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Marietta, GA
December 26, 2020

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Marietta, GA - Office Phone: 770-***-**** – Mobile Phone: 770-***-**** -- -- -- Skype: dickusvi




Important key facts for any organization that is considering me for a project or position:

1.In Cybersecurity I have architected best & proprietary solutions in Enterprise Identity and Privileged Access Management ( that stops data breaches and unauthorized infrastructure access, by Enterprise Teleworkers, Outside Contractors, and Insiders & working from anywhere. I stop breaches as they are attempted while my solutions do not limit personal liberties. If my solutions had been implemented, the recent problems related Russian hacking would not have had any impact.

2.I have extensive experience in Project Management ( and am currently upgrading to the advanced web-based superior Project Management tools by SmartSheet.

3.I am a Technology Architect with extensive & diverse knowledge and ability to make contributions that usually lead to lower costs, faster problem resolution, higher reliability & availability, and unauthorized access protection. These capabilities also allow me to anticipate problems before they occur and avoid missed milestones and additional costs.

4.In Telecommunications I have engineered numerous LAN & WAN networks and systems ( to achieve the most cost effective, efficient, and reliable systems to best support an organization’s objectives, along with the best in unauthorized access protection.

5.I have excelled at training others so that the client’s staff can carry on after my project is completed. I have experience in conducting online training, and the operations of an IT Certification Training school.

I am exceptionally healthy, physically & intellectually fit, plus I am a Scuba Diver, Sailor, Fitness Freak and a Cycling Enthusiastic. Currently I am biking at lunch time and after dinner for 10 miles a day.

Lastly, I am forever a student, passionate for what I do, and always investigating new technologies and products (Visible Light Communications, Free Space Optics, Behavioral Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Wi-Fi-6, 5G, and Robotic Processing Automation), to seek better solutions for client’s problems and their desired improvements.


7/22/2019 4/03/2020 – US Dept. of Commerce. Successfully trained & managed Federal Officers to find and more efficiently identify where persons live in all types of quarters. I began efforts for an online training program before field operation was cancelled due to Covid-19.

4/1/2009 to 7/21/2019 – Technology Consultancy - Principal, Sr., Project Manager and Technology Architect

After returning to the U.S. from my employment contract with Third Wave International NV, in 2009, I restarted my independent consulting practice, conducting projects in Cybersecurity, Distance Learning, Surveillance and building telecom networks domestic and international (Europe, Caribbean, Africa, Canada & South America). Projects included:

* Rural healthcare networking * Data Center design & build * Live entertainment streaming

* Collocation w/ UPS Facilities * WAN Wireless Networks * Fiber Optic networking

* On-line technician training * Low Cost Secure Networks * IAM & PAM Architecture & implementation

* Expert Witness testimony * Business Plan Preparation * MF Biometric & Behavioral authentication

* Staffing & Budgeting * Project Plan Development * Project Management & Stakeholder Reports

This practice simultaneously started, funded, and developed CSR-Support LLC (2012 – 2017).

Expert Witness projects included: Patent Infringement, Contract Deliverables, Maintenance Support, Murder, Harassing Phone Calls, Shareholder claims, Fraudulent charges between Telephone Companies and Consumers, Facsimile between Ins. Co. & customers, Other Phone Calls, & Wrongful Contract Awards.

Earlier Projects Included:

* Sophisticated Financial IVR * Faster Check clearing * PBX, Key & Trading Turret systems

* Automatic Call Distribution * Virtual Voice Switching * On-Offshore Call Centers

* Recycling Plant Telecom * Intelligent Routing with Screen Pops * Pulp & Paper Mill Telecom

Earlier Clients: Dreyfus (Mellon Bank), General Motors, New York City Housing Authority & Police, AT&T, Wm. Mercer Meidinger, Parsons & Whittemore, The Equitable, VITELCOM, Chase Bank, State Farm Ins., Massachusetts Mutual Ins. Co., John Hancock Life Ins. Co., State Street Bank & Trust Co., British Airways, Palmas Del Mar, Citibank, N.A., Warner-Amex, Bear Sterns, Club Med, Abbott Labs, Hilton International, and United Illuminating.

Upon request a detailed list of project descriptions by client can be provided.

Be advised that times worked on individual assignments and projects overlap.

7/13/2012 – 11/11/2017 - Chief Executive Officer - CSR-Support LLC, Alpharetta, GA - SDVOSB

I created this company with the intent to establish a customer service, call center and technical help desk business to serve the Federal government, staffed by Disabled Veterans. The basic tenet here, is if you accommodate for a Veterans disability, he/she will stay with you longer, yield a lower employee turnover rate, and therefore more experienced customer services.

The company evolved into offering Identity and Privileged Access Management (IAM & PAM) as a managed service to stop data breaches at government agencies. After IBM vetted our solution, we were appointed a Federal Systems Integrator in Cyber Security, a Small Business Cloud Services Provider, and a Business Partner.

Key to the success of our developed solutions was the use of a Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) composed of three biometric factors, continuous authentication, behavioral analytics, remote data capture, storage of all transaction data, and centralized Federated Enterprise SSO application protection. A detailed Capability Document for these solutions is available upon request.

01/01/2005 - 03/31/2009 - Chief Executive Officer - Third Wave International N.V. Curacao, N.A.

I was the CEO and Chief Technologist for this startup licensed International Telephone Company. We provided international origination and termination of voice telephone calls, sold and provided connectivity to the Internet, created an Island network of wireless links to customers, provided off-site data storage vaults with high security links between their buildings and our facility. The network was based on using high-security Free Space Optical links and Millimeter Wave Radio systems. We were also planning on launching a high bandwidth "Triple Play" offering of fixed and mobile voice, and internet access. Major accomplishments included: 1) Dealt with lack of policing of wireless spectrum; 2) Provided secure collocation facility; 3) Provided lower than ever costs for international & domestic voice and data communications while being profitable, and 4) Managed and monitored all network components remotely (including Routers, Switches, DACS, PLCs, transceivers and Power systems), to optimize performance, while using the highest levels of REMOTE ACCESS SECURITY for our clients and customers.

06/01/2003 - 09/01/2006 – Chief Financial Officer - Intense School, Inc. Plantation, FL United States

I served as a part time interim CFO and worked on facilitating, preparing & successfully selling this IT Training and Certification company. When company sale transaction was complete, I went full time on-site as the CEO of Third Wave International NV.

01/01/1998 - 12/31/2001 - VP (M&A) - Atlantic Tele-Network, Inc. Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas, USVI.

Primary function was investigation of mergers and acquisitions of telecom companies in the Caribbean region (Haiti, D.R., Suriname, Barbados & Trinidad). This included due diligence investigations and business case analyses. Major accomplishments included: Designed and assisted with implementation of an off-shore Call Center for Guyana. After an acquisition of a Haitian wireless company, I managed same for over a year and introduced a mobile cellular like offering and a very low-cost two-way domestic and international radio paging system for the poor in this country. While there I also designed and implemented the largest and strongest RF (radio frequency) tower overlooking Port-au-Prince, Haiti (the nation’s capital).

01/01/1995 - 12/31/1997 - VP Sales - Global-Net, Inc. Reston, VA United States

For this start-up company I was responsible for selling a wireless local loop product that the company was trying to develop at Virginia Tech. Major accomplishments include: Successfully convinced authorities in Poland to implement and test proposed new system. The product was never developed and subsequently Space Vest of Reston, VA, the owners, shut down the company.


Society of Communications Technology Consultants Founder, Past President – Active Member

National Defense Industrial Assoc. (NDIA) - Member

Caribbean Telecommunications Council Founding Member

InfraGard - Member (a partnership between the FBI and the private sector)

Federal Communications Commission – General Radiotelephone Operator License and Instructor

Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association (AFCEA) – Member

U.S. Coast Guard -- Military Veteran

IBM -- Federal Systems Integrator in Cybersecurity Certification



Roslyn High School, Roslyn, N.Y. – Diploma

Ohio University, Athens, OH – BS Degree

NIH & AHA Research Grant plus PhD & MD Scholarships

University of Manitoba (Graduate & Medical School), Winnipeg, MA, CA


Elin Gursky - Subcontractor - Principal Consultant - Population Health Strategies - - 732-***-****

Ross Sullivan - Employer - Sr Census Manager - US Dept Commerce - - 678-***-****

Dave Bernard - Contractor - CEO & Co-Founder -The Intellection Group - -678-***-****

Norman Fast - Subcontractor – President / CEO - Industrial Video & Control -- -- 617- 467-3059 ext. 105

Ranjan Dattagupta - Subcontractor - Chief Operating Officer - 24X7 Systems - - 678-***-****

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