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Oracle Manager

Mantua Township, NJ
July 30, 2020

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William R. Arthur

* ***** ***** *******, *** Jersey/08090

856-***-**** (W)

Client Engagement Experiences

Defense Contractor, Reston, Virginia, 02/19/2018 – current

●Oracle 19c multi-tenant upgrades (TTS,DBUA,AUTOUPGRADE UTILITY)

●Production Support for various APEX/REST 4.X TO 18.2 configured applications (middleware and RDBMS)

●OEM enterprise manager monitoring usage

●RAC and Non RAC configurations

●Tomcat /Weblogic administrator - various configuration and upgrades

Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, Wellesley MA, 11/15/2018 – 12/31/2018

●Short term project to conduct – Feasibility study and Gap analysis on :

●Oracle TDE requirements in Exadata X3-2 environment.

●Oracle DBA SQL Plan Management using baselines and sql profiles/gap analysis and fesibiliity

●Documents included high level business requirements and technical details

SMBC Banking Jersey City, NJ 1/20/2018 – 9/12/2018

●Project lead (weekly MS project updates and Props) utilization

●Oracle DBA (CyberArk credential provider implementation)

●Automated execution of CyberArk password API

●Implementation of oracle Transparent Database Encryption technology (TDE) (RAC and NON RAC), RDBMS (Linux)

●Implement Centrify (Active Directory) oracle authentication

●Management reporting: Full SDLC design and implementation (project charter, business requirements, technical specifications, test plans, implementation plans) utilizing both Agile and waterfall methods

●Clients environment also included encryption of Oracle ERP (Apps and VPD databases

●Client environment also included integration of OID database privilege users with Cyberark cloud access security broker product

Ellucian Edmund Halley Drive, Reston, VA 20191 6/2016– 12/31/2017

●Cloud Services Engineer – AWS, banner 8.x and banner 9 products, S3 storage/EC2 environments

●Weblogic Admin – 10.x 12.x, psu patching, application deployments, cluster configuration, performance tuning

●Scrum Master – security (vulnerability and remediation)

Daily scrum execution and project plan development, sprint creation

WebLogic 10.x, 12.x Tomcat (webmaster), INB/SSB, Oracle RDBMS DBA, 11.x, 12c

Degree works 4.x, 5.x, UC4, Application Navigator, AR, student records etc.

●11.2.x database upgrades to (RAC and NON RAC)

●ESM product patching, TLS remediation sprint development and execution strategies

●Oracle Data guard 11g configuration and problem resolution

●Operating systems (LINUX, WINDOWS, SOLARIS, AIX, HP)

●Oracle Fusion Middleware Admin,

oOUD admin (maintained directory server, proxy server for load balancing setup) used dsconfig and other command line commands for automated maintenance tasks

oForms and reports administration (custom fmb sourc files and fmx files, deployments)

oPsu patching of OFM components and upgrades

oWeblogic administration

oPython scripting for various OFM maintenance (startup and shutdown scripts, automated patch deployments)

●Administration of VPD and FGAC database environments, configuring policy and performance tuning

●Banner 8.x and 9 DBA/support engineer (Administration Pages, ESM config/setup, complete technology stack setup (forms server, jobsub server,

●database server) cloning techniques,

●degree works admin 4.x and 5.x, automated patching strategies,

●UC4 configuration and trouble shooting

●Weblogic PSU patching, upgrades and performance tuning, WLST scripts in the weblogic environment, cluster configuration and integration with AWS LBR

●ASH report and AWR and plsql profiler used in SQL performance tuning

●Apache application server upgrades and ssl certificate installs.

Defense Contractor Hunt Valley, MD 2/2016– 10/2/2016

●Oracle Applications 12.2.4 RAC database administrator/systems administrator.

●Oracle Primavera 8.4.5 database administrator/WebLogic admin

●Dell stat 5.7.x administrator

● database upgrades to (RAC and NON RAC)

●Primavera upgrade from 8.4.5 to 16.1.x

●Oracle Fusion middleware Admin – weblogic, forms and reports

●Weblogic PSU patching, upgrades and performance tuning, WLST scripts in the weblogic environment, cluster configuration and integration with AWS LBR

●ASH report and AWR and plsql profiler used in SQL performance tuning

●Full implementation of OAM 11gR2PS2,OAM 11gR2PS3 with federated accounts

Knoll Inc. East Greenville, PA 1/2015 – 2/15/2016

Oracle Applications DBA/SOA Weblogic Administration Architect

●11g Fusion SOA/Web Admin, Oracle DBA, SOA installations configurations integrations with oracle Ebusiness suite 12.x.

●Performed several new installations of Oracle Applications 12.x along with cloning technique improvements involving PayPal, vertex integrations, discoverer.

●Performed E-business integrations involving Advanced Supply Chain instances and oracle configurator instance DBA architect responsibilities.

●Assisted with platform migrations from AIX to Linux along with Disaster recovery and data guard setups.

●Conducted i-store and i-supplier external internet/intranet configurations and setup. Internal/External url configurations against Riverbed LBR.

●Oracle Fusion Middleware Admin

●Conducted OAM/SSO 11gR2 configuration planning and setup front ending SOA/Ebusiness environments.

●Conducted SOA 11g to 12c upgrade/cloning strategies

●Conducted 12.2 upgrade strategy planning, SDLC and instance planning documentation of all environments described above.

●Weblogic, WLST SVN integrations

●Complete life cycle implementation of Oracle Applications 12.2.5, product migration from AIX to Oracle Linux/OVM environments. Expertise in 12.2.5 rapid cloning with runtime file system and patch file system technique. Extensive expertise in adop patching utility strategies. OFA, ASCP, PIM, WMS, oracle financials/manufacturing experience functional/technical. Planning overall strategy of clusterware active Data guard with RDBMS 12c (

● Weblogic PSU patching, upgrades and performance tuning, WLST scripts in the weblogic environment, cluster configuration and integration with AWS LBR

●ASH report and AWR and plsql profiler used in SQL performance tuning

University of Pennsylvania Philadelphia, PA 12/2009 – 07/03/2015

Banner Accounts Receivable/Student Records ORACLE DBA 08/23/2013 – 07/03/2015

●11g Fusion Web Admin, Oracle DBA, Internet Native Banner admin and Self Service Banner Admin.

●Performed several new installations of Banner version 8.x and upgrades and various patches to the RDBMS, batch servers and INB/SSB servers.

●Worked with the team on day to day DBA responsibilities involving performance tuning and VBS/FGAC security implementations.

●Assisted with creating various cloning techniques for faster replication of the environments. Created a SSO/BEIS shibboleth bridge server for identity management of these environments.

●Conducting 12c upgrade analysis and patching strategy and performed various 12c upgrades.

●Oracle Fusion Middleware Admin

●Weblogic PSU patching, upgrades and performance tuning, WLST scripts in the weblogic environment, cluster configuration and integration with AWS LBR

●ASH report and AWR and plsql profiler used in SQL performance tuning

Systems Architect/Oracle apps DBA/Weblogic Admin 12/30/2009 – 07/13/2014

●R12.1.3 apps DBA (Financials and CRM), 11g Fusion Web Admin, Oracle Access Manager Architect, Portal ( Admin.

●Webgate configuration with integration to Ebusiness suite

●Performed the duties of the Lead Infrastructure systems architect, Oracle applications DBA, Oracle Access Manager/WebLogic Administrator and Oracle Portal Administrator.

●Designed a technical project upgrade strategy for the following products and implementing the upgrade process through several iterations and ultimately production implementation.

●The products the team was upgrading from where Oracle application RAC configuration, SSO, portal, OID

●Upgraded to Oracle application 12.1.3 RAC configuration, Oracle Access Manager (11.1.15), (portal, OID (

●Responsible for all technical upgrade plan documentation and implementation for these products.

●Environment had over six thousand named users on a REL 4 VMware Linux environment.

●The environment was front ended by F5 hardware load balancers which configured into the products listed above.

●Responsible for OEM grid control AWR reporting and OEM sql profiling of poor performing sql.

●Oracle Fusion Middleware Admin

●Weblogic PSU patching, upgrades and performance tuning, WLST scripts in the weblogic environment, cluster configuration and integration with AWS LBR

●ASH report and AWR and plsql profiler used in SQL performance tuning

Canon U.S.A, Melville NY 8/13/2012 - 3/10/2013

●10g and 11g Fusion Web Admin, WebLogic admin and j2ee admin ( Admin.

●Developed and implemented a plan to clone a 10GAS environment (portal/discoverer) to a new environment that would later be used as a source environment for upgrade to portal/discoverer 11g (FMW) environment.

●Daily activities also included deploying various j2ee programs and assisting developers with testing and debugging in various environments.

●These system consisted of various inside sales functions requiring 7 by 24 availability.

●Also developed and implemented plan to deploy OEM monitor agent on various web server environments.

●Oracle Fusion Middleware Admin

Sanofi Aventis, Bridgewater NJ 11/05/09 – 11/20/2009

Systems Architect /10gas J2ee, Web cache, Administrator

●At this client defined a quick analysis and rapid deployment upgrade of the 9ias environment to 10GAS.

● This was a successful short term assignment requiring rapid analysis and implementation.

University of Pennsylvania 12/15/05 – 12/30/2009

Systems Architect /11i apps DBA/10gas Portal, Web cache, Discoverer Administrator Infrastructure systems architect and 11i apps lead DBA and 10gas administrator.

●This was a new implementation not an upgrade.

●Design and implement the backend infrastructure components, this would include RAC cluster design and setup, ASM storage configuration design and setup, 11i oracle applications CRM install and configuration, Workflow configuration, 10gas installation and configuration, F5 hardware load balancing integration with 10gas and 11i. This system has a two node 10g release 2 Oracle RAC databases on RedHAT linux x86-64 intel Dell servers. The system utilizes 10gas release ( portal, sso, oid, discoverer reporting, web cache with 11i oracle application CRM single sign on integration.

●The entire environment was load balanced on the front end by BIG IP hardware load balancing. This environment was deployed in a PCI compliant network.

●Produced various release 12 oracle applications project infrastructure upgrades plans for this effort, which will be used for upgrading this environment to oracle applications release 12.

●The release 12 upgrade involved the full integration of OEM with the oracle application management pack being used to monitor/clone the release 12 oracle applications environments.

Unisys, Plymouth meeting PA 9/15/2005 – 12/15/2005

Oracle DBA and 10gas Portal Administration

●Performed the duties of senior DBA and 10gas portal administration.

●The environment also was being implemented in a proprietary Unisys hardware environment with Windows NT servers.

●The target production implementation ORACLE product versions were RDBMS and OEM grid control monitor. The oracle portal version was 10gas and it utilizes sso and oid and webcache all front ended by BIGIP hardware load balancers.

●My specific role here was to work closely with existing team of DBA and 10gas administrators to resolve all high priority technical issues.

●This involved technical analysis during performance testing and being one of the primary support contacts for issues opened with the oracle support website.

Jefferies Investment, Jersey City NJ 5/22/05 – 7/20/2005

Senior Oracle DBA and Architect

●Client was attempting a SQL Server / Lawson Financials conversion to Oracle /Lawson Financials.

●Designed and assisted in implementation of Oracle RDBMS and 10 grid OEM monitoring.

●Target production implementation version were RDBMS and OEM grid control monitor.

●Developed a strategy for successfully scripting the installation of the 10g grid control monitoring environment and Jefferies default Lawson oracle rdbms.

●This project also involved extensive onsite educational classes for the clients’ permanent personal.

Stryker Orthopedics, Mahwah NJ 2/9/05 – 5/20/2005

Senior DBA

11i Applications DBA (Financials and Manufacturing)

●Installation of financials and manufacturing products including the following Manufacturing products: BOM, APS, WIP and the following financials AP, PO, GL, IP, CE, FA. The client is was also utilizing French language and localizations.

●Responsible for setup and configuration of these products working in conjunction with the development and functional teams.

●Configured the 10g OEM environment and 9i RAC. The hardware for the RAC database servers is IBM P Series servers and the web/forms servers are Dell blade servers running Red Hat Linux 3.x.

●Utilized vertex sales Q series tax software. Assisted the setup of Multi Org in this environment. Stryker was converting from a legacy ERP system to the new oracle applications based system.

University of Pennsylvania 5/15/04 – 1/30/05

Systems Architect /11i apps DBA

●Responsibilities include performing all database upgrade responsibilities including but not limited to upgrading database from to and upgrading oracle applications release 11.5.3 to 11.5.9.

●Applied various patches consisting of mini and family patches as well as configuring load balancing and cloning strategies.

●Also the lead technical project plan writer. Assisted with customizations in the area of 170 systems markview imaging for accounts payable.

●The database server and concurrent manager server is configured on various IBM AIX servers from p630 to p650.

●The application servers were on p615. This is a 64bit AIX 5.2L. The fully installed product suite includes AP, PO, internet procurement, GL, EDI and extensive use of workflow notification environment.

●This also involves setting up and configuration of performance tuning instance as well as production implementation plan. This also involved configuration and setup of various workflow processes and OAM monitoring environments.

Accredo Health Systems, Memphis Tenn. 10/15/03 – 4/15/2004

9ias release 1 and 2 DBA/Admin

●Client is a large healthcare organization currently upgrading their existing ERP system which is composed of 9ias release forms and reports.

●Upgrading this to 9ias release 2. Components being configured are portal, single-sign on, forms and reports, discoverer, oem (oracle enterprise management), management server and oid (oracle internet directory).

●Responsibilities include but are not limited to infrastructure database management 9i release 9.0.x on HP tru64 Unix and middle tier cluster farms of 9ias forms and reports on windows 2000 advanced server Additional component being configured is hardware load balancing using Big Ip and oracle RMAN backup and recovery for 9ias infrastructure database and customer database.

●Assisted with various capacity planning issues; these include preliminary planning for RAC cluster which is a migration from TRU64 to HPUX utilizing the HPUX and Veritas clustering methods.

●The plan will take the upgraded oracle 9ias r2 environment and cluster it in a RAC environment after migrating to HPUX from HP-Tru64.

●The application middle tier server farm is on windows 2000 advanced server.

University of Pennsylvania 6/15/03 - 8/22/03

Project Analyst

●Responsibility for conducting feasibility study for a potential new business.

●Reviewed all aspects of the sponsoring business units' ability to create this service for the university community.

●Conducting technical evaluations of several products including but not limited their design, implementation strategy, technical gap analysis issues with implementing them in the universities' environment, capital costs, operating and maintenance cost and other factors related to the development of this service.

●Utilizing the following tools: Microsoft word, Microsoft Project, Microsoft Excel. The service is an extension of the current business continuity offering. I also reviewed the existing Tivoli storage management system (TSM) for enhanced usage of various remote backup device types and techniques.

●This is heterogeneous environment consisting of various versions of AIX servers and windows 2000 servers.

Continuum Health Partners, Secaucus NJ Dec 2002 to March 2003

Technical Project Manager/Oracle Lead Database Administrator

●Implementation of Oracle Financials 11.5.7 on the IBM AIX platform.

●The hardware was an IBM P690 REGATTA/HACMP AND EMC NAS device.

●The current products being implemented are HR (sshr and payroll), GL, Internet procurement, benefits, supply chain and others.

●Developed a production implementation plan as well as developed and implement various performance enhancement initiatives which included but not limited to 9ias tuning, payroll batch tuning in the oracle RDBMS environment.

●Conducted an extensive gap analysis of the environment.

●Wrote several procedures for various technical tasks including cloning 11.5.7 apps in a high availability environment.

●Conducted various operating systems tuning tasks involving AIX and adsm backup issues. I also researched and help plan an oracle 9i release 2 upgrade and 11.5.8 analysis for this client also.

●Heavily involved in all aspects of day to day oracle applications dba activities including but not limited to: adpatch utilization; 9ias technology stack tuning, cloning, rdbms tuning.

●I also worked on setup and configuration of the 9ias (discover server, OHS). I also worked as the lead DBA architect to address various clustering possibilities on the IBM HACMP/GPFS, p690 regatta. This included a high level review and design of the potential RAC environment.

Hitachi Data Systems, San Jose Calif. July 2002 to Oct 2002

Database Administrator/Database System Architect

●Devised several strategies to streamline the client's' approach to performing an upgrade from 10.7sc to

11.5.7 oracle applications.

●Created several documents to implement strategies, which eventually will shorten the customer's' outage timeline associated with upgrading their oracle applications environment.

●These documents included but were not limited to environment creation/instance planning, revised project schedules, database tuning and oracle applications patching and tuning documents.

●Created various backup/disaster recovery type documents, which will be part of the new production environment. The database size range from 150 gigabyte to 280 gigabytes. The hardware was several E4500 SUN servers with Hitachi SAN device.

●Involved in all aspects of day to day oracle applications dba activities including but not limited to: adpatch utilization; 9ias technology stack tuning, cloning, rdbms tuning.

University of Pennsylvania Feb 2000 to May 2002

Oracle Applications Database Administrator/Database Systems Architect

●Performed the duties of upgrading and testing and performance tuning the current 10.7.NCA oracle applications financials environment to the current 11.5.3 Oracle Applications environment.

●Responsibilities included but were not limited to upgrading existing database from 7.3.4 to

●Installation and planning of the Internet Application Server components along with Apache and Java Virtual Machine configuration. Oracle Applications products implemented included General Ledger,

Internet Procurement, and Accounts Payable including 170systems third party imaging system, Purchasing, Workflow and Electronic Data Interchange, also installed and upgraded shared modules cash management and fixed assets.

●Key resource for installation of workflow 2.5 and upgrading to 2.6 as well as setting up various purge and monitoring routines for excessive growth objects associated with workflow.

●Workflow was used in conjunction with Internet procurement.

●Installed both client side workflow interface and server side components.

●Lead instructor in several training sessions at this client. In predominately AIX UNIX environment with some Sun OS systems.

●In the system architect position, performed the various reconfigurations to the Internet Application Server which included but were not limited to modification in Apache Web Server and setting on multiple Java Virtual Machine (J2EE).

●Key resource for configuring SSL (secure socket layer) implementations for the production and development applications environment.

●Performed upgrades of the database from 7.x to all version of 8.x.

●Key resource in writing the technical project plan and have extensive experience in the usage of Microsoft project.

●As the Database Systems Architect, I developed processes which enabled a faster cloning method of an oracle applications 11i environment.

●Designed and set up various standby database systems for this client using oracle standby database technology and some Data Guard in an 8i environment.

●The applications environment databases ranged from 180 gigabytes to 280 gigabytes. The hardware was p680 model s85 and several f20 IBM SAN device.

●Assisted in the installation/configuration/tuning of various 9ias instances utilizing (clickstream,SSO,ASO,J2EE,webcache) components of 9ias.

Campbell Soup Inc., Camdem NJ Nov 1999 - Jan 2000

Oracle Database Administrator/Database Systems Architect

●Performed performance tuning the current consumer product application.

●As architect implemented several performance tuning enhancements.

●As lead Database Administrator, assisted in developing and implementing various view partitioning strategies for the 1.4 terabyte oracle enterprise data warehouse and instance performance in this parallel server environment.

In this environment the Databases ranges from 60 gigabytes to 1.4-terabyte systems. Oracle parallel server is the predecessor to oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) environment.

International Paper, Memphis Tenn May 1999 to Nov 1999

Oracle Database Administrator/Database Systems Architect

●. This project consisted of designing and implementing a database transition plan. International Paper needed to merge its recently acquired Wayne NJ data center with its primary Memphis TN data center. The Wayne oracle servers need to be moved with minimum down time. I designed and implemented several standby databases/data guard environment to accomplish these tasks. The products used consisted of Oracle 7.3.4 on HP-UX, SQL-BACKTRACK and some Oracle on Windows NT setup. These were two hundred fifty gigabyte systems.

University of Pennsylvania May 1998 to May 1999

Lead Oracle Database Administrator

●This is an Oracle Government Financials environment.

●Assisted in the maintenance of the OGF 10.5 environment.

●Patch applications utilizing the adpatch and admerge utilities as well as concurrent manager monitoring and user contention issues.

●Developed and implemented the current 10.5 system to 10.7 character version of OGF and performed several database upgrades from to 7.3.4.

●Additional experience in EDI gateway configuration, installation of Developer 2000.

●Performed senior DBA duties on 10.7 NCA prototype and Oracle applications Rel 11.

●Performed various Y2K testing in these environments. ● Performed several Oracle 8 conversions.

Union Camp, Wayne NJ March, 1998 to May 1998

Oracle Database Administrator

●Responsibility was to upgrade several Oracle 7.3.2 databases to Oracle 7.3.4.

●The hardware in this environment was HPUX 9000 and 8000 series clustered environment.

●Upgraded the backup application SQL-BACK TRACK.

●Reorganized and performance tuned several databases. ● OEM was the primary database management package.

Philadelphia Electric, Philadelphia PA Feb, 1998 to March 1998

Oracle Database Administrator

●Responsibility was to install Oracle 7.3.4 for Windows NT 4.0 and create a small database for an OLTP monitoring system.

●Configuration on the Windows NT 4.0 environment.

●Installed several oracle client workstations, which utilized the ODBC based application. ● The database management was accomplished using OEM and Platinum DBVISION.

First USA Bank, Wilmington DE May, 1997 to Feb, 1998

Lead Oracle Database Administrator

●Primary database administrator for a VLDB system that was to be migrated from version 7.1.6 to 7.3.3.

●The total allocated capacity of the database was 538 gigabytes.

●The system was used to track customer account information and as an inquiry system for customer telephoning for account information. I was responsible for both logical design and physical design. The system also used oracle replication server, raw devices and AIX 4.2. One of the servers was located in Austin Texas and the other was located in Wilmington Delaware. The Alexandria utility system was used for backup and recovery.

Worked on backup/recovery/performance issues in the 1.5 terabyte Pyramid Nile Operating systems, oracle parallel server credit card data warehouse.

Institute for Scientific Information, Philadelphia PA Oct, 1996 to April 1997

Unix Administrator

●Responsibilities of AIX Administration including the installation and administration of AIX versions 3.25,

4.1.4, and 4.2.

●Responsible for the planning and configuration of several AIX 4.x migration efforts.

●Implemented NIS and was a key resource for the NFS server implementation.

●Planned and implemented PVCS. Instrumental in the implementation CA Unicenter. Experience gained on E20, G40, HP9000, and R24.

Computer Horizons Inc., Wilmington DE July, 1996 to Sept, 1996

Operating Systems Administrator & Database Systems Administrator

●Performed the responsibilities of Windows NT 3.51 Administrations including the installation and administration of Windows NT 3.51.

●Responsible for Domain configuration, WINS configuration, DHCP configuration and user profile configuration on two Compaq proliant 2000 servers.

●Performed the responsibilities of Sybase system 10 administrator as well as oracle systems administration.

CGI Systems Inc., Wilmington DE April, 1996 to June, 1996

Operating Systems Administrator

●Performed the responsibilities of an AIX system Administrator for a client whose business is financial services.

●This was an HACMP 3.0 environment it included extensive usage of the SNA services sub system. The AIX environment was 3.25.

Public Service Electric & Gas, Salem NJ May, 1990 to Jan 1999

Operating System Administrator, System Architect, Database Administrator, Systems Analyst

●AIX, ORACLE, CICS/6000, DCE, Encina Administration of these products included the installation, performance tuning and the integration of these products with other platforms.

●As the oracle systems administrator, sole resource for system upgrades of the oracle database systems.

●The total capacity of each system was approximately one hundred thirteen gigabytes.

●Responsible for all aspects of database creation, capacity planning and performance tuning.

●Utilized extensively oracle product tools sqldba as well as the dynamic performance tables.

●Performed logical backups and restores using export and import utilities. ● Configured Oracles multithreaded server and tuned all areas of the SGA.

●This environment has also allowed me to plan a parallel server environment.

●This was a mode 1 HACMP environment.

●Configured the oracle XA interface with CICS/6000, configured and tuned database links to DB2. I have also performed online backups and restores of systems configured with raw devices.

●Installed and configured third party products such as dbvision and tsreorg.

●Developed procedures for the proper operation of the RISC/6000 systems environment based on the methodology set forth by ISO/9000 compliance.

●Designed and implemented an interface system between a Powerbuilder system that had a Microsoft SQL Server Relational Database as its data source and a DB2 data source residing on an IBM-3090 /MVS environment.

The programming language utilized was IBM C Set ++. The operating environment for this system was OS2 version 2.1.1. I have designed and implemented several applications in MVS environment utilizing CICS and COBOL.

ARMS Inc., Cherry Hill NJ May, 1987 to May 1990

Sr. Programmer

●Performed various duties as a subcontractor developing on-line systems.

●Extensive experience gained in MVS CICS COBOL application development and DB2 application development.

●Additional experience gained developing communication interfaces using LU6.2 and CICS command level.

Prudential Insurance Company, Millville NJ May, 1984 to May 1987

Application Programmer

●Extensive experience gained in MVS CICS COBOL application development and DB2 application development.

●Additional experience gained developing single user applications with Lotus 123 macros and Dbase 111.


Drexel University Information System technology - BS 1986

Cumberland County College Information System technology - AS 1983

Skills summary

Banner INB and SSB servers (version 8.6) (accounts receivables and student records, BEIS); Oracle Applications

Lead Systems Architect/DBA; ASM; Oracle Applications Release 12; Oracle Fusion Middleware Architect; (,, WEBLOGIC(10.3.6); Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC) (oracle applications and 10gas application servers); Oracle Applications 10gas rel 10.1.2.x,10.1.3; (sso, oid, portal, discoverer, webcache,j2ee

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