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Tulsa, OK
March 26, 2021

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SAP ABAP S/*HANA, EWM Techno Functional Consultant Voice: +91-

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Looking forward to continuing my career in an ERP-SAP environment, where I can utilize my experience and skills in contributing effectively to the success of the organization and also for improvement of my skills.


Having 10 years’ Experience in IT industry and 6 years’ in SAP as a Techno Functional consultant SAP ABAP, Cross Application Components, Performance Tuning & Optimization Expert, ALE/ EDI – IDOCS, EWM, SD, FI, BW-ABAP, MM, OOABAP, ABAP on HANA, Core Data Services, Annotations, Associations, SAP HANA Modeling, ADT, AMDP, ALV–IDA, Analytical Views, Calculation and Attributes view, ABAP HANA Proxy, Data Modeling, S/4 HANA, ADBC - API’s, OSS - SNOTE, XML, HTML, JAVA SCRIPT, SAP FIORI, JSON, JAVA SCRIPT, SAP NetWeaver, OData, SAP EWM Functional and worked on End-to-End Implementation and Four Support projects and having experience in JAVA.


Oracle Certified JAVA Programmer JAVA Standard Edition V1.6 Credential ID Testing Id – OC1100555 Reg. no. 247758829.

Microsoft .NET Certified Professional Candidate Id: SR8102369, Registration: VF5SYD530D

Data Dictionary: Tables, Structure, Data elements, Domains, Search helps, Views,

Lock Objects, Table types and Type Groups

Reports : Classical, Interactive, ALV, Interactive ALV.

Conversions : BDC (Session and Call transaction), BAPI and LSMW

Forms : Sap Script and Smart forms.

Enhancements: Customer Exit, User Exit, BADIs, BTEs and Enhancement Frame Work.

OOABAP : Classical Reports Dynamic ALV Reports, (Classes, Interfaces, Abstract

Classes, Methods, OOALV-Custom Container, Doc container).

Interfaces : RFC, BAPI, File interfaces and ALE/ EDI - DOC.

Modules Pool : Multiple types of Screens.

Business Warehouse: Data source Enhancements and worked with Start and End Routines.

Performance Tuning and Optimization: Having Sound knowledge is how to enhance report performance and which technique and statements should use in reports and how to make report and business logic more reusable and more understandable and performance Testing, Analyzing, Tracing and Debugging and runtime and analysis tools.

Database : Oracle 12c, SAP HANA

IDE: Eclipse and HANA studio, ADT, SAP Business Application Studio and Web IDE for FIORI, Microsoft Visual Studio.

Information Model: Attribute Views, Analytical and Calculation views and worked with how to consume it in application layer using HANA Proxy view.

SAP Technical Skills

Worked extensively in RICEF - Reports, Interfaces, Conversions, Enhancements and Forms.

Worked extensively with Smart forms.

Worked on Module Pool Programming, Containers Designing such as Custom, Splitting etc.

Worked extensively in developing Classical, Interactive and ALV Reports using function modules.

Good in Developing Interfaces-File Interfaces, RFC, BAPI and ALE/ EDI and IDOC

Worked extensively in developing Data migration programs using DC (Call transaction, Session) and using the standard BAPIs.

Proficiency in LSMW.

Worked extensively with Enhancements -User Exits, BADI - Business Add-Ins, BTEs and Enhancement Framework

Worked extensively in Data Dictionary Objects (Tables, Structures, Data Elements, Domains, Search Helps, Table Types and Type Groups).

Worked with OOPSABAP.

Having good Debugging skills and Performance Tuning of reports, smart forms and scripting Master data like Material, Vendor masters and etc.

Worked with SAP FI module as a techno functional consultant.

SAP FI Skills

Business Requirement: T-code FB01 – Posting FI Header data (JV). Document type ‘SA’ – G/L based on Doc.Header Text field and Reference field should be mandatory for company code P900. Other company codes can be optional.

Custom Validation Name: ZP900

Error Message: Reference and Doc.HeaderText field is mandatory for company code : P900

Tables involved: BSEG and BKPF

T-codes: OBA7 (Doc. Type)

GGB0 – Validation Creation

OB28 – Validation Activation

FB01 – Posting JV



Business Requirement: Vendor Invoice not accepted in back date for company code P900 based on document type ‘KZ’.

FBLN – Vendor Line Item, FB01 – Posting FI Header Document or JV, F-53 Posting Outgoing Payment, GGB0 – Created Validation, OB28 – Activated Validation


BKPF-BUDAT = SYST-DATUM (Current System Date)

Custom Message: No posting for vendor payment for Company Code p900 is backdate!

Validation Regenerated: RGUGBR01

SAP ABAP on HANA, S/4HANA, AMDP, CDS View – Annotations, Associations Skills

Business Requirement: Worked with IDA –ALV and displayed Business Partner, Sales Order, Invoice Header, details and worked with API’s to display data based on icons.

Created CDS views and did code push down to SAP HANA database and by joining tables such Business Partner, Products and Product Text as SNWD_BPA using associations and annotations.

Displayed IDA - ALV and the output of CDS view I displayed customers based on the France Based for that I created Access Control under core data service.

Worked with AMDP and consumed into ABAP report and I worked with ALV – IDA and consumed into application layer and into ABAP stack and displayed the data by joining them.

Added custom button on IDA – ALV and based on button and at the time of selecting records on IDA – ALV output it displayed the selected records data on output.

Worked with standard functions and user defined functions.


Working SAP Techno Functional Consultant in KGISL Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. since Oct’2020 to TILL.

Worked SAP ABAP Consultant for multiple clients since JAN’2015 to AUG’ 2020.

Project 1: SAP ABAP EWM Techno Functional Consultant

Organization Name: KG Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. Role: SAP Techno Functional Consultant

Client : SONY India Software Center Pvt. Ltd.

Project Type : SAP ABAP, SAP SCM-EWM, Data Migration Support & NetWeaver


Roles and Responsibilities:

Interact with onsite project team for gathering the requirement.

Design, build and configure applications to meet business process and application requirements.

Working with data migration project

Resolving support tickets in SAP ABAP area or an existing object.

Provide technical specifications and design (UTD, UTS and FUT) for medium to high complexity Issues independently.

Work with Functional consultants and support them for technical supports and even in functional side too (SAP EWM Configurations)

Setup the ECC- EWM Integration and troubleshooting the integration issues related to CIF and qRFC.

Configured Inbound/Outbound Delivery processing.

SFW5 - Activated Enterprise Business functionality LOG_LE_INTEGRATION into the logical system to integrate with another system.

Configured Business Systems Groups.

Activated filter dependent BADI - APOCF005_SYSDIF to handle the different systems

I generated BIN's using upload flat file for slow storage type BIN'S by using t-code SBUP (Load Storage Bins) and file was .csv

Setup the ECC- EWM Integration and troubleshooting the integration issues related to CIF and qRFC.

Configure Inbound/Outbound Delivery processing.

Configured qRFC - Queued Remote Function Call - Calling the function remotely in the form of Queues. (SMQR - We use for maintain inbound queues, SMQS - Outbound queues, SMQE - Queue Admin. And we maintain this for both ECC and EWM systems.

A. Transportable Unit is nothing but reusable handling unit and Handling Unit we can scrap it after using it. If handling unit will go out from the system then we can't back it into system.

Some of Configurations


2-shipping Point

3-Storage Location - OX09

4-Warehouse Number(without any internal organizational structure)

5-Ware House specific parameters

6-Goods receipt point determination

7-Shipping point against SLOC (Sales Order)

8-Define delivery split indicator

9-Distribution Model

I generated BIN's using upload flat file for slow storage type BIN'S by using t-code SBUP(Load Storage Bins) and file was .csv

Organizational structure and Master data transferred to EWM system. I used an application called CIF - Core Interface

Created/ Generated integration model – t-code CFM1

Activated Integration Model (CFM2) and Created Integration Model by using t-code CFM1 and distributed data into EWM system from ERP-ECC system.

Created Shipping Point Material Independent Object by using t-code CFM1 and Activated Integration Model using CFM2 t-code.

Maintained Supply Chain unit as a Plant.

Maintained Party Entitled to dispose in ECC system is Plant Vendor and Owner is the Consignment vendor and transferred to EWM system using Integration Model - CFM1, CFM2.

Maintained Storage Bin’s

Defined BIN access types Machine or Manual

Project 1: SAP ABAP Consultant

Organization Name: Wipro Role: Sr. SAP ABAP Consultant

Client : World Bank

Project Type : SAP ABAP-FI support with NetWeaver


Roles and Responsibilities:

Worked with CDS view, Attribute, Analytical and Calculation views and worked with AMDP

Resolving support tickets in SAP ABAP area or an existing objects.

Collected the inventory of custom objects for SAP

Identified the development objects and targeted for modification.

Technical transformation for custom development

Updated technical specifications and analyzed the test defects.

Interaction with client through net meetings calls & emails

Handling Tickets & Tasks and responsible for closing the same within defined SLAs

Responsible for troubleshooting the issues in the system and providing support

Executing the needed changes in configuration and setting up

Executing the analysis and resolution of production support calls

Involving in calls with on-site coordinators to discuss and resolve issues related to development

Participating in review calls and testing various objects.

Developed interfaces as per the new requirements.

Flexible in taking up different tasks in the project.

Enhance skills and competencies by adhering to the development plan.

Created Technical documents for business and user training materials.

Interact with client on behalf of the team as and for transports.

Provide technical specifications and design (UTD, UTS and FUT) for medium to high complexity Issues independently.

Interact with onsite project team for gathering the requirement.

Project Preparations and Business Blue-Prints: It includes ownership of: Requirement Gathering, GAP analysis, High Level Design, Business Blue-Printing, Functional Specifications, Standard configuration, and Enhancements, Testing and Go-Live.

System Build: Configuring EWM Organization Structure, Setting up SAP ECC and EWM integration, Availability Groups and Warehouse Process Types and Warehouse Order and config documents preparation.

Processes: Configured Enhanced Put away, Flow Through Racking Put away, Process Oriented Storage Control in RF receipt from external vendor, Layout Oriented Storage Control for outbound, FEFO picking strategy, Batch change during picking, entry of CW of case, Physical Inventory, Put-Away and Stock Removal Strategies, Wave management and Warehouse Order creation.

Testing: Responsible as for unit, SIT and UAT testing and Go-Live integration testing.

Custom Development: Worked on for enhancements in standard stock removal and placement strategies, RF screens.

Unit Testing: Unit testing of core EWM developments.

Project 2: SAP ABAP Consultant

Organization Name: Ernst & Young Services Private Limited. Role: SAP Technical Consultant

Client : The Saudi Electricity Company, Dammam

Project Type : SAP Implementation


The Saudi Electricity Company is a major producer of electrical power, and the largest power company in the Middle East and North Africa. By guaranteeing a favorable working environment for its employees and offering them career advancement programs, the company also guarantees its capability to offer innovative services and intelligent, sustainable solutions at the highest possible standards to its individual and business customers.

Roles and Responsibilities:

Involved in Implementation projects

Involved in SAP onsite team for discussions for understanding client Business process.

Developed objects as per client requirements.

Project 3: SAP ABAP/BW-ABAP/ OOABAP Consultant

Organization Name: NIIT Technologies Ltd. Role: SAP Technical Consultant

Client : Maharashtra State Tax Department

Houston Independent School District,

CHEP Logistics and Stanley Black & Decker.

Title: HISD, CHEP and SBD (SAP BW ABAP Consultant)

Project Type : Goods and Service Tax Government of Maharashtra and BW Support


Maharashtra State Tax Department - In the pre - VAT state tax structure, there were problems of double taxation of commodities and multiplicity of taxes, resulting in a cascading tax burden. For instance, in the pre - VAT structure, before a commodity is produced, inputs are first taxed and then after the commodity is produced with input tax load, output is taxed again. This causes an unfair double taxation with cascading effects. In the VAT, a set-off is given for input tax as well as tax paid on previous purchases. In the pre - VAT sales tax structure, several States also had multiplicity of taxes, such as turnover tax, surcharge on sales tax, additional surcharge, etc. With introduction of VAT, these other taxes are abolished. In addition, Central Sales Tax is also going to be phased out. Our team worked to develop online portal to pay the taxes and bills online.

Roles and Responsibilities:

As I was SAP BW ABAP techno functional consultant and SAP ABAP Consultant I was responsible to giving support or regularly coordinating with BW Functional consultants and resolving the issues in the BW side and responsible to create new extractor data source function modules based on the requirement of clients and resolving existing issues in BW site using ABAP debugger such as debug standard Start and End routines in Info Cubes and debug report or function modules and enhance structure for extractor function modules and coordinating with onsite senior BW consultants and managers to provide the best solutions to our customers.

Project 4: SAP Technical Consultant

Organization Name: itelligence Group Role: SAP Technical Consultant

Client : Supply Chain Solutions

Project Type : Migration Support and Maintenance


Border States supplies electrical supplies and related products to construction, industrial and utility customers. And it is the largest electrical distributors in the United States providing products and services to the construction, industrial, and utility industries. Border States is a 100% employee-owned company, and employee-ownership is a significant part of its culture. They provide construction, industrial and utility products and services for the industry’s leading companies. Specialties Supply Chain Solutions, inventory management, logistics, cost savings, application of technology, innovation, product application expertise, automation and etc.

Some of the objects delivered

Requirement: Report MMR0174R_IT – Tool to update factory calendar using report and set report in background job with email notification.

1.Created a new excel file and input the data as shown in the template file.

2.Once the above file is created with .xls extension.

3.The calendar ID’s beginning with a 0(example 09) should be converted to text format as the program accepts it as a 2-Digit.

4. And I uploaded excel file into system and migrated using BDC-Call Transaction method.

Requirement: - ZReport for Maintenance Plan and Object List.

In the current SAP System, the user was not able to produce a list of all maintenance plans with the respective maintenance objects. SAP standard t-codes requires to analyze one by one with dedicated transaction a list of all maintenance plans can be obtained and with a second one the single maintenance objects.

Report: ZMAN0A51 (to display and extract the Object list per maintenance plan combining the standard transactions (IP03, IP06, and IP16) and including “Object list” information.

Tables included: MPLA, MPOS, EQUI, ILOA, IFLOT, and OBJK.

Requirement: - Based on RFx number needed to get or make links in between corresponding PO, Quotation and Contracts based on GUID from CRM_ORDERADM_H table and written custom business logic into generic function module copied from standard function Module Create SRM BW Generic Data Sources created the generic data sources for the fields which are not available in the standard data sources 0SRM_TD_PO, 0BBP_TD_BID_1 and 0BBP_TD_CONTR_2 in SRM system.

System: SRM


T-code – RSA3 – Display Data Source or execute for testing.

Report Name FS/TS: GTS EANZ Hybrid Report / CHG010788 BW Open

Orders Development




OBJID_B and etc.

Requirement Name: - Extract Data Source using HANA Proxy Stored Procedure

(Proxy data procedure calling)

Data Source Name: ZFIGL_TOTALS (Generic Data Source in BW)

Database Procedure Name: ZSP_POC

Extract Structure Name: REIS_CASHFLOW_TRAN

Function Module: ZALL_GL_EXTRACT

System: SAP HANA and BW

Requirement Name: - Enhancing Data Source using extractor structure.

Data Source Name: OREFX_6 (Standard Subroutine Pool)

Extract Structure Name: REIS_CASHFLOW_TRAN



System: SAP SRM

Standard Report: SAPLBBP_PHD_OR

Function Module: BBP_PHD_OR_DB_SELECT


Package: RSU5

Requirement – Data source enhancements on SAP SRM and BW System

Why needed: Not delivered in the business contents in SRM System

BADI Enhancements: RSU5_SAPI_BADI


Package: RSU5


Requirement: - Output not allocated backorders quantity is getting 0 and

Confirmed delivery quantity is coming correct but BW side data is coming opposite.

Generic Function Module: ZSD_OPEN_ORDER_STATUS


Client Name: Stanley Black and Decker, United Kingdom.

Solution: Data Source Object reload and refresh cross checked transformation

On End Routines in info providers and I refreshed data some objects was not

Loaded properly.

Standard Class: LCL_TRANSFORM.

Resolved crashed system issue: At the time of data extraction from SRM to BW system

BD1 system had crashed due to overload of function module.

Solutions: Added fetch cursor and open cursor statement in custom data source

Extractor function module.

Requirement: Had to debug program ZBW_MYCHEP_RUN_QUERY_AND_EMAIL Info Cube Data Read using custom function module. Custom REPORT - ZBW_MYCHEP_RUN_QUERY_AND_EMAIL Info Cube Data Read using custom function module. Generic Function Module: ZBW_MYCHEP_CUBE_DATA_READ.

Reports: -

ALV Reports:

Report for Cash/Check sales transaction for reconciliation

ALV report with Interactive functionalities such as double click functionality on fields, Custom buttons on menu items, colors, Logo, maintained Header.

Report showing the Cash and Check Collection by branch, by customer and to provide information of sales order, sales order item with Material and Amount.

Requirement Name: - Report for Cash/Check sales transaction for reconciliation

Selection Screen Requirements with Validations, F4Custom Search Help and F1Help

T-code (Standard) –SE38

T-code (Custom) - ZCHCK112BR


Custom Menu Status: - Z112B_MENU_STATUS1

Standard Menu Status: - SAPLSALV

Message Class: - ZCLMSG_CASHCHK

Package – ZFI

The below custom business logic written in the report ZCASH_CHK_RECONCILIATION_REP to do operations on Cash/Check sales transaction for reconciliation.

Enhancement Framework/ User Exits /BADI’S

BADI'S - Implementation

Standard BADI

Automate Quantity calculation based on amount entered in vendor invoice posting for lot bill items.

T-code - MIRO (Vendor Invoice Posting) Lot Billing – MIRO enhancement




Implementation - ZINVOICE_UPDATE_IMP3



User exit: LMR1MI30


Package - ZFI

Provided Functionality for both SAVE button and for pressed ENTER button for MIRO

Worked with standard BADI - Transaction code: MIRO, while doing the MIRO (invoice verification) of lot bill purchase order. The SAP to automatically calculate the quantity as a percentage to value given by the user. The calculation should be in direct proportion to Purchase order quantity to value.

The below logic written for the Vendor invoice verification t-code MIRO. And

While doing the MIRO of lot bill purchase order the SAP to automatically calculate the quantity as a percentage to value given by the user and the calculation should be in direct proportion to Purchase order quantity to value after pressing the save button on MIRO.

User Exit Development

Requirement Name: - Credit Card Authorization - 106 Update system information message V/032 and reauthorize sales order (Should say “please reauthorize payment card on sales order”)

Transaction Code: VL02, based on the delivery number provided in VL02 the system information message "V/032" should be updated and reauthorize sales order- it has to say “Please reauthorize payment card on sales order”

T-code – VL02 –Change Outbound Delivery

User Exit - LVKMPF0L

Enhancement Implementation - ZSD_DLVRY_REAUTHORIZE



Function Module: ENQUEUE_READ

Standard report/ program: “/PMPAY/PU_VCC1”


Package - ZSD

Data Migration and Conversion: -

BAPI Custom and Standard

Worked on custom BAPI, distributed the shipping header data using the Remote Function Call, and placed custom BAPI into BOR.

Created custom report for standard BAPI and distributed the cost center data into the CSKS table from the legacy system flat file. Using standard BAPI - BAPI_COSTCENTER_CREATEMULTIPLE.

Developed custom report and migrated or created Material Master Header data from legacy system to NON-SAP system using standard BAPI - BAPI_MATERIAL_GETINTNUMBER.

Developed custom report to migrated or created Profit Centre Master data from legacy system to SAP database using standard BAPI BAPI_PROFITCENTER_CREATE.

T-code: KE51 - Creation of Profit Centre

Table: CEPC - Profit Centre Master Data

Developed custom report to changed Profit Centre Master data from legacy system to SAP database using standard BAPI BAPI_PROFITCENTER_CHANGE.

T-code: KE52: - Change of Profit Centre

Table: CEPC: - Profit Centre Master Data

ALE/EDIIDOC: MATMAS – Material Master

Business Requirement: IDOC should processed in the same instance for another R/3 client. To distribute the custom table entries created into another client using ALE/IDOC.

T-codes involved BD54, SCC4, SM59, BD64, SE38, WE21, WE20, SE11, SE31, WE30, WE81, WE82, and WE05etc.


Function Module: ZBSE_IDOC_CRM_FM

Function Group: ZBSE_IDOC_CRM_FG



Report for generate custom IDOC: ZBSE_GENERATE_CUST_IDOC_REP

Sender System: ECC/ MANNAG DEV10

Receiver System: ECC/ RAMAKANTH DEV30

Resolved Issue: Dumped MIRO –Vendor Invoice Verification.

Overcome and resolved the issue from development system when function consultant was trying to posting the test data in MIRO transaction code.

Solution: Debugged MIRO t-code using command of /h (dynamic breakpoint). And went to area where someone already enhanced or wrote the custom business logic for

Requirement –WebDynpro development based on user requirements

Requirement Name: - To be created WebDynpro for screen for Get Cash/ Tax ledger

T-code – SE80– To create WebDynpro





API No.: 42

Package - ZGSTN

The below business logic written in the methods of the WebDynpro to provide the ALV VIEW output based on the user input.

ALV View Part–I Return related liabilities)

ALV View Part-IIOther than return related liabilities

Requirement – Smart form development from scratch

Smart form for CTC - Charge Transfer Certificate


Smart Form : ZADM_SMF_CTC11

Smart Style : ZADM_SMF_CTC11_STYL

Package –ZGSTN

Dynamic t-code : PDF! And Enter – To see the running smart form output in PDF form and download in legacy system.

Requirement - Tax Invoice Smart Form

Descript: After entering the Billing document number in VF03 – Display billing doc’ssmart forms should be display Tax Invoice information through output type NACE.

T-Codes and Object Involved:


Driver/Print Program: ZSD_SF_INV_SLIP

Standard Program: SD_INVOICE_PRINT01

Flow: VF03 ->Billing doc. No.->901*******->Billing doc->Issue Output To->Output Type YMRP ->Call SmartFoms.

Error Resolved: SSFCOMPOSER181 Change in output type

Dump: Call function conflict type

Printing Error: “Previous output request was not finished “Therefore you are not allowed a new output request”.

Error Type: SSFCOMP_OPEN and SSFCOMP_CLOSE sequence was not correct.



Driver/Print program: ZFI_DEBIT_CREDIT_NOTE


Document No. : 421600009

Standard T-Code: FB03 – FI document display

Company Code: 9000

Fiscal year: 2017-08-29

Function Module: HR_IN_CHG_INR_WRDS

SAP HR SmartForm: After entering document data the amount is coming in – Negative value.

Solution: Changed business logic and rectified through debug of standard function module HR_IN_CHG_INR_WRDS.

Requirement: Search for the Business Partner, Retrieving the details and

Creating a new Business Partner.

Worked with standard BADI’s and BAPI’s


BUT00- Business Partner


Transferred the Business Partner information to the SAP BW system for Analytics and Reporting.

T-codes: RSA5, Used CRM_BWA_MFLOW BADI to enhance the extractor program for the Data Source Enhancement. T-code RSA6 and data source name is 0CMR_SALES_ACT1 to transfer the data from SAP CRM to BW System.

Implemented BADI – CRM_BWA_MFLOW and wrote required business logic under method ENHANCE_DATA_SOURCE.

Tables involved: CRM_CUSTOMER_H, CRM_CUSTOMER_H_READ_OW and used t-code RSA3 and Data source 0CRM_SALES_ACT1.

Educational Qualification and Certifications

MSc. (Information Technology)

Bachelor’s in Information Technologies May 2012 from Kuvempu University.

Oracle Certified JAVA 2 Programmer Version 1.6, since Mar 2012 ID: OC1100555.

P.G. diploma GNIIT (Software Engineering) from NIIT Ltd, since 2009 – 2012.

Personal Dossier


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