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Norwood, Massachusetts, United States
October 23, 2016

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Latest version of my resume can be found at

Last update: June 4, 2016

Sergey A Kryukov

Home address:

*** ******* *****

Norwood, MA 02062

781-***-**** (home)

781-***-**** (mobile)

CodeProject Profile:

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Desired position: Principle Software Engineer or Software Architect


Software architect and computer scientist well known in international professional software community, developer (in some cases, an owner) of several unique technologies, including: alternative .NET Data Contract solution optimized via System.Reflection.Emit, Data-Driven Software development method, innovating architecture of a Computer Algebra System, multi-threading technology and more. Life time .NET experience and life time experience with its Borland predecessor.

Not only I provided a lot of help and tutoring to my students and colleagues, but I even more enjoyed learning from them and our customers.

List of publications


Microsoft .NET, Mono for Unix (Linux, Mac…), inter-operation with native platforms;

C# and derived languages, Delphi Pascal, C++, JavaScript and a lot more, functional and dynamic languages

Main directions of software technology development:

Distributed multi-threaded systems,

GUI, mostly based on .NET, including WPF, Image Recognition,

Innovative meta-data driven technology of software development, data management,

Inter-operation between different languages and platforms,

Systems supporting remote asynchronous process control,

Control systems and data acquisition systems for manufacturing, diagnostics and research applications,

Industrial/laboratory robotics.


CodeProject Most Valuable Professional 2012 to 2016

Borland-Contest-93, Honorary Diploma for the contest work “Tasks” library introduction of multi-threading, threading and IPC API with Ada-like Rendezvous, structured exception handling for DOS-based programming. This was one of the earliest low-level implementations of structured exception handling, at the time when it wasn't yet introduced to C++, and multithreading, at the time when it wasn't yet introduced in Linux.

Professional Experience

Thermo Fisher Scientific

Software Architect

March 2012 to March 2016

Worked as an architect and developer of the software Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) equipment. Major achievement: developed new unique XML data management system based on custom Data Contract technology, optimized based on .NET System.Reflection.Emit, architecture and hardware control software for Pegasus, Orion systems, prober interface and its integration with ESD tester machines.

Also provided optical engineering solution for new version of Orion machine. All works have been immediately commercialized; the data management feature is getting ready to meet beta testers/customers.

.NET, C#.

Akamai Technologies


August 2011 to November 2011

Contract job for Akamai internal product for migration of the code developed specifically and exclusively for .NET on Windows to a multi-platform solution with primary additional target to Mac OS X based on Mono platform. This was related to working around of all kind of incompatibilities, in .NET UI, Oracle Database and the client code of a Web service.

Interesting achievement: the solution included database abstraction layer capable of working identically with different incompatible data connection providers, because of the lack of common Oracle data provider for CLR working on both systems as well as re-engineering of UI, Web server access, secure authentication and threading model.

Windows, Mac OS X, .NET, Mono, C#.

Milara, Inc.

Director of Software Engineering

February 2010 to November 2010

Defined and created software development infrastructure: Revision Control, Issue Management, one-click build procedures, administration documentation and back-up tools, based on in-house dedicated development server (Ubuntu Server Linux). The infrastructure supports international team consisting of software developers working in-house and remotely. The software development team is armed with all this techniques and quality standards; proper development disciplines and practices are maintained. Completed development of big integration project based on newly developed Windows Service. The solution supports legacy Touch Print system for Printed Circuit Board (PCB) printing integrated with 3D Paste Inspection hardware and software developed by CyberOptics. C#, C++, Python.

Interesting achievement: successful remote debugging of a Windows Service with developer partners based on innovating service technology.

BlueShift Technologies, Inc.

Principal Software Engineer

January 2009 to November 2009

Responsible for software architecture and development of the new version of QuickBlue software products for process control and wafer-handling automation based on company's proprietary robots; worked at development of new technology and architecture, founded a new “supportability” project which provided innovated development/release cycle for legacy software.

Provided team leadership and major software solutions which secured successful sales of the platform for two customers' companies and a patch solution for another customer. .NET, C#.

DST International (presently DST Global Solutions)

Technical Architect

December 2008 to January 2009

Provided consulting for the team supporting HiWay project, originally developed at Bremer Associates (see below).

J P Sercel Associates, Inc.

Senior Software Architect

March 2006 to November 2008

Developed highly innovative technology and architecture implemented in the control system for a wide class of industrial installations for high-precision robotized laser machining, implemented a working system, in .NET, C#.

Major achievement: development of the data serialization technology predated Microsoft Data Contract, and also highly customizable metadata-driven UI, also based on Data Contract, and rule-driven manufacturing scenario.

DST International (presently DST Global Solutions)

Technical Architect

June 2003 to February 2006

Participated in re-working of MetaStreamer, developed at BREMER and acquired by DST International, into a new middleware DST product named HiWay. Borland Delphi Pascal, C++.

Developed integration with the competing OMG CWM, in particular, XMI.

BREMER Associates, Inc.

Senior Software Engineer

August 2000 to June 2003

Involved in development of the company's proprietary meta-data message-oriented middleware product targeted for system integration MetaStreamer. Borland Delphi Pascal, C++.

Major achievement: development of the architecture of Meta-data Engine (MDE), the product predated similar OMG Common Warehouse Metamodel, mostly its MOF, which was published by OMG later.


Levedev Institute of Physics

Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow

Post-graduate Course

Major: Solid-State Physics

MS degree from M. I. P. T. (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, a. k. a. “PhysTech”),

Dolgoprudny, Russia

Major: Automation and Electronics, Quantum Optics

Thesis: Quantum Size Effects in Multi-Layer Structures

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