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Engineering Engineer

Richmond, Texas, United States
October 10, 2016

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RUBEN GUARDADO CELL (***) *** - 3008

Richmond, TX Home (956) 358 – 5991


A mechanical engineer with extensive experience in the Development of Lean Manufacturing Systems, Automotive Quality Systems, New Product Development and NPI from Prototype through Production Launch. Design, Installation, Validation of Assembly Lines for Electronic Components for North American & Japanese Auto-makers: Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, Delphi, BMW, Toyota, Honda, Denso, Nissan.

Development of domestic and international Suppliers. On-site Product, Process and QMS Audits per ISO/TS-1694:2002 and Core Tools.

Excellent analytical and deductive problem solving skills using Statistical Tools, DMAIC in Quality Spills & Problem Report and Resolutions.

Hands-on practical experience using measurement and metrology tools, traditional machine tools and programming of CNC equipment.

Extensive use of Solid Works, Pro-E, AutoCAD, Inventor, designing of medical devices, mechanical components, dies, gages & fixtures.


Kongsberg Automotive, Driver Controls Houston, TX March 2015 – September 2016

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Responsible for the Manufacturing Engineering, Lean 6Sigma Manufacturing (Enterprise Excellence) Teams, and Maintenance/Tool Room.

Responsible to obtain Automotive TS16949 Certification, Development of QMS Process Documentation, QMS Auditing and Core Tools.

Design, Modeling, 3D Print, Fabrication of Fixtures, Tooling, Assembly Equipment using AutoCAD Inventor, Mechanical and Solid Works.

Plant Value Stream Mapping, Gap analysis identifying areas of Waste: Correction, Overproduction, Motion, Handling, Waiting, Inventory, Process. Facilitated Project Charters, Project Tracking Management and Dashboard of Continuous Improvement Projects VOC – CTQ.

Lead the Implementation Team to successfully pass the TS16949 Audit Certification through Internal Auditing, Development of Process Documentation, Operating Procedures, Customer Specific Requirements and Company Quality Management Systems.

VA/VE Activities, with 500K in component savings to reduce variable costs. Assisted suppliers in developing their Value Stream Mapping to identify and reduce Waste. Conducted Process and System Audits to implement irreversible CA and process controls.

Worked with Product Engineering in dFMEA development, Design for 6 Sigma, Voice of the Customer, applying lessons learned in Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and Design for Assembly (DFA), to include Reliability and Quality into the final Product Design.

Transfer and Installation of New Product Assembly Lines for Clutch Activation Pedal Systems for Paccar & Navistar Trucks.

Upgraded Process Documentation: PFD, PFMEAs, PCP, and Work Instructions. QMS/APQP, Validation, Training and Start-Up.

Daily CFT Gemba Walks to review Productivity, Efficiency, Quality, PPM’s, Scrap, Rework, Safety, WO and Visual Mgmt.

Implemented mechanical and electrical Poke Yokes, Vision Systems and HMIs on legacy lines based on detailed cross functional team PFMEA reviews, using internal failure data, scrap reports, warranty claims and customer complaints as Process Inputs.

Designed assembly fixtures, replaced aging pneumatic tools on legacy lines improving FTQ, ergonomics reducing safety risks.

Worked with equipment suppliers and integrators to upgrade LabVIEW and PLC software on Testing and Assembly Stations.

Developed bilingual training material, Trained personnel in Lean and Quality Tools: Value Stream Mapping, Kanban, SMED, 5S, Standard Work, Takt Time, Line Balancing, Eyes for Waste, Eyes for Flow. PFD, Ishikawa and Pareto.

Cameron Controls Systems Houston, TX February 2013 – February 2015

L6S Senior Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Development and Implementation of a Lean/6S Manufacturing and Continuous Improvement Roadmap, including Kaizen, 5S facilitation, training on Eyes for Waste, Eyes for Flow, problem solving activities per Quality Network following a Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) process.

Authored Process Documentation with an Automotive Process Approach (Inputs/Outputs) based on ISO/TS16949:2002 and Core Tools.

Changed traditional assembly to assembly cells with One Piece Flow and Standard Work (Takt Time, Work Sequence and Standard Stock)

Facilitated Flow and Process Kaizen events. Standardized Work Flow, Sequence, Tools, and Visual Communication Boards.

Improved Layout space by 40% by modifying, grouping/relocating equipment. Color coded the floor and improved Illumination

Developed Process Flow Diagrams (PFD), PFMEAs, Process Control Plan (PCPs), Visual Work Instructions, Boundary Samples.

Modeled in AutoCAD Inventor 3D-Tooling and Assembly Fixtures. Coordinated the fabrication with external machining suppliers.

Identified, and purchased equipment for inspection and manufacturing: Ultrasonic baths, fastening and torque control, testers.

Conducted On-Site QMS/Process Audits. Recommended SPC based on drawing’s critical characteristics (CTQ) and KPC.

Collected internal and Product Warranty data for Root-Cause Analysis, Implementation of Corrective Action and Prevention (CAPA). Issued Quality Alerts. Conducted Problem Solving sessions (5 Why & 8D) with cross functional teams and MRB.

Developed Skills Matrix, trained personnel in MiniTAB for SPC, Quality Tools, MSA, Gage R&R, Drawing reading and GD&T.

Liaison between R&D and Manufacturing, VA/VE analysis, Development of Design FMEA & Reliability. Internal Auditor.

Key Energy Services, Inc. Odessa/Midland, TX December 2011 – January 2013

Manufacturing Operations Manager

Responsible for the development of effective cross-functional teams of Lean/Continuous Improvement, Production, Materials, Quality, Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering, Maintenance, EH&S policies, OSHA training and TCEQ compliance and Human Resources.

Change agent from traditional manufacturing to a Toyota Production System TPS environment through Virtual & Visual Manufacturing.

Documented Best Practices and implemented Standard Work (Takt Time, Work Sequence, Inventory) as a stepping stone to begin Kaizen and Continuous Improvement activities. Authored procedures, Work Content, Work Instructions & parts presentation

Design manufacturing cells for Cab Assembly, Fuel System, Electrical System, Cooling, Suspension, Air and Hydraulic Systems.

Separated from Internal to external assembly operations adopting parallel operations, reducing cycle time from 4 weeks to 1 week

Justified, installed and validated an in-house Sand Blast System & Paint Systems reducing Lead Times from 6 weeks to 1 week.

Developed PFMEA, PCP, Operating Work and TPM Instructions to efficiently operate, train operators to maintain the new facility.

Design and modeling of Dies, Fabrication and Assembly Tooling using Solid Works. Implemented the use of Solid Works Stations.

4 Seasons/Standard Motor Products Grapevine, TX / Reynosa, MX September 2008 – December 2011

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Direction and Leadership of Manufacturing Engineering, Engineering, Maintenance and EHS teams in an ISO /TS16949: 2002 plant.

Program management (new and existing programs) to include product and manufacturing feasibility studies, reviewing drawings and engineering project requirements, design for manufacturability and assembly, product lines and production transfers, first article runs.

APQP documentation from Prototype to Production Launch. Design of Assembly Lines, Transfer of Production Cells to Twin Plants.

Development and Implementation of a plant LEAN Manufacturing Program. Identifying and executing a portfolio of high yield projects.

Analysis of existing capacity, space requirements, layout, manpower,identification, justification and installation of equipment to support NPI.

Authored process maps, procedures and process documentation to successfully obtain ISO/TS16949:2002 certification.

Developed process risk assessments tools: PFMEAs, PCPs, RPNs reduction; APQP and PPAP documentation packages.

Use of Statistical Engineering in technical problem solving reducing RPNs, PPMs, Warranty claims, sharing lessons learned.

Key player to mature the plant Quality System through active participation on QMS reviews and Layered Process Audits (LPA).

Established Metrics Productivity, Efficiency, Quality, PPM’s, Scrap, Rework, Safety, Workplace Organization and Visual Mgmt.

Successfully passed Product Launches and Process Audits by internal auditors and from external General Motor’s SQE’s.

Programming of HAAS CNC Milling machines using G-Code for boring and reaming processes of aluminum cylinder bores.

Facilitator of Kaizen events reducing space by 40%, reducing Work in Process (WIP) by 30% following one-piece flow/pull.

Using Value Stream Mapping, managed to reduce material handling on Key processes by modifying layout gaining 12,000 sq ft

Supported Supplier Quality Engineering group by conducting QMS/Process Audits at potential suppliers. Internal TS Auditor.

Developed a predictive and preventive PM program for all production and testing equipment, Improved Up-Time from 60% to 90% created a Min/Max critical spare parts program, developed PM Skills Matrix, Training and Technicians’ Development program.

Alps Automotive, Inc. McAllen, TX September 2001 – September 2008

Senior Advanced Manufacturing Engineer

Responsible for the Design and Development of Lean Manufacturing Systems and Equipment, from initial concept, prototype, pre-launch,

Installation, validation and production. Technical support of production facility, and sustaining of existing products. Implementation of Lean

Manufacturing and Continual Improvement activities: Value Added/Value Engineering projects and training at all levels of the organization.

Analysis of existing capacity and OEE metrics, capital requirements for new programs during RFQ and equipment justification.

Actively involved with NPI/NPD Multi Functional Teams in Technical Centers in the US, Japan and Germany, with a very proactive

participation in PDP/Roadmaps, Product & Process Design Reviews, DFMEA, and Advanced Quality Planning (APQP).

Successfully transferred, installed and validated more than 50 assembly and production cells to launch more than 80 part numbers of Automotive HVAC controls, Door/Seat controls, Ignition SW, Steering Wheel SW & Steering Angle control sensors.

Successfully passed Product Launches & Process Audits by Delphi, GM, Ford, Chrysler, BMW, Honda, Toyota, and Denso.

Ensured that new product designs met Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Design for Assembly (DFA), Rules Based Design criteria,

Voice of the Customer (VOC), Quality into Product Design, moving from conventional Detection & Containment to Prevention.

Implemented a proactive, innovated Prevention-Based Quality planning activities for new product development linking.

customer Attributes, Engineering and Parts Characteristics, Key Process Operations and Production Requirements (QFD).

Developed PFMEAs, PCPs and PFDs for equipment and processes for assembly lines, molding, paint & laser and SMT areas.

Designed Tooling and Equipment using Solid Works, based on Lean Mfg., Ergonomics, Safety and Poka-Yoke guidelines.

Authored Equipment Validation plans for Process Capability (CPK, PPK,Gage R&R) based on PFMEA, PCP, PFD & Takt-Time.

Standardized assembly methods & work design using Mini MOST in Switches areas, reducing material handling by 30%.

After Kaizen, 5S and V M re-arranged Switch assembly lines and supermarket frequency reducing the layout space by 45%.

Participation to establish Supplier Quality Assessments & Supplier Continuous Improvement. Internal Auditor

DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE SYSTEMS, Technical Center El PASO, TX July 1999 – August 2001

Process/Manufacturing ENGINEER PTRE

Responsible for the Design and Development of Lean Manufacturing Systems and Product-focused Manufacturing-assembly Cells from

Prototype and Pre-Launch stages through full Transfer of Technology from Delphi Technical Center to multiple manufacturing facilities.

Installation, Validation and Production start-up of equipment to manufacture Engine Hydraulic Actuators and Fuel Management Systems.

Actively participated in Product Design, Product Development & Quality Planning through concurrent engineering, reviewing DFA, DFM, GD&T process and product Capabilities to meet customer requirements (GM, Nissan, Renault, and Isuzu) for FTQ & Cost.

Designed fixtures and equipment with built-in error-proofing features (Poka-Yoke), sensors and quick die (SMED) exchange methods. Mgmt. of design and fabrication of prototype and production equipment with domestic and international suppliers.

Developed Prototype documentation per GP-11: PFMEA, PCP, PFD and Work instructions for Sample Pilot Builds.

Planned and conducted Machine Qualifications (MQ1) at suppliers’ site to validate equipment per Delphi’s guidelines for Process Capability (CPK> 1.33), FTQ, Throughput, Takt Time, Up-time %, Cycle time, Ergonomics, OSHA and Safety.

Participated in Run@ Rates and PPAP runs with Plant engineering and Process Validation personnel (APQP) prior to PPAP.

JEFFERSON ELECTRIC, INC. Electrical Transformers BROWNSVILLE, TX July 1997 – July 1999

Manufacturing Engineering Manager

DANAHER TOOL GROUP, Armstrong Tools Industrial Tools CHICAGO, IL July 1996 - July 1997

Tooling & Fixture Design Engineer

HU-FRIEDY MANUFACTURING, INC. Medical Devices CHICAGO, IL Jan 1990 - June 1996

Manufacturing Engineer

DETROIT DIESEL ALLISON, Diesel Engine Assembly Plant Aguascalientes, MX May 1985 - Nov 1989

Process-Manufacturing Engineer


University of Texas Pan-American, Edinburg, TX. University of Illinois at Chicago. Chicago, Il.

MBA core courses: Non-degree courses: Adv Engineering Mathematics, Heat Transfer,

Business Law, Management Accounting Mathematical Models in Engineering, Dynamics of Mechanical Systems,

Instituto Tecnológico de Aguascalientes

Bachelor of Science, Mechanical Engineering. Bilingual: English / Spanish, Japanese (Basic)

Aguascalientes, Mexico December 1984.

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