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Engineer System Administrator

Jalna, Maharashtra, India
5 lack
December 06, 2019

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Mr. Ganesh Kaduba Ugale

Email Id:

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marthwada University Contact No: 869-***-**** CARRIER OBJECTIVE:

Seeking for a position where I can utilize my knowledge, abilities and personal skills for betterment of my company and learn new technology to develop company and also seeking and challenging and rewarding carrier in LINUX as professional where I can contribute my knowledge and skills for growth and development of the organization. TECHNICAL SKILLS:

Certified as Red-Hat System Administrator.

Certified as Red-Hat Certified Engineer.

Completed DevOps and AWS training.

Working with Python and script.

Good Knowledge of Networking and Server Handling. CORE COMPETECIES:

Installing, Configuring and Management of Linux Server.

Automating installation with kickstart.

Scheduling future Linux Tasks through Crontab.Knowledge on Command Line Utilities,ACL, job,Firewalls,Boot process.

Networking kernel Parameter & Tuning, Trouble shooting System & Performance Issues,Packge Management(YUM/RPM).

Managing DNS for server .Implementation and maintenance of DNS,DHCP,NFS,SMTP and Amazon Linux instances.

Troubleshoot network connectivity used ping, netstat, ifconfig, and trace route commands. Login to the remote system using sudo, putty, and telnet.

Managing ipv4 and ipv6 Networking and Configuring Link Aggregation & Bridging.

Network Port Security:Managing firewall, port forwarding

Configuring Email Transmission:mutt, devecot, null client.

Adding Disks, Partitions and File System to a Linux System: Swap Partitions

Managing Logical Volume Management (LVM) Storage:Extending, Risize and Reducing

Providing Remote Block Storage : iSCSI, iSCSI target, iSCSI Storage

Providing File-based storage :NFS File System, NFS Exports, Troubleshooting NFS servers and NFS clients, SAMBA File share, Multi-user SMB Mount.

Configuring MariaDB Databases:installing MariaDb, Database user and Access Rights, Creating and Restoring MariaDB Backups.

Providing Apache HTTPD Web Service: Virtual host, configuring Https, Configuring TLS enabled Virtual host.

GitHub: Installation, Creating branch, tags and editing file through command prompt with AWS.

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