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San Diego, CA
September 25, 2020

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Prakash Bulusu


Objective: A challenging position that utilizes and enhances my software and analytical skills.

Summary of Qualifications:

** ***** ** *****ience in client/server and server-side manual/automated software testing.

Verified data and functions in user interfaces and databases for inventory control systems.

Validated OBIEE 11g front end reports and data in Oracle backed data warehouse.

Worked on several areas of software testing such as databases (SQL Server, Oracle, PL/SQL), user interfaces (web pages, forms, reports), ETL data, healthcare medical devices, mobile phones, Perl, C/C++, Java, XML, web services, VMware, Windows, Unix.

Developed and executed hundreds of test cases using HP Quality Center for Systems Manager web interface and the User Interface on the display panel for medical devices.

Wrote SQL queries for the backend SQL Server 2008 R2 database to verify the contents of database tables and the updates to those tables. Using SQL Server Management Studio, verified completion of database jobs such as backups, purges, integrity checks etc.

Developed and tested Forms and Reports using Oracle Developer 2000. Worked with Oracle Utilities such as Toad and SQL *Loader.

Tested applications using black box, gray box and white box testing methods.

Worked on setting up of workstations from scratch by installing all software components for testing GPS applications. Used and modified Perl scripts for running automated tests.

Worked with XML scripts, JUnit framework on Eclipse platform and web services custom actions for testing internet/web applications. Created ‘.properties’ files with input data for testing with XML files and web services.

Tested installation and configuration of many applications on Unix and Windows platforms.

Gathered and analyzed requirements, identified potential error points and created several test cases and execution scenarios as development/test team member for many projects. Used defect tracking tool Test Director. Familiar with Rational Tools and UML.

Performed functional and regression testing using Win Runner and performance testing using Load Runner. Developed Win Runner scripts for areas of automation. Automated part of the testing on Windows and Unix environments using batch files and shell scripts.

Technical Skills:

Oracle 11g/10g, OBIEE 11g, SQL, PL/SQL, SQL *Plus, SQL Navigator, SQL *Loader, TOAD, Oracle Developer 2000, SQL Server 2008 R2, SQL Server Management Studio, Java, Java Servlets, Java Server Pages, JUnit testing framework, Web Services, XML, HTML, WebSphere Application Server 6.0, DB2 Universal Database 8.2, Git, Jenkins, Microsoft Visual Studio, C/C++, Pro *C, Cobol, Perl, Rational Tools, UML, VMware vSphere 4.1, Win Runner, Load Runner, Test Director, JIRA, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, HP Quality Center, Unix shell scripts, UNIX (HP-UX 11.0, Sun Solaris 9/10, Red Hat 3.0, SUSE 12, AIX 5.3), Windows 10/7/2008 R2/2007/2003/XP/98/95.

Professional Experience:

Philips, San Diego, CA. Nov 2019 – May 2020

Software and System Test Engineer

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, C/C++, Windows 10, IBM Rational ClearQuest, Test Robot Automation Framework, Git, Jenkins.

Worked in Philips Image Guided Therapy Devices team to verify that the front-end user interface displays the results correctly without errors. Used automation test scripts for unit testing of user interfaces.

Created test cases in Microsoft Team Foundation Server based on the front-end user interface fields to be tested and the settings in the hardware to be configured such as the types of catheters to be used, speed at which the tip of the catheter moves etc.

Wrote unit tests for test automation of the software user interfaces using Test Robot Automation Framework keywords and for data input.

Tested with latest develop code by cloning the changes to the local Git repository in Microsoft Visual Studio.

Downloaded the latest integration builds from Jenkins to do complete system testing.

Opened bugs in IBM Rational ClearQuest for issues found with detailed steps to reproduce.

Verified the defects and closed them after they were fixed in later builds.

SupplyPro, San Diego, CA. Sep 2017 – Oct 2019

Software QA Engineer

Environment: SQL Server 2008 R2 database, Microsoft Team Foundation Server, Windows 7 Professional, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome.

Worked in Supply Pro Inventory Management Solutions team to completely test the front-end web interfaces in various web browsers and the software and hardware functionality of different types of devices used for inventory management. SupplyPro Inventory Management Systems are used in thousands of installations in 50 countries to reduce inventory costs and to improve productivity and efficiency.

Gathered requirements about front end user interface design and the back-end hardware functions for different types of inventory control devices such as supply system, supply bay, smart drawer etc and about the types of products that will be loaded and tested.

Created detailed test cases with test steps and expected results during each build for all the different types of devices and the port web interface which was used to configure them.

Installed new builds on inventory control systems when they were ready. Configured the message queue settings on the systems and verified that they were able to communicate correctly with the port web interface and the server database through polling.

Created different types of products in the front-end web interface such as single item, multi item and weight based products and polled on the devices to get new product information.

Created different types of users in the web pages that were used to login into the devices with different access controls to some or all the products in the inventory.

Thoroughly tested that web pages were working correctly during product and user creation on port in different browsers such as Google chrome and Microsoft internet explorer.

Verified that different options for product and user attributes were displayed in correct format for selection and that they could be saved successfully after creation.

Opened defects in Team Foundation Server with detailed steps to reproduce when the hardware or software did not function correctly in the inventory control systems or in the port web interface. Reverified and closed the defects after they were fixed.

Wrote several SQL queries to verify that all the product and user attributes were populated correctly in the server database and that the data that was transferred to local databases on the systems after polling exactly matched with the data in server database.

Audatex, San Diego, CA. Aug 2013 – Aug 2017

Data warehouse and OBIEE Test Engineer

Environment: Oracle 11g database, OBIEE 11g user interface, HP Quality Center, TOAD, JIRA 6.0, Windows 7.

Worked in the data warehouse team with responsibility to validate ETL data in the backend data warehouse and OBIEE 11g front end user interface for automotive insurance claims.

Created damage and total loss insurance claims for testing using Audatex estimating tools.

Created test cases in HP Quality Center with the expected values to be populated in the data warehouse for insurance claims to be tested.

Created various rules for validating the estimates. Ran estimate checks on claims created in test environments against the rules and generated estimate check data.

Validated estimate ETL data after it was populated in various tables in the data warehouse against manually entered values during claim creation process. Wrote several SQL queries and executed them in TOAD to verify data for existing and newly created insurance claims.

Verified the user interface layout and the fields for search criteria in OBIEE 11g front end reports. Validated the data displayed in the reports against data in the data warehouse.

Opened defects in JIRAs for data discrepancies found in data warehouse or in OBIEE reports. Verified and closed the JIRAs after the issues were fixed.

Teradata, San Diego, CA. Mar 2013 – Jul 2013

Software QA Engineer

Environment: Teradata database, SUSE Linux 12.1, JIRA 5.0, Windows XP.

Worked as part of Teradata Backup and Restore applications team with the responsibility of testing database storage and utility products that work with 3rd party backup applications.

Tested backup and restore functionality of Teradata database backup applications.

Created and executed test cases for verifying the backup and restore of complete databases or specific contents of the databases such as selected tables.

Wrote SQL queries and executed them in Teradata BTEQ utility to verify that data integrity was correctly maintained in database tables after backup and restore operations.

Executed and verified backup and restore functionality from the web browser user interface and from the Unix command line interface.

Created databases of different sizes for backup and restore testing using utilities like Data Generator Tool. Populated the tables in databases with appropriate test data.

Reported issues found during testing in JIRA tracking tool.

Carefusion, San Diego, CA. Aug 2011 – Feb 2013

Software Verification and Validation Engineer

Environment: HP Quality Center, Serena Business Mashups 2009, SQL Server 2008 R2, VMware vSphere 4.1, Healthcare Medical Devices, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows 7/XP.

Worked in Infusion Systems on extensive testing of the User Interface (web pages) for Alaris Systems Manager (ASM). ASM is a most widely used web-based application to configure and track the activities of each smart infusion pump connected to the hospital network.

Gathered requirements from developers and created Test Scenarios indicating functional areas to be tested in ASM web page interface and in backend database. Identified various web page functions to be tested such as generate reports with device status, manage user permissions, add or delete users, import groups, add facilities and IP address ranges etc.

Developed test cases with detailed test steps in HP Quality Center. Each test scenario was translated into many test cases based on the test area and the level of detail.

Documented errors found during test case execution along with expected and actual results and failure details using the Serena Business Mashups 2009 issue tracking tool. Executed test cases again to verify that the issues were fixed and closed the trackers.

Simulated hospital client/server environments by creating several virtual machines from templates using VMware vSphere 4.1 tools on Windows Server 2008 R2. Deployed ASM builds to server virtual machine and accessed the server from web browsers on client virtual machines. Wrote SQL queries to confirm that the database tables were populated with correct data from predefined data specifications immediately after deploying the ASM sever.

Verified using Job Activity Monitor in SQL Server Management Studio that the database actions such as full or differential backups, database purges, old backup removals, integrity checks, email notifications etc were executed correctly.

Created several SQL queries joining multiple tables in SQL Server Management Studio to retrieve data from database. Verified that data in reports generated from the web pages matched with the data from corresponding SQL queries. Verified that changes made through the web interface update fields were correctly updated in backend database tables.

Developed test scenarios and test cases from requirements for functional testing of Mark IV Syringe Pumps. Tested error/warning messages at boundary conditions such as very high/low infusion rates, syringe level nearing empty, syringe pressure above limit etc.

Wrote and executed detailed test cases for testing of User Interface on the display panel for medical devices. Verified that the text on screen was displayed correctly in 20 languages by comparing with the corresponding contents in Language_Master Excel file. Tested validation of user inputs to devices at limit conditions such as minimum or maximum values allowed.

Qualcomm, San Diego, CA. Oct 2008 – Jul 2011

Software Test Engineer

Environment: WCDMA, GSM, GPS, Active Perl, Windows XP, Windows Mobile, Android.

Worked in Qualcomm CDMA Technologies (QCT) on testing of GPS applications for mobile phones. Performed manual and automated testing on GPS builds to verify GPS fixes.

Installed all the necessary Perl, USB drivers and other software components on workstations to make them completely functional for running automated tests on GPS builds.

Added or modified Perl code as required for automated tests of various GPS modes.

Ran tests with simultaneous data or voice calls along with the running GPS applications.

Used Qualcomm eXtensible Diagnostic Monitor (QXDM) to verify that the phones were connected to the network with sufficiently strong GPS signal. Verified that the fixes were generated correctly by GPS applications by making use of Snapper, QPST and QDXM tools.

Post processed the results using Analysis and PostProcessing Expert (APEX), analyzed the location and time statistics and documented and reported all out of range results.

MedImpact, San Diego, CA. May 2008 – Sep 2008

Software QA Engineer

Environment: Oracle Forms 6i/5.0, Oracle Reports 6i/5.0, Toad, SQL, Oracle 8i, Oracle 10g, Unix (Sun Solaris), Windows 2000/XP.

Worked in IT Quality Assurance team for MedImpact, a Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) company that helps in lowering prescription drug costs for drugs delivered through various distribution channels. Tested Oracle forms and reports for MAS500 project in MedAccess, a real-time interactive database that processes and displays client’s information efficiently.

Compared the timestamps in Star Team repository and in Unix environment and checked that latest versions of forms and reports were deployed in Unix.

Examined the code for forms and reports and verified that there was no hard-coding and that test code was removed or commented.

For forms and reports modified from previous versions, verified that the screens were appropriately modified and that correct changes were applied in the code.

For code changes with which outputs should not be different, ran old versions of programs in oracle 8i and ran new versions of programs in oracle 10g and compared the outputs.

Performed functional testing of forms and reports to verify that they were running correctly and were having necessary fields.

When hyperlinks were present in the forms, checked that they were working correctly by pressing F8 key from appropriate fields and inspecting the results.

Investigated the database tables and views into which data is updated from the forms and from which data is retrieved to the reports.

Added new data to database tables using SQL commands in TOAD for data validation tests.

Confirmed that the reports were correct reflection of the database by comparing data in reports with data queried from database tables using SQL.

Opened defects in Star Team, a defect tracking and code repository tool used by MedImpact. Tracked the status of defects and verified them when they were fixed.

Qualcomm Internet Services, San Diego, CA. Oct 2006 – Apr 2008

Server-Side Software Test Engineer

Environment: Web Services, XML, Java, JUnit, SQL, SQL Navigator, Oracle 10g, Unix (RedHat, Sun Solaris), Windows 2000/XP.

Worked in Qualcomm Internet Services (QIS), a division that provides technology for convergence of wireless data and internet services, on Brew Distribution System (BDS) product.

Developed several XML scripts and Java custom actions for test automation of internet applications using web services by taking inputs from ‘.properties’ files.

Gathered requirement specifications from developers and managers. Developed user stories with acceptance criteria and side effects through discussion with team members.

Created test cases with test procedures based on user stories for assigned features in each release and uploaded them into Qualcomm Test Depot, a test case management tool.

Opened hundreds of defects in QIS Team Track, a defect tracking tool. Tracked the status of defects and verified them when they were fixed.

Performed manual testing in detail on Brew Management Server (BMC) web applications to verify that all the internet web pages functionality was working correctly.

Deployed new BDS build labels on Unix server and IBM WebSphere Application Server.

Verified the entries in database tables as part of test validations by writing SQL queries in SQL Navigator tool.

Developed XML scripts for automated read only checkouts of Internet applications and executed them after deployment of new builds.

IBM Software Services, Durham, NC. Oct 2004 – Sep 2006

Software Test/QA Engineer

Environment: Java, JUnit, WebSphere Application Server 6.0, WebSphere Studio Application Developer (WSAD), DB2 Universal Database 8.2, IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.0, AIX, Unix (RedHat, SUSE, Sun Solaris, HP), Windows NT/2000.

Worked as part of the test team for three projects: (i) Composite Offering Installer (COI) (ii) Solution Install (SI) and (iii) Platform Installation and Configuration Service (PICS).

COI (Composite Offering Installer):

Composite Offering Installer is a Macrovision based GUI to allow a user to install software products on machines from a single, integrated, InstallShield GUI.

Tested successful installation and configuration of DB2 Server 8.2, DB2 Client 8.2, IBM HTTP Server 6.0, IBM Tivoli Directory Server 6.0 and WebSphere Application Server 6.0 on single/multiple/remote (two, three and four) AIX, Linux and Windows platforms.

Investigated and analyzed all the potential failure points during installation/configuration/execution of above products and prepared test cases and detailed execution scenarios for capturing those failures.

Changed several input parameters (eg: operating system, port numbers) with custom installation and opened defects for the failures (eg: failure to detect and reuse already installed products).

SI (Solution Install):

Solution Install for autonomic computing enables software solutions to be deployed and supported with reduced human interaction.

Tested SI deployment of software onto several Unix (AIX 5.3, RedHat 3.0, Sun Solaris 9/10, HP Unix 11i, SUSE 8.0) and Windows (Windows XP/2000/2003) platforms.

Used JUnit Framework with Eclipse Platform extensively to write and execute the Java code for test scenarios. Validated correct implementation of dependencies and checks (capacity, version, consumption etc) defined on software resources.

Created XML Media descriptors that described location of files to be installed and verified their installation on local and remote locations and on removable media (network, DVD etc).

PICS (Platform Installation and Configuration Service):

PICS is a Tivoli Component used by other products as a standardized means to install their middleware.

Tested the installation process as well as the execution of three types of installed middleware using Platform Installation and Configuration Service (PICS): DB2 Universal Database 8.2 client and server, WebSphere Application Server 5.1 with optional fixpack and IBM Tivoli Directory Server 5.2 (ITDS).

Opened installation defects like wrong default target directory specification on Linux, failure to install the products in the specified paths, failure of middleware installation from CD etc.

Identified errors in installed software like WebSphere Application Server failing to start on Linux after installation, DB2 instance creation failure after installation, exposed passwords for DB2 Administration Server in flat files etc.

Cisco Systems, San Jose, CA. Jan 2004 – Sep 2004

Software QA Analyst

Environment: Java, JSPs, Java Servlets, Apache Tomcat Server 5.0, Oracle 8i, SQL *PLUS, Test Director 7.0, Load Runner 7.0, Win Runner 7.0, SQL *Loader, Toad, Windows NT/2000.

Worked in a team for development and testing of Deviation Authorization Request Tool (DART) for processing claims by distributors of CISCO products. This is a major application with hundreds of database tables and packages for access by distributors all over the world.

Studied business requirements and identified the links and page layouts to be created to meet these requirements.

Specified and tested Java Server Pages to enable implementation of different functionalities.

Wrote servlets for background processing for the Java server pages such as database access, discount calculations etc.

Tested handling of varying discount processing in the code based on the regions and countries selected. Performed GUI testing.

Created and executed automated test scripts using Win Runner for functional and regression testing. Tracked and managed defects using Test Director.

Analyzed performance and response times of business transactions in Deviation Authorization tool using Load Runner.

Verified security/access to the tool based on role of the user like Approver, Requester etc.

Tested the functionality to search for created deviations based on different criteria like Deviation ID, Approval status etc.

American Express, Salt Lake City, UT. Apr 2003 – Dec 2003

Reports Developer, QA Analyst

Environment: Oracle 9i, Forms 6i, Reports 6i, Actuate Reports 6.0, Win Runner 6.0, Load Runner 6.0, Test Director 6.0, SQL *PLUS, SQL *Loader, Toad, Java, JavaScript, Servlets, HTML, UNIX, Windows NT/2000.

Worked as part of team which developed sales reports for different telemarketing locations in Utah using Oracle Reports 6i and Actuate Reports 6.0 reporting tools with Oracle 9i as backend.

Interacted with clients to gather the requirements. Compiled extracts and feeds of customer transactions as per specifications to facilitate and assist business analysts in their analysis.

Created new database system for sales using star schema data models.

Extensively wrote Stored Procedures, Packages, Functions and Triggers for extracting data as part of system conversion effort to implement business rules on Sales Data.

Created the front-end web application using Java Technologies that accepts the inputs to be stored in the database and retrieves and displays generated reports based on the queries.

Used SQL*Loader to load data from flat files to the database tables. Performed backend testing by executing SQL queries to check data table updates after test execution.

Automated test scripts using Win Runner for functional and regression testing of the application. Tracked results with Test Director and reported defects.

Created Load Runner scripts using Virtual User generator for load performance testing.

Designed and maintained data entry screens using Oracle Forms 6i.

HRGM Corporation, Washington D.C. Jul 2002 – Mar 2003

Reports Developer, Systems Analyst

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i, Forms 6i/6/4.5, Reports 6i/6/2.5, Java, HTML, Toad, SQL *PLUS, SQL *Loader, Unix shell scripts, Win Runner 6.0, Load Runner 6.0, UNIX, Windows 2000.

Management Information System (MIS) was intended create a comprehensive user-friendly system to handle the financial and accounting needs of a construction services company.

Was responsible for gathering business process information, reviewing functional requirements and creating technical design documents in a team of four programmers.

Developed technical specifications and data flow diagrams that would allow a generic but flexible implementation of the application.

Uploaded large, delimited files using SQL *Loader.

Was part of the team that developed and tested front-end web applications that accept input values and display generated reports in the browser.

Executed regression and data driven testing of the system using Win Runner.

Performed load and stress testing using Load Runner.

Created complex matrix, master detail, and drill-down reports using Oracle Reports 6/6i.

Generated several PL/SQL packages, procedures and standalone backend processes that were called by the front-end query applications developed in Oracle Forms 6i/Reports 6i.


Master of Science in Computing and Information Sciences

Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS. Jun 2002

Master of Science in Materials Science and Engineering

Ohio State University, Columbus, OH. Jun 1999

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