(IBM Certified database associate DB2 universal database V8.1 family)


To carve a paranormal niche for myself with my exquisite performance along with regular upsurge in knowledge.


• DB2 LUW and SQL Server database administrator with over 7 years of experience in design, administration, migration, upgradation, security, authorization, configuration, maintenance, backup & recovery, compression, import & export, loading and performance tuning on Windows and UNIX(AIX).

• Gained experience on various Software Development Life Cycles including Define, Analysis, Design, Development and Testing to solidify client requirements in conjunction with Software Developers for both OLTP and OLAP environments.

• Skilled in System Analysis, ER/Dimensional Data Modeling, Database design and implementing RDBMS specific features.

• Hands on experience with tools like ERWIN (DM) and Informatica Power Center (ETL).

• Expertise in SQL, T-SQL and Dynamic SQL programming - Functions, Stored Procedures and Triggers

• Years of experience and knowledge on carving and implementing Backup/Recovery strategies for clients to have desired recovery models.

• Exposure to HA setups like Clustering, HADR, etc.

• Setting up monitoring for the database like Snapshots, Event monitoring, Traces, etc.

• Strong analytical ability, communication skills and problem solving capability.

• Versatile, flexible and ability to work on multiple assignments in a given time frame.


YUM Brands, Louisville KY USA (July 2011 – Current)

Yum! is ranked #214 on the Fortune 500 List and generated more than $11 billion in revenue in 2010. The Company's brands - KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell – are the global leaders of the chicken, pizza and Mexican-style food categories.

DB2 and SQL Server Database administrator for about 100 applications and acting as Onsite coordinator for the onsite/offshore Cognizant team.

Major Projects:

• DB2 KT - Received KT from Client and provided it to Offshore resource,

• SQL Server Training - Received Technical training and process/operation KT from Client.

• Gen Tran Upgrade - Was primary DBA for upgrading Gen Tran (Sterling Integrator) application from V 8.2 to v 9.1 to move the DDL and data from earlier version and do inplace application upgrade.

• Pervasive Platform Insight (PPI) - Actively carved out the To-Do list for whole year regarding DB2 database maintenance, automation, betterment, application On Boarding and many more.

Moreover, I am involved in resources, screening and building up the DBA team.


• Carried out Knowledge transfer (KT) from the client DB2 team, documented the process and procedures and educated the offshore team.

• Carried out day to day work with client team which involves tickets, production support, project work, process improvement and the role of application DBA.

• Actively involved in figuring out the qualifying problems for IBM PMR, following up with the vendors and the teams involved.

• Solving the user access and security group issues.

• Documenting the standards followed by the YUM team and maintaining the version updates along with the process improvements being carried out.

• Provided inputs and implemented many process improvements like Backup Strategy and Schedule, Script modifications and standardization, naming standards, Table/Tablespaces restructuring, Maintenance activities/schedule, Performance tunings, database Creation, etc.

• Supported new environment creation starting from capacity planning, structure layout, instance creation, group/user set up, database creation, object creation and followed by supporting the tuning and performance monitoring for the application teams.

• Setted up and monitored Disaster Recovery boxes and HADR for critical databases.

• Performed On Call duties for SQL Server and DB2 databases.

• Supported multi application databases for SQL Server.

• Performed daily activities like Database Creation, User access, Scheduling, Job set up, Backups/ restores, etc

• Supported Windows patches and application maintenance downtimes.

• Performed multiple SQL 2005 and 2008 Server and Client installations.

• DTSX and CFG migrations for SSIS packages.

• Failover Cluster management for 1+1 and 3+1 production clusters

• Monitoring multiple alerts and notification from over 60 applications and 400 databases.


DB2 UDB v 8.2/v 9.7, SQL Server, Netezza, DB2 Mainframe, UNIX(AIX), Toad, Quest Central, Quest Spotlight, SSMS, SQL Server(MSSQL) 2005/2008/2008 R2.

STAPLES, Framingham MA USA (December 2009 – June 2011)

UDB DB2 Database administrator for multiple applications and warehouse supporting the giant retail client with real time issues.

Major Projects:

• Upgradation - Performed multiple FP upgrades/Hot fixes and rollbacks.

• Compression - Single handedly created Compression plan and compressed DW from 25 TB to 18 TB.

• Admin Views - Created an Admin View layer on the Top of Catalog tables to have quick and effective troubleshooting.

• Next Gen Portal - Was primary DBA for replacing Staples Internal Portal with Next Generation Portal.

• Automation - Created multiple automated support/maintenance jobs and set alerts and notifications.

• STMM retirement - Used IBM parser to create STMM logs and crate a procedure to find the best value to fix the parameters.

Moreover, was able to detect multiple APARs in the software and worked with IBM to provide and install Hot Fixes to rectify the problems.


• Worked on creating Staples internal portal, which is live now and has replaced the existing home portal. Created the environment from the scratch which consists of 54 Databases.

• Compressed 100s of multi 100 GB tables and was able to save more than 8 TB of space from the EDW (data warehouse).

• Upgraded many Fix Packs in version 8 and 9.

• Supported v 9.1 to v 9.5 migration.

• Created backup and recovery strategy and implemented and schedules the activities.

• Supported many development projects which include creating the tables, views, indexes, stored procedures and triggers in both OLTP and OLAP environments.

• Intensively worked on DB performance tuning and dealing with STMM, AUTO_MAINT, Health Monitors, etc.

• Was involved in deploying Stored Procedures using Developer Work Bench.

• Created Backup Reporting model to send daily detailed reports to the team about the success and failure with the failure reason.

• Created and scheduled automated REORG/RUNSTATS scripts to perform automatic maintenance activities on different environments depending on the system needs.

• Familiar with different utilities like DB2TOP, SMITTY, DB2LOOK, etc.

• Dealt with different issued regarding FS usage, Grants, Profiles, Variables, etc.

• Worked with IBM to open PMRs and found solutions for different priority issues. This included performing diagnostic tests, data collection and sending it to the IBM.

• Encountered many APARs in the environment and worked with the DB and application teams along with IBM to implement the hot fixes/FPs and then monitor the performance.

• Worked with DAs and used forward/reverse engineering from Erwin to update the model or DB.

• Involved in reducing HWM and free the space and add it to the File System.

• Proficient with required UNIX commands and scripting.

• Worked in the Onsite/Offshore model.


DB2 UDB v8.1, v8.2, v9.1, v9.5, v9.7,DPF, Oracle, SQL Server, Informatica, Microstrategy, UNIX (AIX), Linux.

Smart Solutions, Golden Valley MN USA (August 2008 – November 2009)

Worked as a part of DBA team to handle existing environment and automate maintenance and support activities.

Major Projects:

• Backups strategy - Create a backup strategy for database tied to multiple applications and figure out schedules to cater the needs of all the applications using data protector.

• Automation - Automate REORG/Runstats/Backup activities and have the notifications sent to applications teams.

• Upgrades - Supported OS and database upgrades to meet the need to new version of applications.


• Worked with Data Modeler team to understand the Business Requirements and Business Rules

• Performance tuning activities to manage database manager, database configuration, bufferpool configuration and registry variable configuration.

• Administered company’s Production, Staging, Test and Development DB2 UDB databases.

• Was involved in Capacity planning work.

• Troubleshoot the problems occurring out of the backup and recovery.

• Performed offline and online backups, restore, redirect restore and roll forward activities and make sure they are complete and successful.

• Developed backup and recovery strategies depending on the customer requirements.

• Involved in upgradation from version 7 to version 8.

• Support the ETL team with the daily production issues.

• Strong understanding of database shared memory parameters and tuning memory parameters in Db and Dbm cfg.

• Involved in training junior level developers and DBA.

• Performed db2 redirected restores as and when needed to copy data.

• Created snapshot monitors and event monitors to regularly check the health of the system

• Used different data movement utilities like LOAD, EXPORT, IMPORT utilities to load data.


DB2 UDB v7/v8, Windows, AIX (UNIX), Erwin, Cognos, Informatica Power Center.

Connect Telecom, INDIA (June 2005 – July 2008)

Worked on multiple projects as a DB2 DBA with a Team of DB2 and Oracle DBAs and did maintenance and support work for application databases.

Major Projects:

• Customer Feedback Analysis - Handled centralizing incremental data from multiple locations and building/supporting an environment for BI.

• Records Information System - Handled database part of building an environment to hold all paper applications and convert to digital data.

• Connect Website - Supported backend of a new website to handle online orders.


• DDL implementation and changes for database objects.

• Maintaining database backup and recovery and other scheduled tasks.

• Worked on explain, db2advis, taking snapshots, running list applications, checking the memory, backups and restores etc.

• Regular auditing of the database for user access to ensure the security.

• Supported FP and version upgrades.

• Worked with the application teams to tune the SQLs and DB.

• Gained experience with scripting to create automated jobs for DB maintenance.

• Involved in data modeling (Logical/Physical database design) & design including data marts.

• Monitored and analyzed DB2DIAG logs.

• Involved in day to day database administration tasks like running reorgs, runstats, import and export.


DB2 UDB v7, Oracle, Windows, AIX (UNIX)


Command Center, Control Center, Quest Spotlight, Quest Foglight, Quest Central, Citrix, Cacti, Developer Workbench, OPM(PE), WIN SCP, TEXT PAD, ERWIN, AQT, WLM, MS Office, Putty, TOAD, SSMS, SQL Compare, SQL Sentry, SQL Profiler.


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Masters of Business Administration (Marketing)


US status – H1-B

Canadian Status – Permanent Resident

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