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Poduct Manager

Hillsboro, OR
February 26, 2020

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Guy L. AlLee, Jr. · *** NE **rd Ave · Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 · 503-***-****

Guy L. AlLee, Jr. · 503-***-**** · SUMMARY: A committed cross-organizational facilitator with strong Hardware / Software Development and Product Management & Planning expertise with tangible strategic thinking results. Passion for helping customers succeed with technology by helping them and developers get the customer requirements right. Strong accountability for ensuring the customer needs are realized. Broad knowledge and interests allow me to energize and evangelize. Excels at building and leading cross-organizational, and cross-functional teams to identify, prioritize and select winning technical approaches enabling business strategies. Analytical skills, strong customer orientation, strong technical skills, networking and facilitative, polished customer facing communication skills allows effective interactions with government, technical, business, C-level management, press, & analyst stakeholders.


• Long history of leading Intel Cross-functional, & Industry Cross-organizational teams with proven track record

• Created opportunities to win $1B server market segment, uplift ASP 57%, & strategically advantage roadmap

• Strong analytical skills that create competitive insights • Business-oriented Strategic Thinking that wins markets

• Experienced in Server, IoT, Security and Intel Markets • Marketing / Product Requirement Documents experience

• Successfully Managed Open Source & Commercial SW • Articulate Written & Verbal Communications

• In-depth knowledge of Processor & Server design –

“wrote the book” (Green Data Centers, Chapter 21)

• Collaborative style & Possibility Thinking that leads HW, SW & Agile teams to achieve “the impossible”

WORK HISTORY: Intel Corporation

Product Manager, Internet of Things Security (02/14 to 01/20). Helping the industry build the Internet of Things (IoT) on a solid security foundation. Responsible for productizing a holistic approach to Intel, McAfee and Wind River HW & SW offerings into a coherent, integrated capability for the cyber security in the Internet of Things, cyber-physical systems and critical infrastructure. Product Manager defining and coordinating product definitions, features and priorities for several Agile development teams to create IoT Open Source Software SDKs and RESTful cloud-based Trust Services.

• Enabling the industry with Intel® Enhanced Privacy ID (EPID) which is Intel’s implementation of Direct Anonymous Attestation (DAA). ISO/IEC 20008 and TCG TPM 2.0 DAA are the standardized way of authenticating to a group, while preserving the privacy of the individual members. Used to authenticate Protected Audio & Video Path and to on-board IoT devices securely. Cloud computing RESTful services deployed on AWS. Collaborated with non-Intel semiconductor external partners, including ARM and others. Used Rally Agile tool to specify Epics & top-level Features, user stories with clear acceptance requirements. Met bi-weekly with the development team to update, prioritize and groom backlog. Delivered seven on-time releases of the EPID SDK and moved it to Open Source on GitHub with Intel as the Maintainer.

• Specified the product and service requirements for Intel® Secure Device Onboard (SDO). Taking advantage of EPID- based IoT Identity, one can securely onboard an IoT Device into a Cloud Service within a minute (vs. the typical 20-120 minutes). Working with 3 Agile teams and several customer Cloud IoT Service Providers to develop the complete ecosystem of SW tools and services (5 SDKs and two services from Intel hosted on AWS EC) to bring it to market. Key contributor to Market Requirements Document (MRD) and created Product Requirements Documents (PRD). Used Rally Agile tool to specify Epics and top-level feature user stories with clear acceptance requirements.

• Speaker at several industry events and webinars on IoT Security, including the Intel Developer’s Conference, Embedded Systems Conference, McAfee FOCUS, IoT Stream Conference, RealComm Smart Building Cybersecurity Webinar, Intel IoT Alliance IoT Security Webinar, Embedded World, and ARM TechCon.

• Managed a cross-divisional project to win an invitation to The White House for the SmartAmerica Challenge, showcasing how the Internet of Things (IoT) is real, and how Intel has design templates for IoT sensors, gateways, edge and cloud analytics, as well as, cyber-security that apply universally. Highlighted projects included air quality sensing, rooftop HVAC energy sensing, and electric grid synchrophasor security fabric. Research Scientist & Technology Strategist – Direct-Current Evangelist (05/07 to 01/14). Researched opportunities with Internet of Things, energy sensing, Data Center, Cloud Computing and Server energy, energy efficiency, and interconnect technology. Researched and proposed business development strategies for 380Vdc in Data Centers, Digital Control of Power Delivery, Power-Aware Workload Placement, Virtualization Power Management and Memory Subsystem Architecture & Power Management. Evangelized 380Vdc and represented Intel in public and with international standards and industry specification groups, JTC-1 and the EMerge Alliance. Managed 4 direct reports.

• Evangelized the transition of the power grid to direct-current. Chaired the 100+ member EMerge Alliance’s Campus/Building Microgrid Technical Specification Committee to unify campus-level DC microgrid standards into a single set of specifications for commercial DC microgrids worldwide. Marshalled 380Vdc for Data Center research from Intel Labs to Intel’s DEG product group for industry enabling, to NTT Facilities to successfully conclude a formal Guy L. AlLee, Jr. · 248 NE 43rd Ave · Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 · 503-***-**** Memorandum of Understanding, and into the EMerge Alliance Telecom and Datacenter Technical Specification. The spec became the basis for the international ETSI DC data center power standard and 72 changes for DC introduced into the 2014 National Electric Code.

• Researched Data Center Demand-Response which creates additional revenue for data centers, increases renewable energy on the grid, and pays data centers to help the grid. Created C++ Proof-of-Concept demo. Formed, led and project managed a five-company team with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL), the Electric Power Research Institute

(EPRI), Portland General Electric (PGE) and the State of Oregon DAS, to compete for and win a DoE/BPA 50% award for a $1.5M, year-long project.

• Established, led and directed Intel’s New Mexico Energy & Sustainability Research Center. Collaborated with visiting researchers and managed 4 researchers on DC microgrids, microhydro, wind, lighting, and energy-efficient workstations and data centers. Established an outreach program with NM Economic Development Department, the NM Computer Applications Center, NM Green Grid, Los Alamos and Sandia National Labs, University of NM, NM State University, and Japan’s energy agency, NEDO.

Staff Strategic Planner (10/00 - 05/07). Led cross-functional teams of architecture, design, validation and finance to define Itanium & Xeon server platforms and chipset requirements and implementation. Worked across external OEM/ODM customers, divisions and with internal Labs. Created winning product strategy planning, provided guidance, and drove business strategy, product portfolio, product positioning competitive response recommendations with management. Provided technical marketing, competitive analysis and the voice-of-the-customer to influence development teams. Assisted Sales in Design-Win success at OEMs. Collaborated with customers to create business value, requirements and development plans. Identified implementation and technical issues, and prioritized decision-making criteria to drive investments and technical issues to closure. Developed, vetted & owned Itanium Platform roadmap. Two Divisional Recognition Awards.

• Drove an outside-in, platform view analysis of product to define Lindenhurst, and ICH-S through the Product Life Cycle to win chipset business in the Dual Processor Server/Workstation segments chipsets. Investigated memory & video compression to determine if there were a technical and business case to add to chipset. Create compelling features and contingency plans. Recaptured >80% market segment share, leading to a $B business for Intel.

• Drove a team to create the 2007-2012 Itanium Product Line Business Plan with a platform roadmap and key actions to achieve Performance & RAS leadership. Advised senior managers and got ratification for it, the majority of Intel's server investment.

• Pioneered platform planning of Blackford/Greencreek chipset products. Defined the Bensley Platform to create an innovative 80% performance boost that was instrumental in preserving Intel’s Server business in the face of its stiffest competition in years.

• Created a strategy to differentiate Intel servers on a revolutionary memory, Fully Buffered DIMMs. Empowered the chipset team to incorporate it into the design and sold the strategic direction to management which resulted in significant competitive advantage as it put the competition into a strategic dilemma..

• Created the opportunity to get a revolutionary network improvement, Direct Cache Access (DCA) into the platform a whole generation ahead of planned intercept. Influenced adoption by senior GM’s outside of my business unit to ensure its success.

EDUCATION: M.S. Electrical & Computer Engineering, Portland State University, 2003, Portland, Oregon.

Additional MBA course work in Strategic Planning, Technology Transfer and Decision Quality. B.S. Electrical Engineering, Portland State University, 2000, Portland, Oregon. COMMUNITY: Mt. Hood Community College Cyber Program Board of Advisors Oregon State University NW Cybercamp (9th-12th grade summer program) Willamette Valley Soaring Club, Past VP, YouTube Soaring Video Site and amateur Video production CERTIFICATIONS:

Pragmatic Marketing Certified – Level III (PMC-III) Commercial Pilot – Glider, US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) Minnesota State Vocational Teaching License (Expired) – Hennepin Technical College: Quality, SPC, and PLC Programming


Cooper, Geoffrey H.; AlLee, Jr., Guy L., ‘Anonymous Device Operation’. United States of America, 10,289,610 Cooper, Geoffrey H.; AlLee, Jr., Guy L., ‘Payment System’. United States of America, 10,482,446 Smith, Ned; Burns, Gregory; Subramaniam, Ravi; Cooper, Geoffrey H.; AlLee, Jr., Guy L. ‘Internet-of-Things Transaction Resource with Finite State Automata’. United States of America, Application 15/393,034 [Pending] Guy L. AlLee, Jr. · 248 NE 43rd Ave · Hillsboro, Oregon 97124 · 503-***-**** PUBLICATIONS:

AlLee, Guy. “Chapter 21: Microprocessor & Server Design.” In Geng, Hwaiyu, ed., Green Data Center Handbook. Wiley & Sons, December 22, 2014.

AlLee, Guy. “Edison was Right! By the Numbers, DC Microgrids for Sustainable Buildings Sooner.” IEEE SusTech 2014. AlLee, Guy, Collins, Craig, and Vlas, Jonathan, “Phasor Measurement Units Today,” Portland State University, November 2013.

AlLee, Guy “Cabezon Peak Technology: Renewables Grid Integration and Data Center Demand-Response,” 2013. [Video] AlLee, Guy & Tschudi, William. “Edison Redux: 380Vdc Brings Reliability and Efficiency to Sustainable Data Centers,” IEEE Power & Energy Magazine, Volume 10, Number 6, Nov/Dec 2012; pp. 50-59. AlLee, Guy. “DC – A technology whose time has come again.” Infocast Military & Commercial Microgrids Summit, November 8, 2012.

AlLee, Guy. “Beyond the Smart-Grid” APEC 2012, February 9, 2012. AlLee, Guy. “KEYNOTE: Building the Energy System We Deserve” Global New Energy Summit, March 2010, Santa Fe, NM.

AlLee, Guy, “Running the Smart-Grid on Internet Time”, Invited Talk, New Research Directions for Future Cyber-Physical Energy Systems, Baltimore, June 3-4, 2009.

Aldridge, T., AlLee, G., Gorius, A., Van de Groenendaal, J., Murphy-Hoye, M., Ramming, J., “System Architecture and Industry Structure as Interrelated Foundations for Progress in Cyber-Physical Energy Systems”, New Research Directions for Future Cyber-Physical Energy Systems, Baltimore, June 3-4, 2009. AlLee, Guy. “DC – An idea whose time has come and gone?” Intel Labs Blogs. May 2010. Aldridge, T., AlLee, G., Pratt, A., Kumar, P., “Evaluating 400V Direct-Current for Data Centers”, Intel Corp, May 2009. AlLee, Guy, ed., “AC vs DC”, Intel Presents: The Eco-Technology Great Debates, June 2008. [Video] AlLee, Guy, “Technology Transfer at Intel”, April 17, 2009. AlLee, G., Song, J., Milenkovic, M., “Data Center Energy Efficiency”, Research at Intel Day, June 20, 2007. AlLee, Guy, “Reducing Motherboard DOA’s with Manufacturing Test & Power Cycling”, IEEE Workshop on Accelerated Stress Testing, October 2000.

AlLee, Guy, “Resolving Customer Issues in Internet Time”, Intel Quality & Reliability Conference, June 2000. AlLee, Guy, “Putting Simulation in Your Company’s Toolbox: From Soup to Nuts”, CASA/SME: How to Select & Implement a Simulation System, February 11, 1988

AlLee, Guy and Vaale, Ernest, “Real Time Statistical Process Control on the W8045 Line”, Honeywell CAD/CAM Conference, October 1987.

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