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Information Manager Consulting Engineer

Mountain View, CA
July 01, 2022

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Glen S. Dayton

** ******* **. **** ******** View, CA 94040



35+ years of software development experience in agile test driven development environments in aerospace and database management software, customer escalation management, and software process troubleshooting,

Skills,Methodology, and Technologies

Champion of customer focused development with unit testing, coverage analysis, and profiling.

• High performance server back-ends in C++, event driven and micro-threaded architectures, supporting C++ and Java network applications.

• Oracle, Postgres, MySQL and other databases

• openLDAP and Active Directory

• Encryption using the PGP SDK for e-mail, file, and whole disk encryption.

•Originator of the C++ Extra Light Unit Testing framework:

Professional Experience

Consultant 5/2020 to present


Manager, Engineering Production Support 11/2016 to 4/2020

•Lead internationally distributed team of 10 people to provide custom solutions in Groovy, Python, and Java languages, for DNA prenatal, cancer tests and research analyses in the Amazon cloud.

General Electric 8/2015 to 10/2016

Consulting Engineer, GE Digital and Power & Water

•Created new analytic applications using GEs Internet-of Things platform Predix using Python, Java, Javascript (with Angular-JS and Jasmine tests).

•Converted Windows application thermodynamics code to 64-bit Linux web services running in Docker containers, and integrated it into Bamboo continuous integration.

•Wrote the group’s coding guidelines. Instituted early code reviews on Github,

Akamai Technologies 7/2013 to 8/2015

Principal Engineer, Media Content Delivery

C++, Server Architecture

•Revised the load balancing and billing performance monitoring system, Corrected pervasive use of double-check locking pattern with novel application of thread-specific variables that avoid locking in high-throughput areas of code.

Symantec Corporation/PGP Corporation 6/2007 to 7/2013

Senior Manager, Encryption Products Customer Engineering

C++, Java, Linux, MacOS, Windows, openLDAP, Active Directory, Postgresql

•I led a team of 17 engineers in the United States and India that handled all software maintenance, customer escalations for Symantec’s encryption products group. We generated maintenance packs and hot fixes, and created custom code to fix customer problems.

•Wrote the mail and key server back-end’s threading system used in all of the server daemons written in C++ allowing an order in magnitude improvement in client connections for encrypting e-mail and managing whole disk encryption clients.

•Championed unit testing, static analysis (with Coverity) and coverage analysis.

•Recipient of PGP’s first “Outstanding Performer” award.

PostPath, Senior Applications Engineer 12/2005 to 6/2007

•Helped develop the PostPath Linux mail server that emulated a Microsoft Exchange Server on Linux, using an event driven open threaded architecture for MAPI and POP/SMTP mail protocols.

•Created openLDAP interface to Active Directory, and created LDAP schema to allow a Linux server to join Microsoft domains, and emulate a Microsoft Exchange Server.

Sagent Technology/Group 1 Software 2002 to 12/2005

Senior Applications Engineer

•Primary engineer for UNIX (Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Linux) ports of Sagent server products for generating report flows and mail integration from multiple databases.

•Improved mean-time between failure from 20 minutes to too long to measure.

•Introduced memory leak detection tools such as dmalloc and efence.

•Created thread-safe replacements for UNIX runtime library functions.

TimesTen Performance Software (now Oracle) 2000-2002

Senior Software Applications Engineer

•Using metrics, and a policy of daily customer contact, and weekly group review tripled call-load handling with same staff levels, and eliminated call backlog of over 1000 issues.

•"Deployment Success Program” Account manager for the company's largest customer.

•Developed new hash functions for row locks resulting in 3x performance improvements

KLA-Tencor World Support Organization 1997-2000

Support Manager for the 2401 Macro Defect Inspection System

•World-wide technical support manager, supervising 3 people, for a semiconductor wafer inspection device, performing machine installation and repair in cleanrooms in Europe and Japan.

•Wrote the error message and logging, and diagnostics sensor packages using C++, earning both the technical support performance bonus and the software performance bonus.

The Boeing Company, Defense and Space Group 1980-1997

Principal Design Engineer, Real-time software systems

•Chief architect for $250M NATO Air defense Command & Control System (ACCS) proposal, incorporating code from subcontractors in five countries.

•Lead engineer, supervising 5 people, of the Joint Air Command Element (JACE) project, condensing the Air Force Combined Tactical Information System (CTIS) and Advanced Planning System to hand-carried airborne equipment.

•Lead engineer, supervising 9 people, for real-time portion of the 777 airliner's automated test system, ATS-195, using multiple VME, VXI, GPIB, and ARINC buses, with the C language on PDOS and Solaris. Instituted FAA mandated configuration management.

•Designed and wrote applications, in FORTRAN, for angle-of-arrival antenna research project, winning Defense & Space Group's "Top Ten Contributor Award".

•Space vehicle guidance simulation programmer. Wrote astrodynamics routines in FORTRAN, LISP, and C. Wrote fast spherical harmonic evaluator for gravity computations for long term orbit analysis using special perturbations.

•Developer for Boeing's Relational Information Manager (RIM). Implemented concurrent transactions and granular locking in the product.

TRW Defense and Space Systems Group 1978-1980

Senior Computer Programming Coordinator

•Programming consultant to scientists and engineers using FORTRAN on CDC Cyber computers.


Bachelor of Mathematics cum Laude, 1987, Seattle University, Seattle, WA


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