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Chemical Engineer/Scientist

Boston, MA
June 30, 2016

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Vasileios T. Dendroulakis, Ph.D.

Green Card Holder and Permanent Resident Status in the U.S. Cell phone: 617-***-**** Email: ********@*****.***


Chemical Engineer/Scientist with experience in reaction kinetics, computational modeling, laboratory automation and bioanalytical method development and quantitation, able to expeditiously transition into new projects and fields. Strong organizational skills, enthusiastic, dedicated, highly motivated and comfortable in a rapidly changing environment, attacking complex problems through a collaborative attitude and constant attention to detail. Desire and drive to learn new techniques and embrace new technologies that improve development processes.


2013 Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, Cambridge, MA Dissertation Title: A kinetic approach for the estimation of intracellular concentrations of nitrosative species in cells challenged by nitric oxide.

Advisors: Peter C. Dedon, M.D., Ph.D. and William M. Deen, Ph.D.

Investigated RNA deamination products as markers for cellular exposure to nitric oxide; estimated the protective effect of the intracellular milieu by monitoring accumulation of deaminated nucleosides in RNA of mammalian cells challenged by nitric oxide; modeled mass transfer of nitric oxide in small scale reactors mimicking the gas microenvironment of inflamed tissues

2004 National Technical University of Athens, B. Eng. Chemical Engineering, Athens, Greece Dissertation Title: Particle-based computer reconstruction of zeolite catalytic beds. Advisor: D. N. Theodorou, Ph.D.

Designed algorithms for digital representations of zeolite crystal beds in simulations of ethane diffusion; methodology incorporated in a novel computational model of mass transfer published in Papadopoulos et al., Journal of Chemical Physics 126, 094702, 2007


11/15 - 5/16 Support Scientist, John McNeil & Co, Boston, MA La Jolla, CA

+ Collaborated with a team of software engineers to improve reporting tools that analyze, manage, record and disseminate results from high throughput compound screens using programming languages and commercial software

+ Supported the deployment of customized web applications and electronic lab notebooks aiming to increase productivity of end user in the biotechnology/pharmaceutical industry

7/14 - 9/15

Senior Development Engineer, ImmunoSite Technologies, Miramar, FL

+ Led product development for automated multi-discipline systems technologies

+ Identified technical challenges in product development and recommended resolution

+ Implemented verification and validation strategies for system and subsystem designs

+ Executed systems integration and supported feasibility plans through laboratory testing

+ Supervised and collaborated with staff members to formulate and monitor project plans

+ Managed relationships with vendors, consultants, and contractors to apply externally developed technologies that improve internal processes

+ Contributed towards a successful ISO9001:2008, ISO13485:2003 certification program regarding quality management systems for the development of medical devices

9/13 - 6/14

Assistant Manager, Nanotechnology - Drug Delivery, 1Globe Health Institute, Norwood, MA

+ Designed strategies for systemic delivery of therapeutic oligonucleotides

+ Identified key nodes in process development and formulation of early development compounds


Industrial Intern, Elais-Unilever S. A., Quality Control Laboratory, Neo Faliro-Peiraeus, Greece Performed chromatographic analyses of edible vegetable oils from one of the largest oleaginous food product manufacturers in Greece to determine fatty acid, sterol, vitamin, phospholipid, and pesticide composition



+ Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry: LC-MS, LC-MS/MS

+ Laboratory Automation Workstation: Biomek NXP

+ Fluidics-based Cell and Macromolecule Detection: Bioanalyzer, Vi-Cell XR/AS cell viability analyzer

+ Hematology Analyzer: Medonic M-Series

Preparative Operations

+ Purification: normal and reversed-phase chromatography method development

+ Bioanalytical sample preparation: DNA, RNA, polymorphonuclear leukocyte isolation from whole blood

+ Mammalian and bacterial cell culture preparation, aseptic techniques

+ Molecular biology: enzymatic digestion of nucleic acids, gel electrophoresis, UV/Vis spectroscopy


+ R programming language, JavaScript, MATLAB, C, Visual Basic Script, Visual Basic

+ Quantitative Mass Spectrometry: LC-MS, LC-MS/MS (AB Sciex, Agilent)

+ Biomek NXP Liquid Handler, SAMI Workstation EX (Beckman Coulter)

+ Free radical analysis: Apollo 4000 (World Precision Instruments)


2013 MIT Volunteer Consulting Group engagement with Boston-based Venture Capital firm resulting in $100M investment recommendation for therapeutics against rare inherited disorder 2011 Young Investigator Poster Award, Division of Chemical Toxicology, ACS 2005 MIT Sidney-Pacific Graduate Community Government 2005 MITSCEP 1936 Course Xa Fellowship, Department of Chemical Engineering, MIT 2004 Accolades from Hellenic Association of Chemical Engineers, Technical Chamber of Greece


Dendroulakis V, Prestwich E, Mangerich A, Taghizadeh K, Indrakanti R, Dedon P. Lability and conversion of oxanine reinforce the biological relevance of its formation in cells challenged by nitrosative stress. Manuscript in preparation

Dendroulakis V, Russell B, Elmquist E, Trudel L, Wogan G, Deen W, Dedon P. A system for exposing molecules and cells to biologically relevant and accurately controlled steady-state concentrations of nitric oxide and oxygen. Nitric Oxide, 27 (3), 161-168, 2012

Dedon P, Barth M, Chen B, DeMott M, Dendroulakis V, Dong M, Kalinga S, Elmquist E, Margolin Y, Pang B, Zhou X. Diverse mechanisms of endogenous nucleobase deamination in DNA and RNA. In Advances in Molecular Toxicology (Vol 1), Ed. Fishbein J, Elsevier, 25-63, 2006


Dendroulakis V, Deen W, Dedon P. Kinetic analysis of nitrosative deamination of RNA in cells. 244th ACS National Meeting, Philadelphia, PA, United States, August 19 - 23, 2012

Dendroulakis V, Deen W, Dedon P. Inflammation-mediated nitrosative deamination: RNA is more reactive than DNA and guanosine is more reactive than adenosine. Biological Chemistry of Inflammation as a Cause of Cancer (AACR- ACS Joint Meeting), San Diego, CA, United States, January 30 - February 2, 2011

Dendroulakis V, Russell B, Elmquist E, Trudel L, Wogan G, Dedon P, Deen W. Assembly and characterization of a system for delivering biologically relevant levels of nitric oxide and oxygen for studies of inflammation. 240th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, United States, August 22-26, 2010 Dendroulakis V,

Deen W, Dedon P. Mass spectrometric analysis of the nucleotide pool as a target for nitrosative deamination during inflammation. 56th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics, Denver, CO, United States, June 1-5, 2008

Dendroulakis V, Deen W, Dedon P. Nucleotide pool as a target for nitrosative deamination during inflammation. 234th ACS National Meeting, Boston, MA, United States, August 19-23, 2007

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