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January 11, 2020

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PDF Reader

Quick Start Guide

Chapter * - Overview 4 Navigation Drawer 4 File Menu 5 Viewer Menu 6 Toolbox Menu 7 Chapter 2 - Get Files 8 Get Files Stored in Device 8 Get Files via Cloud Storage 8

• Get files from cloud apps (using Dropbox as an example) 8

• Upload files to cloud storage (using Dropbox as an example) 9 Get Files from the Web 9 Get Files via PC 9 Get Files via Kdan Cloud 10 Import Email Attachments 10 Chapter 3 - Manage Files 11 Display Files in Thumbnail or List View 11 File Management Mode 11 Rename Files 11 Chapter 4 - Annotate PDFs 12 Long Tap to Change Settings 12 Delete Annotations 12 Chapter 5 - Manage PDF Pages 13 Rearrange Page Order 13 PDF Page Editor 13 Chapter 6 - Kdan Cloud Services 14 Service Menu Overview 14 Online Converter 14 Fax Documents 15 App Security Supported 15 Remove Files from Kdan Cloud 15 Subscription Plans 16 Chapter 1

How to Get Files?

Chapter 1 - Overview

Navigation Drawer

The drawer displays PDF Reader’s main tabs on the left edge of the screen. Users can easily switch to and from between tabs. The drawer is not visible by default and needs to opened either by sliding from left or clicking “ ”.

Tap to change app settings

Kdan Doc tab, display the files on

your Kdan Cloud storage space

Scanner tab

Kdan Account Info

Tap for customer support

App overview

Documents tab, display the files

stored in PDF Reader

Access all files stored in other

apps or your device

File Menu

In “Documents” tab, the menu bar provides you with a possibility to manage you files stored in PDF Reader.

Tap to open a file

Tap to search files

Tap to reveal the navigation drawer

Switch between List View and

Thumbnail View

More actions for file management

Edit (Switch to management mode)

Create a new folder

Sort by Date, Name, and File Size

Tap to display recently opened files

Viewer Menu

PDF Reader provides an easy-to-understand way that you can perform all actions while reading PDF documents.

Add bookmark to the current page

More actions (Text Reflow, File

Info, and Print)


App settings

Previous / Next page


Highlight text


Toolbox (Text Box, Signature,

Stamp, and Shape tools)

Kdan Cloud services

Sharing options

Page edit



Search text or page


Toolbox Menu

The toolbox packs with new annotations tools, including text box, signature, stamp, and shape tools.

Text Box Tool, insert text

contents to PDFs

Stamp tool, add standard stamps

to PDFs or create your own indicating

time and date information.

Shape Tool, insert rectangle, circle,

arrow, and line to PDFs.

Signature Tool, create and

manage personal signatures in the

signature library.

Color pane, change the colors of


Font Size, swipe left or right to

adjust the font size.

Chapter 2 - Get Files

PDF Reader enables you to access all the documents stored within your device, cloud storage, or from the webs.

Get Files Stored in Device

1. Tap the the navigation drawer and go

to the “Local Folder” tab.

2. Choose either “FILE TYPE” or “SD

CARD” to browse the files stored in

your Android phone or Tablet.

3. You can move them to PDF Reader

and edit them afterwards.

4. Or edit them without moving them to

PDF Reader.

Get Files via Cloud Storage

• Get files from cloud apps (using Dropbox as an example) 1. Launch the Dropbox app.

2. Download the document you need.

3. Tap the “Share” button, and you will

see a pop up menu.

4. Choose “PDF Reader” to open the

downloaded file with.

5. The file will be saved to PDF Reader.

• Upload files to cloud storage (using Dropbox as an example)

1. Open the document in PDF Reader.

2. Tap the “Share” button and choose

“Dropbox” from the pop-up menu.

3. Tap “Add” to upload the file to your

storage space on Dropbox.

Get Files from the Web

1. Download the file to your device.

2. Launch PDF Reader and go to the

“Local Folder” tab.

3. Visit the “FILE TYPE” page and tap

“Downloads” to find out the

downloaded file.

4. Then move it to PDF Reader.

Get Files via PC

1. Connect your device to PC via USB


2. Copy and move the documents from

your PC to the target folder.

3. Go to the “Local Folder” tab and tap

“SD CARD” to browse the files.

Get Files via Kdan Cloud

1. Tap “ ” and sign in with your Kdan


2. Tap the drop-down menu under each

file to download or upload to Kdan


Import Email Attachments

1. Open the mail in your mail app.

2. Tap on the attachment.

3. Select PDF Reader to open with.

4. A copy will be saved to PDF Reader.

(If not, try to relaunch PDF Reader.)

Chapter 3 - Manage Files

Display Files in Thumbnail or List View

1. In Documents tab, the files display as thumbnails by default. 2. You can tap “Thumbnail List” or “List View” at the top right corner to switch between.

File Management Mode

1. Tap “ ” and tap “Edit” to switch to

management mode.

2. Select files and then tap “ ” to

Share, Delete, Move, Copy or Zip


3. Or simply long tap on one file until it

turns into management mode. Then

choose either action to proceed.

Rename Files

1. Long tap on one file until it turns into management mode. 2. Tap “ ” to rename the file.

Chapter 4 - Annotate PDFs

Long Tap to Change Settings

1. To annotate PDFs, tap the icon to

turn on the function. Tap again to turn


2. For the highlight, underline,

strikeout or drawing tool, long tap

on the icon to change the color/


Delete Annotations

1. Turn off the annotation tool you are

currently using.

2. Tap on the annotation and tap

“Delete” from the pop-up menu bar

to remove it.

Chapter 5 - Manage PDF Pages

Open a PDF file and tap “Page Edit” to preview the PDF in page thumbnails.

Rearrange Page Order

Tap to start page editing. To rearrange page order, simply drag the page to where you would like it to be.

PDF Page Editor

Export selected page(s) as a

new PDF

Select all pages

Tap to select the page (selecting

multiple pages are available)

Page rotation - Rotation is based

on 90 increments

Delete selected page(s)

Drag to relocate the page order

Chapter 6 - Kdan Cloud Services

Service Menu Overview

1. Open one PDF document, and you will see on the bottom menu bar.

2. Tap it to reveal the service menu and below is the overall information.

Online Converter

1. Open the document you’d like to


2. Tap and then tap for the


3. Select the output format. Then tap

“Start” to start the conversion.

4. You can check the converting

process in “Task Manager” page.

Icon Name Function


Convert the document you are

currently viewing.


Fax the document straight from your


Task Manager

Check the file converting and fax

sending process.

Share File link

Share the file link, and the recipient

can view the file online or download

it using the link.

Fax Documents

1. Open one PDF file and tap to fill

in the recipient’s information.

2. Tap “Send” to fax your documents

from your mobile devices.

3. The service supports to send faxes to

40 countries around the world.

App Security Supported

1. Tap “Settings” from the drawer and

enable “Password” in SECURITY

field. Enter a new password to protect

your app.

2. You will be required to enter the

password each time you launch this


Remove Files from Kdan Cloud

1. Go to the “Kdan Cloud” tab.

2. Select the target file, and then tap

“Delete” from the drop down menu to

remove the file from Kdan Cloud.

Note: To convert files or send faxes online,

you will be charged by credits. Those who

subscribe to Document 365 will have free

credits to proceed the services.

Subscription Plans

Visit your account info and review all subscription plans. Please refer to the comparison table below listing our subscription plans with more details.

For more details, please visit our Knowledge Base: https://





Free trial available X 7/14 days

Ad-Free X O

All access pass to PDF Reader all

versions, including Android, Windows,

iOS and Mac.


Night Mode - Change the background

color of PDF pages for comfortable in

dark environments.


Crop Mode - Automatically hide white

margins of PDF documents. X O

App Security - Secure your app with

password protection X O

Fax - Fax documents from your mobile

device X O

Converter - Create and export PDFs via

online conversions X O

Kdan Credits for faxes or converting

services X O

Storage space on Kdan Cloud 500MB 1TB

Create links to files and share them with

others O O

Upload, view, and manage files directly

from your browser O O

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