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Manager Electrical

Grapeland, Texas, 75844, United States
October 11, 2016

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JD “Jerry” Woolery

**** *** ** *****

Milford, Texas 76670

720-***-**** c

817-***-**** – mess.


E&I Inpector, Chief or Lead Inspector, Construction Manager/Project Manager, Project Superintendent, Utility Lead Inspector, also experienced in Electrical Design, Control Design

(PLC, Instrumentation, & Relay Logic) and Estimation. Placement with a secure and growing firm with the opportunity for further growth and advancement.

• Driven, Motivated, Experienced Self Starter.

• Exceptionally responsible, independent, and dedicated.

• Fast learner with a wide range of Managerial skills

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

• Detail oriented and able to handle multi tasking.

• Friendly with a professional demeanor.

• Qualified for any and all positions listed in “Objective” Project Managemant:

• Senior Project Manager for Tutor Electrical Service, Inc. Mansfield, Texas – (5-2016 – Current)

I decided to return to Project Management, after several years in the Inspection side of Construction, and Corporate Field Representative ( Construction Management) where I was responsible for not only the Electrical, Instrumentation and Controls. I was also responsible on many projects for Inspection Supervision and direction of the entire project as well. Mechanical, Ciivil and Structural including Steel Fabrication and Welding. I completed my last Project in West Texas for Phillips 66. I completed that project the March of 2016 and deciced to look locally for a position, as I as well as my family was ready to quit traveling all the time. I came to Tutor Electric, and remain in that position at this time.

Inspection –

• Chief Inspector / Electrical and Instrumentation /Civil & Mechanical Inspector/CFR – Phillips 66 –( 1-16 – 4-16) - Benedum Terminal & EZ Line Flare Project. Responsible for Inspection and Supervision of all mechanical & structural work on the Project, including welding and fabrication of all piping and structural steel/supports, including surface preparation and coatings. Demolition of existing underground piping from tie- in points and to all associated tanks. Assist contractors and Chief Inspector in layout earthwork, as well as forming and placement of all concrete for mechanical piping and structural steel and placement of all concrete in tank. Electrical, Controls & Instrumentation


Obj ect ive



• Chief Inspector & Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector/CFR – (Phillips 66

– 11/15 – 1/16) Denver City – Terminal facilities. – Dumas Sumps & LACT Units Responsible for Inspection and Supervision of all mechanical & structural work on all 5 portions of the Project, including welding and fabrication of all piping and structural steel/supports, including surface preparation and coatings. Demolition of existing underground piping from tie- in points and to all associated tanks. Assist contractors and Chief Inspector in layout earthwork, as well as forming and placement of all concrete for mechanical piping and structural steel and placement of all concrete in tank, dike and Liner. Electrical, Controls & Instrumentation

• Civil & Mechanical Inspector/CFR – Phillips 66 – ( 8/15 – 12/15)

- Albuquerque Terminal – Above Ground Pipe & Tank 301 Liner – Phase 1 Responsible for Inspection and Supervision of all Mechanical & Structural work on the Project, including welding and fabrication of all Piping and Structural Steel/Supports. Surface Preparation and Coating of the same. Demolition of existing underground piping from tie- in points and to all asscociated tanks. Assist Contractors and Chief Inspector in Layout Eartwork, as well as forming and Placement of all Concrete for Mechanical Piping and Structural Steel. Also for Placement of all Concrete in Tank Dike and Liner.

• Chief Inspector & Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector/CFR – Phillips 66 –

(7/15 – 9/15 )

--- South Texas Gathering Project – Phase 2

Responsible for all installations on the Project, E&I, Mechanical, Civil and oversight of 90,000 Bbl Tank installation, coating and Painting of Tank. Also responsible for all E&I as well as Mechanical and Civil work on 4 remote, LACT/Delivery sites in the field that are delivering Oil from a 3rd Party Oil Compny to the Phillips 66 facility and delivery from Phillips 66 facility to another 3rd Party pipeline Station and pipeline. Assist and Oversight of all Commissiong, PSSR and Start up of all systems at all of these facilities. Each of the delivery sites houses a booster Pump and PD pump, as well as associated equipment. Main Facility houses, 90,000 Bbl tank, a single inbound meter system as well as dual Outbound Meter systems. Multiple centrifical pumps, and all associated equipment.

• Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector/CFR – Phillips 66 -(6/15 – 7/15) Electrical and Instrumentation for all equipment, as well as PLC – Control Systems. Electrically (Main) facility has 25KV Primary Power steped down to 5KV Switch Gear/Pad mounted, stepped down to 480 volt MCC. Facility also houses 5KV VFD’s as well as 480 volt VFD’s for operation of pumps and delivery. Responsible for all Electrical, as well as Instrumentation and Control systems.

• Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector/CFR – Phillips 66 - (10/14 – 6/15) Responsible for all Facility Inspection (I&E) on Multiple locations within the Pasadena, Deer Park, & Galena Park ( Houston) Texas area. Installation of Multiple Pumps, Meter Loops, and Provers as well as all assciated MOV’s and associated Instrumentation and Controls Installation of Instrumentation, Control

.PLC & SCADA system upgrades. Primary and Secondary power. All Instrumentation, PLC’s,Metering,Communications, Site/Facility Grounding. Upgrading several existing facilities, as well as Several new facilities. These sites are existing Terminals for Phillips 66 as well as combinations of Phillips 66, Kinder Morgan and Magellan/Shell. Installing new Cross Channel Connection Pipeline delivery system and associated, pumping/Metering facilities for the Same.

• New Truck Rack Load out Electrical System. System Upgrades.

• MOV/PLC Upgrades. This work Performed for Phillips 66, Under Contract with Quality Integrated Services out of Guymon, Oklahoma.

• Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector/I&E Construction Mgr. Statoil - USA

Responsible for all Well Site and Facility inspection on Multiple locations within the North Eastern West Virginia and South East Ohio Area area. Working in the Marcellus & Utica fields/Foundations .Including Well Sites, Tank Battery Installations, Installation of Instrumentation, Control & SCADA system upgrades. Utilizing Omni & Wave Radio Data Transmission. Primary and Secondary power as well as all Instrumentation, PLC’s, Metering,Communications, Site/Facility Grounding. Installation of Compressors, Condensate handling equipment, Storage Vessels. Upgrading several existing facilities, as well as Several new facilities. New facilities included all the above equipment as well as Back up (Generator) Systems and Multiple Wells on the same pads. This work Performed for Statoil, Under Contract with Upstream International out of Sugarland, Texas.

• Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector

Responsible for all Well Site and Facility inspection on Multiple locations within the North Western Oklahoma and South West Kansas area. Including Well Sites, Tank Battery Installations, Installation of Submersible High Voltage Pumps on High Voltage (3100 – 4160 volt) VFD drives, also installation of Gas Lift Compressors. Treaters, Knock Out Slug Catchers. Inspecting, Primary and Secondary power as well as all Instrumentation, PLC’s, Metering,Communications, Site/Facility Grounding and Lighting Protection for Sand Ridge Energy, Under Contract through QIS out of Guymon, Oklahoma

• Electrical and Instrumentation Inspector

o Responsible for all E&I inspections on several pipe line “Compressor Booster Stations” for DCP Midstream in the Rocky Mountain Division ( Greeley, CO area) – Bernhardt, Libsack, Sullivan, Sullivan Phase II, Sullivan Ph. IIB ( Dehdration/TEG equipment installation) as well as assisting/overseeing E&I inspection on Wells Ranch – Booster Stations.

o Utility Inspector

o Responsible for inspection of Civil/Dirt work and Soils Testing on the above mentioned DCP Midstream Booster Stations, as well as Inspection of Concrete, forming, reinforcement, delivery testing, and placement. Assist in inspection of other disiplines including Mechanical as well as Coatings/Painting per DCP Midstreams Specifications.

o Additional Inspection Duties

o Perform off Site Inspection of Equipment being manufactured for the above mentioned DCP Midstream Booster Stations. This work involved inspection of all Electrical and Instrumentation components on this equipment, verify, compatiblity, witness FAT ( Factory Acceptance Tests) as well as inpecting equipment mechanical, and coating to meet design criteria, approved design drawings and DCP Midstream Specification. Equiment included Dehydration/TEG Reboiler skids, Glycol/ Gas Exchangers, BTEX Units, BMS

(Burner Management Systems),

VRU’s Vapor Recovery Units, Fuel Filter & Fuel Membrane Units.

• Also responsible for developing, performing and maintaining, Punch List, Completion Lists and Task Lists for all disiplines on the above mentioned DCP Midstream Project. This included actua development of Punch, Completion and Task Lists, Initial Inspection of Sites/Projects to develop lists, follow up inspections, up dating and maintenace of all lists. Punch,Completion, Task lists included inspection of all disiplines, E&I, Mechanical, Civil and Coatings, these lists were developed and maintained to insure completion of all work on the above mentiioned DCP Midstream projects. Assuring projects met all DCP design criteria, approved drawings, specifications and codes. Management

• Managed several sizes and types of organizations, Business Owner, Corporate Division Manager, Smaller Business Unit Manager

• Started and managed division of Large Corporation, managing over 130 Electricians and support personal.

• Owned and Managed own firm for over 7 years.

• Manage 2 Divisions of Large Electrical Contracting Firm.

• Experienced in Management of Commercial, Industrial/ Oil & Gas, and General Service Divisions.

• Responsible for all aspects of Management, Hiring, Tracking of Accounts Payable,

• Accounts Receivable, Billing, Job Costs, Supervision, Building and Maintaining Client Base and Relations.

Project Management

• Management of Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Water, Waste Water Treatment, Oil

& Gas Projects, Ranging from $ 150,000.00 to over $ 12 million, Electrical and Controls.

• Responsible for Full Project Management, from the Cradle to the Grave.

• Responsible for Estimate, Estimate Review, Contract and Subcontract negotiation and processing.

• Responsible for Project Turnover and Start Up Meetings, and implementation.

• Responsible for Specification review, compliance and implementation.

• Responsible for Drawing Review, Application of Addendums, ASI’s, RFI’s and Change Orders to Drawings.

• Responsible for writing RFI’s, writing, pricing, and processing of Change Orders.

• Responsible for producing and maintaining schedules for project and Subcontractors.

• Experienced in Scheduling software use, Primavera P1, and P2, as well as MS Project.

• Responsible for producing and maintaining Schedules of Values as well as producing, processing and reviewing Project billings as well as Subcontractor billings in AIA and other formats.

• Responsible for producing or supervising production of, all Contract Documents, Submittals, O&M Manuals, Owner Training, and As Built Drawings.

• Responsible for Project Manpower requirements, Resource requirements, Material requisitions, and Project Safety implementation and maintenance. Project Design / Estimation

• Design Build and Design Assist projects in all facades of the Industry including, Commercial, Institutional, Industrial, Oil & Gas and Large Agricultural projects.

• Design, Producing Drawings and Specifications of Complete Electrical Systems from 13.5 KV to 120 volt systems.

• Design of Motor Control, Automation, Access, and General Control Systems.

• Project Budgeting and Estimation of Projects ranging from less than $100,000.00 to over

$ 12 Million in Multi Family Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Oil & Gas, Controls and Institutional ( i.e. Hospitals, Jails and Prisons) Experience

cont inued

• Design of Manual, Relay Logic and DCS & PLC Control Systems.

• Design of Process Control and Instrumentation Systems in Industrial Applications including, Water Treatment and Processing, Oil and Gas Processing, Food Processing.

• Design and Installation/Implementation of Processing Automation, and Building Automation, Mechanical Controls and Access/Security Control Systems. Project Supervision

• On Site Supervision of Multiple Projects, at one time.

• Supervision of Field Foreman and Assistant Superintendents as well as site personal.

• Supervision of Electricians, Foreman, Clerical Staff, and Subcontractors, in both office and field.

• Field Foreman Experience as well as Field Layout and Installation of all facades of all types of Electrical, Automation, Instrumentation and Control Systems. 2014 – Current – Electrical & Instrumentation Inspector/CFR – Phillips 66 - QIS Inspection Services

2013 – 2014 - Electrical & Instrumentation Inspector / I&E Construction Mgr. Statoil – Upstream International

2013 -2014 – Electrical & Instrumentation Inspector – SandRidge Energy -QIS Inspection Services

2012 – 2013 - Electrical & Instrumentation / Utility Inspector – DCP Midstream Tulsa Inspection Resouces

2009 – 2012

Self Employed – Contract Consultant, Supervisor of Installations o Responsibilities

Consulted, Directed, Estimated, Supervised and assisted in installation of upgrades and or replacement of Commercial and Industrial lighting systems, Interior and Exterior of facilities. These upgrades were to enable clients to take advantage of Utility company rebate offers, as well as to upgrade their facilitie to better illuminate it for their business. The Utilities I worked with and utilized are as follows: o Xcell Energy

o Lower Valley Power And Light.

2008 – 2009

• IES Commercial – Reno, Nevada – Regional Office

o Chief Estimator

o Chief Designe Engineer

Responsibilities –

Responsible for Supervision of up to 5 estimators and 3 draftsman within the immediate offices.

Responsible for reviewing estimates and approving for “Bid” or for release to clients for Design/Build Projects.

Responsible for Design of Electrical, Fire Alarm, IT, Communication Building Automation and Specialized Systems in Several types of facilities, including – Casinos, Hotels, Convention Centers, Resteraunts, Educational Facilities, Water & Water Treatment Facilities as well as other Commercial, Industrial, Government and Military Facilites.


cont inued



2005 – 2008

• EC Electric – Design Build – Antero Water Processing Plants, Wasatch Bench,

Bryndilson, and Dry Hollow

Design Build – Elk Resources – Grand Gas Compression Station Design Build – Exxon Mobil – Pieance Creek Development –Gas Plant – Phase 1

Projects - Kinder Morgan Retrofit and Emergency Power at Colbran, Wolf Creek, Debque, and Crystal River Gas Plants

2000 – 2005

• Electrical Construction and Service –

Design Build – Wind River Mushroom - $ 750,000.00 Electrical & Control Project – Mushroom Farm and Processing/

Packaging Plant

Notable Projects - Wyoming State Fairgrounds, Exposition Building, and New Beef, Sheep and Equine Barns.

Niobrara County Hospital – Remodel and Addition

Douglas Hospital Remodel and Addition

Laramie, Wyoming Airport, New Runway and Runway

Lighting Retrofit

Converse County Airport – New Runway Lighting

FE Warren Elementary School – Cheyenne, Wyoming

Teton County Public Nurse and Emergency Management Building – Jackson Hole, Wyoming

1998 – 2000

• Long Building Technologies

Notable Projects – Lowes Distribution Center – Cheyenne, Wyoming Upton High School

Newcastle High School

Douglas Hospital Remodel and Emergency Room Addition Wheatland Jail

Evanston Water Treatment Plant

New WYDOT Shop – Rock Springs, Wyoming

ARNG – National Guard – Maintenance Shop and Training Facilities – Guernsey, Wy.

1994 – 1998

• Intermountian Electric Service

Notable Projects – Wyoming State Penitentiary – New High Security and Special Needs Prison

Wyoming State Penitentiary – New Warehouse and

Administration Facilities

Sweetwater County – Green River Water Treatment Plant 530 Million Gallon per Day Plant

Lincoln County Schools, 2 Elementary, Junior High and High Schools New and Remodel/Additions

Sinclair refinery Hydrocraker Retrofit.

Amoco – Chevron – Painter Creek Gas Plant, Controls and Instrumentation / Automation upgrade



cont inued



cont inued

1990 – 1994

• Delcon Electric

Notable Projects – Cody High School

Sheridan High School

Pinedale Retirement Center and Nursing Home

Mountain Man Museum

Pinedale High School

Pinedale Junior High School

Wyoming Indian High School

2014 – Current E&I Inspector /CFR QIS Inspection Services 2013 – 2014 E&I Inspector /I&E Const. Mgr. Upstream International 2012 – 2013 E&I Inspector - QIS Inspection Services 2011 – 2012 E&I Inspector/Utility Inspector Tulsa Inspection Resources 2009 -2011 Consultant, Manager, Suprevisor – Contract Self Employed – Northern,CO & Denver Area

2008 - 2009 Chief Estimator, Chief Designer IES Commercial – Regional –Reno, Nevada.

2005 - 2008 Divisions Manager EC Electric – Grand Junction Colorado OIL & Gas and General Service Mgr. Electrical Contractor, Rod Johnson - Owner

2000 -2005 Electrical Contractor Electrical Construction and Service Inc. Riverton, Wyoming

Electrical Contractor – Owner

Commercial, Industrial, Institutional

Construction, Design Build and Service.

1998 - 2000 Long Building Technologies Electrical Solutions Manager – Englewood, CO

Started and Managed Electrical and Controls

Installation Division, In Wyoming, Colorado,


1994 - 1998 InterMountian Electric Service Project Manager / Superintendent Riverton & Evanston, WY

Estimated, Bid and Managed Projects.

1990 -1994 Delcon Electric Project Manager / Superintendent Jackson Hole, WY

Estimated, Bid and Managed, and Supervised Projects 1987 - 1990 InterMountian Electric Service Project Superintendent / Foreman Riverton & Evanston, WY

Supervised and Installed Projects

1985 - 1987 Parker – Miller Electric Project Superintendent / Foreman Anaheim, California

Supervised and Installed Projects

Work History

cont inued

Re ferences

Work History

1983 - 1985 Betts Electric Service Project Foreman / Journeyman Riverton, WY

Supervised & Installed Projects

1982 - 1983 Veco Inc. Project Foreman / Journeyman Prudhoe Bay, Alaska

Supervised and Installed Projects

1976 - 1982 Birckhead Electric Project Foreman / Journeyman / Apprentice

Riverton, WY

Supervised and Installed Projects

Central Wyoming College – Engineering Technology

University of Wyoming – Mechanical and Civil Engineering Idaho State University – Automation Control Technology Classes Masters Licenses – Wyoming, Utah, Idaho, South Dakota, North Dakota, Colorado, Nevada, Alaska,

Washington, Oregon, New Mexico, Contractors, License in California, Texas

OQ - Qualified -2001 – Updated in 2007, and 2013 – Last Update through Southland Safety Inc. OSHA 10 Hour

HSE – Trained through Wyoming Petrolieum – H2S, Scaffolding, Confined Space, First Aid, CPR

Shawn Streater – Compamy CFR-Director – Phillips 66 – 580-***-****- Tony Roffey – Electrical Engineer – WorleyParsons Engineering (405-***-**** –

Roberto Torrico – DCP Midstream – Project Manager /Senior Managing Engineer – 303-***-**** cell

720-***-**** –

Ozlem Bull – DCP Midstream -Asset Engineer – 970-***-**** cell – Brent Duran – DCP Midstream - Operations Lead – 970-***-**** cell –

James “Jimmie” Clifton – DCP Midstream Operations – 970-***-**** cell

Sam Bosher – DCP Midstream Operations – Mechanic – 970-***-**** cell

Scott Turley – CWI – “QC” – Redi Services – 307-***-**** – David Farthing – Federal Services Llc – BMS System Designer,Engineer – 405-***-****

Mitch Hiem – Forum Energy Technologies – Electrical Engineer – Athena Peppers – Administrative Assistant – TIR – 303-***-**** – James “Jim” Henderson – Electrical Lead – SandRidge Energy 580-***-****

Skip Starkey – Manager – QIS I&E– 970-***-**** cell – David LaPlante – State of Wyoming – Dept. of Public Instruction - Construction Manager

(307) – 777-7769

Skip Young - Plan One Architects - Jackson, Wy. (307) 733- 1416 Fred Melius – Melius and Assoc. Electrical Engineers – Casper, Wyo.307-***-**** Bob Lower – Lower Structural Engineers – Casper, Wyoming –307-***-**** Tony Pesce – Samuels Engineering – Denver, Co 303-***-**** Richard Callaway – Bighorn Consulting Engineers – Grand Junction, CO 970-***-****

720-***-**** – cell

(817) 692 - 9728 – message (wife)

E-mails: -- Work History

cont inued

Educat ion

Re ferences

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