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Python Developer Data Scientist

Folsom, CA
July 01, 2022

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Masters of Science in Data Science May 2023*

Saint Peter’s University, • Jersey City, NJ GPA: 4.0/4.0 Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology May 2019 Gujarat Technological University • Gujarat, India GPA: 7.90/10.0 SKILLS

Languages: Python, R

Databases: MySQL, SQLite, and Postgre SQL

Software Tools and Technologies: PyCharm, Jupyter Notebook, Django, Git, Pandas, NumPy, Seaborn, Sklearn, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap, Excel, Tableau, QlikSense

Relevant Coursework: Python for Data Science, SQL, Advance Machine Learning, Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization, Bigdata and Management, Business Analytics, Data Ethics, and Law PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Silverwing Technologies Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Role: Data Scientist July 2020 – August 2021

• Performed in all phases of data mining, data collection, data cleaning, developing models, validation, and data visualization to deliver data science solutions.

• Built a model to predict direct mail marketing campaigns for loan pre-approvals to optimize the number of letters being sent.

• Used Pandas, NumPy, Seaborn, Matplotlib, Scikit-learn in Python for developing various Machine learning models and utilized algorithms such as Linear regression, Logistic regression, and Gradient Boosting, SVM, and KNN.

• Used K-fold cross-validation to test the models with different batches of data to optimize the models and prevent overfitting.

• Analyzed and visualized different segments of users to understand their advertisement behaviors better with Tableau.

• Worked on miss value imputation, and outlier identification with statistical methodologies using Pandas, and NumPy libraries.

• Expertise in Data Wrangling, Feature Engineering, applying Statistical Analysis, Data Visualization, and Data Mining.

• Built various graphs for business decision-making using the Python matplotlib library. Environment: Python, R, Excel, Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, NumPy, Anaconda, Plotly, Sklearn, Seaborn, Tableau. Silverwing Technologies Pvt Ltd Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India Role: Python Developer May 2019 – June 2020

• Developed Views and Templates with Python and using Django's view controller and template language, Website interface is created and Used Django configuration to manage URLs and application parameters.

• Designed and maintained databases using Python.

• Used Bootstrap as a mechanism to manage and organize the HTML page layout.

• Performed data analysis and cleaning on extracted data using pandas and NumPy.

• Implemented front end for third party Web service using jQuery, Html, JSON, and JavaScript.

• Wrote and executed various MYSQL database queries from Python using Python-MySQL connector and MySQL database package.

Environment: Python, PyCharm, Django, RestAPI, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JQuery, Excel, Git. TECHNICAL PROJECTS

Bank Marketing Campaign - Data Science Jersey City, NJ Designed ML model to predict the term deposit subscription in Bank, whether the customer is going to subscribe the term deposit in Bank. and I Performed data cleaning and data pre-processing on the raw dataset with the use of Pandas and NumPy library. Implemented various ML models for best accuracy and end up with the best accuracy using the XG boost algorithm. And I Achieved 86% accuracy in the test dataset by applying the XG Boost algorithm and Cat Boost algorithm. Environment: Python, Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, NumPy, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Sklearn, Excel, Tableau Movie Recommendation System - Data Science Jersey City, NJ Developed a machine learning model that forecasts Movie recommendations based on user’s ratings of previously watched films. I used the content-based type in which the system generates a user profile based on that data, which it then uses to make suggestions to the user. As the user inputs more data or takes certain actions based on the recommendations, the recommendation engine becomes increasingly more accurate.

Environment: Python, Jupyter Notebook, Pandas, NumPy, Sklearn, Matplotlib. Distributed Database Implementation using Python - SQL and Python Jersey City, NJ Designed and Implemented Round Robin and Range partition in a Python console application to store IMDB dataset into PostgreSQL distributed databases and created functions to insert data, Parallel sort and Parallel Joins. Environment: Python, PostgreSQL

Zomato Analysis Dashboard – Data Visualization Jersey City, NJ This project is from the Food Industry where I had around 1 million data from the Zomato application. Based on key factors of Zomato data I developed a very interactive Zomato dashboard in Tableau and as well as in Qlik Sens tools. In the dashboard, I analyzed which state’s restaurants are Excellent for customers, based on the restaurant’s ratings and customer’s budgets also which restaurant’s cuisines are more liked by the customers.

Environment: Tableau, Qlik Sense

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