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Insight Data Analyst, Senior Research Specialist

Seattle, WA
March 22, 2021

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M.S. Experimental Psychology

Western Washington University (WWU)

Summer 2019

B.S. Psychology (emphasis in gender studies)

Utah State University (USU)

May 2017


2018 Summer Stipend ($1,500) to conduct program evaluation

Center for Cross Cultural Research, Department of Psychology, WWU

2018 Ross Travel Grant ($500)

Graduate School, WWU

2016 Undergraduate Teaching Fellow of the Year

Department of Psychology, USU

2016 Award at Division 45 APA Conference for poster presentation

American Psychological Association, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA

2016 Dean's List, College of Education and Human Services

Department of Psychology, USU


Insight Research Analyst

Tobi Pro

October 2020 - present

Analyze eye tracking recordings in order to better understand consumer behavior

On site data collection in a retail environment

Conducting a large number of consumer interviews to better understand their brand experience

Develop reports for clients that address their project needs and following up on additional asks

Collaborating with other members of the team in order to best address project needs

Innovating ways to turn data into a clear storyline for clients

Senior Research Specialist


August 2019 - July 2020

Became an expert in Qualtrics software

Successfully reached revenue goals

Maintained completion of OKRs

Mentored new hires within 3 months of being hired

Created and developed reports for a variety of clients

Developed surveys, collected data and analyzed results

Conducted research for multiple projects at once while meeting tight deadlines

Graduate Research Assistant

Western Washington University, Department of Psychology

September 2017 - June 2019

Conducting experiments and analyzing data using ANOVA, hierarchical linear modeling, structural equation modeling, multiple regression, MANOVA, MANCOVA, ANCOVA

Developing proficiency in Excel, AMOS, HLM and SPSS software

Advising and mentoring undergraduate students in the lab

Completed a program evaluation of diversity initiatives at a local community college

Facilitated focus groups to collect data on student's perceptions of WWU's commitment to D&I

Presenting research at academic conferences

Maintaining confidentiality and integrity of data

Applying a culturally competent lens when conducting psychological research

Attend job talks, meet with candidates and provide hiring recommendations for department job searches

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Western Washington University, Department of Psychology

Fall 2017 - June 2019

Assisted professors in two different courses of the statistics and research portion of the undergraduate psychology degree (Psy 301-Overview of Research Methods, Psy 302-Research Methods and Statistical Analysis: Correlational Approaches)

Taught a weekly two hour lab for the Psy 301 which included teaching SPSS, implementing in-class exercises to apply material, managed classroom needs, developed curriculum for the course

Guided undergraduates through conducting their own research for the Psy 301 course

Graded assignments and provided constructive feedback on papers, quizzes, exams and statistics assignments for the psy 302 course

Earned excellent teaching evaluations from Dr. Seifert and students

Contributed to the re-designing of future research psychology courses at WWU

Undergraduate Teaching Assistant

Utah State University, Department of Psychology

Fall 2015 - Spring 2017

Assisted professors in a variety of courses over the two year period (multicultural psychology, personality theory, social psychology and psychological statistics)

Contributed to course curriculum for multicultural psychology and social psychology

Monitored the weekly lab portion of the psychological statistics course, additionally tutored students one on one each week, conducted an online weekly webinar for supplemental instruction, and provided instruction on how to use SPSS

Presented a series of mini lectures during my time as a teaching assistant for these courses


Student Affiliate Member of the Center for Cross Cultural Research

Western Washington University, Department of Psychology

Fall 2017 – June 2019

Providing feedback about ongoing research in the psychology department related to culture

Attending methodological workshops covering the following topics: the open science framework, qualitative methods and conducting research with sensitive populations

Gaining skills to apply a culturally competent lens to psychological research

Learning how to effectively present and discuss research related to culture

Citizenship Clinic Advisor

Cache Refugee and Immigrant Connection (C.R.I.C.)

Cache County, Logan, Utah Fall 2015 – May 2017

Assisted refugees weekly in preparation for their U.S. citizenship test

Trained all new volunteers each week on working with the individuals coming to study

Discovered pedagogical ways to make the clinic most beneficial

Assessed and met the needs of individuals that came to the clinic, which included: assuring child care was provided, keeping record of individual progress, filling out citizenship applications, creating a friendly welcoming environment, remained organized despite the week to week differences in the amount of volunteers that were present

Maintained an updated understanding of policy changes and test requirements following the change in president


Dr. Kristi Lemm


Department of Psychology

Western Washington University, Bellingham

(360) 650 – 3187

Dr. Meg Warren

Assistant Professor

Department of Management

Western Washington University, Bellingham

(360) 650 – 6320

Dr. Matthew Seifert

Adjunct Professor

Department of Psychology

Western Washington University, Bellingham

(360) 650 - 7650

Jennifer Canavan

Data Analyst


(845) 260 - 5472

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