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senior oracle developer

Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
January 09, 2020

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Said Khalil Elmansi

Mobile: 010********


Personal Data

Full Name Said khalil elmansi

Birth Date 20th july 1982

Material state Married

Address Nasr city -cairo

Military service Exempted

university : Zagazig

Faculty: Computer and Information Systems

Major: Computer Science



A highly experienced software engineer, results-oriented and technologies professional in oracle Technologies, over 11 years of experience in developing, designing, architecture and integration of software, demonstrated ability to acquire technical knowledge and skills rapidly, innovative problem solver, able to see the business and technical sides of a problem with exceptional communication skills.Self-motivated, Ready to learn, Hard worker, intelligent with high communication skills, expert in troubleshooting, able to work on own initiative and as a part of a team, ready to work under pressure.

My Role Oracle Team leader Teacomputers company

1- Security and Pensions Fund for the Armed Forces:- Project is cover all insurance cycle process for Armed Forces intgrrated with archiving system using Forms(11g) with weblogic 11g.

2- EIPF fund to mcdr integrated system (ERP business) Project is cover all hr, payroll,stocks, Gl, assets,attends buissness process,and integrated with fund system using Forms(11g) with webloigc 11g in cloud. 3- Public Transport Authority (Erp business)

Project is cover all hr, payroll,stocks, Gl, Operating efficiency buissness process for that company and calculated salary to 40000 employee with taxes and insurance using Forms(11g) using webloigc 11g.

My Role Senior Oracle Developer Teacomputers company 1 -Brokerage Information management system(BIMSi)

BIMSI system follows up the customer’s local & international deals, starting from receiving their orders, executing them, issuing the invoices, affecting the stocks, showing the online cash movement through the accounting statements and finally preparing periodically the whole position summary and its breakdown details.

2 -Custodian Information Management System ( CIMSi) CIMSI is a comprehensive solution for custodians, financial institutions that hold securities and other assets for safe keeping and record keeping on behalf of corporate or individual investors. 3 -Subscription Information Management System (SIMSi) SIMSI is a comprehensive solution for financial institutions (investment banks, underwriting firms) that are responsible for stock subscriptions

4 -Decision Support System (DSS)

Is an enterprise reporting & analytics solution that enables managers to easily view data in a way that support decision making.

GL is an international trading system,the Integration system allow the GL to read the Cash from BIMSi and allow the Bimsi to read the orders from GL throw FIX protocol . 6-AutoBooking

This System allow the trading company to block the customers’ stock for selling or cancel this block, this happen throw FIX protocol communication with MCDR 7-Messaging Server

Messaging server is a software that designed for reduce the loading on database by providing a central TCP/IP servers that communicate with database and the others applications 8-Reutor FIX integration

.This is A Sell side trading system,this system integrate between brokerage company and other companies

(international brokers ) to allow them to place orders on Egypt CASE,this intergration done throw Reutor network by using FIX protocol

9-SAP integration

SAP is an international accounting system,the integration between BIMSi and SAP throw intermediate .net Application to transfer journals from BIMSi to GP throw text files . 10-Trading Game

This solution designed to simulate live trading but in real case with real prices and order progress make client gain experience in trading with smooth way by E-Trade web application 11-Order Management System OMS

BIMSi OMS(Order Management System) is the front office of BIMSi It is the application used by account managers to manage their clients' orders and follow them up. 12-Financial Online

This system allow the Financial department to monior the Debit customers’ portfolio changes throw trading session to take any corrective action

13-Transaction Logger

This Is a dynamic logger system,used to log each transaction on data base tables to clearify the user

(and the machine ) who do this transaction and the modified values 14-e-trade Web Application

A web application that provides e-trade functionality to customers that deal with brokerage companies. Customers can add orders, update or delete pending orders, view their orders history, view their executions in CASE, view their invoices, view their statement . 15-BIMS SMS solution

Solution used to serve brokerage firm customers', by informing them a bout their cash statement, invoices, firm's news, orders and also their executions by E-mail or SMS. 17-Execution Disk System EDS

this software applications utilized by institutional traders designed to display market data and provide seamless and fast access to trading destinations for the purpose of transacting orders 18-Money market Fund MMF

This solution allow the trading company to invest the cash of their clients at different ICS and give them daily profit also allow the client to have their ICS as a purchase power . 19-Reuter Data Feeds integration

The application is connect to reuter webservice to get the stocks prices recently or historical and store it in database

20 -Al-Nasr Masbokat HR&payroll & General Ledger system :- Project Description:Project is an automation for all hr,payroll, gl process that gathering various employees’ data and given analytical reports for this system using Forms(10 g),Reports (10g), Oracle Application Server 10g(linux). 21-AL-Canal income, HR and payroll System(3000 employee):- Project Description:Project is an automation for all hr and income process that gathering various employees data and given analytical reports for this system, I am responsible for whole system’s cycle using Forms(10 g), with Oracle Application Server 10g(win).

22-Teacomputers Hr,Gl,attends and projects systems(200 employee): Project Description:Project is an automation for all system contol process(hr,payroll,attends,projects) that gathering various privilage and security data and given analytical reports for this system using Forms(11 g) with weblogic (11g)

23- al ahly fund hr,payroll, attend,gl system(400 employees):- Project is cover hr,payroll,attends process for that company using Forms(10 g) With Oracle Application Server 10g(linux).

24- abo zaabal costs:-

Project is cover costs System buissness process for that company using Forms(10 g) with Oracle Application Server 10g(linux).

25- Issued to the Office of the Minister of the Interi Project is migrating an issued system from old application (2.1) to 11g with archiving sytem to each in paper

26- National Security office

Project is covering a strong query process to this security office using Forms(10 g) with Oracle Application Server 10g(linux).

27-Administrative Affairs of the Ministry of Interior Project is cover the hajj process, Search for Hajj before, accommodation of pilgrims in airplanes, accommodation of pilgrims in the hotel using Forms(6i),Reports (6i Training cource

- Oracle E-business R12 Oracle E-Business Suite Essentials for ImplementersR12 Oracle General Ledger Management Fundamentals

- R12 Oracle Payables Management Fundamentals

- R12 Oracle Receivables Management Fundamentals

- R12 Oracle Asset Management Fundamentals

- R12 Oracle Cash Management Fundamentals

- R12 Implement Oracle Workflow

- R12 System Administrator.

- Oracle Application Development Framework 11g Basics Workshop (ADF) At Oracle Egypt.

- Oracle Application Development Framework 11g Advanced Workshop

(ADF) At Oracle Egypt.

- Oracle Application Development Framework 11g Migration Workshop

(ADF) At Oracle Egypt.

- Oracle Weblogic 11g Administration Workshop (ADF) At Oracle Egypt.

- Java se,java j2ee Workshop at newhorizan from (01-10-2017 to 01-12- 2017) .

- Android framework Workshop at newhorizan from (20-09-2018 to 01-11- 2018) .

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