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Sr. Abintio Developer

United States
October 12, 2016

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Teja Veeravalli

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Contact No: 571-***-****

Professional Summary

Over 6 years of professional IT experience in Analysis, Design, Development, Testing and Implementation of various Data Warehousing, Reporting and Software Applications.

Over 6 years of Exclusive Experience in Ab Initio (GDE, Co>operating system).

Expertise in ETL tools using Ab Initio (GDE, Co>operating system), DataStage and SQL Loader for data migration to Enterprise Data Warehouse.

3+ years of strong Teradata along with SQL Assistant and BTEQ experience. Solid skills and expert knowledge of Teradata version 2R5.x/6.x/13.x and utilities Parallel Transporter which include inherit tools like TPUMP, MLOAD, FASTLOAD and FASTXPORT.

Strong experience on developing re-usable generic applications for high-volume DWH environment (~ 80 TB).

Thorough knowledge in EME, check-ins, checkouts, command line interface, air commands and Dependency analysis.

Excellent work base experience on OLAP application development using Abintio, Sybase, Netezza, Oracle and Teradata Procedure’s

5+ years of experience on development and maintenance of STAR schemas, Fact Tables, Dimensional Tables (Type 1, Type 2, Type 3), and Surrogate Keys

Hands on experience on analyzing data, data lineage and impact analysis using Metadata Hub.

Administered management group settings to generate and view reports using Operations Console.

Developed Ab-Initio graphs to fetch data from DB2, Oracle, Teradata, Sybase IQ, Netezza, AS400, Excel, flat files, mainframe files (EBCDIC, packed) and XML Files

Good knowledge of Payment Card Industry, Credit Cards Domain, Insurance and strong experience in Financial/Banking industry

Developed various UNIX shell wrapper scripts to run Ab initio jobs and used shell scripts in graphs/plans.

1+ year of experience in AbInitio Plan (Conduct>It) using various tasks components for processing the applications.

Experience in Ab Initio EME/Sandbox to implement version control and impact analysis to manage various project across the organization.

Excellent knowledge on Business Rule Engine (BRE) and Application Configuration Environment (ACE).

Extensively used Express>it and Couduit>it

Extensive experience on developing Ab Initio Batch and Continuous Flow applications.

Worked with MFS file system to implement MPP architecture for ETL process using Ab Initio tool.

Performance tuning the complex Ab Initio graph, worked with tuning the memory parameter and Ab Initio best practice approach to implement the ETL process

Ability to demonstrate command and use of industry accepted Ab Initio best practices and have completed terabyte level solutions preferably at multiple separate environments

Worked extensively in the GDE (Graphical Development Environment) configuring, connecting, and testing the components to produce executable flow graphs on UNIX environment, Proficient with various Ab Initio Data Cleansing, Parallelism, and Transformation and Multi File System techniques.

Thorough knowledge of DML (Data Manipulation Language), Unix Shell scripting (Korn and Bourne).

Knowledge on Oracle Exadata

Developed various UNIX shell wrappers to run Ab Initio and Data base jobs. Practical experience with working on multiple environments like production, development, testing.

Conceptualized and implemented p-sets. Generic graphs and other ab-initio best practices.

Good Experience working with various Heterogeneous Source Systems like Oracle, MS SQL Server, Teradata, DB2 UDB, Flat files and Legacy Systems.

Proficient in designing and developing database applications using Visual Basic as front-end and RDBMS (SQL Server, MS-Access, and Oracle) as backend using ADO, DAO and RDO objects.

Proficient in writing Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions and Triggers using T-SQL.

Generated p sets for running generic graphs

Have a Basic knowledge of Mainframe Systems and files.

Technical Skills

ETL Tools

Ab Initio (GDE 3.2.x/3.0.x/2.1x, Co>Operating System 3.2.x, 2.1x), Informatica Power Center 8/9/1/9.6.1, DataStage, SQL*Loader and Teradata Parallel Transporter utilities


Sybase SQL, Oracle 9i/8i/7.x, MS SQL Server 2000/2005, DB2 UDB, MS Access 2000/7.0 and Teradata V2RX,13.10

Reporting Tools

MicroStrategy 8.1.1/8.0.2/7X (Desktop, Web, Intelligence Server, Report Services, Narrowcast Server, Enterprise Manager)

Testing Tools

Win Runner, Load Runner, Test Director, and Quick Test Pro.

Operating Systems

Microsoft Windows XP/2003/2000/9i/NT, IBM AIX Unix 4.2, Red Hat Linux 8, IBM OS/390 version 2.8, Sun Solaris 8 and DOS


C, C++, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL, Transact SQL, Interactive SQL, UNIX Shell scripting, HTML, XML

Professional Experience

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta, GA Jan 2016 to till date

Sr. Abintio Developer


Worked and held responsible for applications like STAMP and HRCS.

Responsible for interacting and discussing with Business Team to understand the business process and gather requirements. Developed and documented a high level Conceptual Data Process Design for the projects.

Responsible for checking the data lineage, data profiling and data management for STAMP application.

Worked towards the optimization of data by following the best practices for data quality.

Responsible for managing technical resources (Onshore and Offsite) within project schedule.

Used 14 Way Multi Files for processing Millions of records and used MFS and serial lookup files for lookup.

Excelled guiding and managing technical resources within project schedule and scheduling status meeting to get the status updates and discuss ongoing issue and blockers.

Responsible for updating project manager regarding status of development efforts.

Liaised with business and functional owner during risk engineering and high-level review sessions to derive and execute action plans, meeting deadlines and standards.

Handled the tasks of identifying system deficiencies and implementing effective solutions

Handled the responsibilities of managing technical risks throughout the project.

Drove impressive improvements across the business as a result of IT implementations.

Created cost-benefit analyses and ROI assessments that were used as the basis for decision-making on proposed IT implementation projects.

Created High Level Technical Design and Detailed Design (DDL) documents (HLD) in the initial stages of a project.

Developed graphs using Ab Initio components and utilized Ab Initio Parallelism techniques and MFS Techniques with the Conditional Components and Conditional DML and thereby improved the overall performance by optimizing the execution time.

Shared knowledge with the developer on EME repository check-ins and check-outs.

Implemented Ab Initio Plans and continues flows for some applications.

Worked on enhancement of existing Ab Initio applications and made graphs generic by incorporating parameters into the graphs and adopted the best practices to enhance performance for the graphs.

Worked on Batch jobs using UNIX shell scripting.

Performed unit testing, Integrated testing, involved in UAT, code review and performed code migration to different environments.

Environment: Ab Initio 3.2.5.x with Co>Op 3.2.6, Oracle, DB2, UNIX, MS Office, Mainframe, Windows 7, CA7

Staples Inc., Chicago, IL July 2014 to Dec 2015

Abinitio Consultant


Developed ETL process for extracting the data from Oracle and DB2 sources and loading DB2 Pure Scale and UDB tables.

Worked on End to End in the Project from Requirements to Implementation and PIV.

Used various XML components like XML Combine, Split as part of creating various Business records using XSD.

Developed Graphs using RPC Component and Web process for creating and retrieval of the Hash dynamically using continuous graph.

Have a good experience in using Meta Data Hub for browsing the Data and addition of Metadata to Metadata hub.

Developed shell scripts in Start and end scripts for sending communication to the users and various Business needs for weekly and Daily jobs.

Have a good experience in air commands, m* commands and Unix commands for day to day activities and good experience in creating tag and save files for code promotion.

Have a good experience in using majority of Ab Initio Components like Rollup, Scan, Normalize, Reformat, Multi update, Partition Components, and Repartition Components and creating of common functions and usage of vectors.

Used Control-M as a job scheduler to automate the daily and monthly jobs.

Used Begin and End Transaction components for processing the Relational Integrity tables (RI).

Used 4 Way Multi Files for processing Millions of records and used MFS and serial lookup files for lookup.

Have worked and have good knowledge of Continuous flows.

Good experience in loading DB2 on mainframe and Pure Scale DB2 tables and also has a good experience in loading Oracle tables using API and utility modes.

Developed ETL application for extracting the data from DB2 Sources and pushing the files through Secure Transfer to various third party vendors.

Worked on the enhancement of the existing ETL application and tuned the ETL jobs for better performance and also enhanced the ETL apps from batch jobs to hourly refresh.

Environment: Ab-Initio GDE (Batch, Continuous), co-op, AIX, EME, Oracle 11g Enterprise Edition (64 bit), Pure Scale DB2, DB2 on Mainframes V10.5, Windows 7 Professional, Control-M, MS Share Point, Agile Methodology(Rally) and HP Quality center.

HP Inc., TX Oct 2013 to June 2014

Data Ware Housing Developer


Scheduling status meeting to get the status updates and discuss ongoing issue and blockers.

Developed Continuous Flow applications using Ab Initio continuous components like subscribe, MQ subscribe, Multipublish, Publish, Continuous join with DB, Continuous update table.

Developed Conduct>IT plans and sub-plans by integrating graphs, scripts.

Extensively used Teradata and its tools to extract and load data

Created so many multiload and fastload scripts for loading data into Teradata.

Extensively utilized Ab Initio Parallelism techniques and MFS Techniques with the Conditional Components and Conditional DML and thereby improved the overall performance by optimizing the execution time.

Designed and developed a process for extracting the data from All Bridge Data Sources.

Developed the technical design document and the fields Mapping Documents from Various sources with embedding all the System Constraints.

Designed various Oracle tables at various levels of the Business such as Detail level, Agent level and Leader level.

Developed a generic process for Versioning the records using SCD type 2 and extensively used various Meta programming and PDL functions.

Constructed various control balancing methodologies at Source level and target level and balancing between files and file and table.

Extensively used Multi file partitions (8 way) and used various functions pertaining to multi file.

Used various types of look up functions like look up interval, look up local, lookup match, look up count and look up next.

Developed various wrappers from start job to end job and developed PL/SQL scripts to load the data into Oracle tables using parallel hints.

Used the various Abinitio performances’ techniques to improve the graph performances and fixing the over heads.

Developed Generic ETL Graphs for loading data to Oracle DB tables from the load ready files and have good experience in building surrogate keys in serial and multi file and chaining the records.

Have good experience in using air, m_ commands and UNIX commands.

Environment: Ab-Initio GDE 3.2.2, co-op 3.2.2, Linux, EME, Oracle 11.2 g Enterprise Edition, Windows 7 Professional, IBM Tivoli, MS Share Point, SAP BO and HP Quality center.

A&K Inc., India Jun 2009 to Nov 2012

Data ware Housing Consultant


Prepare ETL design documents, evaluate and recommend ETL solutions to meet user requirements; define and implement solutions to load and extract data from source data.

Had conceived data from sources, cleansed, transformed and loaded in to target databases using an ETL tool, Ab Initio.

Had developed shell scripts that customize Ab Initio graphs prepared using graphical interface, GDE that processes multiple queries on large data

Had been responsible for replicating operational tables, transform and load data into operational data using ETL techniques.

Designed/Created several scripts to load the staging/target tables Configured Ab Initio environment to connect to the Teradata database using db config, Input Table and Output Table Components Had been responsible for scheduling and exception-handling routines on designed ETL processes.

Worked on modifying the Ab Initio component parameters utilized data parallelism and thereby improved the overall performance by optimizing the execution time.

Extensive experience working with branches in EME and coordinating with other teams to merge them.

Designed and developed AI Graphs for large projects in the Retention Marketing Domain.

Had worked on modified DML and supported graph changes pertaining to Unix to Linux

Had worked on migration of Ab Initio based applications (migration effort).

Developed AI graph based fast-track ad-hoc projects marketing and legal support.

Used Teradata utilities such as BTeQ, multiload, fastload etc.

Conducted and participated in design reviews to support Best Practices.

Analyzed financial data reports intended for executive consumption.

Debugged shell scripts and Perl based code that worked in conjunction with AutoSys

Involved in the creation of Ab-Initio Graphs to extract, transform and load the data from mainframes.

Worked extensively on Web service components like Call web service.

Data cleansing operations were performed on the graphs using data cleansing functions.

Configured Ab Initio environment to connect to the Oracle database using db config, Input Table and Output Table Components.

Created test plans for all Ab Initio graphs.

Created and Performed reviews of all ETL designs, graphs, and test plans.

Tested the data using Informix SQL on the database to check whether the abinitio graphs are doing what it's supposed to do.

EME and Harvest both has been used for version control simultaneously.

Performed Unit testing on dev box and, System testing, and Integrated testing on test box.

Created Autosys scheduling jobs for Ab Initio graphs.

Designed/Created several BTEQ scripts with data transformations for loading the base tables to Teradata database to apply the business rules manipulate and/or cleansing the data according to the requirements.

SLA (Service Level Agreements) for the new processes were identified and documented

Environment: Oracle 8i/9i/10g, ERWIN, Ab-Initio 1.14.15 GDE with Co>op 2.13.1 patch level 40 built on AIX5-2-n32mt, Unix – Solaris, HP superdome/RP 8400, Perl, Brio/Hyperion, Windows NT/2000, XML, COBOL, DB2, RCS Version 5.7, Teradata Utilities (BTEQ, Fastload, Multiload, Tpump).

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