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Mechanical Engineer

Dayton, OH
February 25, 2016

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**** ****** *****, #**

Fairborn, OH 45324 937-***-****


An experienced professional graduate with the advanced engineering and leadership skills seeking a full time mechanical engineering position


A graduate from Mechanical Engineering with professional experience in Design and Analysis on automotive chassis, dual clutch assembly and Design of wind turbine parts

Excelled in developing racing cars for over two years with perfect project management skills

Excellent knowledge in application of loads on automotive chassis and in manufacturing process involving critical industrial components

Exceptional skills in material handling and developing the design from the initial draft

Expert in innovative thinking, its implementation and adaptability to the real world

Comprehensive knowledge on Vehicle dynamics and dynamic simulation in MSC Adams

Experience in Design validation Plan and Report, performing BOM and conducting DFMEA

(Design Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) on engineering components

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills TECHNICAL EXPERTISE

Modeling software: AutoCAD 2015, Solid works 2015, Catia V5 R19

Programming: C, Matlab 7.0, Simulink (graphical programming)

CAE Solvers: Ansys V15, Hyper mesh

Dynamic simulation Tools: MSC Adams View, MSC Adams Car 2010

Statistical software: JMP 12.0, Minitab 17

Operating System: Ms Dos, Windows Xp/7/8/10, Linux, Mac Other: MS Office, Welding, Grinding, Drilling, Lathe Operations, Plumbing, Carpentry PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Graduate Teaching Assistant

Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio Aug 2015 – Dec 2015

Assisted 45 students in enhancing their skills in Advanced mechanics of solids

Proctored for examinations and evaluated the performance of the class in homework and exams throughout the semester

Stress Engineer

Defense Research and Development Organization, Hyderabad, India Oct 2012- Dec 2012

Designed a thick-walled pressure vessel of required specifications by developing a program in Ansys

Performed finite element analysis on the model in Ansys, evaluated the critical stress portion in the model under variable loading conditions and analyzed the change in stress behavior under different loading conditions

Team Leader/Stress Engineer (Chassis Division)

Design and Development of a Formula Type Race Car, FSAE INDIA, India Sep 2011- Sep 2012

Led team of 25 members that secured 16th position among 110 teams who participated in the event nationwide

Performed Finite Element Analysis on the chassis (virtual prototype) in Ansys V12 and computed the strength and rigidity of it under the real time loading scenarios ANUDEEP REDDY MUTYALA

2362 Duncan Drive, #02

Fairborn, OH 45324 937-***-****

Analyzed the stress and deformation results, modified the chassis to reduce the stress and achieve the desired strength

Developed an exclusive project layout to manage the process systematically to turn the virtual model into a reality

Developed a real time model by first building a wire frame prototype to check the safety, ergonomics of driver, placement of engine and suspension positioning Design Engineer

L&T Integrated Engineering Services 2010- 2012

Design Validation of Special Tools used for Wind turbine parts

Design validated tools used for handling wind turbine parts.

Analyzed the critical areas of the tool based on the functionality of the tool.

Modeled, assembled and created detail drawings of Special tools (Sheet metal and other parts) Used for installation of Wind Turbines using Solid works Design Engineer (Chassis Division)/Vehicle Dynamics Analyst Design and Development of an Off Road Buggy, BAJA SAEINDIA, India June 2011- Feb 2012

Designed the chassis of an off road buggy in Solid Works 2011 from initial sketching that led to develop a virtual prototype in compliance with the rulebook provided

Performed surface modeling on the chassis using wireframe and surface design platform in Catia V5 R19

Performed dynamic simulation in MSC Adams to evaluate the behavior of suspension parameters under variable loading at different vehicle velocities and different road conditions considering the coefficient of friction between the road and the tire EDUCATION

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering Dec 2015 Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio GPA 3.3/4.0

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering Jul 2013 Kakatiya University, Warangal, India GPA 3.0/4.0


Failure Analysis of a piston rod in a Gleason gear cutting machine Course Project, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio Jan 2014- May 2014

Performed a case study on the fatigue behavior of the crack on the piston rod to list out the root cause of the failure

Performed SEM Fractography on the piston rod and concluded that the dynamic stresses were the main cause of failure of the component

Design of a Hand operated toggle press

Course Project, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio Jan 2014- May 2014

Compared the alloy materials to list out the cost-effective, high strength and low weight material fit to design a toggle press. Designed a hand operated toggle press, performed the load test to determine its strength at different loads and computed the safety factor Design and development of a prosthetic runner blade Course Project, Kakatiya University, Warangal, India Jun 2012- Mar 2013 ANUDEEP REDDY MUTYALA

2362 Duncan Drive, #02

Fairborn, OH 45324 937-***-****

Performed a case study on the materials where chromoly steel was chosen due to its unique properties for the design of a prosthetic runner blade

Designed the prosthetic runner blade in Catia V5 using the mechanical design tools and performed Drop test, frontal impact test, roll over test by applying variable load and torque on the runner blade. Computed the stress and deformation results and modified the design to minimize the stresses at critical portions making it adaptable to the real time scenario Statistical analysis of the quality achieved by the set of copper coins when immersed into an acidic solution

Course project, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio Aug 2015- Dec 2015

This experiment was considered to be a 33 factorial design with 3 factors each having 3 levels and two replicate runs. After collection of data, a data table was created in JMP 12.0. From the Half- normal plot, only the factors and its interactions that had an effect to the quality achieved were considered and analysis of variance was performed

Testudo, A fun- oriented, team based strategic and cost effective game developed to improve physical activity and enhance mental stability Course Project, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio Jan 2015- April 2015

Conducted a survey on the types of games prioritized based on the public interest

Developed a perfect project layout and designed few game rules that had a positive impact on the game

Executed plans to turn the game into a revenue generating business Determining Stress Intensity Factor on the crack tip of a half cylindrical model using Hertzian Contact condition

Independent study, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio May 2015- Aug 2015

Defined the material properties, developed a half cylindrical model in Ansys V15

Performed Finite Element Analysis on the model, refined mesh across the crack region to compute the stress intensity factor at the crack tip by defining contacts using master and slave concept Determining the Dynamic Response of the driver inside a car passing a speedbump at different velocities

Course Project, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio Jan 2015- April 2015

Developed a block diagram in Simulink based on the dynamics equations representing the problem scenario and computed the displacement and acceleration of driver inside a car at different velocities by plotting the graphical behavior


Production Management

Systems Engineering and analysis


Design of Engineering experiments

Advanced Mechanics of Solids

Finite Element Methods


SAE INDIA (3) IMechE (1)

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