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Food Service Pizza

Alexandria, LA
October 13, 2021

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Dџђюњ Mќџюћ

Alexandria, LA *****318-***-**** •


Expected in 05/2023

Pineville High School - Pineville, LA

Professional Summary

Quality-focused Pizza Maker with good work ethic and Number years in busy foodservice settings. Significantly increased pizza output during past year while maintaining product quality and taste. Offers great time management and inventory oversight skills leading to impressive results. Customer-focused individual available Number hours per week, including weekends and evenings. Comfortable making deliveries, preparing pizzas and handling large amounts of cash. Fast learner talented at following set recipes and using sharp knives and hot plates. Responsible and safety-oriented with solid background creating outstanding pizzas. Hard worker with dynamic time management skills and in-depth menu knowledge. Offers Number years of expertise working in Italian restaurants and pizza parlors throughout Location. Committed Job Title with Number years of experience creating batches of ingredients for speedy assembly of menu items. Talented at preparing quantities of ingredients necessary for estimated number of customers. Independent team member makes decisions without supervision and works well with coworkers.

Talented cook with Number years of experience preparing fresh ingredients for fast food establishment. Excellent work history of proper food handling, Skill and Skill. Regularly lift up to Number pounds when organizing ingredients and stock.

Detail-oriented Prep Cook adept in managing high-volume environments with grace and efficiency. Well-versed in Skill and Skill with exceptional work ethic. Friendly Job Title with Number years of experience taking fast food orders and cooking food. Adaptable multi-tasker with talents in assisting customers, entering orders into POS system and cooking simple items. Accurate when preparing food to meet customer requests. Dependable food service professional with Number years of experience collecting payments, taking orders and preparing food. Outgoing teammate willing to assist employees with Task and Task. Known for arriving early to take over from earlier shift workers before shift begins. Organized Job Title with extensive experience within fast food industry. Skilled in Area of expertise and Area of expertise demonstrated through Number of years in food service roles. Seasoned Job title with Number years in filling customers' orders through teamwork. Skilled at frying, grilling and constructing over Number menu items and seasonal offerings with focus on reducing ingredients used. Easygoing and consistently helpful to customers and coworkers. Dependable Cook with expertise preparing foods in fast-paced settings. Team-minded professional knowledgeable in food safety, attractive presentation and stock management. Efficient multitasker with talents in recipe management and development.

Detailed Job Title with Number years of experience crafting fresh Italian-themed meals. Attentive when reviewing order information and working closely with teammates to consistently make orders with precision. Guided new employees to teach food-making procedures, restaurant policies and Task. Dynamic food service professional within fast food landscape. Driven toward continuous improvement and committed to going above and beyond to complete tasks and assist other team members. Well-versed in standard food prep techniques as well as safe food-handling standards, demonstrated across Number years of experience.

Dynamic food service professional driven toward continuous improvement and committed to going above and beyond to complete tasks and assist other team members. Well-versed in standard food prep techniques and safe food handling standards.

Talented Cook with excellent experience in fast-paced kitchen environments. Clear communicator with team-oriented focus and advanced skills to effectively work with cashiers and kitchen staff to review and prepare orders. Qualified and hardworking with up-to-date food handling permit. Highly motivated Cook with Number years in preparing menu items for fast food restaurant. Precisely cooked various menu items in line with requests for customer satisfaction. Dedicated to managing inventory, Action and solving problems by communicating frequently with managers. Energetic Job Title with Number years of experience preparing appetizing menu items at Type restaurant. Multi-talented at cooking wide variety of items using Technique and Technique. Service- oriented and skilled at fulfilling special requests. Hardworking and passionate job seeker with strong organizational skills eager to secure entry-level Job Title position in Type environment. Ready to help team achieve company goals. Job Title with over Number years of successful experience in Skill and Skill. Recognized consistently for performance excellence and contributions to success in Industry industry. Strengths in Skill and Skill backed by training in Area of study.


Achieved Result by completing Task with accuracy and efficiency. Achieved Result through effectively helping with Task. Collaborated with team of Number in the development of Project name. Skills

Ingredient Preparation Data management

Food Processing

Food Preparation


Kitchen organization

Kitchen equipment sanitation

Efficient multitasking

Food inspection

Critical thinking

Computer skills


Good telephone etiquette

Analytical skills


Customer Service

Type software proficiency

Work History

Johnny's Pizza House, 07/2021 to Current

Pizza Maker, Taking Food Out, Cleaning, Etc – Alexandria, LA Cooked pizza, calzones, stromboli and pasta.

Prepared raw materials for cooking by cutting vegetables and preparing dough. Operated pizza oven and other kitchen equipment safely to protect team members from harm and equipment from damage.

Guided prepared items into oven precisely to prevent skin burns and cooked at specific temperatures and times.

Reduced ingredient waste when creating pizzas by following pan size, dough quantity requirements and topping measurements.

Used pizza cutter to slice pizzas according to size and customer specifications. Monitored and maintained clean working areas and cooking surfaces. Completed training to learn additional techniques for making new and seasonal items. Shared information with customers about menu items, preparation methods and ingredients. Wiped down counters and food prep stations using bleach and clean cloths. Created specialty pizzas to diversify menu and promote restaurant. Collaborated with manager immediately when serious equipment failures occurred to resolve quickly and avoid slow-downs.

Coached new workers on store policies, pizza making and dough preparation. Sent order information to kitchen using computer system and giving verbal instructions about customers' special requests and needs to other staff. Oversaw inventory and restocked ingredients following First-In First Out (FIFO) method to minimize spoilage.

Handled cash register operations by applying coupons, giving customer totals and processing cash and credit card payments.

Prepared Number fast food items, following customers' special requests for substitutions and add-ons.

Restocked inventory and ingredient items to maintain optimal kitchen efficiency. Wore protective attire and shoes, Action and alerted customers of hot food and beverages to maintain safety.

Contributed to consistent customer satisfaction rating by producing high-quality food and providing timely service.

Offered soft drinks, frozen beverages and Type immediately after processing payments to deliver simple items quickly to customers.

Prepared foods like Type and Type to assist cooks meet turnaround times on orders. Maintained spotless and tidy dining area by throwing away food wrappers on tables, emptying trash receptacles and cleaning floors during slow periods. Communicated with management on food inventory stock to request order placement. Packaged, arranged and labeled ingredient stock, storing at established temperatures. Identified inefficiencies leading to improved productivity. Suggested actionable improvements to streamline training procedures. Alerted customers that food orders were ready for pick-up by Action. Learned new menu offerings and options easily to assist customers with selecting items. Used kitchen equipment safely and reduced risk of injuries and burns. Coordinated with Cashiers to gather and review order information for accurate order completion. Washed, chopped, Action and Action vegetables and Type ingredients. Wrapped up and stored unused food in appropriate containers and placed in refrigerator to avoid spoilage.

Oversaw scheduling, inventory management and supply ordering to maintain fully stocked kitchen.

Avoided burns when using hot fryers for preparing fries, Type and Type items. Prepared meats for dish assembly and serving by slicing and Action. Reduced customer waiting by batch cooking popular items during rush times. Prepared average of Number menu items per shift.

Trained and assisted new kitchen staff members.

Fried, grilled and baked foods such as Type, Type and Type.

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