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Engineer Process

Spring, Texas, 77373, United States
October 27, 2016

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Jesús Arrieta

Venezuela, Maracaibo

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After the beginning of my professional career in 2006, i got motivated for keep learning in Gas Processing field, with the Master on Gas Engineering in Zulia University where I did 7 courses. Then I started like a process engineer in the PDVSA Tia Juana 3 Cryogenic Plant doing like a contact engineer to maintain the reliability, specifically on the Triethylene Glycol System and improving the operation of three phase separator. In 2007, receive the assignment to be process engineer of the PDVSA ethane and propane fractioning plant, where evaluation of the storage compressor and multistage distillation was done. In 2007 begins the period of process engineer on the PEQUIVEN Zulia Complex, in the first stage studying all the plant than I was assigned specifically on the Chlor Alkali Plant, to be than the chlorine area engineer, several evaluations for the compressor performance and dryng system were perform and are still on course. Also in 2009, i work as a process engineer predicting the further maintenance on the compressor gas for the Olefin’s Plant. Furthermore, i did inspections for the startup on MonoVinyl Chloride and Olefin Plant turnaround distillation columns. Since August 2013 I have being coursing the Chemical Specialist Degree in the Zulia University, actually six (6) course were past with 17/20 average. Until now I have been elaborate more than 30 Technical Evaluations, 70 Technical Reviews and 700 daily operation reports.


Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering, La Universidad del Zulia

(LUZ), Zulia Venezuela. Average of 15,19/20.

Master’s Degree in Gas Engineering (Not completed). La Universidad del Zulia (LUZ), Zulia Venezuela. Several courses were taken including Thermodynamics Properties, Fluid Transportation, Compression and Expansion, Numeric Analysis, Gas Chromatography, Equipment Design, and Liquid Extraction. Average of 17/20.

Chemical Specialist Degree (In Course). La Universidad del Zulia (LUZ), Zulia Venezuela. Six (6) courses were past Applied Thermodynamics, Phenomen Transport, Reactor Design, Separation Process Units, Catalysis Surface and Control Engineer. Average of 17/20.

Jesús Arrieta

Venezuela, Maracaibo

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Visualization of a neutralization system for the chlorine pressure relief valve, using ASME Section VIII, Div. 3. Alternatives Rules for Construction of High Pressure Vessel to calculate the flow of the relief valve system relief valves. P&ID and PFD were made also.

Design of P&ID and PFD for the adaptation of the existing tanks of sodium hypochlorite to produce 43TM, were several instrument and valve specifications were made.

FEL Studies for replacement of existing Pequiven’s 32 TMD Hydrocloridic Acid Unit Production, in here technical and economical evaluation was elaborated. Three technical proposals were reviewed and TIR and Return of the investment were calculated, also FEL study and DSD Support Document.

Evaluation of the chlorine liquid refrigeration systems using enthalpy- pressure Mollier diagram plus mass and energy balance to calculate the efficiency and prediction of the compressor maintenance.

Evaluation of the specification of the chlorine feed to the plant of MVC based on the behavior of moisture in the chlorine liquid storage and refrigeration system, in reference of the Chlorine Institute and Eurochlor Organization.

Elaboration of FEL Documents for the Project of substitution the rich gas for residual gas in the compressor plant, Tia Juana 3 PDVSA, specifically doing the material and energy balance for the simulation on the Hysys software, also doing the PFD and P&ID.

Evaluation of the chlorine compressor system, doing calculation on the polytrophic efficiency and the performance curve, to determine the different cause that are affecting the performance of the compressor and on that manner expand the operation cycle to have less lost on chlorine production.

Root – Cause analysis based on the failure of the packed bed columns on the chlorine dryng system of the Chlor Alkali Plant, making pressure profile in the system to recover the chlorine production of the plant.

Root – Cause analysis of the tip burner cracking on the HCl production unit, checking the flow, pressure temperature variable, and a material balance for the H2 excess in the unit, where failure cause determined by a high temperature given by a high oxygen concentration feed.

Procedure for the safe replacement of the Ultra-Pure Brine Tank with the dechlorinated brine tank in normal operation, elaborating new PID and step by step procedure. This procedure prevents the loss of 500 TM of chlorine and 500 TM of caustic soda.

Jesús Arrieta

Venezuela, Maracaibo

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Design of a chlorine liquid system detection were PI&D, PFD, and specification of pipes, separations drum and heat exchanger was elaborated, in addition to the specification of instruments and safety devices.

Detailed design of the heat exchanger for the chlorine liquid system detection. This evaluation was based in the reuse of an existing heat exchanger through rigorous Aspen Plus simulation and film coefficient of tube and shell.

Several inspection reports of the chlorine chiller analyzing the fouling and elaborate a specified of the dryng procedure for dry the tower below 20 ppm of moisture.

Root – Cause analysis based on the failure the dry chlorine demister were the problem was determine to be the low fumes going to the filter elements and crystalizing causing the increase of the differential pressure. ABILITIES AND SKILLS

Knowledge on thermodynamics principles for columns distillation, compressors and fluid transports.

Experience in reading and preparing PID, PFD and process drawings.

Responsible for different root-cause analysis, process equipment evaluation in operation, maintenance and commissioning.

Heat and Mass balance using Excel and other types of simulation programs including Hysys, Pro II and Aspen Plus.

Capable of data sheets specification on Pumps, Control Valves, Analyzers, and Flow Meters.

Experience in making piping analysis in Pipephase and equipment designs.

Root-cause Analysis – valuable experience in problem solving for chlor alkali and columns distillation problems using Ishikawa techniques or MPS strategy of Don Woods.

Participated in several team works, to find the best solutions and ideas to the problems.

Expertise knowledge was applied to teach non-experienced engineers.

Abilities for detecting critical error on Petrochemical and Plant Gas process, base on histogram and variable tendency.

Experience in accidents’ prevention using HAZOP programs for recognition of states and critical errors.

Experience in NGL liquefaction systems and chlorine, especially in Freon Refrigeration and Triethylene Glycol (TEG) systems.

Good verbal and write communication (Spanish or English) with suppliers, providers, teammates and supervisors.

Jesús Arrieta

Venezuela, Maracaibo

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(08/2006 - 02/2007, 7 months) - Process Engineer in cryogenic plants

(Tia Juana 2 – Tia Juana 3) in the Lake of Maracaibo and fractioning plants, Bajo Grande PDVSA GAS.

(06/2007 – Present) – Chlor Alkali Process engineer in Pequiven Ana Maria Complex.


Process simulation: Aspen Plus V8.0., Aspen Plus 2006, Hysys 8.1, Pro II and Pipephase 8.1

Programming Language: MatLab, Fortran


Process Modeling using Aspen Plus. 24 hours. (2007). Thermal Design of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers using Aspen Tasc +. 16 Hours (2007).

Heat Exchangers for Process Engineers Using Aspen Plus. 8 Hours


Olefins Seminar. 24 Hours (2009).

Chlorate / Chlorine DeNora Seminar of America. 24 hours (2011). Execution for Stage of a Project. 24 Hours (2012). Project Definition Rating Index. 24 Hours (2012).

Heat Exchangers for Process Engineers Using Aspen Plus V8.0. 16 Hours (2014).

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