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Advvanced Supply Chain, Procurement Transformation,Strategic Sourcing

Mississauga, ON, Canada
April 21, 2020

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Eugene Fernandez, SCMP, CPSM, P.Log, ITIL, PMP

*** ********* *****, ***********, *******, L5V 2K6

Cell: 416-***-**** Home: 905-***-****


Senior Procurement Consultant/Advisor and Professional with global experience in leading teams in Procurement Transformation, Strategic Sourcing, Category Management, Contract/Vendor Management, Advanced Supply Chain, and Business/Supply Chain Transformation. EXPERT IT Category Strategic Sourcing, and Strategic Sourcing SW, HW, Professional Services, IT Contract Labor, IT/Wireless Managed Services, Telecom, BPO, Contact Centre, Maintenance, Support, etc..

Delivered over $2 billion value to date to multi-national companies, by use of Strategic Sourcing Best Practices, and experience acquired from world’s top 25 leading global Supply Chain companies and their Clients like IBM-GBS and Dell, and also from Banks (TD & BMO).

Excellence in Indirect Categories (EPIC) Award, for Lifetime Achievement, by ProcureCon Canada and Supply Professional in April 2019.

A Master in Orchestration, Leadership, and Change management of internal (including EVP-Level) and external Stakeholders. Drives often through ‘Out of the Box Thinking’ Sales Growth, first use of Vendor Innovations, Risk Management, and Spend Savings (over 15% Cost Take Out annually), through development of Procurement Strategy aligned to Corporate and Business Units Strategy, accelerated Team Development, and enhancement of Customer and Stakeholder Satisfaction. Successful experience in companies across many industries in:

· Global Strategic Sourcing · Supply Chain Transformation · Management Consulting

· Procurement Transformation · Global Procurement · SC, Retail Assessment

· Category Management · Finance & Operations · EXPERT IT- Category

· Vendor Management · Change Management · Bank & Retail Solutions

· Contract Management · Vendor Innovation for Revenue · Project Management


Bank of Montreal, Toronto May 2019 – Jan 2020

Financial Service

Vendor Manager - IT (Contract – 9 months)

Contract Management of about 500 contracts, RFP, negotiation, and renewals of Information Technology and Professional Services of over $300 million value for the Bank for CIOO, Finance Technology and Risk Management, heading 5 Business Unit CIOs

IT Procurement including MSA, SOW, License, Support, BPO, and T&M contracts, with clauses for scope of services/specifications, roles, liability (including third party open source software), risk, privacy, and Bank Work Product source code IP rights, and data security

Managed offshore and onshore contracts for about 1,000 resources/contractors

Used Clarity for Project Budget, cost tracking and reporting

Used JIRA (for Contract Life Cycle Management) for contract and contractors renewal tracking, and Supplier Enablement & Management System for Risk Management

Used Coupa, and other tools for Invoice work flow, Invoice checking and Audits

Provided CIOO with Project current cost and variance from Budget for Change Requests and new contracts

Researched Gartner best practices, gathered bench marks, rate cards and market trends

Reviewed Licenses, Support and Contract clauses including roles, on-shore, near-shore and off-shore in BPO contracts, project ramp up/down, and advised CIOO before signing

Accounting, scheduling, budgeting, Invoice checking and reports

Negotiated $1 million savings in SAS and Ab Initio Support in 6 months

Identified by Contract clauses and Spend Analysis, for Procurement Transformation and Strategic Sourcing IT opportunities of over $50 million per year savings for BMO, on over $1 billion IT spend, like taxation, contract work hours, project ramp up/down, rate cards bench marking, change orders, project roles, and contractor location on/near/off shore.

TELUS Communications, Toronto Jan 2019 – Mar 2019

Telecommunication, Wireless, Health and Security Solutions

Vendor Manager – IT (Contract)

Contract Management, Renewals and Change Order Management.

Discussion with Suppliers to convert Fixed Price SOW to Contingent Work Force T&M rates

Using information of Standard CWF rates gathered in Fieldglass to assess SOWs

Negotiating with major IT Suppliers to increase payment term to 90 days

Preparing SOWs and Change Orders for Business Units for on-shore, off-shore and near-shore services based on MSA, SOWs and numerous earlier Change Orders.

CSA Group, Toronto Apr 2017 – Aug 2018

$500 million National Standards, Testing, Inspection & Certification of global products

Category Manager Strategic Sourcing/Contract Administrator - IT (Contract – 17 months) (Reported to Director Strategic Sourcing)

Strategic Sourcing Management, and Spend Analysis of $150 million at 36 global labs in 16 countries in NA and Mexico, UK, Europe, and Asia, using SAP BI and Advanced Excel

Defined Categories and Strategies, and identified Opportunities for over 20% savings on $150 million spend

Initiated Quick Hits with Category Strategies aligned to Corporate and Business Unit current strategies

Reduced spend by 15% to 40% for Quick Hit opportunities in 4 months for sub-Categories, like Translation Services, Insurance, Courier, Subscriptions, Supplies and IT Professional Services

Managed Capital Equipment Category, and equipment sourcing for up to $10 million projects each, with IT software and maintenance support, with extensive clauses for scope of services/specifications, in India, US, Germany and Canada

Projects were in India, US, Germany and Canada, and included Real Estate building selection and assessments in India and Germany

Sourced Furniture and Equipment of about $2 million for the new CSA Training Academy

Assisted in P2P and ERP (SAP/Workday) RFPs, with interface to Salesforce

Researched with IT, Business Units and Vendors application of RPA, Bots, AI, Digitization, Virtual Reality, 3D Manufacturing, LP, Business Moments and Development of “Real Time Digital Twin Corporate strategy”

Strategic Sourcing savings of 15% to 45% achieved on each sub-category spend.

TD Bank, Toronto Jun 2015 – Oct 2016

Financial Services

Senior Manager Strategic Sourcing Group/Contract Administrator – IT (Contract - 17 Months) (Reported to AVP, SSG)

Strategic Sourcing of Bank IT, IT Professional Services and Business Operations spend in US and Canada of over $1.5 billion, from about $6.5 billion Addressable Spend

Managed RFi/RFP and negotiated contracts and clauses, rarely needing internal and external Legal assistance, in complex high value IT contracts up to $150 million each

Sourcing projects with complex procurement documents with hundreds of questions and contract clauses for scope of services/specifications (for 17 stakeholder departments) with RFI, RFP for $1 million to $150 million spend, including using Emptoris eSourcing (and eAuction capability), and managed Risk and Regulatory requirements

Handled IT Sourcing projects like SAP BI Upgrade, POS 3 Fund Facts of $1 to $15 million

Market Analysis, RFI/RFP for aggregation of 18 Payment Hubs, a $150 million project

Market Analysis including with Gartner, RFP for SaaS HCM (HR) system for over 120,000 employees and pensioners to SAP, Oracle, Workday, a over $100 million project

Market Research with Gartner, RFI and Reverse Auction followed by Negotiated RFP for Marketing Data Analytics with IBM Multi-Channel Marketing with RTDE, and Markit Analytics

Capital Project Procurement of over $50 million for Bank IT Cyber Security for licensing of Phishing, SSL, Application Security Testing SW to meet Regulatory requirements

Chaired complex negotiations with vendors regarding commercial, legal and technical issues, licensing, IP rights, Liabilities, Disaster Recovery location, GDPR, and privacy rights

Enabled and used Market Research, Gartner Analysts feedback, and Vendor RFIs to transfer knowledge to Business Units for two key major projects over $100 million

Used IBM Emptoris system for eSourcing, eAuction, and Contract Life Cycle Management, and Coupa Procure-to-Pay (P2P) system

Negotiated for Trade Finance and Professional Services implementation and used Lloyds analysis report for Risk Management, regulatory compliance and Liability value

Negotiated over 50% saving on over $10 million Reconciliation Management license

Enabled 32% savings on projects, compared too much lower average for SSG-IT.

Toronto Transit Commission, Toronto Nov 2014 - May 2015

City Transit and Subway Operation

Senior Contract Administrator - IT (Contract – 6 months) (Reported to Head TTC Project Procurement)

Procurement Documents and RFI/RFP for Consultant Advisor SAP Program, and SAP Success Factors (HR) Implementation projects and IT Professional Services

Included evaluation criteria, weighting and submission requirements to enable fast selection from hundreds of potential bidders for SAP professional services

Planned for Multi-Structured RFP process for SAP Systems Integrator, consistent with Commission’s Procurement policy and departmental procedures and guidelines

Developed in TTC for the first time, standard IT RFP and IT Agreements (MSA, SOW, CO) Templates, with external Legal for IT Procurement and Contract Management

IT Capital Project Procurement RFI for Transit Buses for up to $100 million budget, for Consulting Services and CAD/AVL project, Included pre-bid meeting and minutes

For RFP used public advertisement (MERX) and organized information and Q&A meetings and issued Addenda

Assisted in Asset Management Study for Vehicle GPS Tracking (non revenue vehicles) being an Oracle Certified EAM Consultant

Negotiated for free 126 fiber lines in tunnels at 69 subway stations valued at $10 million

Discovered and initiated changes in signed Subway Wireless Network contract to enable TTC additional revenue opportunity of 5%, and eliminate penalty payment at termination

Public Mobile Inc., Toronto (acquired by TELUS) Jul 2010 – Sep 2014

New Mobile Wireless/Telecommunication Entrant.

Director Strategic Sourcing (Reported to VP, Finance/Controller)

Managed Strategic Sourcing, Contract Administration – IT, and Vendor Relationship.

Strategic Sourcing of $200 million spend per year in Wireless, IT SW & HW, Managed Services, AMS, Consulting/Professional Services, Contingent Labor, Wireless & Telecom, Contact Centre, Marketing & Advertising, Sales, Real Estate, Facilities, Legal, Warehousing, Logistics, Mobile Handsets, Returns, Services and Finance, etc.

Spend Analysis using Management Dynamics ERP Reports, Microstrategy, and Advanced Excel, and created Categories and Strategic Sourcing Category Strategies

Initiated Change Management of CEO, EVPs and CTO, and staff transfer of knowledge

Implemented Vendor Management and Contract Management process and identified Opportunities for Procurement Transformation and Quick Hits in 100 days

Strategic Sourcing, RFP and negotiations generated 34% savings on $40 million spend for 1,000 cell site backhaul fibre lines in Ontario and Quebec

Strategic Sourcing, Market Analysis, RFP and negotiations for $20 million terrestrial backhaul realized with Bell 15.2% savings, with IT Managed Services, real time reports, and enhanced SLOs and SLAs

Strategic Sourcing and RFP for $3 million fibre conduits construction for 300 buildings enabled 53% savings

Corporate Stores Construction cost reduction of over 40% using Value Analysis

Project Management and RFP to Oracle ERP/OBIEE, SAP, NetSuite and Management Dynamics, and identified best practices for 25% savings in Business Case, to CEO

Procurement Documents and global Negotiated RFP for IT Communications Contact Centre BPO located at Canada, Montreal, Philippines and Africa, with 20% savings

Chaired complex negotiations with Bell and ZTE regarding commercial, legal and technical issues

Project Sourcing Team member for P2P Assessment for evaluating Coupa and Zycus

Identified TMI Real Estate expenses as 70% of Lease values, and reduction strategies

Set up software system to monitor Lease payments for 1,000 call site roof locations

Researched and gathered wireless best practices. global rate cards and market trends

Savings of about 54% in Armoured Car Cash Carry Services from over 50 corporate Stores

Assisted in ZTE Core Network HW and SW contract negotiations with over 15% savings

Category savings in IT HW/SW, Professional Services, Network/Telecommunication, Operations, Mobile Handsets, Global Outsourcing, Contingent Staff, Construction, Stores Operations, Marketing, Contract Staff, Distribution, Office Supplies, IT Managed Services, AMS, Professional Services, Contact Centre, Legal, FSO, Facilities, Real estate, Data Centre, Oracle Solution, General & Administration, etc.

Strategic Sourcing, Category/Contract/Vendor Management enabled 20% savings annually.

Shoppers Drug Mart, Toronto Nov 2009 – May 2010

Canada’s Largest Drug Stores, Retail Industry.

Director IT Vendor Management (Reported to VP, SC & Vendor Management)

For $150 million IT & Communication/Wireless spend managed Vendors, Contracting, Contract Management, Telecom, IT Professional Services, IT Hardware and Software Renewals, Vendor Performance and Relationship Management, Business Cases, RFP, MSA, SOW, Project Change Orders.

Managed Contract for all IT SOWs and guiding all Project Managers on IT contract terms, KPI, SLA and Performance clauses.

Project RFPs and contract for $28 million Distribution Centres project with WMS License, Systems Integrator, and Negotiated RFP for HW selection (IBM Vs HP)

Saved $1 million (66%) on Microsoft IT SW support renewal of $1.5 million

Eliminated Bell Telecommunication late payment charges of $500,000

Identified $1 million missed rebate for IBM IT-HW/SW and IT Services on $25 million spend

Formulated strategy and rationalization for 200 IT Vendors

Reduced IT HW and SW Maintenance Renewals 10% for EMC, Microsoft and Informatica

Root Cause Analysis of last 2 years Project cost/time Variance enabled adding SOW and Contract clauses to eliminate 50% budget over runs in projects of $3 to $40 million value, included updating/training contract Project Managers on Contract terms

Category savings in Telecommunication, IT HW/SW, IT Managed Services, Legal, Store Operations, Professional Services, IT Maintenance, Projects Management, Contract Staff (Project Managers/Contact Centre staff), Distribution, Intrusion Protection/Security, etc..

Identified major opportunities for extraordinary cost reduction of over $47 million.

IBM-GBS, Toronto & US Jan 1999 – Apr 2009

IBM Global Business Services (GBS) provides Management Consulting and IT Services.

Senior Managing Consultant (Reported to Partner)

Provided in Canada and US, to IBM Clients, Consulting in Advanced Supply Chain, and Lead Procurement Transformation and Strategic Sourcing, ERP & SaaS Assessments, IT Professional Services, Category Management, IT SW Assessments, Project Management of sourcing process, and Advisory Services to C-Level Executives. Savings realization to Clients started in 4 to 8 months and were 15% to 25% of spend targeted.

Relevant assignments at Clients:

Halliburton, US – Oil, Energy and Chemicals Industry

Led Procurement Transformation in 10 months at $2.4 billion Strategic Sourcing and Procurement Transformation assignment as Procurement Consultant. Negotiated contracts for $250 million spend with $30 million savings (12%)

As Master in Leadership, coached and developed the 10 Team members to be Sourcing and Category Managers, with one becoming VP Procurement

Aligned Procurement Strategy to Corporate Strategy

Initiated radical IT SAP Vendor Payment Terms with EVP-Supply Chain and CFO with $15 million annualized savings, and realized $3 million savings in 10 weeks with blast

Initiated new IT Vendor Web Portal for Vendors to log innovations, and Procurement R&D, Quality and finally Finance approvals of the guaranteed 10% Continuous Improvement savings per year new clause, embedded in all Vendor contracts

Initiated and executed for the first time in Halliburton $50 million Low Cost Country sourcing from India, in six months, with 40% savings

United Rentals Inc., US – Retail, Service and Construction/Contractor Supplies

As Procurement and Supply Chain Consultant led a 10 Member Team at the $2 billion Strategic Sourcing Assignment, and Project Management of Sourcing Process

Compiled Data and spend Analysis for Category Strategies and initiated Quick Hits and advised Team members on their allotted Categories

Achieved Quick Hits in 4 months with 20% saving on $40 million Courier Category in spite of 15% reduction of rates from UPS in a recent RFP a month before our arrival

ALCOA, US – Aluminium Industry

Lead and Spend Analysis of the $1.5 billion Production Support Spend, at $11 billion 10 month Strategic Sourcing assignment. As Consultant developed global Categories and Category Strategies for Quick Hits and long term spend reductions

Realized Quick Hit savings in three months with 20% savings on $20 million spend for Refractory sub-Category

Advised Production Support Commodity Council at ALCOA Procurement Centre of Excellence (COE) on the $1.5 billion global spend

BPS Supply Chain Secretariat, Ontario Ministry of Finance (6 months) - Ontario Government (Public Sector)

Procurement Consultant and SME for $6 billion BPS Supply Chain Transformation

Analyzed RFP templates and Developed Common RFP for use by Ontario 150 Hospitals and Health Care Institutions under the BPS Supply Chain Transformation Program

Developed BPS Common Agreement Template with over 27 additional important clauses, with full agreement at meeting of VP/CPO/Head Procurement of major Hospitals/Institutions, internal Legal Counsel and major Vendors like Siemens, HP, GE

Nortel, Canada and US – High Tech and Telecommunication Industry

Enabled a saving of $300 million at SAP IT Assessment and development of global ERP (SAP) and Supply Chain strategy by alignment to corporate strategy to facilitate international virtual plants, enabling global ATP and supplier collaboration, in a merger and acquisition environment.

As Project Manager and Organization & Change Management Manager of 7 teams of 120 members at the i2 Advanced Supply Chain implementation at North Carolina

Globalive Wireless (WIND/Freedom Mobile), Canada – Wireless and Telecom Industry

As Supply Chain Consultant created RFP and select 3PL Fulfilment Vendor for delivery, DSD and Reverse Logistics

Loblaw Companies Limited, Canada – Grocery & General Merchandiser

As Retail Supply Chain Advisor Identified and increased at Business Consulting shareholder value by $800 million at Retail Supply Chain/IT Assessment, and in Roadmap proposed JDA and Manugistics, for Replenishment, Transportation Management, Sourcing, Imports, and WMS at 26 DCs, which when implemented actually realized $1 billion savings, confirmed by CEO in press

Home Hardware Limited, Canada – Hardware & Building Supplies Industry

Generated at the Supply Chain and Merchandising Business Transformation assessment and RFI and RFP SAP, Oracle (Retail), i2/Retek, JDA strategic value opportunities at Business/Supply Chain Consulting with $100 million savings using i2/Retek Advanced Supply Chain software and Roadmap to enable Supply Chain and Merchandising Business Transformation of 1200 stores

Michaels Stores, US – Retail and Distribution Industry

Business Transformation Consultant for transformation as directed by Board, for an IT Solution for 50,000 SKUs procurement comprising one third of company Revenue (US$680 million), to be sourced from Far East instead of US, in two year time frame

Researched Procurement Transformation alternatives and selected an innovative ‘out of the box’ solution and Vendor, and Board objectives were realized

Merck Sharpe and Dhome, Puerto Rico, US – Pharmaceutical, Health & Life Science

Led the Planning, Procurement, Warehouse and Logistics team for Lean Sigma Manufacturing implementation at the plant. Eliminated 100 global planning resources at HQ. Implemented processes like Rhythm Wheel, VMI, Kanban and Consignment.

Schneider Foods, Canada - Food Processing

Prepared Charter, Project Scope, Project Plan and Budget. Developed Finance, Manufacturing, Procurement and Sales processes incorporating best practices and value opportunities aligned to corporate strategy, harmonized across 11 Canadian plants. It also involved RFP and validation and pilot of AGILISYS (SCT) ERP and Supply Chain Planning. Risk Management expertise applied for WMS Project and saved over $25 million.

IBM US & Canada (internal) – Management Consulting and IT Services Globally

Managed RFP responses of up to $40 million in IT, Sourcing, and Supply Chain.

Assisted in $150 million and $75 million RFP responses for US Clients for Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) quotes for Procurement, Finance and HR outsourcing

IBM awards for increasing Retail Supply Chain Assessment Revenues, proposing acquisition of Dynamic Payment Discounting company, and Canada SMB SC BPO

Category savings in Machined Components, Global Sourcing from Far East, IT HW/SW, Network/Telecommunication, Consulting/Professional Services, Operations, Marketing, Supply Chain, Contract Staff, Managed Services, Art/Crafts Products, Petroleum Products, Manufactured Products, Interest, P-Card, Distribution, Courier, Hauling, Returns, Corporate Travel, Communication, Customs Duty, Payments Terms, etc..

Compugen Systems Limited, Toronto 1997 – 1998

Computers, Computer Services, Service, Distribution and High Tech Industry.

Procurement Manager (Contract Administrator –IT HW/SW) (Reported to VP, Operations)

Procurement Transformation, Strategic Sourcing, Contract Management, Supply Chain and Logistics. Managed 18 staff.

Procurement Transformation, and Strategic Sourcing and strategic partnership agreements, for IT HW/SW and Logistics, with a $85 million PC Accessories RFP

Reduced Vendors from 200 to 4, enhanced Inventory Turns 13 to 26, increased Gross Margin 3.5% and Net Profit 2%, of Revenue, in six months

Contract Management, Supplier Collaboration and Supplier Relationship Management for IT HW and SW enabled staff from top five ‘A’ class Suppliers work in procurement and warehouse at no cost, and also eliminated $2 million per year obsolescence/returns write off

Effective Vendor/Contract Management, identified lost rebates, and also increased rebates from $1.5 million to over $3 million per year, at same procurement volumes

Managed supplier performance using KPIs by implementing a new ISO 9002 system.

Education and Professional Development

Bachelor of Engineering – Mechanical Engineering

Post-Graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering - 3 Year program

Diplomas in Marketing Management, Computer Management and Computer Programming

Certified Supply Chain Management Professional (SCMP), SCMA Association, Canada

Certified Professional Supply Management (CPSM), Institute of Supply Management, US

Certified Professional Logistician (P. Log.), The Logistics Institute, Canada

Certified Project Management Professional (PMP), Project Management Institute, US

Certified SAP-PP, PPDS Consultant (includes eProcurement), and SAP APO training

Certified Oracle R12 (OEBS) EAM Functional Consultant (includes eProcurement)

Certified i2 Technologies Consultant, and MAXIMO 6 Asset Management Consultant Training

Certified ITIL Foundation

Business Performance Management (BPM), Organization & Change Management, Lean Six Sigma, SOA, ILOG, Project Management, Negotiation, Contracting, Process Mapping, and CBM training by IBM

Ariba, Coupa (P2P & eProcurement), Procuri, VerticalNet, Apttus (Contract Management), Fieldglass, Beeline, S2P, P2P, and IBM Emptoris (Spend Analysis, eSourcing, eAuction, Contract Management, Third Party Risk Management) training and use

Knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite, Excel (advanced), PPT, Visio, SAP BI, Clarity, Jira

Excellence in Indirect Categories (EPIC) Award, for Lifetime Achievement, by ProcureCon Canada and Supply Professional on April 9, 2019, as over $2 billion dollars saved at Canadian and US Companies.

Quick Hit Procurement Transformation and Supply Chain Savings Examples by Eugene Fernandez


IBM Client



Quick hit Savings

From Start Day

Dell Canada

Customs Duty (Indirect)

Eliminated 1.54% Duty on US imports and got $850,000 Duty drawback for last 2 years


14 days

(2 weeks)

Irving Oil

Strategic Sourcing

Eliminated oil optimization consulting as software now provided no value due to change in oil source


14 days

(2 weeks)


IT Contract Management

Eliminated errors in Subway Wireless contract for 5% additional revenue and no termination fees

$5,000,000 to $10,000,000

28 days

(4 weeks)

Bank (Canada)

RFP/Contract Negotiation (IT)

Reconciliation Management License based on billions of Transactions per year, instead of per day

Over $5,000,000

49 days

(7 weeks)


Insurance (Indirect)

Marine insurance for imports to Dubai by having SONY insure to destination


56 days

(8 weeks)

Dell Canada

Supply Chain and Service Centre

Reduced returns write off by over $2 million per year through Business Process Reengineering, and 3 days delivery of spares by air, to 32 hour by trucking


56 days

(8 weeks)


Payment Transformation (Indirect)

Initiated with EVP Procurement, CFO and EVP Legal, Vendor Payment Terms 2% 20 net 60 on $3.4 billion global spend in over 60 countries


70 days

(10 weeks)

Ministry of Finance

Contract Management

Identified 147 clauses when comparing Private and Public Sector contract templates, for 150 Ontario Hospitals. CPOs/Heads finally accepted 27 clauses

Over $12,000,000

84 days

(12 weeks)


Audit (Telecom)

Identified and eliminated Bell penalties for late payment


84 days

(12 weeks)


Supply Chain

Advanced Supply Chain Assessment and i2 Technologies Roadmap for global virtual plants


84 days

(12 weeks)


IT Vendor Management

Reduced Microsoft Enterprise License renewal fees by $1 million, out of $1.5 million spend


84 days

(12 weeks)

Home Hardware

Supply Chain and Retail Systems

At Home Hardware Advanced Supply Chain and Retail Solution Assessment proposed software which were implemented


90 days

(12 weeks)


Supply Chain, Retail,& WMS IT Systems

As Senior Supply Chain Consultant at Loblaw Supply Chain, Retail Solution and WMS Assessments proposed JDA and Manugistics


90 days

(12 weeks)

Compugen Systems

Procurement Transformation

Used Vendor staff in Department, increased Rebates, eliminated $2 million Obsolescence, increased Inventory Turns, Revenue and GM 3.5%


91 days

(13 weeks)


Strategic Sourcing

Realized 20% savings on $20 million spend at Strategic Sourcing Assignment


91 days

(13 weeks)

Michael Stores

Business/ Procurement Transformation

Enabled “out of Box” use of Far East Agent for $680 million (39% of Revenue) accelerated sourcing of 50,000 SKUs in two years, instead IT GTM solutions


91 days

(13 weeks)

Public Mobile

Procurement Transformation

Transformed Procurement from Decentralized to Centre-led, with Contract Management


100 days

(14 weeks)

Public Mobile

Corporate Tax (Indirect)

Identified SR&ED tax credit for IT and Network Experimental Development


100 days

(14 weeks)

United Rentals

Procurement Transformation

Achieved 20% saving in Courier identified spend of $40 million in four months


100 days

(14 weeks)

Public Mobile

Cash in Transit (Indirect)

Over 54% saving on G4S cash collection charges from Stores


100 days

(14 weeks)

Public Mobile

IT Software

Over 25% savings highlighted on Oracle ERP implementation


140 days

(20 Weeks)

Public Mobile

Construction (Indirect)

Reduced 40 Corporate Store build cost by 40% with Value Analysis


152 days

(22 weeks)

Dell Canada

Digital Transformation

PC Accessories Supply Chain/Procurement Digital Transformation increased GM 5% & Revenue 300%


168 days

(24 weeks)


Procurement Transformation

At $2.4 billion Strategic Sourcing, on $250 million Category enabled in 10 months $50 million savings


182 days

(26 weeks)

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