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Atlanta, Georgia, United States
November 06, 2019

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Salem Amsaaed *** Highland Ave NE, Suite *** 708-***-**** Atlanta, GA 30312


I am looking for internships/ research and jobs in chemistry or CF-Chemist II. I’ve always loved science and laboratory work. I have over 7 years’ experience working in teaching, laboratory, with experience in such techniques as High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC), NMR, UV-Vis, FTR, ICP, SEM, GC GC/MS and MS, Synthesis Organic, Polymerase Chain Reaction

(PCR), Roman and Gas Chromatography.

• Excellent written and verbal communication skills highlighted by publications (1), conference presentations (1) and teaching experience (7 years).

• Result-oriented and self-motivated professional with diversified technical and research experience seeking a career opportunity as a Chemist in Analytical, Research, or Quality Control Laboratory. Outstanding record in planning, coordinating, and managing projects, with excellent leadership, teamwork, and communication skills.

Hobbies; I love to travel; my travel endeavors have taken me across many lovely countries teaching me priceless life lessons. I am always looking forward to meeting new people and embracing new cultures. I would love to use my experience and knowledge for the greater good of society.


Internet Applications

Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint,

Outlook, Access, & Excel)

Windows 98,2000, XP, Windows 7, 8, 10,

& Mac

Typing Skills (WPM)

Professional in using the Internet

Relevant Skill

Effective Communication Skills; oral and


Excellent Chemistry, & Biology Skills

Advanced in Labs Skills

Languages Fluent (written, spoken and

reading) (English, Italian, Arabic, &

African languages)


Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, GA USA December 2018 Level of Degree (MS), Chemistry / Concentration: Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry GPA 3.63/4.00

Relevant Courses Taken Include: Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Chemical Techniques, Organic Synthesis, Instrumental Method, Inorganic Chemistry, & Quantum mechanics.

Omar Almukhtar University Derna, Libya September 2009 Level of Degree (BS), Chemistry / Concentration: Chemistry GPA 89% (GPA USA Evaluation WES 4.00/4.00). Honors: Excellent Standing with First Class Honor.

Relevant Courses Taken Include: Biochemistry, Organic Chemistry, Analytical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Differential Equations, & Inorganic Chemistry. Alqdysia High School Derna, Libya May 2005

Level of Degree (Diploma), Life Science / Concentration: Medical Sciences GPA 88%

Relevant Courses Taken Include: Pathology, Biostatistics, Medical Laboratory Science, Ecology, Public Health, Medical Physics, Computer Applications C++, & Nursing Science- First Aid.


Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, GA

Laboratory Assistant, Monitor and Technician 08/2017-Present

Analyzed of chemical samples by modern techniques NMR solid-state, NMR solution-state, XRD- X-ray, FTR, ICP, HPLC, UV-Vis, GC, BioChem-Image, Bio-Red Image, SEM, TEM, DG, Roman, Fluorescence Plate Reader, Fluorescence Emission and Excitation.

Developed and repaired systems and software’s of three chemical equipment’s to know the spectrum of chemical and pharmaceutical compounds.

Analyzed and solved of chemical data for a good study of chemical compounds.

Assist 40 students in the training and operation of chemical techniques and analysis of their data.

Developed, optimized, and validated analytical methods for active pharmaceutical ingredient

(API) according to ICH guidelines.

Planed, developed, and implement scientifically well-designed experimental programs and demonstrates creativity and capability in analytical method development, validation and testing.

Performed analytical method robustness and simulated method parameters using DryLab® software.

Familiar with ICH Q3A and Q3B guidelines for impurities in drug substance and drug products.

Accurately and completely records experimental procedures, test results, and observations to meet the cGMP /cGLP according to FDA specifications.

Conducted experiments, wrote protocols, reports, test methods, operation SOPs for new equipment and organized test results in a scientific manner.

Analyzed pharmaceuticals ingredients using various lab Instruments such as HPLC, UV/ Vis Detector, IR, pH meter, GC, LC-MS, and analytical balance.

Conducts limited instrument troubleshooting and maintenance of analytical equipment.

Trained other personnel in analytical instrumentation and test methodology.

Review, and approve instrument outputs and test results containing mathematical calculations, graphs, charts, and narratives.

AFMD Center for Chemical Analysis, University of Libya Derna, Libya and Omar Almukhtar University

Biochemical Specialist 11/2009-07/2014

Analyzed food, pharmaceuticals, and medical preparations.

Tested of enzymatic and biological methods for samples.

Synthesized drugs discovery.

Repair of chemical equipment.

Organize and maintain lab storage, specimens, label samples. and prepare equipment and workspace.

Follow all health and safety regulations when handling laboratory specimens.

Conduct laboratory tests, analyze, and categorize results.

Record and document analysis results; report results and variations to supervisor.

Assisted all senior laboratory staff and leadership with additional duties as needed. Hospital of Oumrazam, Department of Oncology Derna, Libya Specialist in Biochemistry and Medical Laboratories 10/2009-07/2014

Analyzed of human biological samples such as blood, tissues, cell, and diseases.

Preparing and writing medical reports on medical examinations.

Analyzed of medical data using computer applications.

Sterilization of medical instruments.

Nurse and supervision of cancer patients.

Assisted in medical research studies and worked with a diverse team to prepare tools pre- surgery.


Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, GA

Teacher Assistant 08/2017-Present

Teaching courses: Organic Chemistry, & Biochemistry.

Evaluate student performance on tasks established by the standards using different methods such as observation, performance-based tasks or other standard test practices. Omar Almukhar University Derna, Libya

Teacher Assistant 09/2011-08/2014

Teaching courses: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Practical Chemistry, Enzymes, Spectroscopy, Medical Chemistry, General Chemistry, & Chemistry Techniques.

Supervisor of the undergrad students for field studies in chemical 09/2011-03/2014 sciences at chemical laboratories, factories, and oil companies. Oumrazam High School Derna, Libya

Teacher Assistant 09/2009-09/2011

Teaching courses: General Chemistry, & Biology.

Create daily lesson plans and learning activities for students based on national, local and school standards in science education and research and knowledge of developmental behaviors.

General supervisor for students of high schools at science labs, 09/2005-09/2008 oil companies and chemical factories.


Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, GA

Volunteer of Hands. The Civic Leadership Program Transforms Volunteer Leaders into Civic Leaders While Also Supporting the Needs of African Americans. 08/2016-Present INTERNSHIPS PROGRAMS 2009- 2019 LIBYA & USA

Chemical Training Programs, Clark Atlanta University, USA 08/2016-Present

Community Leadership Training Program, Libya 06/2013-01/2014

The Training Program for Civil Society Organizations, Libya 06/2013-01/2014

The Training Program in Oil Chemistry, Chemical Companies, Libya 12/2012-03/2013

Analytical Chemistry Training Program at the Sea Water, Libya 11/2011-02/2012

The Training Program of the Pharmaceutical Industry, Libya 11/2010-03/2011

Chemical Engineering & Biomedical Engineering, Libya 11/2010-03/2011

Academic, Teaching and Technology Programs, Libya 11/2010-03/2011

Biochemistry and Medical Program, Libya 12/2009-03/2010 PERSONAL SKILLS

Work effectively in a team environment

Demonstrated ability to learn and apply new technologies quickly

Well-developed analytical and conceptual skill

Ability to work under pressure

Good spoken and written communication skills

The ability to understand and interpret relevant laws

A logical approach and problem-solving ability

Computer literacy

Verbal & written communication

Production operations

Viewer retention strategies

Online content development

Knowledge of sequencing platforms and data management

Ability to keep records

Ability to operate processing equipment, manage samples, reagents and perform (Chemistry & Biology)

Ability to interpret data by performing trend analysis

Ability in technical writing skills

Ability too independently optimize analytical methods

Problem-solving and troubleshooting abilities

Time management and project management skills


Protein Purification; Carbohydrate Purification; Purification of Small Molecules (AKTA FPLC, Prep-scale HPLC); HPLC/UPLC/UHPLC (IEX, SEC, HILIC, RP, HIC); PDA/CAD/ELSD/RID/FLD Detectors; LC-MS; GC-MS; NMR; FTIR; UV/Vis Spectroscopy.

A broad range of expertise in chromatography (HPLC and GC), mass spectrometry (LC-MS and GC-MS), novel analytical method development, experimental design, statistical analysis.

Technic NMR Solid State, NMR Solution State, XRD, X-ray, FTR, ICP, HPLC, UV-Vis, GC, BioChem-Image, Bio- Red Image, SEM, TEM, DG, Roman, Fluorescence Plate Reader, Fluorescence Emission and Excitation.

Mammalian Cell Culture; Animal Handling and Minor Surgery (mice splenectomy and isolation of bone marrow); In vitro and Ex vivo Immunoassays; ELISA; Gel Electrophoresis

(AGE and PAGE); qPCR; Western Blotting; Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR).

Synthesis of organic products and pharmaceutical compounds using microwave techniques. RESEARCH EXPERIENCE CHEMISTRY & BIOLOGY

Clark Atlanta University Atlanta, GA

Research Assistant in Organic Chemistry & Biochemistry 08/2017-Present

Research experience focuses on Organic Chemistry, Synthesis Organic Products, Photochemistry, Catalyst TiO2, Organic Dyes, Applications on Cancer Cells, Applications for Biological Studies.

Natural Products and Nucleic Acids (DNA & RNA).

Drugs discovery.

Master thesis published, Copper Grafted Titanium Dioxide in Hydrogels for Photocatalysts, 2018

Hydrogel Applications in Organic, Biochemistry, Medical, Industry and Polymers. AWARDS AND ORGANIZATIONS

Scientific Researcher Organization, Member 08/2019-Present

American Chemical Society, Member 11/2018-Present

Canadian Office of International Education CBIE, Member 08/2014-Present

Fellowship CBIE Global Leader in International Education 08/2016-12/2018

Scholarship Western Illinois University- Center for International Studies Macomb, Illinois, United States 08/2015-08/2016

Award of the Best Student of Chemistry (Honorary Certificate) at the University of Omar Mukhtar, Libya 09/2009


Sports (Cycling, Swimming, Diving, Table Tennis & Windsurfing)

Reading (stories, newspapers, scientific books & journals)


Knowledge Update

Technology Updates


Dinadayalane Tandabany, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry, Clark Atlanta University, 223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W Atlanta, GA 30314


Xiu R. Bu, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry, Clark Atlanta University, 223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W Atlanta, GA 30314


Khan Ishrat, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry, Clark Atlanta University, 223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W Atlanta, GA 30314


Williams Myron N.V, Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry, Clark Atlanta University, 223 James P. Brawley Drive, S.W Atlanta, GA 30314


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