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Software Developer Sql Server

Lincolnshire, Illinois, United States
October 11, 2016

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Over 20 years of programming experience; 7 years of Ab Initio programming/architect experience; 7 years of ETL development experience; 12 years of Internet development experience; 3 years of UNIX systems and network administration experience; 8 year of data model design and database programming experience; 10 years of development experience in healthcare industry and 6 years working experience in retail industry; knowledge and experience in a wide variety of hardware and software environment. Languages: Ab Initio Language, ASP.Net/C#, Java, C/C++, Visual C++, Visual Basic, XML, XSLT, HTML, DHTML, CGI, Pascal, Assembly.

Databases: Teradata, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft Access, Informix-SQL. Operating Systems: Windows OS, RS6000, SUN Solaris, UNIX, MS-DOS, IBM OS/2, Main Frame. Network and Web Systems: TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, IIS, Apache and Tomcat. Development Tools: Ab Initio GDE, EME, Teradata SQL Assistant, MS Visual Studio, SQL Server Management Studio, JBuilder, Visual SourceSafe, Subversion, CruiseControl and MS Office Suite. Special skills: ETL development, Ab Initio programming; Metadata, BI Data Warehousing; Object- Oriented Programming; Software Lifecycle Processes; Internet development; Java Servlet, J2EE, ISAPI, ASP, ASP.Net, C#, Ajax, XML, XSTL, SOAP, FOP and CGI Internet server programming; COM/DCOM Object programming; web page creating, structure design and architecture design; JavaScript, VBScript, ActiveX control and Dynamic HTML; Data model design, Stored Procedure and SQL programming; HL7 standards in healthcare industry; POSLog schema for retail industry. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Independent Consultant, Lincolnshire, IL 2016 - Present Developer/Consultant

Application Development, Database Maintenance, Reporting Work for Fenghua Academy for application design, development and maintenance. School class registration, school events management and updates, school volunteer application projects programing, database maintenance, ETL development, SQL script, data reporting and system support. Work for CAAC Organization for project, application design, development and maintenance, member updates and event updates.

Walgreens, Deerfield, IL 2009 - 2015

Application Architect/ETL Developer/Consultant

Ab Initio, ETL, EME, Teradata, UNIX Shell Script, XML JAMES WANG Page 2

Worked for Enterprise Data Warehouse & Business Intelligence Support department. Architected/Designed and developed/deployed for ETL Ab Initio projects. Worked in both inbound and outbound subject area. Developed and programmed POS Next Gen project using Ab Initio GDE environment, transformed POSLOG into Electronic Journal Record and load data into Teradata database, programming for extracting CPIO file and processing POSLOG, development for BOGOLEP process, development for Duane Reade transactions process. The POS Next Gen transforms over 10 million transactions daily in Walgreens stores nationwide. Programmed EDW Specialty Pharmacy - ScriptMed Project, extracted source data and transformed into load ready data files. Designed and architected EDW Loyalty project using Ab Initio GDE environment, detail designed for Loyalty member updates which includes loyalty member demographic, member household and member preference updates, process Epsilon source data files, validate, transform and load data into Teradata database, creating Teradata SQL script, completed driver, shell script, metadata, loading data programming and production deployment. Ab Initio GDE programing for EDW Star Coupon project, receiving, identifying Star Coupon transactions, produce Star Coupon A record and E record, adding new E record type and loading records into database. Worked on Loyalty National Rollout project and project lead for Loyalty Earn and Burn fact subject area. Designed ETL process and communicate with offshore developers, program review and coding using Ab Initio GDE environment, transformed Epsilon source data records and load into Teradata database. Deployment for QA, UAT and production environment. Technical support and monitor for production, analysis and troubleshoot for data and technical issues, Loyalty Earn and Burn runs daily process for 1 million loyalty point activity records, 1.5 million member point balance records and other related records. Designed ETL process for Service Recovery Button project which recorded the price modification and adjustment in store operation. Designed ETL process for EMV project which capture the customer Insert/Tap Electronic Cards at Pinpad information. Medicity, Inc., (Formerly Park City Solutions/Netsteps) Salt Lake City, UT 2003 - 2009 Senior Software Engineer/Application Architect

ASP.Net/C#, Ajax, COM/COM+, ActiveX Control, JAVA/VB/ASP/XML/XSLT, SOAP, FOP, SQL/Oracle, HTML/DHTML, JavaScript, Web Design

Customize designed and developed web-based physician portal for hospitals and healthcare companies. COM/COM+ and ASP programming for Luke Air Force Base - Automatic Patient Notification System, HealthServe, Patient Safety, Texas Health, Stanford - Security Messaging System, Asante - ER Grease Board and MD Portal, NY Presby - Test Catalog PDF Printing using XSL-FO, Community Medical Center – Provider Portal. Programmed and designed in SQL Server and Oracle databases for different clients. As member of R&D Department, architected and developed emPOWERnet based product Dx Portal and Provider Portal using COM+, ASP and XSLT. From 2006, worked for R&D and production development for ProAccess 3.x, 4.x and Companion Site using .Net framework in ASP.Net, C#, Ajax and Crystal Reports, front-end customized design and development for Adventist Health, Daughters of Charity Health System, Englewood Hospital and Mississippi Coastal Health System. Advocate Health Care, Oak Brook, IL 2001 - 2003

Senior Consultant/Software Developer

UNIX C++, SQL (Sybase), ODBC, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Web Design Designed and developed Advocate CareNet, a web-based enterprise clinical data repository. Over 7,000 physicians, nurses and office staffs from 10 different hospitals access CareNet via functions such as Patient Search, Visit and Visit History, Lab Orders, Lab Tests and Lab Result or Reports, as well as Radiology, Cardiology, Pathology, Transcription and Pharmacy information. Storing over 1.3 million patient records and 100 million laboratory results, CareNet has become a mission critical system that enables caregivers to make real-time and well informed diagnosis across the continuum of patient care. JAMES WANG Page 3

J2EE, JDOM, SQL (Sybase), JDBC, XML, XSL, XSLT, FOP, Web Design Designed and developed web application - PHO Automated Referral System. PHO physicians and office staffs can use this system to create, process and manage referral requests. Java Servlet and JDBC/ODBC programming, Sybase as database, DAO object design and development, Stored procedure and data model design and implement, Front-end interface design and programming, Using J2EE, JDOM for application layer and user interface layer to develop event handler and application flow set, Filter and transform XML document to UI by using XSLT, FOP programming, Tomcat web server configuration and Logger programming.

Accenture, (Formerly Andersen Consulting LLP) Northbrook, IL 2000 - 2001 Consultant/Software Developer

Java, SQL JDBC/ODBC Programming

Developed Microsoft Windows NT/2000 application – Legal & Commercial Matters Management, a web user interfaced project for internal legal department. Java JDBC/ODBC programming, SQL Server as database, SQL stored procedure, scripting and SQL programming, Design and build transformation reference tables. Backend parsing engine design and development - data transformation interface development for Active Directory data import, GMP client data import, and backend data conversion for legal matters. Transfer data from Active Directory formatted flat file, SQL Server database and Legacy Lotus Notes system into SQL Server database or XML file. Using TeamConnect web application post tool to populate data for creating or updating matters and contacts information. Data model design, SQL database table creating and Project functional design for Webcast project. YesTrader, Inc., Chicago, IL 2000 - 2000

Consultant/Software Developer

Visual C++, MFC Programming

Developed Microsoft Windows-based/Internet accessible electronic trading software. MFC front-end interface developing, Using COM/DCOM to connect to back-end-trading engine, SQL Server as back-end database. Create security logon and main Quote window, Open Orders, Trades window and Market Depth window. Using Active-X controls to enhance user-friendly graphic interface, data exchange and Object- Oriented programming features. This electronic trading tool provides trades of Futures, Options, etc. for account contracts.

Comdisco, Inc., Rosemont, IL 2000 - 2000

Consultant/Software Developer

Visual C++, MFC Programming, SQL Server ODBC development Developed the Microsoft Windows-based business continuity planning tool - ComPAS software. Developing, testing and debugging for disaster recovery plan unit management, plan, composite printing and preview; User right, personnel, plan and composite security management; System options configuration interface. Designing software installation and MSDE installation. Programming for MSDE database attach/detach tools and data source configuration utility. MacNeal Hospital, Berwyn, IL 1998 - 2000

Consultant/Internet Developer/Project Leader

Visual C++, SQL stored procedure programming, CR2000 system support and user training JAMES WANG Page 4

Created Intranet/Internet based Clinical Repository System. SQL Server database data model design, back-end transaction translation engine design and development, SQL stored procedure programming for parsing Genesis Laboratory result records and Dictaphone records to clinical database. Visual C++ ISAPI programming by using ODBC to retrieve data from database and dynamically create web user interface. Physicians can query patients’ lab results and dictated reports online through security logon.

Designed and developed administration utility for MacNeal C/R system. a) Web interfaced administration tool using Visual C++ ISAPI, ODBC on server programming, JavaScript, VBScript and ActiveX control on interface side. This tool include user management, clinical database business information editing and errors correcting, audit trail user usage information. b) System performance monitoring tool. Using Visual C++ develop a system tool to be able to monitor transaction services, web services and database services. It reports problems and log errors.

Added patients visit information to Clinical Repository system. Transactions included patient admission and discharge information, physician info, patient demographics and insurance information. Repository2000 data model design and stored procedure programming, full functional patients search utility, user friendly interface design and development, maintain user profile. Using Visual C++ ISAPI, ODBC and ASP on server programming, Dynamic HTML, JavaScript and Java Applet for web interface development.

Added Azron information to Repository2000 interface. Conversion programming for adding BAR number to clinical database. Project management, ASP programming. Using DCOM to connect Sequoia Interchange server, support XML technology, Develop COM Object for user session management.

Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter, Discover & Co., Riverwoods, IL 1996 - 1998 Programmer/Analyst/Network Administrator

C/C++ programming, UNIX Shell script and programming, System Administration Programmed for NFS development, programmed for data transfer and data formatting. Web development, Web page creating and maintenance. Created and converted charts and reports to HTML for Intranet. Systems capacity monitoring, file systems space and CPU Contingency monitoring (EcoTOOLS), reporting CPU Utilization, system backup analysis (Legato NetWorker) and reporting. G.R. Leonard & Co., Northbrook, IL 1995 - 1996

Computer Programmer/System Administrator

UNIX C/C++ and Shell programming, DOS programming, System Administration Software development and debugging. Making "Freight Rate"/"MZ/Mileage System" diskettes. Database management and programming (Informix-SQL/SouthWare) Maintaining UNIX systems (SCO System V). System administrating, hardware setup/troubleshooting, help desk and user training, backups and print management.


M.S. Computer Science Loyola University, Chicago, IL 1996

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