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Manager Engineer

Bristow, VA
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December 29, 2020

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Cesar W. Brito




To provide my professional abilities and build upon existing stregnths acquired via college and 30 years of employment experience.

Summary of Qualifications

College Degree of Building Maintenance Engineer, CFC License, CPO. 4 years Administration P.R. University. 30 Years experience in construction and building maintenance, as well as remodels for the following: (Brito’s Construction Inc.) Construction Project Manager, (Titan Construction) Marketing and Sales Director, (Greystar) Senior Service Manager, Project Manager (Mill Creek) Building Engineer, Service Manager (Riverstone Group) Senior Maintenance Supervisor, (Lincoln Management) Maintenance Manager, (Sentinel Properties) Construction Project Manager Maintenance Manager, (Spano’s Construction Inc.) Construction Project Manager.

Professional Experience

Oct. 2019/Current Trillium

Facility Service Director

In Charge of three High-rise towers of 710 Apartments, 58 townhouses, 12 retail areas, offices, buildings

Leading seven operation employees, three pest control, two security guys, six cleaners including supervisors, construction crew two group of four employees in each crew.

My duty is make schedule with vendor and contractors, by email

Access to Yardi system, teams, company programs etc.

Make daily schedule for repair, follow up construction and operation, Pest control, Cleaners, etc.

Walking available UNITs to make decision to rebuild or continue operation and modified

Follow reports, make decisions for projects, approved proposal.

Service in activity apartments, approximate 23-40 service request per day.

Schedule with vendor, contractors

Follow budget and prepare a budget, support another properties

Prepare scope of work for projects

In charge of Maintenance Coordinate and Service Manager Assistant

The whole Property that included apartments, townhomes, offices, amenities, hallways, corridors, storages, laundry rooms, elevators, services room, electrical room, pump rooms, etc. are designed by boiler and chillers.

2017/Now Dec. 10 BC Inc.

Senior Project Manager

Rebuilding and remodeling basements, condo, houses, patios, decks, roofing

Pull permit for extension, modification or rebuild

Follow the Metropolitan CODE, ADA, MSDS and OSHA, fire departments requirement

Walk through with county inspector

Construction schedule, with sub contractors

Working in scope of work riding blue print.

Walk the final punch List, with Customers

Prepare Proposal and bid, add A change order

Inform the Progress to the General Manager

2017/ Now Titan Construction

Marketing and Sales Director

Walk with the insurance company

Schedule with customer and sub-contractors

Follow up the conclusion of the roof

Collect the payments and process

2014/ 2017 from: Nov. 11 to Dec 5 Greystar

Senior Service Manager/ Project Manager

The Residences of Springfield Station, 6802 Junction Blvd, Springfield, VA 22150

General building ( remodel 70 % of the units, Club house, swimming pool, Replaced Roof, siding, maintenance, construction side

631 Units, 28-Year-Old Property

Supervise interior remodels, reconstruction of the Club house, Swimming Pool and Roof& siding

Scheduling vendors, Approved projects after get the right Proposal

Pull report in signers and MRI, Move in and Move out

Preparing the budget and proposing capital expenditures

Support various properties with due diligence reporting (DD)

Assist newly acquired properties during transitional phase

Supervision of 2 Mid-rise building, include chiller, elevator, Generators.

Support various properties in expense reduction and budgeting

Reduce overall expenses by gathering competitive proposals

Responsible for 11 employees

2014/2014 from: Jan 5 to Nov. 7

Building Engineer / Service Manager

Madera Tempo Apartments, Mill Creek 5760 Dow Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304

Supervisor a 492 units of new construction, coordinate with the builder and engineers to completed Each project, include structural, Masonry, electrical, plumbing, alarm system, camera system, security, new technology system, internet, schedule etc.

Receive make ready units from construction

Prepare the maintenance budget

Prepare new key system electronic magnetic Key, soft word program

Working with vendors

Program security system for elevator, soft work program

Working with contractor, electronic access system for the property soft work program

Reading blue prints with engineers

2012/2014 from: Dec 2 to Dec 28

Senior Maintenance Manager/ District Facility Manager Bent Tree Apartments Community, Riverstone 13630 Bent Tree Circle, Centreville, VA 20121

Building maintenance, in charge of 3 apartments Communities of 504 units Woodway trinity, Harver Hill 345 Units and 748 units for a period of approximate 4 months

748 Units, 30-Year-Old Property

Supervising interior unit renovations, reconstruction of balcony’s, cart port, garages, breezeway

Scheduling with vendors

Preparing the budget, for follow year and recommendations to the business Manager

Reduce the expenses by gathering proposals

Responsible for 12 employees include assistant coordinator. 2000/2012 from: Feb 5 to Dec 2 Maintenance Manager Woodway Apartments Community, Riverstone, Lincoln, Sentinal 5751 Wood Meadow Way, Centreville, VA 20120

In Charge re-Building and remodels of units, rebuild the club house, swimming pool etc. run maintenance department include cleaners

Run report and Building in, MRI Move-in and Move-out

504 Units, 16-Year-Old Property

Scheduling Vendors, Approved Projects, read Blue prints to build

Preparing the budget

Support properties with budgeting and inspections

Responsible for 6 employees

Reduce expenses by gathering proposals to approved 1999/2000 Maintenance Manager

Charlottes Villages Apartments, Sentinal and Spano’s Construction Charlotte City North Carolina

Building maintenance, support of building 2 small properties, 245 units and 350 units

909 Units, 18-Year-Old Property

Schedule of move in and out

Schedule with vendors

Responsible for 11 employees, as well as contracted common area cleaning group

Prepare the budget






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