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Maintenance Technician- Electrical and Instrumentation

San Juan, National Capital Region, Philippines
P 20,000.00 / Month
December 31, 2015

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Resume of Robin M. Olarte

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To continuously develop a career as Electrical - Instrumentation and Control Commissioning to Maintenance Technician in Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Water & Desalination, Utilities, HVAC Air-conditioning, Mining Industries among others that will give career growth as well as robustly contribute to the company`s goals and objectives.

Skills and Summary of Experience :

At least 18 years various positions and experiences in Instrumentation and Control job in Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Nickel Mining, Water, Power and Desalination Plant, HVAC Air-conditioning, Manufacturing Industries and who had commissioning, operation, maintenance, installation, loop checking, calibration and troubleshooting skills.

Specific Responsibilities :

Includes bench and field calibration, oil & gas, water analyzer calibration, system loop check, simulation work and functional test. Interpret P&ID, ILD’s, Hook Up, Cause and Effect and Termination Drawing. Use test equipment for calibration (Hart Protocol 475 Communicator, Simulator, Hand-pump HydraulicTester-Calibration of pressure gauges, Multi-meter, Wobulator (TK3e)-Vibration simulator, Install/Replace pneumatic and hydraulic tubings, Teledyne Cormon Corrosion Monitoring System, Temperature Dry temperature Block Calibrator, etc. Experienced in New Foundation Field Bus for modern instrumentation and control system, Fire & Gas Honeywell, PLC Delta V, DCS operation, PSVs, Pumps, Turbines, Desalination, HVAC & Compressor equipments. Extraction of datasheets, manuals and drawings from the PC, using WinPCs. Preparation of loop folders and signing off after final loop check. Performed maintenance – urgent or planned to prevent interruption of operations.

Education and Training Qualifications :

2014 : Instrumentation and Control Servicing NC II (TESDA) With Philippine

Government License Valid up to Feb. 18, 2019

2012 : Completed Seminar in Variable Frequency Drives at Meralco Foundtn.

2009 : Programmable Logic Controllers, Meralco Foundation Institute

2003 : Calibration for Process Instrumentation, Meralco Foundation Institute

1994 : Advanced HVAC and Chiller Plant Operation and Maintenance

1988 : Electronics Service Technician, Mobil Power Vocational School

1985 : Electrical Power Production Technician, US Navy Facility.

: With active Professional and International Driver`s License.

: B. S. E. E. Saint Louis University, Baguio City

Work Experience :

Companies Work With :

July 2014 –July 2015

Commissioning Instrument Technician

GS E&C-Korean Co.Contr.- ADNOC & TAKREER OIL & GAS Companies-Client, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Job Description and Responsibilities :

ADNOC & Takreer Oil and Gas Companies - Responsible for Final Loop check, Accomplishment of Loopfolders,Commissioning,DCS operation,troubleshooting, re-calibration-Process Instr. & Fire & Gas, valve stroking of MOV, Control Valves, ESD, Substation MCC Motor Control Simulation. Simulation test of Vibration transmitters, probes using Bently Nevada tk3e calibrator for Gas turbine Compressors and motors, energize the loops, verify the proper function of the loops through DCS workstation, checking of process instruments and DCS range / engineering unit against the data sheet. Check I/O list at HMI for troubleshooting. Record and updating of daily progress report. Performed Maintenance during warranty period for the Company. Follow Permit to Work System procedures. Attended training on Permit Receiver.

March 19, 2012-Jan.31, 2013 Instrument Commissioning Technician

Company -Koniambo Nickel SAS Mining, Vavouto, New Caledonia

Performs Commissioning, calibration, troubleshooting, red lined mark-up drawings correct problems, rectify punch-list, calibration of new instruments, handle trouble calls, trouble shoot, repair and replace of damage instruments/parts, process instruments. Accomplish check sheets. Attend and witness bench calibration of the sub-contractors. Extract manuals, drawings and other documents from PC using WinPCs software. Use of test equipments HART 475, multi-meter, multifunction calibrator, and other handtools. Performed Maintenance during warranty period. Adhere to Safety Work and the Permit to Work System. Undergone low voltage training - HT and BT.

November 25, 2010 – Dec. 18, 2011 Instrument Commissioning Technician Company- Sherritt OG Nickel Mining, Toamasina, Madagascar

Loop checking team leader, coordinate construction personnel for site inspection of local panels, junction boxes etc. Loop folder preparation, pre-energisation of system/ instruments, testing of FF, adjusting and testing of vibration sensor, speed sensor, key phasor and proximitor, calibration of process transmitters and control valve, gauges, switches, etc. Performed Maintenance during warranty period. Assist Engineering in updating as built drawings. Attended In-Plant Safety Induction trainings.

May 13, 2009 – July 07, 2010

Instrument Commssioning Technician

Company- Tecnimont ICB

Petrochemical Abu Dhabi

Ruwais - Borouge 2 Petrochemical Expansion Project –Carry- out work of DCS operator, loop checking, commissioning of process instruments, re-calibration of process transmitters valve switches, gauges, MOV, Uses I/O list to rectify faults at HMI to DCS, handled trouble calls, rectify punch list, during warranty period- performed preventive and corrective maintenance of on-line instruments and documentation works as part of warranty period.

June 2, 2008-

Nov. 2, 2008

Instrument Commissioning Technician

Company- Kentz-Russia

Nov. 2003-

January 2006

Instrument &

Control Main-

Tenance Techn




Involved in Bechtel - Commissioning and start-up team of the OIL and Gas On-shore Facilities at Lunskoye Bay, Sakhalin, Russia. Work includes but not limited to Loop checking, functional testing, cause and effect matrix, stroking of MOV, Control valves, vibration simulation and calibration of compressors, motors, pumps, ESD - process transmitters, Fire and gas, flame detectors, manual call points, and other instruments from field to marshalling cabinets .Attended live plant training in the Oil and Gas Operating System. Performed Maintenance during warranty period.

Performs repair, replacement of defective parts, troubleshoots, re-calibrate, simulates, loop check, of process transmitters, water analyzers, water treatment facility- with VFD equipped motor controls, HVAC, Chillers and Air-conditioning equipments, generators, air compressors, cooling towers, Preventive and Corrective Maintenance works including documentations in CMMS system. On call duty for emergency-maintenance times.

June 2002-

February 2003

Industrial Electrician


Doosan Co.

Fujairah, UAE

Feb. 2001 –

Feb. 2002



Fit-In Trade &

Services Co.

Texas Ins-



Dec. 1997-

Feb. 2001

Plant Oprtr.


Burns & Roe


Cuba, US


Feb. 1992-

Oct. 1997

Insrument &

Control Techn.


Al-hoty Sub-Con for Bechtel -Saudi


References :

Engr. Willy Tagudar


Fit-In Trade &

Services Co.

Manila, Phils.

Tel. 02-889-1698

Engr. Romy



Instrument Engr.

Amvatovy, Africa


Assist Instrument Technician in loop checking, calibration of process

Transmitters ( Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Level). Do termination job at Junction boxes to marshaling cabinets, install ferrules or cableTags, glanding, install tubing and tube bending works for air supply to Control Valves from compressors, fabrication of supports for instruments. Follow Safety Work Practices.

Supervises a group of 32 shifting electronics technicians and 4 administrative staff who are performing board repair component level, simulating IC Quality Controlled temperature extreme condition

Testing for failure / pass analysis with built in HMI for mass line production. Attends employee and management meetings for issues and product innovation and continuous improvement in Texas Instruments Semi-Conductor Manufacturing Company at Loakan, Baguio City, Philippines.

Responsible for the Operation & Maintenance of 4-970,000 pounds/hour steam generator and steam driven turbine for the

Production of electricity and seawater desalination Plant for the sprawling United States Naval and Airbase facility, at Guantanamo Bay, Southern tip of Cuba.

Responsible for Instrument and Control Maintenance of 4-5000 tons of liquid chiller trains and auxiliaries, HVAC equipments, stand-by generators, water treatment plant, sewage treatment, fire pumps, etc. Performs repair, replacement of defective parts, calibration, troubleshoots, configuring of parameters in HMI for HVAC equipment Chemical dosing pumps, cooling towers. Preventive maintenance and Corrective maintenance activities are performed in the CMMS System. Make material spare parts report to supervisors for frequently used parts and forecast of needed supply. On call duty during emergency times. Drive service vehicles with valid license during on call and maintenance duties.

Robert (Bob) Peralta Engr. Arlan Camonayan - Bechtel

Coordinator Presidency Lead Commissioning Engr.

Civil Aviation, KFIA, On-shore Oil/Gas processing facility

Tel. 996-***-**** Sakhalin Island, Russia

Tel. 424*-***-***

Engr. Ruben Noel Engr. Ricafort Resane

Nisperos – Commissioning Instrument Supervisor

Instrument Engineer, GS Eng`g Construction

Koniambo, Nickel SAS For Oil & Gas Inter-refineries &

Mining Project, Vavouto, Pipeline Project of ADNOC, U.A.E.

New Caledonia Tel. +971*********

Tel. +687*******

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