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Data Analyst

San Jose, California, United States
November 08, 2019

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***N Market St, San Jose, CA, 95110 405-***-****


•SAS/SQL, Data mining certified trained professional with 6 plus years of Data Science & Business Analytics experience.

•Proficient in Enterprise guide/Miner, Exploratory Analysis & Sound understanding of Data Modeling & Extensive experience in developing dashboards, reports using Tableau.

•Experienced and certified with Google Analytics to study the user traffic, behavior and their demographics providing business recommendations.

•Proficient with A/B testing, univariate, multivariate testing.

•Proficient in writing complex SQL queries using aggregate, window functions.

•Experienced working on data preprocessing steps like exploration, aggregation, missing data imputation, sampling, feature selection, dimensionality reduction, outlier detection.

Well versed in machine learning algorithms such as Linear and Logistic regression, Decision Trees, Random Forest, Support Vector Machines, K nearest neighbors and NLP projects like Text Analytics, Sentimental Analysis in RStudio and python.

•Able to generate actionable business insights and provide valuable recommendations for organization goals by creating dashboards using Tableau and other data visualization tools.

•Proficient in Microsoft BI Stack (SQL Server, SSIS, SSAS and SSRS) for Data Warehousing.

•Experienced on Advanced Excel Formulas, Validating Data Entry, Data Manipulation, Conditional Formatting, Advanced Charting Techniques, vlook up, pivot tables, Macros, Excel Dashboards etc.


Master’s in Management Information Systems Oklahoma State University Dec 2016 GPA: 3.65

Bachelors Technology National Institute of Technology, Warangal, India Jun 2012 GPA: 3.7



SAS, SQL, Python (numpy, scipy, panda, matplotlib), R Programming

Analytical tools

SAS Enterprise Guide/Miner, Tableau, Minitab, IBM SPSS Modeler, Visual Studio, Sales force, SDLC, MS Office, Excel (Pivot table, vlook up, macros)

Analysis Techniques

Predictive Analytics, Data Mining, Exploratory Data Analysis, Data Visualization, Data Modeling, Anova, Data ETL, Data mapping

Machine Learning / Predictive Analytics / Text Mining / Market Basket Analytics:


Simple Linear Regression, Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression

Machine Learning

Supervised Learning (Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Decision Tree, Random Forest, SVM, Classification), Unsupervised Learning (Clustering, KNN, Factor Analysis, PCA), Natural Language Processing, Time Series Forecasting

Decision Tree Learning

Classification and Regression Tree (CART)


•SAS certified Base programmer for SAS 9.0 (BP054703v) & OSU Data Mining Certified

•Oracle Database 11g: SQL certified

•Google Analytics Certified

•SAS Certified Statistical Business Analyst Using SAS 9: Regression and Modeling (SBARM002191v9)


Google (Sunnyvale, California)

Sr Data Analyst Jan 2019 – Sep 2019

•Lead analysis work by leveraging extensive data from user interaction metrics, call metrics, user feedback to categorize and generalize potential quality issues with the problem and provided actionable solutions.

•Created meaningful metrics dashboards displaying thorough analysis of all possible root causes by writing database languages queries and setting up data aggregation scripts.

•Collected and analyzed data on customer demographics, preferences, needs, and buying habits to identify potential markets and factors affecting product demand using Google Analytics and provided insights.

•Created KPIs and tracked the metrics for Ads using Google Analytics & other visualization tools.

•Implemented A/B testing and multivariate testing for market campaigns and tracked their conversions.

•Managed product, support and user feedback data, analyzing user interaction metrics and data signals to provide data-driven strategic recommendations further improve product quality and improve user experience.

•Built data models (Random forest and logistic regression) for cross selling to existing customers and created right marketing audience.

•Studied the past marketing trends of the organization & provided recommendation for cost effective customers approach & retention using Google Analytics.

•Built data models (logistic regression and decision tree) for predicting factors behind customer churn and recommended approaches for customer retention using Logistic regression & Decision tree.

•Owned the product’s data collection pipeline, ensuring instrumentations are connected reliably and correctly and automated periodic reports for Executives providing High Level overviews of the organization.

•Worked on Machine Learning system that generates predictive models for every product channel, evaluates performance of models, and assessing to decide the best model for each product channel.

Ambient Intelligence Inc. (Stamford, Connecticut)

Sr Data Analyst Feb 2018 – Jan 2019

•Solved case studies using and analyzed data using SQL, R and Tableau and Google Analytics leading to new findings and recommendations.

•Studied website and App traffic, user engagement, bounce factors using Google Analytics.

•Analyzing customer survey data to enable better targeting of customers and understanding the concerns raised by the consumers using regression & decision tree models.

•Built data models for analyzing factors behind crime rate across different countries.

•Created tables, views and reports using SQL from massive database with tables having over a million records.

•Translated statistical methods from Minitab to R to overcome Minitab limitations.

•Web scrapped many websites to get the data for analysis using R & python.

•Pulled necessary data from database by writing SQL queries and created dashboards and stories as per organization requirements using Tableau and automated reports using financial data.

•Carried out data cleansing, converted data into structured format, removed outliers, dropped irrelevant columns & missing values, imputed missing values with median/mode/average/min/max and decision tree method.

•Developed database structures, SQL queries and ETL scripts to extract, transform and load data from all the departmental transaction processing systems into the Data warehouse.

•Developed and scaled machine learning models like Logistic Regression, Random Forest, Gradient Boosting Machines, SVM (Support Vector Machines), etc. for classification on SAS Enterprise Miner.

•Conduct statistical analysis, including but not limited to correlation test, univariate and multivariate modeling, on cross-sectional and longitudinal data to serve the aim of the study.

Smile Brands Inc. (Orange County, California)

Data/ Business Analyst Jun 2017 – Jan 2018

•Worked on the Revenue Cycle management of the Organization. Automated the entire process of performance tracking for Revenue, Collections & Accounts Receivables using financial data and introduced better statistical approach to attain customers using Tableau, SQL and BI tools & ETL.

•Used Google Analytics for analyzing marketing campaigns, user engagement and A/B testing and multivariate testing for better conversions tracking.

Collected data from disparate sources like MS SQL Server, Excel, and other Flat files. Integrated, analyzed and interpreted the data and presented the findings in the form of reports and briefings for Senior Management.

•Integrated data using SSIS, analyzed data using SSAS and produced reports using SSRS for customers.

•Performed data analysis and reporting and helped with strategic initiatives to support Regional Distribution Center operations while working cross functionally with Operations, Finance and Quality to collect, measure, visualize and interpret large data sets.

•Created customized dashboards providing the applicants overview, hiring stages and employee performances for Talent Acquisition Department.

•Developed intricate algorithms based on deep-dive statistical analysis and predictive data modeling using Python that were used to deepen relationships, strengthen longevity and personalize interactions with customers.

First Tech Federal Credit Union (San Francisco Bay Area, USA)

Data Analyst/Intern Jan 2017 – May2017

•Performed data analysis & built data models for cross selling to existing customers and predicting product and service recommendation for over 2 million customers using R studio.

•Analyzed and processed complex financial data sets producing statistics, plots in Python in pandas and matplotlib.

•Found the order of product & service recommendation using predicted probabilities using regression & RF model.

•Driving to improve business operations effectiveness, avoid losses for investors, built dashboards to present revenue projections & presented story using tableau at Credit Union Analytics Summit 2017.

•Worked on detecting fraudulent transactions and pricing analytics by studying customer behavior & patterns using Python.

Advanced Analytics of the Future (San Francisco Bay Area, USA)

Data Science Intern Aug 2016 – Dec 2016

•Solved case studies using and analyzed data using SPSS, SAS and Tableau leading to new findings and recommendations, which will be used for future analysts of the organization.

•Translated analytical insights using Tableau, created Dashboards and automated data analysis using python.

•Suggested improvements in concept development process based on six-sigma principle.

•Analyzed healthy databases and packages using Minitab, R and company’s analytics.

Digicart Online Services, India

Data/ Business Analyst Jul 2014 – Mar 2015

•Being an e-commerce startup, it involved analysis & reporting transaction data to improve existing sales goals.

•Defined and Maintained set of key Product performance and quality metrics.

•Coordinated with team & Created business models for profitable growth considering B2B and B2C aspects.

•Lead individual projects for making data driven product improvements.


Data/ Business Analyst Aug 2012 – May 2014

•Expertise in Oracle Peoplesoft including functionalities Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) and Customer Relationship Management Analytics (CRM), Testing.

•Tasks involved Identifying, Collecting, Analyzing and documenting Business & Customer requirements.

•Analyzed sales activities, KPI’s, marketing campaigns, customers, pricing and competitors in detail.

•Experience with Agile, Waterfall Methodology, Scrum, Unified Modeling Language (UML), ERD, Data Flow Diagrams, OLTP, OLAP, T-test, User Acceptance Testing (UAT), A/B testing, Multivariate testing.

•Worked on SQL with massive relational database systems.


•Fresher of the year at IBM.

•Made into 3 Minute Presentation Finals at Oklahoma State University.

•Awarded the graduate scholarship for best outgoing student by University Library.


Data Visualizations using Tableau and Tableau public profile

• English Premier League Statistics to analyze factors behind top performing teams.

• Analysis of firearm usage for various crimes in United States for the year 2011.!/vizhome/Crimeandfirearmusageanalysis_15725430088240/Story1

• Foodborne Outbreaks in the United States.!/vizhome/shared/CBMQRN7J8

• Global warming Insights.!/vizhome/GlobalWarmingInsights_15725421030840/Story1

• E-commerce customer flow analysis.

Data Modeling and exploratory Analysis

•Prediction of loan APR and customer segmentation based on credit worthiness.

•Analyzing the factors responsible for the Team’s success in individual soccer matches in the English Premier League.

• Analysis of various factors to predict Homicide rate in the World by countries.

•Attributes influencing the selection of a romantic partner using R & Python.

•Top performing players in Indian Premier League (IPL) Analysis.

• Medical health care center service optimization predicting the right insurance provider/cost for treatment.

•Minitab to R translation for the statistical methods.

•Customer flow analysis for an E-commerce site.

•Dataset preparation & analysis of MS in analytics students on NC State University.

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