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Data Customer Care

Frederick, MD
February 29, 2020

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Frederick MD


Business Intelligence Programming Experience

Advanced Excel VBA skills utilizing Active-X Data Objects 2.8 to query a SQL database, massage data points for better presentation. Using Create Object command to output data results to a new custom spreadsheet. This spreadsheet has complete formatting that includes underlining and embedded formulas. Create multiple tabs that display summary data, detail data and graphs.

Use VBA Excel to create interactive BI Spreadsheets that query SQL data real time to populate graphs and other dashboard like presentation objects. Programmatically create and populate complex graphs like combo bar/line charts as well as moving progress gauges from SQL data. Use VBA Progress bar object to inform user of progress in populating the spreadsheet. Use VBA forms for the user to enter select parameters like active/in-active and date ranges. Create SQL code programmatically using user entered selection criteria.

Experience working with confidential data like Social Security Numbers, Data of Births as well as medical history and billing/payment history information.

Advance SQL Querying skills. Ability to develop from scratch complex SQL queries that cross an unlimited number of tables to create a clear resulting data set that addresses the need of the Shareholders.

Experience using VBA programming in MS Access and Excel. Used MS Access as a data repository for re-modeling data for export to Excel for charting and custom reporting and presentation. From Access use Set Object command to programmatically open Excel and read through each to row massaging and manipulating data and import into Access. Splitting text columns on to key fields and descriptive text for greater flexibility for data reporting. Utilized VBA forms, dropdown boxes, text boxes and labels to create user friendly screens and processes.

Customer Relegations Management Software (CRM) Experience working with Saratoga CRM. I was responsible for integrating updates from BGE’s main application and Saratoga. Adhoc Report writing experience on CC&B’s Customer Contact tables for use in their Winter Affidavit Report that is sent to the Maryland Public Service Commission.

Created custom Call Center Scheduling spreadsheet that utilizing Erlang C calculations to determine call center agents needed. Utilized MS Access to re-model data historical data to match up with each day of the year.

Hands on programming experience using C#, VBA Access, VBA Excel and FoxPro. Experience manipulating and processing data using external data types like CSV, Fixed, Comma Delimited, and XML. Utilize data normalizing concepts to convert data from simple external data type to relational database tables that can easily be queried using SQL commands.

Experience writing SSRS reports from SQL Data, even though I can do a better job with Excel.

Experience collecting data from manual sources like Excel, establishing automated steps to replace manual collection, working with developers to write data collection interfaces, training users on the transmission from manual collection to automated input and writing user documentation on the process.

Reverse engineered custom legacy billing administration and claims application for $100 million Third Part Insurance Company. Worked closely with developers to create new system. Responsible for coding and verifying the transfer of 10k members supporting data. Including reassigning coverage codes and billing table connections.

Excellent ability to read through numerous database formats analyzing linking fields. Developing algorithms used to merge data to a suitable format that can be easily reported upon. Experience using Data Modeling to normalize data to an easy to manipulate key driven tables.

Hands on experience on all fazes of Software Development Life Cycles (SDLC) from beginning to end. Custom application design experience converting from legacy systems to new systems. Including the development of new codes that use structure nomenclature concepts. Conversion steps and sequence of processing.

Excellent people and presentation skills. Chaired facilitating meetings where end users worked as a team to develop programming specifications, testing plans and user documentation. This includes motivating all participants to work together as a group to achieve the common company assigned goal. Positive attitude and always willing to help achieve the goal no matter what is required.

Experience managing multiple complex and very diverse projects concurrently. Proven organizational techniques that include topic specific topics/applications/customers, manual tracking methods are document and list based. A keen eye of knowing when to write down specific instructions and notes that will be needed later in the project.

Experience analyzing complex business issues that cross many departments and topics but have similar characteristics, writing customer based estimates that include timelines with deliverables, testing sequences and follow up verification. Providing estimates that include knowns and unknowns that are clearly quantified with time required to program each step. Also provides detailed break down of each piece/part of the over all project.

Taught over 50 credit hours at Baltimore County Community College - Catonsville Campus as an Adjunct Faculty Member, classes included: RPG II/400, Windows, Word, Excel, Access, Microsoft QBasic, Visual Basic 6.0, JavaScript and HTML Programming, Introduction to Computers, WordPerfect, Lotus and dBase IV.


STULZ – Frederick MD June 2019 - Current

Business Systems Analyst

SAP ECC ERP System. Responsible for implementing Cloud bases application (Insights by Entytle). Also responsible for all business intelligence reports using SAP Analytics in the cloud software with SAP HANA datanbase.

Baltimore, Gas and Electric Company (Exelon) – Baltimore MD July 2017 – May 2019

Business Intelligence Developer (Contractor) – Bad Dept and Data Analytics

Responsible for writing all ad hoc reports for the division of Revenue Management. Utilize PL/SQL, T-SQL, VBA, Excel, MS Access and Power BI. In-department data collecting and presentation expert. Attend high level management meetings where I can be called upon at anytime to explain complex data scenarios. I observe the interaction between SME’s and make suggestions on how data can be used to help them achieve their goal. Using VBA Excel I automate manual reporting steps from end users having to print many system reports to create one report. Worked on the TCPA Regulation Committee that verified phone numbers scrubbed by Experian and removed from BGE main database.

T. Rowe Prince – Baltimore MD November 2016 – May 2017

Production Support Analyst (Contractor)

Department (ESS) Enterprise Support Services, Production Support Analyst. VBA programming in MS Access and Excel. Automated many financial reporting mechanisms to streamline data input from many different sources to reduce user interfacing and time. Used Data Modeling to normalize data from various sources to create simple but clear output spreadsheets to be used by management for high level reporting purposes.

Baltimore, Gas and Electric Company (Exelon) April 2015 – November 2016

Business Data Analyst (Contractor) – Baltimore MD

Responsible for ad hock reporting which includes requirement gathering and interacting closely with Business Analysts, Managers, Auditors and Legal. Queries include customer balance, meter counts, usage, service agreements, phone# verification, reporting interfaces. Worked closely with Credit and Collections to write custom reports used to recover over $100k in lost revenue. Main database Customer Care and Billing (CC&B) and Metering Data Management (MDM) using PL/SQ and Excel.

AIS Inc. – Baltimore MD June 2012 – June 2013

Business Application Programmer/Analyst

Responsible for customer support, main application programming using Visual FoxPro 9.0 with SQL Server. Applications used are AP, AR/ GL and Payroll. Experience writing complex stored procedures called by Crystal Reports. Performed business analysis for complex business problems write user specifications for sign off that includes detailed estimates with benchmark testing.

MITC Software, Inc. – Frederick MD June 2006 – June 2012

Contract Payroll Integration Programmer/Analyst

Languages: Visual FoxPro 7, C# Visual Studio 2003, SQL Server 7.0 and Express 2005.

Responsible for developing and maintaining all programs that integrated payroll and accounts receivable data from various source to MITC’s proprietary account and timekeeping application. Data sources included .DBF, Excel, Access, SQL Server, Fixed Text File and CSV files. Programmed Symbol hand held scanners like the MC1000. Developed text file transfer techniques to retrieve and convert data from the hand held to the desktop.

Association and Society Insurance Company, Inc. – Rockville MD October 2003 – June 2006

Business Analyst with Programming

Responsible for managing Business Administration and Billing System transition from a legacy DOS based system to a new state of the art .NET and SQL Server application. This includes developing new benefit and billing codes, creating conversion algorithms that were used by the programmers. Chaired meetings with admin personnel to determine new code nomenclature. Developed Data Flow Diagrams for a graphic depiction of the process. Used Requirements Traceability Matrixes to keep track of the progress of each phase. Developed testing methods used to verify all features and functions work properly. Interviewed admin staff and documented their requirements for presentation to the programmers. Acted as the liaison between the end users and the programmers. Performed light programming to assist in data conversion and ad hock report writing.

The Mather Companies, Inc. – Baltimore MD July 1998 to May 2002

Business Analyst with Programming

Managed software development for a custom New Customer Proposal System that generated health insurance rates by each Carrier utilizing various key facts about the customer and other demographic basics calculations. Interpreted and tested complex insurance rate premium formulas, presented the programmers with easy to understand programming documentation. Performed light programming for ad hock reports using SQL Queries.


University of Baltimore, Robert G. Merrick School of Business BS Degree in Information Systems -1989

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