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Project Engineering

Fort Madison, Iowa, 52627, United States
October 23, 2016

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Fort Madison, IA 52627

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Registered Professional Mechanical Consulting Engineer with extensive experience in operations management, process design engineering, forensic engineering and project management with privately and publicly held companies in the agricultural, energy, chemicals, capital services industry and civil litigation as a consultant and expert witness in trials.


B.S. Industrial Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, IA, 1993

M.B.A., Master of Business Administration, Drake University, Des Moines, IA, 2003.

Member of Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society


University of Wisconsin-Madison, WI 1995 Continuing Education Course - 3 Day - Process Drying Systems

Center for Continuous Quality Improvement, Ames, IA 1996 32 Hour course on Total Quality Management

Allen-Bradley Panel-View Design, Des Moines, IA 2000 – Automated Control Systems, 1- Day Course

3 day Kaizen Training, Ankeny, IA 2000 - Tones Spices facilitated an in-house training by outside consulting firm in Kaizen methods.

University of Miami, Miami, FL 2004 Auto Accident Reconstruction and Simulation software EDCrash Course. Facilitated by Engineering Dynamics Corporation and taught by Terry Day.

State of Iowa Engineering and Land Surveying Examining Board– Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Certificate #16300

Professional Mechanical Engineering Registration: Iowa #18690 (2008)


Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)

American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) – Associate Member

Beta Gamma Sigma Business Honor Society

America Society of Agricultural Engineers (ASAE)

American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)


Allen Management Group

President, Founder and Owner


Independent Professional Mechanical Engineering Consultant Engineer for forensic investigations involving personal injury, property loss, accident reconstruction and product design and development.

Midwest Industrial and Mechanical

Co-Owner, Founder and President 2008-2014

Oversaw operations and financial performance metrics of company. Managed two Vice Presidents of Operations. Assisted in client development and networking. Provided engineering support, business development, direction for projects, safety training and job skill certification development. Hall-Wade Engineering also provided funding for start-up and managed accounting and billing for work. Company started with approximately with $600k in gross revenue in 2008 and grew to about $1.4MM in 2014.

Wade Property Group 2006 - 2011

Majority Owner and President

Owned 50 storage rental units and office building. Was in charge of overseeing the flipping of two foreclosed homes and the renovations.

Hall-Wade Engineering Services

President and Owner 2004- 2011

Consulting engineer in various areas including automobile accident reconstruction, industrial and agricultural machine accident investigation, fire and explosion cause and origin analysis, thermodynamics and work-place safety engineering. Perform an accident analysis using EDCrash software and momentum equations for accident speed analysis. Provide research and documentation of OSHA code, ASME, ASTM, NEMA standards that regulate industry. Conduct failure analysis on consumer and industrial products focusing on engineering, material and/or application. Grew revenue from approximately $500K to $4.5M when I procured an Engineering, Procurement, Project and Construction Management project in Kansas. Consulting revenue grew from approximately $500k to $900K from 2004 and 2011 since I purchased the company staff grew from 5 to 11 employees during that same period.

Managed Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management for a multi-million dollar construction project for plant expansion in Kansas. Project involved building expansion, liquid processing systems, electrical, mechanical and four spray drying systems, blending and packaging systems. Project also involved decommissioning of processing plant in Nebraska and moving operations to expanded plant in Kansas. Project took place in 2007 and 2008. The project owner was American Protein Corporation which produces functional proteins for the pet food and animal feed markets worldwide.

Oversaw manufacture and installation of 3 explosion vents on a whey permeate spray dryer in Minnesota diary plant. The dryer was capable of producing 10,000 pounds an hour of milk by-product. Project took place in summer of 2008. Also was involved in chemical processing lines installation and miscellaneous project for the $20 million project. Was also involved in the initial stages of project as a consultant on budget and reviewing contracts and design. The project Owner was Proliant Diary.

Midwest Industrial and Mechanical Company custom fabricates equipment and installs processing systems in the agricultural, food and pharmaceutical markets including work in ethanol plants. Company was formed in 2008 and works throughout the Midwest. Provide oversight, engineering support, marketing and strategic business direction for MIM.

Academy Roofing and Sheet Metal, Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Commercial Contractor

General Manager/Minority Partner 2003- 2004

Responsible for start-up operation and general operating activities of new branch in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Defined and developed market strategy that was integrated into our business plan. Oversight responsibility on construction projects with profit/loss accountability. Researched laws, regulations and building codes for The State of Florida and specific municipalities. Responsible for following OSHA safety regulations pertaining to construction industry. Passed the state of Florida Roofing Contractor exam.

Tone Brothers, Inc. Ankeny, IA – Spice Manufacturer – Union Facility

Processing Operations Manager 2000- 2003

Responsible for meeting and exceeding operational performance objectives, quality standards, safety and process improvements while achieving the lowest processing costs. Supervised 4 direct reports and 34 indirect reports in the department. Prepared capital and operational budgets for department. Coached and developed employees on a continual basis with focus leadership, process improvement engineering, safety and labor relations with work force. Participated in union labor relations meetings and joint board hearings. The three main activities of the department were pre-batching blends, blending and packaging into 2000lb tote bags and milling raw spices into powders with the use of hammer mills, pin mills and roller mills. The milling process also included sifting for proper particle size distribution.

Initiated formulation changes project for manufacturing processes that contributed nearly $500K in

annual savings for the company. Worked with R&D and purchasing to bring the change to fruition.

Devised and managed a yearly process improvement plan for the department. Completed 33 process

improvement initiatives over a three year period that totaled savings of approximately $736K. Headcount was reduced from 52 to 34 with minimal capital investment and maintained production volume.

Negotiated supply contracts and worked with vendors to reduce manufacturing supply budget by

50% over a three year period this included packaging materials and liquid nitrogen used in

Cryogenic processing.

Negotiated a contract for Vendor Managed Inventory for a manufacturing supply budget of

$500K plant-wide. Explored global alliance opportunity with sister company and parent company

with operational supply costs of approximately $10MM annually.

Completed a benchmark study on the packaging and maintenance operations that identified

opportunities for improvement valued at approximately $1MM annually due to a 23%

increase in mechanical downtime and 1% increase in product and material scrap.

Completed and implemented Economic Order Quantity study for 435 blended products that

changed order quantities and product routing. Resulted in an estimated $250K in yearly savings.

Designed and oversaw installation of a liquid nitrogen spent gas recycle system that reduced cooling

load for a milling process by approximately 15%.

Developed and performed a study for the effects of liquid nitrogen on milling various spice products.

Performed statistical analysis on the product attributes of bulk index, moisture and particle size

distribution when varying the amount of liquid nitrogen injected into the milling process.

Managed a departmental B-Safe program to improve the safety records for plant employees.

Program focused on proper use of lockout-tag out, safe machine operation, creating awareness of

industrial hazards, Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), proper personal protective equipment,

safety design in work stations, employing safe work practices and proper operation of forklifts

and other mobile plant equipment.

Ensured that all new equipment installations were OSHA complaint and provided a safe work

environment for plant operators. Worked with plant safety manager and engineering on improving

plant working conditions in the areas of noise level, environmental issues and machine safety.

Tone Brothers, Inc. Ankeny, IA – Spice Manufacturer- Union Facility

Project Manager 1999-2000

Responsible for project conception, design and implementation for spice processing and packaging operations.

Completed $250K warehouse improvement project. The project entailed doubling the size of the

Cross-dock operation for club stores and adding an automated pallet wrapping station for the Retail

Picking operation. Updated electrical and automation systems with Allen-Bradley PLCs.

Designed and installed a $96K pepper milling improvement project. Installed process

system for an aspirated stream and mills it for yield improvement. Project achieved a 1.5% yield

savings of approximately $200K annually. Included total automation changeover with Allen Bradley

PLCs and Panel View man-machine interfaces.

Involved in many continuous improvement teams utilizing TQM, Kaizen and Performance

Management techniques.

Worked with outside consulting firm that performed a study on plant design compliance with OSHA.

Initiated several projects and work orders to improve plant safety in the areas of work center design,

warnings and labeling, MSDS and proper lockout tag out procedures for plant equipment.

Completed a plant wide project updating the lockout - tag out program for equipment.

Identified plant hazardous energy sources and wrote the lock-out tag out procedures and installed

proper devices.

Lead and directed Ergonomic committee for improving plant ergonomics. Initiated and completed

several projects that improved work station ergonomics. Changes included added or provided work tools to reduce physical demands of operation thereby reduced the chance for injury, changing work station design or adding equipment to reduce repetitive motion operations and improving plant environment by installing air handling systems for harmful dust emissions on dumping and mixing equipment.

Developed contractor Intermittent Services Program for all contractors doing work at the Tones

Spices facility. The ISA program was designed to improve risk management in the areas of

insurance requirements, liability mitigation and contractor workmanship quality and value.

Represented the engineering department for a plant wide Kaizen training and implementation

program. Worked with operations and maintenance to identify several areas for waste reduction, work place layout improvement and manufacturing process improvement.

Koch Industries Inc. Wichita, KS/St. Louis, MO

Project Manager/Project Engineer 1997- 1999

Responsible for development and execution of food by-product processing capital projects for the Koch Feed Products company. Worked with business leaders to define venture objectives and identify risks and project drivers. Researched process technology and made selection decisions. Interacted with all corporate departments such as legal, contracts, taxes, operations and business during project execution.

Researched process technology and implemented solution for a $1.2MM odor abatement project. The

odor abatement solution was a bio-filter and wet scrubber system. The main source of odor was

hydrogen sulfide gas that was created by the anaerobic breakdown of protein feed-stocks.

Budget, schedule and odor reduction objectives were met and exceeded.

Developed project for a $4.7MM de-hydration and processing plant for processing food by-products.

Managed project from conception to final designs with outside engineering and construction firm.

Developed project scope, budget and processing technology for $7.0MM food by-product plant.

Worked with regulated utilities and de-regulated energy marketers to explore options for plant

energy needs. Identified opportunities for rate discounts that reduced plant energy costs by 20%.

Developed concept and execution plan for a heat re-circulation project that reduce natural gas costs

by 30% for a fluid bed drying system. Worked with outside engineering firm for detailed designs.

Researched and presented numerous safety topics for weekly staff meetings in the Koch Operations

group including a topic on mock OSHA inspections. Trained and encouraged the project engineers

that traveled to other facilities to perform mock OSHA inspections to improve overall plant safety.

Relocated to St. Louis, MO after Koch Industries purchased Purina Mills. Was responsible for

developing food by-products projects to produce material for formulation into Purina Mills products

and bringing the Koch culture and Capital Asset Project Process to Purina Mills.

Proliant Inc. Ames, IA

Engineering Specialist 1993-1997

Reported to Vice-President of Operations. Responsible for project conception, design and management for completion. Work with R&D and sales personnel in scaling pilot plant processes and products to the manufacturing phase.

Managed concept, design and completion of 12 raw material procurement projects over two year period focusing on continuous improvement. Project capital totaled $3.6MM contributing $20MM to annual sales. Implemented new technologies including Coriolis mass flow meters to monitor process output and provide operator feedback for adjustment. Wrote operating and safety manuals for the newly installed operations.

Designed and managed on site a multi-million dollar plant expansion for receiving, centrifuging, concentration and spray drying a feed additive product. Re-commissioned a used 50’ thermal drying system and retrofitted into plant in SW Kansas. Responsible for electrical and mechanical installation equipment. Designed and installed plant wide CIP (Clean in Place) system for sanitizing processing and storage equipment. Responsible for project safety and designing and installing a safe work environment.

Worked on cross-functional team to improve process yields at remote plasma collection sites. Used

the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach to problem solving as designed by Edward Deming.

Developed hardware and software architecture for a process control model for plasma production. System was capable of real-time monitoring from drying plants as well immediate feedback and display for collection site operators.

Designed and installed a completely automated plasma collection system in Calgary, Canada. Installed Allen-Bradley, PLCs (Programmable Logic Controllers) and Panel-Views for process monitoring and control and man-machine interface. The system also included a fully automated CIP (Clean in Place) system for equipment cleaning.

Worked with Argentina, South American partners for technology transfer for a joint venture

created in 1996. Traveled several times to South America for design and installation of pollution

control devices for the thermal drying systems. Retrofitted plant to accept three BHA dust collectors.

Initiated start-up and training of South American joint venture partners.

Rockwell International - Graphics Systems Div., Cedar Rapids, IA.

Industrial Engineer - Co-op 1990-1991 Jan.-Aug.

Developed and improved part machining techniques in the manufacture of newspaper printing press components. Designed and oversaw the fabrication of a catwalk system for a new printing press line. Wrote the CNC programming code for the fabrication and the plant routing and material requirements and cycle times for completion.


Hall, Jerry Lee, Vijithakumara, Mevan and Wade, Mark, “Forensic Principles for Accident Reconstruction” presented at the Iowa Association of Legal Assistants seminar, Des Moines, Iowa, May 4, 2007.

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