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Jeddah, Makkah Region, Saudi Arabia
May 30, 2020

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, 23442





Team Management

Social and Academic


Behavior Management

Student Engagement

Classroom Management

Business Management and


Curriculum Assessment

Professional Development





A Senior Manager with more than 12 years of experience in school management, administrational and behavioral management, curriculums, standardized and locally-developed assessments, counseling, working in multi- cultural environments and dealing with Superintendents, Board of Directors, Administrators and staff, Teachers

, Parents and Students . Enthusiastic team member eager to contribute to team success through hard work, attention to detail, and excellent organizational skills with an objective of ensuring the overall success by working in collaboration with all stakeholders to foster the best practice and proper pedagogy and encourage creative work environments through recognition for inspiration to excel. Conserve organization's vision and work on its mission by maintaining its high standards and optimize its operation.

Academic Principal

Dar Jana International School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Foster Collegiality and team spirit among staff


Provide communication with superintendent,

departments, staff, students, and parents.

Promote suppositions for high-level performance to staff and students.

Recognize excellence and achievement.

Direct planning activities in place with staff,

academic and non-academic departments

(Accounting, Procurement, Transportation,

Admissions, HR, IT, FM) in coordination with the board of directors, and superintendents to ensure

attainment of the school's mission.

Orient new staff / induction.

Supervise and observe staff performance,

attendance - timesheet.

Assign teachers to classes in coordination with DCs and coordinators.

Make recommendations to superintendent and HR

concerning employees.

Work with planning committees and coordinators for development.

Comply with the Kingdom's policies and regulations 2019-08 -




affecting the school.

Ensure a clean, safe, and orderly campus.

Ensure that school rules are observed and that

students' discipline is appropriate in accordance to student code of conduct.

Conduct conferences about student and school

issues (academic and non-academic) with parents,

students, administration, and teachers

Always try to serve as a role model!

Counseling and Accreditation

Dar Jana Internatioal School, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia Worked on standards and diagnostic studies related to student performance data in correlation with

local and international assessments (PSAT,SAT I,SAT II,AP,GRADE,GMADE).

Facilitated in preparation for accredetation and

worked on school standards and in planning


Counseled and coached students and parents and

served as a guidance counselor for juniors and

seniors in preparation for universities.

Prepared a wide range of extracurricular activities for students and community service for juniors and seniors.

Attended many conferences,summits,and

workshops ;Dubai-Jadarrah,AdvancEd-


2012-08 -


Senior Administrator and Academic Quality


Dar Jana International School

Establish and improve critical tasks and

interdependencies in alignment with the 4 practices

, instruction,curriculum,teaching,and learning

through monitoring, observing, and evaluating

teachers and admin.

Collect data, coordinate and collaborate with my

team on improving the practices and approaches

used in classes and outside classes.

Structure and System ; Supervise and ensure

operation, data system, class instructional tools, 2011-08 -


schedules, safety and substantiate all are operating efficiently.

Support staff, teachers, and administrators and

collaborate with all staff on providing best

methodologies and raise cultural awareness in

alignment with school's vision.

Responded to, researched and resolved issues from

internal staff, external departments and parents.

Delegated tasks, monitored compliance and

implemented performance improvement plans.

Managed quality and accuracy of performance

and delivery, and coordinated between different

personnel and departments.

Helped employees and students with day-to-day

work and complex problems by applying

motivational and analytical strategies.

Interacted with stakeholders professionally by

phone, email or in-person to provide information

and resolve problems in certain academic and

non-academic situations and directed to desired

staff members.

Liaison and Admissions

Dar Jana International School, Jeddah

Devoted special emphasis to punctuality and

worked to maintain outstanding attendance record,

consistently arriving to work ready to start


Offered a clear communication between parents,

students, teachers, and school administration.

Established a mutual understanding of school

regulations and a cooperation strategies between

parents, students, and teachers.

Orginazed meetings to discuss academic and

non-academic concerns with guardians and

students and guided accordingly.

Prepared evaluations, assessed and managed


Supervised on admissions ( entrance exams

,enrollement process, and interviews with parents and students according to MoE, and oriented

parents and students ).

2009-08 -



Additional Information



Dar Jana International School, Jeddah

Taught Social Studies for grades 7 through 10 and

English for grade 5 .

Kept classroom organized, clean, and safe for all

students and visitors.

Prepared comprehensive English curriculum for

grade 5 students.

Helped students develop important learning skills

and good positive study habits .

Prepared and implemented lesson plans according

to pacing schedulesand scope and sequence

covering required course topics.

Coordinated theme days for classes to encourage

interest in reading, resulting in significant increase in reading scores.

Adapted lesson plans and curricula to student

interests, increasing GPAs and student engagement. Worked with administrators on behavioral issues to support needs of all students.

Enhanced student learning by optimizing wide range of instructional approaches and innovative

classroom activities.

2008-02 -



Jinan University - Lebanon

2002-09 -


Hold a permanent Saudi dependent permit /iqama

2019-03 Leading Schools (CSML-HBS)

Optimize your School with Continuous Improvement



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