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Engineer Engineering

Nesbru, Viken, Norway
September 23, 2020

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Paseo Las Delicias 32, Murcia 30202 SPAIN +47 928 97 710

Name Jesus Corrales

Nationality Spanish

Languages English and basic Norwegian


Experience: 15+ years

Served in numerous projects of various sizes from the chemical, petrochemical, refining, FPSOs and Oil & Gas industries. Lead engineer with extensive experience in project planning, leading, organizing and risk abatement and control of engineering activities performed by contractors and staff personnel, capable of successfully interfacing with and influencing clients. Multidiscipline coordinator, able to undertake a range of engineering services including flow assurance plans, FEED studies, Front end Loadings, detail engineering, commissioning and start –up procedures. Provided continuous process improvement and problem solving through Six Sigma and Lean methodology.

Software: Aspen/Hysis, Flaresim, Flarenet, Cad programs like Visio, Design Cad, Statistics Minitab, Lims, Pi, Aim, ProArc, SAP, Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes REFERENCES

Upon request


Master Environmental Management, Camilo Jose Cela University Spain Post Graduate Industrial Marketing, Centre of Business Economics – National University of South Africa Professional Chemical Engineer, San Marcos National University B.Sc. Chemical Engineering, San Marcos National University My specific skills:


- Guarantee technical expertise of all process deliverables (equipment’s & instruments specifications)

- Early Phase, Concept & Field development - Process support to projects & operations

- PFDs, P&IDs & UFDs development - Technical integrity, safety, maintainability & operability

- Offshore & onshore surveys - Risk Assessment studies (NCS/HAZOP/PTR reviews) Strategic B2B Marketing:

- Liaise with internal and external shareholders - Technology sourcing and benchmarking

- Evaluation of Business Opportunities - Negotiations with Licensors and suppliers Management:

- Activity Quality Plan design & implementation - Manpower estimates

- Monitoring of suppliers and subcontractors - Internationally mobile COURSES

- Project Management (Columbia University)

- Successful business management for Developing Countries (Catholic University Chile)

- Municipal Solid Waste Management in Developing Countries (Ecole Polytechnique Laussane)

- Project Management for Developing Countries (Inter-American Development Bank)

- Faecal sludge treatment (Ecole Polytechnique Laussane)

- Refinery Process Design and Specification FLUOR DANIEL

- Sub Sea Engineering – Subsea UK (The Robert Gordon University) LICENSES

- Registered Professional Engineer of the Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA)

- Certified HAZOP Lead – Sasol / DuPont

- Certified Green Belt Six Sigma – General Electric Corp. PROCESS ENGINEER CONSULTANT RÉSUMÉ

Paseo Las Delicias 32, Murcia 30202 SPAIN +47 928 97 710


2018 – 2020 Aibel, Asker Norway

Senor Process at Johan Sverdrup Phase 2, P2 Topside Equinor (Statoil - Norway)

- Implemented and proposed modifications on P2 platform systems /equipment/design in order to operate this platform without operators in the field for a period of 14 days.

- Produced a process study for safety critical heat tracing philosophy

- Calculation / technical note that describing the method for testing of all safety critical check valves.

- Evaluated seawater-cooling systems to avoid condensation of on electrical transformers and replacement of restriction orifices for glove valves on the entire platform.

- Utility Coverage Optimization.

- System operational and temporary phases: options for installing temporary hoses over bridge from tie-in points on the RP platform to tie-in points on the P2 platform.

- Produced a P2 Platform One-Button Start-up process proposal: Reduce CCR operator workload

Reduce flaring

Reduce down time, standard start-up and shutdown sequences Optimize start-up and shutdown sequences

Increase production efficiency

Avoid shutdown during start-up

Less equipment load

Machine and valves given a uniform handling

Well start-up flexibility between phase 1 and phase 2

- Studied consequences resulting from extending the SW Dump Caisson Vent up along the Boom Rest structure at P2. Compliance with Norsok standards to prevent vacuum, flashing or pulsation on caisson outlet was confirmed. No gas blow-by from caisson bottom outlet identified.

- Studied all single PSV interlock/dependency on P1 and P2 platforms to avoid risk for over-pressurization in the event of faulty operation of the independent locks.

- Proposed a temporary system to heating system for pre-commissioning and commissioning of the High Voltage Direct Current transformer from P2 onshore and offshore respectively.

- Proposed a temporary cooling facility at P2 barge for pre-commissioning activities. 2018 – 2018 Wood Group, Sandefjord Norway

Engineer lead for detail engineering and construction on Inovyn’s North Star project to upgrade Vinyl Chloride Monomer production capacity at Rafnes, Norway.

- Coordinated a multi-disciplinary engineering team at Wood Group Norway for detail engineering and construction.

- Established a quality plan for engineering deliverables and managed long lead items’ tie-ins to accomplish the project schedule.

- Identified safety and process impact of project on existing facilities, proposed process studies and estimated, planned and control man-hours requirements.

- Planned and coordinated project scope and man-hours with other disciplines and operations.

- Provided continuous feedback to project management and operations through meetings, presentations and reports.

- Led and organized operation and safety reviews and checked and approved process deliverables.

- Sourced and bench marked technology requirements and negotiated with licensors and suppliers.


Paseo Las Delicias 32, Murcia 30202 SPAIN +47 928 97 710

2017- 2018 Aker Solutions, Stavanger Norway

Process Lead on Valhall Production Recovery and Valhall Flank North Water Injection projects from Aker BP. Main responsibilities on both projects:

- Developed the design for Valhall Flank North Water Injection project during IMPROVE phase to a safe and economically competitive solution for developing water injection in the Northern Basin.

- Utilized opportunity installation during rig period to reduce shuttling hence identification of Long Lead Items and start procurement process

- Clarified top risks from concept phase

- Sulphate Removal Unit technology selection, specification, bid evaluation, and negotiation with licensors to manage barium sulphate scale depositions in new and existing production wells, having pressure support from water injection wells with treated sea water

- Prevented the client against lack of project definition, potential bad operations and proposed alternative solutions.

- Prepared process alternative proposals and process safety engineering queries

- Issued process deliverables as per Aker BP codes and standards

- Hazard identification and risk assessments through Workshops, Design Reviews and Hazops

- Performed close-out actions from risk assessments

- Coordinate with other disciplines, client and suppliers

- Provided process progress reports, corrective actions to support project schedule and planned process resources.

2014 – 2015 Amec Foster Wheeler Iberia, Spain

Overall Process Lead of the Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel Production project from PEMEX Salina Cruz Refinery. The project includes a Hydrogen plant, Hydrogen Desulfurization and Amine Regeneration Unit, Sulphur Recovery Unit, Sour Water Stripping, utilities and integration. This is a multicentre Amec Foster Wheeler project executed at Madrid, Paris, Thailand and Mexico operating centres. Responsibilities:

- Supervised the production of process deliverables as per Amec Foster Wheeler, PEMEX, local and international standards.

- Coordinated the process teams and disciplines interface at all AMEC Foster Wheeler all operating centres.

- Coordinated with the client, licensors (Axens, Technipe, CB&I and Mexican Petroleum Institute) and suppliers.

- Defined process coordination procedures including checklists, risk registers and common work practices for all operating centres.

- Coordinated the required process studies during engineering development.

- Organize risk assessment studies and implementation of recommended actions.

- Prepared the Flare, vent and blowdown philosophy including control monitoring of Oily vents and Acid vents held at the refinery central control room.

- Contributed to update process & safety logic diagrams.

- Prepared with PEMEX and project planner corrective actions and modifications of the Control System.

- Ensured all process deliverables fulfil project safety, objectives, schedule and budget.

- Provided process progress reports, corrective actions to support project schedule and planned process resources.

- Prevented the client against lack of project definition, potential bad operations and proposed alternative solutions.


Paseo Las Delicias 32, Murcia 30202 SPAIN +47 928 97 710

2013 – 2014 Talisman Energy, Norway

Lead process for Butch tie-in to Gyda project. The Butch field is operated by Centrica and Gyda is an existing Talisman platform. The sharing of facilities and services between Butch to Gyda tie-in and other potential opportunities are investigated. Duties:

- Acted as engineer expert for engineering, project execution on topside modifications towards Host technical services provider & contractors.

- Ensured consistent process design through all topside hosts and subsea systems by following a system engineering approach.

- Assisted in ensured that process engineering standards and functional specifications are suitable for the project.

- Ensured quality of process engineering deliverables for the overall project.

- Developed technical documentation for tender packages and perform technical tender evaluations.

- Supported, identified and managed and close-out of technical interfaces and queries with partners (Centrica) and contractors (G3baxi UK)

- Prepared risk register from HAZIDs, HAZOPs and other HSEs-related reviews and contributed to Quality Risk Analysis.

- Supported the integrated control and safety system upgrade as per Centrica and Talisman codes and standards.

- Responsible for the update and development of philosophies, specification, data sheets and P&IDs based on host platform.

- Prepared basis of design and battery limits definition, Metering philosophy, Subsea and Topside chemical management and Flow assurance plan.

- Participate in peer reviews and support actively the progress to timely pass the client company & authority gates.

Lead process for Varg Gas Export, re-produced injected gas at Varg platform Talisman and transport via FPSO Petrojarl Teekay Norway to Armada British Gas Platform UK.

- Responsible of gas, liquid and chemical management for topside and pipeline.

- Produced start-up management proposal for First gas, Extended Shut-in, Re-start and Pressurized start up (project was successfully commissioned and started-up following this proposal)

- Produced and executed flow assurance plan.

- Assist and prepare process input for ALARP study.

- Prepared basis for allocation metering philosophy.

- Produced sub-sea P&IDs and responsible for all topside P&IDs with special attention to System and Fire and Gas System, inspecting logics and verified alarm/set-points during P&IDs update.

- Worked together with subcontractors, supplier’s representatives & other discipline teams to ensure proper documentation of testing and test performance.

- Upgraded existing High Integrity Pressure Protection System from Armada platform due to tie-in with Varg gas pipeline.

- Upgraded several facilities from FPSO Petrojarl Teekay to resolve gas spec due to contaminants defined by pipeline owner.

- Reduced MeOH consumption introducing kinetic hydrate inhibitors.

- Defined process scope of work and supervised and controlled engineering, lab and flow assurance contractors like Aker, Xodus UK and Amec UK 2012 – 2013 Aibel, Norway

Assisted the process manager on Eldfisk and Ekofisk maintenance and modification projects in Conoco Phillips Norway.

- Technical supported, checked and approved all process deliverables from four senior process engineers for shutdown 2013 project maintenance orders at Great Ekofisk complex.

- Supported pre-commissioning team activities associated to SAS system from Ekofisk

(ABB) and SAS system from Eldfisk (Siemens).

- Worked with commissioning system engineers for Site Acceptance Tests, and performance for some systems (such as control system)

- Process lead for FEL 2 project to provide a new Chlorination unit for Eko J. PROCESS ENGINEER CONSULTANT RÉSUMÉ

Paseo Las Delicias 32, Murcia 30202 SPAIN +47 928 97 710

- Prepared process proposal to reduce the level of noise on the upgrade of the bleed lines at the exhaust system of a gas turbine installation at Eko J.

- Led the de-bottle neck of the H2S scavenger direct injection into a dedicated re- injection well.

- Upgraded of glycol, antifoam and polyelectrolyte systems at Eld E, A & B respectively. 2010 – 2012 Aker Solutions, Norway

Led a team of process engineers for Great Ekofisk Increased Capacity projects.

- Technology selection and development of all process deliverables for a new gas lift module, up-grade of the existing high pressure and low pressure hydro cyclones and the de-bottle neck of the high pressure separator from Eko M at Ekofisk.

- Responsible for all off shore surveys organizing presentations to platform personnel, identification of critical success factors from the project and survey reports.

- Produced and presented reports from relief, flare and depressurization calculations including sectionalisation studies for the new relief sources introduced by all GEA increased capacity projects.

- Defined demolition scope and prepared demolition P&IDs in conjunction with piping and operations.

- Technology sourcing, identification of critical success factors and bench marking for gas lift compression and hydro cyclones.

Led a team of process engineers on FEL 1 from Tor 2 Greenfield and Brownfield at COPNO.

- Technology development and concept selection of a subsea multiphase pumping and a subsea multiphase templates tie back to an existing platform from Ekofisk centre

- Developed alternative cases of subsea solution with multiphase pumping, water injection and gas lift

- Technical evaluation of multiphase pumping technology, multiphase metering and top side equipment upgrade

- Technology development and selection of a minimum facilities, normally not manned platform for jack-up drilling, providing water injection and gas lift and tie back to existing Ekofisk complex

- Prepared a study for a Potable Water System of a platform facility with living quarter for 40 people which considered potable water generation and bunkering in consultation with the Norwegian Institute of Public Health.

- Reviewed process design work on Study 2/4J Turbine and Generator Upgrade carried out by third parties

- Prepared several studies for blow down and fire relief systems, including sectionalisation and heat radiation analysis.

- Proposed vent header and high pressure flare system with sonic tip

- Work with well intervention contractors interface Engineers to ensure that internal interfaces between topsides, Turret and hull systems are adequately controlled

- Prepared a summary of coiled tubing operations to define platform footprint and supporting system requirements

- Proposed a system to handle flow back from well interventions to avoid sending them to existing Ekofisk complex

- Worked together with ConocoPhillips team to a define multi discipline scope of work and ensured a safe and environmentally responsible design to fulfil projects objectives

- Provided quality assurance to all process deliverables and organized PFDs/UFDs/ P&IDs reviews, Design Class reviews, Safety reviews and technology selection

- Managed staff, project schedule and reporting.

2006 – 2010 Foster Wheeler Energy Limited, UK

Senior Process Engineer

2010 Process lead of a project to upgrade Stanlow refinery (Shell UK) to process higher sulphur crudes. Responsible for LPG Treating (increased capacity sulphur removal), modifications of naphtha handling and safety aspects.

- Led a team of process engineering contractors on site and at Foster Wheeler India to produce process deliverables on a tight schedule


Paseo Las Delicias 32, Murcia 30202 SPAIN +47 928 97 710

- Identified safety and process impact of project on existing facilities, proposed process studies and estimated process man hours requirements

- Coordinated with other disciplines and operations long lead items and the necessary tie-ins to accomplished required e schedule

- Provided continuous feedback to project management and operations through meetings, presentations and reports

- Sourced and bench marked technology requirements and negotiated with licensors and suppliers

- Organized operation and safety reviews and checked and approved process deliverables

2009 – 2010 Process Lead for FEL, Semi Definitive & Detail engineering of a project with Aibel to install a corrosion inhibitor injection system for a line downstream the production separator and a gas export pipeline at Eldfisk 2/4 B platform (ConocoPhillips Norway). Conducted offshore surveys, produced all process deliverables (PFDs, P&IDs, UFDs, equipment & instrument data sheets). Organized Hazops and Hazids. Lead a team to manage and review vendor design packages and interfaces.

Process lead for a fast track project with Aibel to improve sand/mud disposal at Ekofisk J platform (ConocoPhillips Norway). Performed the following actions:

- Prepared road map and list key activities and timeline

- Organized off shore surveys and meet platform operations to define client requirements and bad performance

- Established a sample collection plan to characterize slurry and sand/ mud rheology and organized pilot test at supplier facilities to validate process estimates

- Got feedback and trouble shooting from sand separation equipment supplier (Tore units)

- Prepared process proposal, identifying platform shut down requirements and long lead items

- Mark up P&IDs for reviewed and conducted Hazop studies 2008 – 2009 I had a project with Aibel to improve current pipeline corrosion monitoring from Ekofisk J platform (ConocoPhillips Norway) to Teesside UK.

With the support of client corrosion specialists, I proposed a side stream to improve corrosion control program for this pipeline. My proposal considered a corrosion monitoring architecture were the side stream was part of it together with pipe line process data, corrosion monitoring (pigs, etc.) and maintenance records, as well as off line side stream monitoring.

I applied a Six Sigma approach to the design of the corrosion monitoring side stream on the platform oil export system.

I identified and specified the critical success factors for the project, these were:

- A corrosion assessment study (together with client corrosion specialist)

- The side stream design criteria (a blank side stream was also provided for scale up purposes)

- Equipment specification for modular unit with minimum dimensions

- Study of side stream location on platform location

- Sampling system design for crude oil, water and solids

- Proposal to include operating and sampling procedures to ensure repeatability and reproducibility

2007 – 2008 Process Lead for a project with Aibel to change out the existing compression unit, turbine and local control system in the gas lift module on TOR platform (ConocoPhillips Norway). In this project, I performed a:

Situational Analysis, where I:

- Conducted off shore surveys to update existing process flow diagrams and P&IDs

- Established data collection plan and validated measurement system

- Organized representative samples to characterize fuel gas composition and NOx emission from turbine exhaust

- Processed data mining through statistical process control to define process range, variability and base line

- Prepared a process simulation model from the existing gas lift compression system

- Defined on stream factor from the unit


Paseo Las Delicias 32, Murcia 30202 SPAIN +47 928 97 710

Future Operation Analysis, where I:

- Benchmarked Solonox turbine suppliers

- Specified process data sheets

- Organized a meeting with client to discuss project requirements and performance objectives through a Cause & Effect study review

- Determined current operating envelop from compressor was under 60% capacity and NOx emissions analysis were under Norsok specification.

- My hydraulic study on pressure drop downstream gas lift compressor showed major bottleneck at gas lift flow control valves. Discharge pressure from compressor was sufficient. Existing fuel gas control valves were over design for current operation. New control valves were specified

- Reliability from Solonox technology was not much better than existing turbine. Proposed NOx emissions Solonox turbine was not required. Also existing compressor reliability could not be improved, I proposed to keep existing compressor.

- Recommended only upgrade control system and replace anti surge valves for new ones with sound attenuation.

2006 – 2007 Nizhnekamsk Refining and Petrochemical Complex at the Republic of Tatarstan Process Lead

Responsible of a process team of a Pure Taraphthalic Acid and Polyethylene production plants from the multi-million project. Lead a team to manage and review licensors design packages and interfaces from both plants as part of a front end engineering design study to develop a new refinery in Tatarstan. Produced all process deliverables as well as proposed a material handling report to integrate customer needs and missing scope of work from raw material, intermediates, final products and chemical facilities. 2004 – 2006 Bioferma Murcia Sa, Spain

Technical & Marketing Director

Succeeded to scale up from lab to pilot plant a pichia fermentation process with MeOH induction in 6 months’ time, leading Microbiology & Biochemistry research teams and developing basic engineering package (functional description, preliminary sizing of equipment and instruments, PFDs and P&IDs, and Hazops studies) for commercial plant. Directed intellectual protection of technology (Bioferma 2005 award on Business Contribution).

Improved GR&R (reproducibility and repeatability) of pilot plant fermentation processes by 50% to reduce variability from scale up factors between pilot plant and commercial fermenters for process optimisation.

Improve conversion yields from cephalosporin fermentation by 30% through a 6 Sigma continuous strain improvement program.

Proposed software sensors to monitor oxygen and glucose consumption at fermentation. Proposed market opportunities for spent broth and CO2 from fermentation. Defined a tracking system to evaluate contamination levels at cephalosporin plant. Predictions from material losses were confirmed during plant shutdown inspection. Manufacturing included this in procedures.

Directed a team to increase customer satisfaction from Chinese and Indian customer increasing sales by more than 40%.

2000 – 2005 General Electric, Spain

Lead Professional

Drove implementation of total cost out projects on distillation and reaction for about 1 MM$ k/y as result of lab, process simulations and pilot plant studies, coordinating efforts between GE Bangalore Technology Centre (India), Production and Engineering departments ( GEP 2004 award on best TCO project from site) . Directed a production and R&D team, followed up of lab work, conceptual & detail design, construction, commissioning and start-up of methanolysis project with potential savings of about $450 k/y.

Unified design basis to help on scale up of processing units (Water Removal, Evaporation, Distillation & Liquid-Liquid Extraction) of the first monomer pilot plant from Cartagena in collaboration with CRD (New York). Performed bid evaluations of local and PROCESS ENGINEER CONSULTANT RÉSUMÉ

Paseo Las Delicias 32, Murcia 30202 SPAIN +47 928 97 710

foreign vendors. Reduced cost of water removal System by 20% through process optimisation from vendor offer. Succeeded to commission pilot plant as per schedule after continuous delays from construction. Developed operating and safety procedures and trained pilot plant operators (GEP 2002 award for EHS Management). Led together with global sourcing a TPT 2nd source validation at monomers plant with a total cost out of 299K$/y. Developed technical evaluation, defined scope of work, coordinated with Chiba (Japan) / Mt.Vernon (USA) / BoZ (Holland) sites (GEP 2001 award for Service above and beyond the call of duty). 1999 – 2000 Cepsa, Spain

Plant Manager

Proposed and executed a plan to re-organize production that was approved after negotiations with the union and top management. The plan included: work units, polyvalence, both ways communication & continuous improvements. Prepare dossiers to solve claims over warranties from processing units for over $700 k/y. 1996 – 1999 Fluor - DuPont, Spain / USA

Project / Process Lead

AG FUNGICIDES – DuPont (Asturias, Spain): Led process design and detail engineering on: Chlorine and Carbon Monoxide unloading & supply areas, Synthesis of Fungicides and Utilities. Applied quality plan to process deliverables, implemented process procedures for the team, brought process actions on schedule and improved some of the processes involved during plant scale up (e.g. the reactor heating and cooling systems, etc.) construction and start-up.

NOMEX PAPER - DuPont (Richmond, Virginia): Fluor MVP Award as Lead engineer for solvent recovery and polymer synthesis project. Supported R&D to develop conceptual engineering and design basis to scale up process, identified idle and spare plant capacity saving capital cost to the project.

NOMEX FIBERS - DuPont (Tamon, Asturias): Led plant support to Nomex polymer production, spinning, finishing areas at Dupont and OSBLs and firewater networks. GDS Mechelen Compounding Project – DuPont Led Process design, process control sequence, flowsheets and HAZOPs of a plant to produce compounding materials and polymer extrusion.

1989 – 1996 Sasol, South African Oil & Gas

Senior Process Engineer

NEW VENTURES BUSINESS GROUP: Implemented a Marketing Information System, conducted lead users and market trend studies, grouped potential clients through a cluster market approach and screened business opportunities. The more important ones were the recovery of cresylic acids from waste streams, selling a surplus of hard wax production to none related markets and recovery of high-grade methanol. NATIONAL REFINERIES (Sasolburg - South Africa): Converted petrol blender from leaded to unleaded production, optimised tank farm and dispatch facilities, upgraded metering station, introduced on line analysers (Ron, Mon, etc.) and automatic sampling systems. Coordinated activities between operating units, schedulers and logistics departments.

SCHUMAN SASOL: Lead Engineer of the Wax Oxidation Expansion project. Scale up, process design, process control sequences, flowsheets, control strategy, HAZOP studies for a fully automated multipurpose wax oxidation plant. Marketing interface for definition of solid handling, final packing and distribution channel. SASOL FERTILIZERS: Led a project to purge inerts from ammonia production, storage and dispatch.

SASOL RENOVATION PROJECT: Promoted to Senior Process Engineer after successful completion of a project to upgrade Sasolburg refinery to a petrochemical plant developed mass balance, planning and coordinating shutdown of old processing units with EC (Fluor, Foster Wheeler, and Uhde), identification and utilization of redundant equipment for new units like hydrogenation, synthesis, Product Handling, tank farm, dispatch rationalization and paraffin production.

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