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Cincinnati, OH
September 10, 2019

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Thomas William Basham

*** ***** ***** **********, ** 30052 678-***-**** U.S. Citizen

Technical Skills


Years Used

TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks


TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessEvents


TIBCO ActiveMatrix ServiceGrid




TIBCO EMS Appliance


TIBCO EMS Exchange


TIBCO ActiveSpaces


TIBCO Managed File Transfer


TIBCO BusinessConnect


TIBCO StreamBase CEP


TIBCO ActiveMatrix Adapters (File, ADB, SAP, PeopleSoft, Oracle, LDAP, KENAN, and MQ)


TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks Plug-Ins (Active Spaces, MFT, REST, SFTP, COBOL, CICS, EDI, and BIG Data)


TIBCO Spotfire

Learned not used in project


Learned not used in project

Apache Camel




Oracle RDBMS


SQL Server












Project Management



Macy’s System Technology/TCS/EazySoftwareSolutions Johns Creek< Georgia – Managed File Transfer Developer 05/2019 - Present

Converting standard FTP transfers to SFTP (SSH) transfers using TIBCO Managed File Transfer

Norfolk Southern Railroad/ASK Staffing Atlanta, GA 10/2018 – 12/2018 TIBCO Technical Specialist.

Backfill position on project which gathered maintenance information from trains passing various locations. Store the information in a Database using TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.13. Convert the data into simple events and sent those events to BusinessEvents 5.3 to be analyzed and see if the data falls within tolerances.

Royal Caribbean International/Moorcroft Miramar Florida – TIBCO Consultant 4/2018 - 10/2018

Accomplishments – Migration of TIBCO Applications from Miramar Florida to Culpeper Virginia in order to protect applications from Hurricanes. Migration included:

Testing applications in Dev, Integration, Stage, QAT, UAT

Performance testing

Deploying applications to Productions

Applications resided on BusinessWorks 5.x and 6.4, Active Matrix Service Grid, TIBCO BusinessEvents and TIBCO BPM.

·Strategic Insight Consulting Houston, TX- Tibco Consultant 4/2017-12/2017

·Accomplishments – Developed Application which guided end users through the process of strategic planning.

Build an integration layer between TIBCO Business Process Management and BusinessWorks 5.12, and BW JSON plug-in.

Built Processes, Sub-processes, Pageflows, Organization Model and Data Model in BPM.

Provided training on the use of the application.

·Consumer Energy/ThoughtCreek, Jackson, MI– Integration/Enterprise Architect 09/2016 – 12/2016

Accomplishments–Provide Service Oriented Architecture road map that allowed Consumers Energy to set up an Integration Center of Excellence.


Provided a Reference Architecture based on TAGAF principles.

Analyzed current SOA maturity levels and provided a roadmap to achieve the higher maturity levels

Provided a tools matrix which provided an map of which TIBCO or SAP tools to use under which conditions

Provided a a matrix which showed which SOA artifacts needed to be in place to achieve the various levels of SOA maturity.


Accomplishments: Setup integration between PeopleSoft, Oracle Internet Data and Active Directory to allow company to transfer LDAP information from OID to Active Directory over time.


Developed integration between PeopleSoft and Oracle Internet Directory and Windows Active Directory using TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.13, PeopleSoft Adapter 6.2 and LDAP adapter 6.2. Project allowed changes in PeopleSoft HCM to be reflected in both ActiveDirectory and OID simultaneously until OID is phased out.

Updated ldap adapter to use TLS 2.0 in order to integrate fully with Active Directory

Tested and Deployed resulting application

Goldman Sachs/OSGcorp, NYC, NY – Senior Developer 12/2015 – 2/1/2016

Accomplishments: Enabled a Personal Loan Web Application by Integrating Camunda BPM system with TIBCO Web Services built using TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.12.


Created CFX Rest services to connect Camunda BPM with Apache Camel

Used Java application to connect Apache Camel to TIBCO EMS.

HESS Corporation/Infosys, Houston, TX – Architect/Sr Developer – Independent Contractor 3/2015 – 10/2015

Accomplishments: Created a system which allowed HESS Corporation to monitor oil wells for 20 different exceptions e.g. oil/gas ratios, well production limits, etc.

Received award for developing system on time and within budget.


Guided the architecture of the system which used TIBCO Active Matrix BPM 3.x, TIBCO ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5.12, TIBCO BusinessEvents 5.2, Hadoop, Oracle RDBMS, and Javascript for the User Interface

Built Processes, Sub-processes, Pageflows, Organization Model and Data Model in BPM.

Build an integration layer between BPM and BusinessEvents using BusinessWorks 5.12, and BW JSON plug-in.

Built the rules in BusinessEvents which analyzed the messages retrieved from Hadoop data lake via BusinessWorks and generated an exception when the data exceeded specified limits.

Integrated TIBCO ActiveMatrix BPM and TIBCO BusinessEvents with Oracle database.

Trained offshore employees on the design and implementation of the BPM application and the BusinessEvents application.

Created an Alarm Monitor using BusinessEvents Views.

POC using TIBCO API Exchange Gateway.

Incomm/Insight Global Atlanta, GA – TIBCO Architect – Independent Contractor 8/6/2014 – 2/1/2015

Accomplishments: Created application which reduced the number of duplicate databases needed to support Gift card usage.


Architected an Enterprise Service Bus using TIBCO products

Designed and Developed Web Services using SOAP over JMS on ActiveMatrix BusinessWorks 5.12 and 6.1.1 integration platforms.

Reviewed architectures of other projects which were using a combination of the ESB and REST Web Services.

Review Capacity Plan

Reviewed setup of Actives Spaces

Worked with Operations personnel on the setup of Active Spaces Security and setting up Agents.

Used BusinessWorks ActiveSpaces plug-in to integrate Web Services with ActiveSpaces

The Nielsen Company/TCS, Oldsmar, FL – Architect Advisor – Independent Contractor 5/9/2011 – 7/31/2014


2013 TCS Employee of the Year

Winner of the Nielsen Infrastructure Improvement Challenge


Developed Advanced Monitoring Application using Business Events 5.1.2 using Patterns, and Decision Tables

Developed POC using BusinessEvents Rule Templates and Decision Tables

Developed POC using StreamBase comparing it to BusinessEvents Event Stream Processing

Evaluated TIBCO BusinessEvents Views

Suggested improved uses for BusinessEvents at Nielsen

Replaced ILog with BusinessEvents for projects using ILOG as the rules engine

Recommended increased use of SOA principles at Nielsen

Evaluated TIBCO BusinessEvents Process Orchestration Software

Designed and helped develop BusinessWorks solution for YourCause Project (Used integration of BusinessWorks and Managed File Transfer).

Implemented multiple Managed File Transfer projects for AS2 transfers, HTTPS transfers and SFTP transfers.

Developed template for the integration of TIBCO BusinessWorks with TIBCO Managed File Transfer

Modified TIBCO’s Centralized Logging and Error Handling to use TIBCO Active Spaces in place of a database

Developed POC for using TIBCO BusinessEvents Rule Templates

Evaluated TIBCO Log Logic for use at Nielsen

Evaluated TIBCO Enterprise Message Service 8.1 for use at Nielsen

Implemented Java based xml editor, SOAPUI test scripts, Cascading Style Sheet and Command Line Interface deployment script using TIBCO BusinessStudio for BMP 3.6, DAA files running on TIBCO BPM 2.0

Improved the performance to Nielsen Engineering’s WaterMark project based on TIBCO BusinessEvents 4.x

Created development environment for TIBCO BusinessConnect 5.x and 6.x

Eliminated Errors generated by Hawk by the use of BusinessEvents root cause analysis

Provided architecture for One Global Reference Data System (Uses Managed File Transfer, Active Database Adapter, BusinessWorks and Oracle Stored Procedures).

Implemented Managed File Transfer integration between various Nielsen Clients and Nielsen backend systems.

Set up TIBCO MFT to access backend systems without using the system password

Set up MFT transfer schedules using MFT DNI.

Set up and architected TIBCO ActiveMatrix ServiceGrid for various applications

Upgraded Ratings project from ActiveMatrix ServiceGrid 2.x to 3.x

Architected Grid Computing solution using ActiveSpaces.

T-MOBILE/HCL America, Atlanta GA - Technical Lead -Independent Contractor 08/02/2010 - 3/18/2011

Accomplishments: Created and presented TIBCO Roadmap, Implementation methodology and the typical project lifecycle with clear action items for both IT and the business.


Integrated BusinessWorks with WebLogic using MBeans (JMS) and Datasources to access databases and the Sampson Billing system.

Created Design documents and prepared integration and functional test plans in conjunction with business analyst.

Send Design documents to offshore teams and guide the development of the solution.

Articulated the architectural vision, gathered client requirements, conceptualized and proposed alternative Business Integration architectural approaches and validated the architecture against requirements.

Obtained buy-in from the client on proposed Business Integration solutions. Implemented Business Integration solution architecture, design, development and maintenance of Integration Solutions.

California Department of Motor Vehicles/TIBCO PSG/IBM, Sacramento, CA - TIBCO Architect - Independent Contractor 04/19/2010 -07/31/2010

Accomplishments: Enabled California Department Motor Vehicles upgraded their DMV Web offering using TIBCO ActiveMatrix Service Grid so that the Web application could be used by the entire state.


·Discovery and review of the current set of TIBCO Software components configurations.

·Integrated TIBCO BusinessWorks with TIBCO Active Matrix Service Grid.

·Integrated TIBCO Active Matrix Service Grid with WebSphere and WebLogic, with WebSphere providing GUI Front end and Security and WebLogic providing access to some of the backend systems.

Identification of gaps in the current set of TIBCO Software component configurations from TIBCO Software best practices.

Assessment, guidance and assistance with modifications to the current set of TIBCO Software components configurations to follow TIBCO Software best practices.

Assessment, guidance and assistance with additional TIBCO Software component configuration as identified to help meet WSI project objectives.

Guidance and assistance within go-live readiness activities.

Knowledge transfer and assistance as it relates to TIBCO Administration to identified DMV resources.

Participation in enterprise discussions relating to IBM policy or other vendor technologies working in conjunction with TIBCO Software components.

Lead the configuration of identified TIBCO components with support from the IBM project team.

Helped IBM in test and deployment planning, and procedural documentation.

Assistance with setting up test cases if desired by IBM.

Assistance with issues resolution which may arise during the engagement duration.

Review current overall system architecture to evaluate and make sure it can meet performance requirements

Review and assist with Performance Testing plan and execution.

Assist with changing the current configurations of TIBCO Software components with the goal to ensure it satisfies reaching Performance metrics

Assist in designing the EForms solution using TIBCO Software Collaborator components

Assessment and guidance on Application and Infrastructure monitoring by using the common logging and error framework ("CLE") and TIBCO Hawk.

Review Monitoring requirements and assist in setting up TIBCO Hawk rules to monitor and manage environment.

Review Clustering and High availability configurations to evaluate and make sure it meetings the performance requirements.

Assessment of potential additional needs of application error handling and logging and configuration of TIBCO CLE.

Assist with client requirements on WS-* standards specifically Interoperability and implement TIBCO Software configuration changes to help meet the requirements. to achieve them.

Macy's Systems and Technology/ Insight Global, Duluth, GA - Lead/Sr. Developer - Independent Contractor 11/17/2009 - 3/05/2010

Accomplishments: BusinessEvents Certification

Macy's initiated an customer loyalty program. The objective of the Loyalty initiative was to grow comp store sales and improve customer loyalty through a tender neutral Macy's Loyalty program. The Loyalty program would initially reward customers based on their number of visits. The offers would entice customers to visit and purchase from their stores more frequently in order to earn rewards.


Designed and developed Customer Web Services, Account Web Services, and Markdown and Expense processes and processes which created virtual reward cards and sent Welcome and Virtual Reward Card emails to customers.

The Web Services integrated with Mainframe services using SOAP over http.

UsedBusinessEvents 3.01 to help in the design and development of the loyalty system

Oncor/CapGemini Energy Dallas, TX - Solution Architect - Independent Contractor 09/22/2008 - 07/24/2009

Accomplishments: Oncor was moving towards an open-standards based approach to integration of enterprise applications using SOA/SOI based integration architecture I provided a SOA based Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Framework allowing the migration from SeeBeyond to TIBCO's suite of products along with additional Oracle products.


Development of an Enterprise Service Bus using TIBCO products (i.e. BusinessConnect, TIBCO EMS, Smartmapper, BusinessWorks)

Creation of Common Object Model based on Oncor's Common Information Model and the Xpath and XSLT to parse and transform the Common Object Model into the Application Specific Interface format.

Assisted the project manager, providing technical expertise in regards to SOA, SOA governance, Enterprise Service Bus, Complex Event Processing.

Learned TIBCO BussinessEvents version 3.0 for a phase two development effort to determine if various EDI documents were sent or received within a specified timeframe.

Tuned BusinessConnect for improved performance and a greater degree of fault tolerance.

Provide requirements for Hawk Rulebase and tested the developed rulebases and custom micro agents.

Developed TIBCO BusinessWorks processes to support cutover (retrieve in-flight transactions and move them to the TIBCO architecture from a SeeBeyond solution) and Parallel testing.

Developed scheduler in Java using Quartz API which runs within the JBOSS application server as a generic servlet.

Developed a Secure FTP program in java to transfer data from production environment to testing environment so that tests could be run using live data.

Developed 5 web services which allowed the customer to see the health of the Enterprise Service Bus and to allow the ESB to send and receive email.

Created Configuration Management Best Practices Guide

Supervised Configuration Management Team

Learned Active Matrix Service Grid for Phase two upgrade of the Enterprise Service Bus

Constellation Energy Group Baltimore, MD –Architect/Senior Developer Independent Contractor 10/02/2007 - 06/30/2008

Accomplishments: Created Reference Architecture for SOA Center of Excellence


Constellation Energy Group wanted to integrate Hewlett Packard's Project and Portfolio Management System with various other Constellation Energy Group applications using TIBCO and Hewlett Packard's Project and Portfolio Management System's Web Services and Database.

Integrated PeopleSoft and HP PPM System using BusinessWorks 5.4, TIBCO EMS, and PeopleSoft Adapter.

Integrated Oracle Financials (Oracle 11i) using Oracle App Adapter, BusinessWorks 5.4, TIBCO EMS, and HP PPM System Web Services and database

Created SOA Reference Architecture as a member of the Integration Center of Excellence.

Developed, Location Service (JMS Web Service) using Archibus, Atlas, PeopleSoft and Access Management application as the backend applications, ADB Adapter, BusinessWorks 5.4, TIBCO EMS.

Created architecture and development guidelines and best practices as a member of the Integration Center of Excellence team.

Integrated Native workflow application and HP PPM System using TIBCO EMS, BusinessWorks 5.4, and Web Services in Hewlett Packard's Project and Portfolio Management System

Developed Audit, Logging and Error handling process internal to Hewlett Packard's Project and Portfolio Management System.

Reviewed and recommended a Centralized Logging and Error Handling application which was developed using TIBCO by Ultimo Software Solutions Inc.

Used XML Canon as source code control and configuration management tool.

Provided production support and maintenance of TIBCO processes in production.

Telstra Communications/European Staffing Solutions Melbourne, Victoria Australia - Independent Contractor 06/10/2007 - 09/10/2007 -Tech Lead for phase 2 and Senior Developer

This project focused on the integration of Tribold's Product Catalog System with Telstra's Siebel CRM and Kenon billing system using TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.4, EMS Server 4.6, Kenon Adapter and a Siebel Webservice.

Designed and developed Web Client which interfaced with Web services on Siebel CRM

Designed and developed Integration solution with Kenon billing system.

Developed Xpath and xslt to transform Tribold's native XML document into Telstra common data model.

Made suggestions to Tribold Enterprise Engineer to improve archictecture and performance of the Tribold product and its integration to other systems

Performed Integration Tests

Modified solution as needed

Creation of Common Object Model based on TIBCO’s Common Information Model and the Xpath and XSLT to parse and transform the Common Object Model into the Application Specific Interface format.

T-Mobile Atlanta, GA/Comsys - Independent Contractor 01/15/2007 - 5/11/2007 - Lead Developer

This project focused on the Handset Upgrade Program including Customer Initiated Handset Upgrades (CIHU), Save, and Contract Renewal upgrades with specific upgrade offers targeted for myFaves rate plan migrations and Buy One Get X (BOGX) specials. TIBCO BusinessWorks was used to integrate WebLogic based front ends with a Service Oriented Architecture developed using TIBCO. My activities were as follows:

Converted the requirements and functional specifications into low-level design documents for development and implementation.

Represented TIBCO team in finalizing the integration architecture, functional specifications and Impact Assessments.

Designed and lead the development 22 web services using transports HTTP for entity layer and TIBCO Rendezvous as for the application specific interfaces (task layer). These were developed using and HTTP/SOAP adapter, TUXEDO Adapter and BusinessWorks 5.3. These were developed using Service Oriented Architecture principles.

Designed and developed test suites using Oracle BPEL Process Manager. This was done for unit tests and enabled me to test the Business Processes which call the services.

Provided production support and maintenance of TIBCO processes in production.

Creation of Common Object Model based on T-Mobiles Common Information Model and the Xpath and XSLT to parse and transform the Common Object Model into the Application Specific Interface format.

SysZen Technology Group, New Jersey - Independent Contractor 7/12/2006-10/4/2006 - Solutions Architect/Senior Developer

I worked on various projects as an independent contractor with SysZen Technology Group. I had two clients Electra in Mexico City Mexico and AHOLD USA in Greenville South Carolina. My activities included:

Developed Architecture for an enterprise service bus.

Repaired a project that took information provided by a point of sale system and converted the data into IXRetail format to be placed on a mainframe.

Repaired mappings and reduced size of memory footprint and CPU usage.

System involved TIBCO BusinessWorks, MQSeries, TIBCO EMS server, TIBCO HAWK, TIBCO Administrator, Oracle 10g, and TIBCO SmartMapper.

Developed Performance Test Plan and implemented performance tests.

Tuned EMS and BusinessWorks process for maximum performance

Requested various Kernel and configuration changes for IBM AIX system.

Ran performance comparisons between Dell Linux system and IBM AIX system. The results lead to the reordering of the IBM system to be configured in a manner that would provide the best performance.

Configured EMS Server for fail over and load balancing.

Documented the installation procedures and configurations for the Middleware (TIBCO) components.

Deployed and managed different types of applications using TIBCO Administrator and Domain utility

Configured and managed queues and topics on TIBCO EMS.

Involved in Designing the Monitoring and Management components leveraging the built in capabilities of Hawk.

Designed the Deployment Model and mentored the team in Deploying Components

Mentored the team in development of the BW Processes

Used XML Canon as source code control and configuration management tool.

Creation of Common Object Model based on Oncor's Common Information Model and the Xpath and XSLT to parse and transform the Common Object Model into the Application Specific Interface format.

Used TIBCO BusinessWorks, TIBCO Active Database Adapter and TIBCO Rendezvous to integrate AS400 systems using DB2 database with Work Management Systems.

BusinessWorks was used for FTP, receiving messages from ADB and forwarding these messages to the work Management System, TIBCO EMS was used to implement centralized error handling.

Aided Elektra employees in implementing centralized error handling processes and understanding TIBCO's suite of products.

Department of Homeland Security - Blackstone Technology Group/TIBCO PSG Washington DC - Senior Developer/ TIBCO Architect2/16/2006 - 5/26/2006

The Department of Homeland Security wanted use Siebel's Universal Customer Master as the Master Data Server. In order to keep the data in the UCM up to date TIBCO's suite of products was used to retrieve data from the various systems, eliminate duplicates and keep the UCM up to date as needed. My duties as TIBCO Architect and Developer were as follows:

Put Siebel UAN 4.2 Architecture in place as the architecture of the Enterprise Service Bus.

Made the necessary architectural changes to allow TIBCO EMS to operate in a load balanced, fault tolerant manner.

Designed and developed a query orchestrater to be used in a federated query process.

Developed transformation processes for all systems connecting to the Enterprise Service Bus to continue to allow those systems to continue to output messages in their native format.

Installed and configured Siebel UCM for the development environment.

Configured the TIBCO Siebel Adapter to work with Siebel UCM.

Designed and configured TIBCO DataExchange to take data from the legacy systems, pass the data through Trillium Software to be cleansed and perform the initial load of the UCM system.

Configured Trillium Software to perform data cleansing.

Creation of Common Object Model based on Oncor's Common Information Model and the Xpath and XSLT to parse and transform the Common Object Model into the Application Specific Interface format.

The Coca-Cola Company/Insight Global Atlanta, Georgia -10/15/2005 - 1/6/2006 Senior Developer

Migration of TIBCO Processes and SAP/R3 Adapter to version 5.2 from version 2.05.

Development of TIBCO process and java code to encrypt Coca Cola data using PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) encryption and forwarding this data to an external customer's mainframe using secure FTP.

Develop error handling processes for the TIBCO middleware.

Proposed a Service Oriented Architecture and Enterprise Message Bus to improve the performance of integrated systems and reduce the time needed to develop new integration interfaces.

Provided production support for TIBCO processes in production

TIBCO PSG/CapGemini/O2 Communications Munich Germany 07/08/2005-08/17/2005Contactor - System Engineer/Subject Matter Expert

O2 Communications wanted CapGemini to review the work of Accenture. Provide information regarding the capabilities of TIBCO suite of products and People soft. Recommend a rules engine and how it could best be used in the proposed architecture. My duties included:

Reviewed Operational requirements

Gap Analysis

Review use cases

Provided information regarding to proper use of the rational unified process. .

Provided clarification on use of BusinessWorks in terms of Enterprise Application Integration and the current best practices.

Diagramed architecture for CapGemini based on the architectural guidelines document.

Made recommendations regarding what TIBCO provided out of the box and what customizations were needed.

Provided TIBCO EMS and BusinessWorks training

Electronic Data Systems Plano Texas Independent Contractor - 01/19/2005 - 07/01/2005 Systems Engineer

EDS wanted to use Siebel UCM as the Master Data Server for Sales and employee information. Austin Tetra has a database which provided information about all of the Companies that EDS does business with or wishes to do business with. Once Austin Tetra provided a web service interface to its database EDS was able to keep the UCM system up to date regarding its clients and potential clients. The activities I performed as a System Engineer were as follows:

Advised Austin on how to create a Web Service. Provided sample WSDL.

Developed integration processes between Siebel UCM and Austin Tetra web services using BusinessWorks 5.1.3, 5.2, and Siebel UAN 4.0.1.

Developed error monitoring processes using BusinessWorks 5.2, Oracle 9i and Java Server Faces using Tomcat Servlet engine in TIBCO Administrator environment.

Creation of Common Object Model based on Oncor's Common Information Model and the Xpath and XSLT to parse and transform the Common Object Model into the Application Specific Interface format.

T-Mobile Atlanta, Georgia 9/2003 - 11/2004 Contractor - Senior Developer, Solutions Architect

T-Mobile wanted to integrate its billing system Sampson (AMDOCS) with Siebel CRM and SAP in order to improve the customer experience and to bring new products to market faster. The activities I performed were as follows:

Used TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x and Siebel UAN Process and TIBCO SmartMapper to integrate their billing system with Siebel CRM.

Developed 3 Web service using TIBCO BusinessWorks 5.x and TIBCO LDAP adapter version 5.x.

Developed Java JMS application on WebLogic which retrieved messages from an Oracle Streams Queue and published them to BusinessWorks via TIBCO EMS server.

Developed Stored Procedures in Oracle which produced Logical Change records in XML format.

Created HTTP server in BusinessWorks which received Logical Change Records in xml format and published them to Siebel UAN processes.

Developed UAN processes which connected to TIBCO Tuxedo Adapter and Siebel Adapter.

Developed Adapter using TIBCO adapter SDK to connect TIBCO to sockets in order to receive messages from TCP/IP based system.

Developed High Level and Low Level design documents for various projects.

Developed JSP application using WebLogic Studio and Struts (WebLogic 8.1) which interfaced with TIBCO BusinessWorks project to determine the health of the processes and the LDAP adapter.

Developed application using WebLogic, MDB and Servlets and TIBCO Rendezvous libraries which used WebLogic's ability to manage Database Connection pools while allowing client programs to send requests via Rendezvous and JMS.

Upgraded provisioning processes from BusinessWorks 2.6 to BusinessWorks 5.1.3.

Upgraded LDAP Adapter from version 4.x to 5.2. Upgrades required a lot of testing ensuring that functionality and performance were not diminished.

Developed and maintained WebLogic application which authenticated subscribers against an LDAP Directory.

Developed Web Services which allowed subscribers to access and configure the types of services and features they wanted.

Creation of Common Object Model based on TIBCO’s Common Information Model and the Xpath and XSLT to parse and transform the Common Object Model into the Application Specific Interface format.



·Major: Chemistry

·Minor: Physics


·Major: Project Management

DeVry University 1998

Related Course work: Information Technology

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